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@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

“The price is going to come down” HA. HAHAHAHAHA.


You can’t even talk properly to a room full of pressers, do you really think anyone is going to be intimidated by you? 

You’re being proven weak. 

“I can’t just drop the price.”

“But I got over 300 electoral votes!”

“Can you turn those into cash? Can you use them as employees? Can they be turned into steel and stone, or made into cement?”

“But I wasn’t even supposed to get 220.”

“Well hopefully the same magic can come up with the ten billion dollars you still owe me.”

Slice of life Drarry?

Because we can literally pick out the cutest things but how about those normal every day stuff that everyone does?

-Harry washes the dishes while Draco dries them off next to him, and they either have the stereo playing in the living room or they just talk quietly

-Harry told Draco all about the wonders of the thing called the internet and social media and how people can connect faster and so many opportunities found online and Draco was fascinated until he learned that it had to do with muggle technology and he dropped it

-Because Drarry can’t use technology for shit

-Harry and Draco go shopping in muggle department stores and Harry gets taken by the latest new technology while Draco struggles to comprehend what a touch screen is

-Draco takes absolutely forever in changing rooms

-Harry doesn’t mind because he’s in the changing room with Draco

-In the mornings, Harry likes orange juice and Draco likes tea but when Draco’s lazy he’ll just swipe Harry’s juice out of his hand

-Draco actually really likes toast and when Harry introduced the toaster, they only had toast every breakfast for about a month

-Draco and Harry having petty quarrels on whose turn it is to cook dinner

-Harry’s in charge of all the groceries but when it comes to toiletries and house items, it’s Draco’s area.

-When they go furniture shopping Harry likes to pick out the most horrid things only to watch Draco turn pale, mentally gag, and steer them away muttering bad things about bad designs.

-Each room in their house/flat has it’s own theme and colour because Draco maintained that habit from his Manor days. 

-Harry likes bike rides and Draco prefers walks

-Draco stays up with Harry to watch the sun set and Harry watches, awake on the bed, as Draco stands on the balcony to watch the sun rise. 

-Harry repainting a room in the house and getting all messy and Draco watching in amusement and staying far far away from the paint

-Harry getting paint on Draco anyways and Draco exasperatedly goes off to change. Again.

-Draco and Harry going on vacations all around the world and looking stylish and wearing sunglasses and people always stare at them but they don’t care

-Harry forcing Draco to pose near a monument to take a picture

-Draco and Harry asking some other tourist to take a picture of the two of them in front of the Eiffel tower.

-Draco forcing Harry to try new foods and laughing whenever Harry makes a face when he doesn’t like one

-Harry fighting with Draco over how much money they’re spending on certain things and trying to emphasize that just because they’re both rich they can’t just binge buy whatever they want

-Harry teaching Draco humbleness in small things

-Draco teaching Harry the beauty of elegance in small things

-Harry and Draco doing normal every day stuff

honestly you guys should absolutely hit me up for storytime okay because my upbringing was a sitcom of hilarity and you should take advantage

  • my dad was almost 50 years old when I was born. it was a complete accident. my mom had been told she couldn’t even have kids because she was too old. literally, I am not shitting you, when the doctor told my parents that she was pregnant, they said in unison in the middle of the doctor’s office “you’re shitting me.”
  • I grew up in an underground house. literally underground. it was built into a hill. there were like two windows in the entire building one time a tornado hit and we had no idea it had even happened until we walked outside in the morning and there was a tree on our lawn
  • my dad looked at the tree for like 5 solid minutes, then went, “I need coffee” and went back inside
  • we lived in the middle of the woods, basically. there were 70 acres of forest on three sides, and a tiny town (like 300 people) about 10 minutes away. our neighbors consisted of a hermit and another hermit who was obsessed with shooting clay pigeons
  • my mom is a wiccan who wears muumuus around and spent most of my junior high / high school years as a professional blogger who taught apocalypse preppers how to preserve vegetables
  • my dad is 6′3 ex-military and terrifying but in actuality is a Fluff who will not stop rescuing animals
  • literally
  • one time he rescued a turkey who had a dislocated neck, so his neck was literally crooked but he grew up to be the biggest turkey anyone had ever seen and as a small child I would ride him around the farm
  • we rescued two baby goats from a nudist colony (I shit you not) and bottle fed them and they thought they were dogs and enjoyed belly rubs. one time I brought a boyfriend home and Bulwinkle rammed him in the crotch and so I had to go to prom alone because my date dumped me over a goat
  • I never got to swim in my pool as a kid because my dad used it as a snapping turtle tank (he eats snapping turtle. it’s a thing)
  • as a kid I got into entomology but my dad loved it and would spend his days running around the yard catching butterflies
  • other animals he rescued: a baby raccoon. a baby deer. a baby coyote. flying squirrels. snakes. pigs. that one time he traded a six pack of beer for a cow. dogs. cats. pheasants. chickens. rabbits. we had so many animals as a kid
  • my best friend from high school had a pet lion until it got too big to keep in her house so she gave it to a big cat rescue. her family was crazy.
  • this is the tip of the iceberg my friends I am not even kidding 

all i really want


the GazettE PVs 6/ :
関東土下座組合 (Kantou dogeza kumiai)

There’s just so much confusion in to pic I don’t even know where to start.

I mean, it’s the final battle guys. Get with the program.

Aragorn’s like, what was I thinking letting that ghost army go? Fuck honor! I’m gonna die and Arwen will Fade and Elrond will never forgive me!

Legolas is…I can’t even.

And freaking Gandalf forgot his sunglasses or some shit.

I’ll take that cool expression of yours… and make it hot.

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“A famous person has been accused of horrible things!”
My baby is innocent!
“Well, that’s all we need, he’s innocent, everyone, no more investigation needed!”