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My girlfriend is super cute and I'm really proud of her since she's doing really well in her first semester of "real" college (she finished community college with her AA in December). She calls me her wife whenever she talks about me to people at work. Sometimes she snorts when she's laughing really hard and it's such an unexpectedly endearing thing about her. She likes to steal my side of the bed as soon as she notices I've gotten up. I love her a lot but don't have enough space left to elab--

I actually clutched at my heart this is too cute. It’s so obvious that y’all love each other a lot just by the way you type ugh just adorable


Please tell her I wish her all the luck at university! And congrats on the AA! That’s nothing to sniff at! 

  • Person A: Person B, what's your last name?
  • Person B: Um......? It hasn't changed since we met...
  • Person A, getting down on one knee: Maybe it's time it does.

Proof my Physics teacher is the best kind of teacher

He hid a piglet inside his shirt during class. She’s so young that she needs external body heat to keep warm, and has to be fed every couple of hours. 

No one suspected a thing until one of the students after class doubted that he had pigs. He even mentioned something moving and getting hungry inside his shirt, but we all thought it was just him being funny.

He hadn’t even named her yet, so when I asked him what her name was, he decided to name her Teacup.

it was such an honor to collab with the fabulous @kaiken23 !!!☆⚪︎°♬

She did the sketch & lineart while I colored!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)♬♩⚪︎°

thank you for collabing wit me Kai 😭!!