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idk forever ago i found this old gift card o'mine that had a wee bit of 💸 on it so i ordered some 🌹🌸🌷🌻🌼🌺💐 hair wreath things (“are you avoiding saying "fl*wer cr*wns?”“ yes) and they finally arrived.. a few days ago and i decided to wear one to work b/c like.. someone who worked there before had pink hair, my assistant manger currently has magenta hair, after having turquoise, so me having a tiny band of roses in my hair shouldn’t b an issue, tbh, and so.. so many ppl complimented it? this woman went on and on abt it and asked if i had an instagram, said i should b/c i seem/look v photogenic, it’d b a good picture (all it was was some red 🌹’s and a fishtail braid, but, hey), and then she gave me some money for some reason and said "just buy yrself a drink or s/t sweetheart.. you deserve it” and like. i died

FT: Please Don’t Change!

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I was re-watching the new Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Trailer and Natsu’s dragonizing reminded me of one of my most favorited movie of all time…Inuyasha the Movie: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass. AND I couldn’t help myself!

I really want to watch the movie as is comes out in theaters but it doesn’t show in Canada, and I’m not sure if it’ll show in any theaters in the states near me. So very sad.

Some Gabe/Jack Tidbits Pt.4


-The farm Jack grew up was old and required a lot of upkeep, but his family had acres of property and forests to explore and camp out in. It was not unusual for Jack to take a light pack and tools and go out off the beaten path by himself on a horse with a dog.

-Jack had a pony named Dax. He wasn’t a nice horse but he loved Jack. 

-Nothing makes Jack’s heart melt like cows, pigs and horses. They’re some of his favorite animals. 

-Loves mayonnaise and hates mustard. 

-Always took his coffee black.

-Joined the wrestling and baseball team during high school and managed to be in varsity. He had a natural affinity to sports and was quite talented.

-Jack was a sub par student.


-Despite enjoying watching basketball and football, Gabe doesn’t really like doing sports, especially when he was young. He’s willing to rub elbows with Jack only because he loves him. He’s not wildly competitive.  

-Is competitive in board games, though. Is a beast at chess.

-Collected the carcasses of green beetles that tended to be found on the ground of LA and his home a lot. He still does but not as much. Always enjoyed bug collecting. 

-For his 16th birthday, he was gifted two cars; a new BMW and a Cadillac. His aunt bought him the former and his grandpa bought him the latter. They didn’t communicate and Gabe ended up with more than one car. 

-Had a champion jumping horse and did a lot of competitions, winning many rewards. Her name Genie in a Bottle

-Always took his coffee creamy and sugary.

-Loves mustard but hates mayonnaise.

-Was a good noodle…the best student.    


Sincerely, Me Reprise animatic!!!

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If bangtan is a Disney princesses, what would they be?

((ok same with this one like dont say “this member should’ve been this one!” pls no i hate that shit))

Jimin: Uhm my feet are getting numb…

Jungkook: So can I smack Tae Hyung with this pan??

Taehyung: Rapunzel, bitch no let me eat my apple in peace ok

Space-Faring Kids and Kisses

I had started a Mass Effect page in my new sketchbook a long while back but I din’t get to finishing it until I beat Andromeda. So now I got my OG Commanders, with my bias LIs for them, and my new kids, who are just trying their best, along with my hopes and dreams in the corner there.