I honestly don’t know why you people follow this sporadically updating and largely unfunny blog, but you still do so…here’s a post to say thank you.

Also ~welcome~, to those of you who have recently joined me! I had a strange, unwarranted influx a while back and I never did get around to stating; what the fuck?

I dunno.

At any rate, I’m grateful. Stay awesome, you crazy fools!
You’re always welcome here, and in my inbox [and in my bed].

this blog is still a bakura blog, the other stuff is dressing

Jameskura 8:33 PM
how do i start liking bakura again

Ama 8:34 PM
I have no idea how to fall out of love with Bakura

but I can tell you that you can start liking him by imagining him destroying the entire concept of what “justice” means in a few sentences

and how goodness is determined by the victorious

and how he floats between the worlds on sheer fucking willpower

and his hair is white and everywhere and makes him so ethereal looking

Jameskura 8:35 PM
too bad he doesnt have an eyepatch

British quartet Flyte follow up on their previous offerings from six months ago with a fresh new single named Closer Together. The new track is a song full of cool finesse. It crunches and jangles along warmly and infectiously, imbued with wry lyrics and whimsical groove. Cascades of dreamy chimes and muggy atmosphere give it a sun soaked, glowing charm, somewhat like a Bombay Bicycle Club jam laced with The Antlers’ like murkiness. Closer Together will be released July 31st via Island Records.