hk2:serious damage

So the level 9 Swordsage in our group dual wields blades and designed his character to dish out serious damage on a regular basis

No, really, I mean SERIOUS DAMAGE

He has Improved Two Weapon Fighting that gives his off hand an extra hit and a couple Maneuvers that give him extra hits with a Full Attack Action (Haste and Flashing Sun)

He also has plenty of enchantments on his weapons (Flaming, Frost and Shock) and damage boosting Maneuvers (Burning Blade and Shocking Fang) that he can use at the same time

So all together he gets up to 12 hits in a single round (4 with his main hand, and 8 with his off hand) and the enchantments pack a hell of a punch

Now time for some D&D Math

Main Hand: Katana (1D10 Damage) Off Hand: Wakizashi (1D6 Damage)

Enchantments: Flaming (1D6 Fire Damage) Frost (1D6 Cold Damage) Shock (1D6 Electricity Damage) Burning Blade (1D6+9 Fire Damage) and Shocking Fang (1D6+9 Electricity Damage)

4 Katana hits and 8 Wakizashi hits results in 4D10 Weapon +8D6 Weapon +24D6 Fire +24D6 Electricity +12D6 Cold +108 Fire +108 Electricity +48 Weapon

That’s up to 712 damage in a single round

Like I said, serious damage