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I know it’s late on the East Coast but I heard that Newt called being gay a choice at the debate tonight, and I had to say something about it.

Hey Newt! Remember when you had a lesbian half-sister? Remember when she said that she was backing Obama? I don’t think she’s rushing to her half-brother’s side any time soon, my toad man.

And did you forget the time that you cried during the 1995-6 government almost-shutdown because you didn’t get what you wanted? Remember, Newt? You fell on the floor of Congress and sobbed and whined like a little bitch because Clinton made you sit at the back of the plane, even though it was all your fault to begin with. Tell me, Newtie, my dear sweet Newtie… how were you even a consideration as a candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America?

I know plenty of LGBTQX people with more resolve and tougher skin than you, Newt. It’s a shame they’re not in your place.

Chupame, hombre.