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he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

life is a fist fight
and you’ve given the devil a gun.
—  oh, sinner, you better run | a.m.

Whatever you may personally think of Vanessa Hudgens, that woman deserves every goddamn standing ovation for her performance tonight. Even if you didn’t think it was good, she deserves a standing ovation for being as brave as she was. 

It takes some serious ovaries to be able to pull yourself together and put on a live performance hours after losing your father. I know from personal experience. I wasn’t as brave as she was, or as strong. It was the Friday before tech week and I just couldn’t. I could barely function, let alone sing and dance. 

Bravo, Vanessa, for showing the world what a true performer looks like.

quick will sketch

Reunited (December)

Well, we haven’t had any more glorious snow days to edit this so it could be full of typos, but I’m posting it up anyway! I’m hoping to stick to at least one update a month before I leave for training in May, but I make no promises. I’m a crazy person and I have to write the letters from Ron to plan and figure out how the months flow together. Writing snapshots like this is unusual for me so writing Ron’s POV directly alongside it sort of helps me. Check out the post after this if you want to read them. Anyway, here is a preview of the chapter. It’s a long one (the return of MsBinns’ 10,000 word chapters) because December meansc lots of reunions! Here is my December update of Reunited  on and AO3

Christmas holiday has him excited enough, but the fact that he and Harry will finally be moving out of the Burrow has him absolutely giddy with anticipation. In two weeks she’ll be home and he will be living in Grimmauld Place with its four floors and countless rooms. When she comes to visit him they won’t have to hide from the four other people who live there and invent reasons to be alone. It sounds like a kind of paradise after the last seven months.

There are other things to be excited about, of course. The Senior Aurors have finally stopped asking him to get coffee and pastries at work. Dawlish even sent him to Appleby to follow up on a lead he discovered connecting two unsolved missing persons reports with a Muggle homicide in Lincolnshire. Williamson went with him. Since then they have become something of a team. The twenty-eight year old likes the Falmouth Falcons and plays the electric guitar and still proudly wears his Hufflepuff colours. Ron’s taken to calling him “Billiamson” because his long ponytail reminds him of his brother Bill. Williamson doesn’t seem to mind the nickname and, more importantly, doesn’t seem to mind being paired with an eighteen year old.

Harry has, of course, been going out on missions regularly since they arrived in October. Whenever he goes out it’s with Dawlish. Though Ron knows he should be jealous of his best mate for going on top missions with the head of the Department, he’s not. Harry might get more responsibility and more exciting missions with Dawlish, but Ron likes Billiamson. He feels less like somebody pretending to work in the Auror Department and more like he belongs there with him. Just last week he asked Ron to join him for a pint after work. He’s starting to feel like an adult who belongs there and less like a teenager pretending he does.

He tells Hermione how then going back home to his childhood bedroom every night with the posters he’d put up when he was ten where his mum fixes him supper just makes him feel like a child again. They’re sitting on a seat at Hogsmeade Station for their last weekend before Christmas holiday. It’s the most quiet and secluded place either could think to steal a couple of kisses and enjoy their privacy.

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Hii can I just say how happy your tags make me feel? On art for example. You're so entheusastic and positive and complementing. And I can't help but imagine the artists smiling so much because of it. I get like this second hand happiness from your tags or something. Also on prompts or headcannons. You're always spreading happieness to the writers and encouraging them. They must feel so proud of themselves and valued!! You've inspired me to try and do the same! Keep up the amazing work!!! Xx

Aaww Pumpkin ;-; ♥

The way I see it, giving content creators love is the base of fandom? It’s like giving water to budding flowers, I mean? Art is hard! And I’m talking about any kind of art! Writing, drawing, cosplaying, moodboards making, gif making, it’s ALL art, and it takes time and strength and courage to create. And they do it for free!

I really think it’s the least I can do. I just want artists to know their content has been fully appreciated, that all the time spent on it was worth it because at least one person got excited. Artists need that love to get motivated. A happy artist is a creative artist, most of the time, so it’s reall a win-win situation.

You just can’t go wrong by giving love to content creators. It’s actually sad how little recognition they get sometimes, so if I can do my part to make it change a little, I’m happy to do so ♥

Also yay spread the love!!!!!

how the frick do you people write stuff. BLESS ALL OF YOU FOR DOING SO. God it takes a lot of thought, effort, time and concentration to do so, so thank you all fanfic writers for putting out some damn nice content out there ^U^

There are endless opportunities in life, you just have to be proactive enough to find them. I’m trying to change my life man. I’ve been so happy lately, but I’ve definitely been coasting. I’ve had excuses for so many things I haven’t done, and that’s not what I’ve ever been about. My life is so beautiful. Everyone’s life is beautiful. Value it!

(Anyone is free to lecture me if i got anything wrong or if I’m being blatantly ignorant)

I recently read this interview with a danish Muslim (Isam B form the band Outlandish) and he told the reporter that Islam advises you to sit down when you’re angry, because when you’re angry you cannot make any good decisions.

… And I honestly haven’t heard anything this cute in a while, and it urged me to draw this, because imagine if Avdol sat down every time he snapped in the show, that’d be r a d

I would take photos on my phone of the bruises. Like collecting evidence of the abuse but never to report it. Only to delete it later. Almost like a way to remind myself this isn’t in my head and I took comfort in this. How fucked up is that.
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↳ prompt: what are you hiding?

you’re brewing something behind our backs.

A Korrasamian makes a piece of art people don’t like, and suddenly she’s a racist , ableist piece of shit.

2 Makorrians say something stupid as hell that gets made fun of, and suddenly it’s “Oh they made a mistake !” They don’t know English very well !” “Excuse, excuse ,excuse”  before they try to guilt their enemies through a combination of mentioning anons telling one person to kill themself, and the fact that the same person closed their tumblr .