The world is changing so rapidly and we with it. I fear the day will soon come when we no longer recognize either.

so in my second playthrough of DA:I I sided with the templars and right when you start look who’s there with the group

This is before the Inquisitor or anyone has ever met, seen, or heard Cole. No one has any idea that he exists.

…Do you think he’s been following the Inquisition around?


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories


“How did you manage to light half the menorah? It’s the second day.”
“Careful–– the latkes are hard as hockey pucks.”
“You didn’t need to bring anything tonight, but thank you.”
“Tonight’s just for the gelt: here, let’s go watch.”
“If someone doesn’t move the menorah, the curtains are going to catch on fire.”
“Grandpa’s telling the story of the Maccabees to anyone who will listen, so watch out.”
“I’ve never actually heard the whole story of Hanukkah, I don’t think.”
“It’s impossible to cheat at dreidel, calm down.”
“Do you know how impossible it was to find Hanukkah lights for the house? Sit down and enjoy it.”
“I think that the stash of sufganiot was raided. And by I think, I mean I raided the stash of sufganiot. Run!”
“If I hear another Christmas carol, I might scream.”
“And there go the curtains. Why didn’t someone move the menorah?”
“Come on, let’s go home. We’ll be here again tomorrow night.”
“One night down, seven to go.”


I have come here incognito, of course. Of course. But your presence cannot be entirely disguised.

Way to go! I completely changed the color scheme!! Just because I CAN!! And because I thought purple would be a nice color to replace the red :3

If you look in that closet, you can see Frisk’s future outfit!

Also yeah last update! More next Saturday! ^^

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Baby turts, I found going through an old notebook. Might ink them for inktober… But on the chance that I don’t, I’m gonna share them just in case.

And some Ocs I found in the same sketchbook. I haven’t decided whether the first lady’s name will be Alyson or Abigail? …. But the other one’s name is Sam (you will see them again for inktober ^^)

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I really really REALLY love your fics!!! They are very well-written and I was reading 'centripetal force' but i hadn't realized you had written it until I actually recognized the writing from 'all the world's a stage' and I got really happy. I usually love the stories more than the writer but idk there is just something about your writing that I love so much

AHH thank you!!! :D :D That seriously means the world to me!! ^.^


Aoi-oritsuru ( 1 / 2 )

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Hi! I bought your Bifur print at ECCC, and I just wanted to let you know how much I love the way you do colors! I'm not an artist, so I don't have awesome vocabulary for this, but I love how soft and bright it is!

AH you’re so sweet, thank you for your kind message as well as buying one of my Bifur prints at ECCC! It really warmed my heart when people recognized my fave soft dwarf son ╰(*´︶`*)╯

Headcanon; After the incident with Prince Conan, the remnants of the Windriders had to clear their own names. They worked relentlessly for months gathering evidence and bribing and blackmailing their way to the truth until they could present the entire story.

The fact Rose had killed the Prince in her moment of rage and loss had to be hidden and was their greatest obstacle but eventually, they succeeded. The past members of the Windriders were pardoned and given an apology for their unjust seizure. Those who had been executed were given proper last rites, and the Sparrowfeathers came into being. However their underground work never went away, forming the foundations of the Scattered Bones.