hk2:get out there and vote

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton!

Even though I’m pro-life, I’d much rather have a pro-choice president with common sense than a total scumbag who dehumanizes minorities and women. There are so many more important issues than just abortion. I believe that the United States deserves better than a hateful, ignorant bigot for president.

Vote for Hillary!

Real talk though, it’s Spring Break right now, so everyone in the States that are in the middle of Primaries right now- Illinois, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Missouri- you guys have no excuse to get out there and VOTE!! Bernie Sanders holds a lot of ground in Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri, and while Florida and North Carolina will be a fight, it’s one we could possibly win after the events of this weekend and Monday. People are paying attention, people are looking at Donald Trump and are finally starting to realize what kind of monster he is, and they’re scared. Scared for their future, scared for their children and grandchildren’s futures under his regime. And that fear should not be paralyzing, but emboldening, inspiring them to action.

So be inspired, get out there and vote, damn it! I know how important Spring Break is to us young adults and to kids in high school and the like, but this is one day out of an entire week. You can afford to spend it doing something that actually matters, rather than going to that party you’ll eventually forget about due to the ravages of time or alcohol burning it out of your brain. Young people in Ohio, those that are able to vote today that otherwise wouldn’t if not for the recent changes to the law, Bernie fought for your guys’ right to have a say in your futures, to be the change you want to see in the world, to stand up and have your voices be heard. So honor that struggle, that tenacity of his, and do your part.

Everyone, don’t give up and don’t stop fighting. I checked the numbers this morning, and it looks like it’s gonna be another tight race- Superdelegates aside, because they can flip-flop to whichever candidate they choose if it looks like things will go one way or another. We can overwhelm Hillary and we can win this, we can pull off another upset for her like we did in Michigan, but only if we all do our part, pull up our bootstraps, get out there, and vote.

So please, don’t brush this off, don’t put it off, and absolutely do not flake on this because you feel like you can’t make a difference. You make all the difference.

“A single grain of rice can tip this scale. One man, may mean the difference between victory and defeat.”
- The Emperor, Disney’s Mulan.

(Yes, I just used a Mulan quote to be inspirational for an American Presidential Primary; I’m a massive nerd, what’d you expect, Plutarch? XD)