hk1:me no other choice but to

Trying to get Jumin's bad end 2

Me: *at first feel guilty being a shameless selfish MC*

Me: *keeps choosing the insane choices but somehow keep getting +HEARTS from Jumin*

Me: ???

Me: *keeps getting plus points as Jumin actually LOVES the creepy choices*

Me: o_o




Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: *got bad end 2 with a special CG*

Me: i’ve abandoned my humanity and i shall embrace the eternal darkness

why do people frown upon doing activities on your own? Yes i went to the theater on my own and i had the best time watching a breathtaking performance but having someone with me would never have changed that. 

Would i have liked to go with company? yes! but alas not everyone has a ready group of friends to do things with. So some of us have to make do. 

But to repeat doing things on your own is not a bad thing! 

Future AU where Kaz and Inej are actually known as the King of the Barrel and his Wraith queen and they rule with an iron fist and are the most feared people and you don’t want to cross them and have your business practices discovered to be wronging people. Because he only knows mercy when she advises it and she’s not very merciful to those who have none in their hearts.


Star Trek » Female characters who should have been in more than one episode (TOS/TNG/DS9)
*list not exhaustive

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What college are you applying to? And what do you plan on studying after high school?

I’ve been accepted to a couple, but I’ll be taking the offer from UCL (University College London) for neuroscience! In the UK offers are conditional on what grades we get in our final exams this summer. UCL has asked for 3 As which I’m pretty certain I can achieve but it’s obviously not guaranteed and that STRESSES me tf out.

  • Laurence: Monologues at length about honor, duty, allegiance to the crown,etc.
  • Laurence: *steals dragon eggs from a foreign government*
  • *commits treason*
  • *flat out refuses to follow certain orders*
  • *allows the russians to falsely believe tharkay is a high ranking member of the chinese court/government*
  • Tharkay: Looks into the camera like he’s on the office

horendale asked: malec or pynch?



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do you have any tips for naming characters? all of your oc's names sound so cool!

THANK U THATS SO SWEET… im gonna be honest with u a lot of my ocs along with their names originate from my dreams bc my my stories are like 80% just weird shit i dream and reinterpret? got an oc named honey ham. also im pretty sure i named an oc after a brand of laundry detergent one time

other names are just names i’ve heard and taken a liking to, a jot a lot of names down in my journal for ocs who I haven’t gotten around to naming and the like?

i also on occasion look through this site if i’m looking for a name with a certain meaning!


A little something I started on a few days ago for Sakura’s birthday and just finished today so hAPPY NOW BELATED BIRTHDAY SAKURA ≧(´▽`)≦ This is actually an idea I’ve had for a while now cuz I lOVE Kaden and Sakura’s support SO MUCH THEY’RE SO CUTEO;IRG So when i was trying to think of something to draw for her birthday I remembered it and knew what I had to do ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ

I’M SO GLAD I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO DRAW THIS CUZ IT WAS SO MUCH FUN AND I’M SO SO HAPPY WITH HOW IT CAME OUT OAIRHG I’m especially proud of how the positioning came out and Sakura’s design is so pretty and I adore her so much.  Both of their palettes just made me so happy (the fe:a/f palettes are my Favorite) and I couldn’t stop wheezing at the colors as I was working o;airhg I’ve also been wanting to color with greens lately since I don’t actually use them very often so I’m really glad I got to do it in this ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Full view pls!