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I’m obsessing about a bike again. It doesn’t make any sense I’m usually pretty practical about these things when I sit myself down and talk to myself about them. There are a lot of cons. I list them all to myself and then I’m like, “yes but they are on sale! AND THIS ONE IS GOLD!!!”

  • Me: sees queen Elizabeth is trending
  • Me: hasn't had an emergency news alert from the BBC
  • Me: is confused

Kitty was trying to be smooth (again) but the Princess knows all of his tricks. 

She is not going to fall for any, Chat. Maybe you should change your ways…

…altho who knows. There are many ways to fall.

Dupain-Cheng 6 - Agreste 1


i met frank iero yesterday and i gave him a jar of coffee

Marius and Courfeyrac met because Courf tried to say hi to Combeferre in passing one day, and Marius accidentally thought he was talking to him.

Marius stared at him for a couple of seconds trying to figure out who he was. Instead of shrugging it off or awkwardly waving, Marius grabbed his face and yelled “I don’t know you. I want to, but I don’t.”

Courfeyrac laughed so hard that he gave Marius his number anyway.


Your demons are a part of our reality. Such is the nature of the influence you wield. Some of those demons I’ve come to know, but the one in whose name this war is to be fought is still a stranger to me.


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Doodle dump!!
Heck so. My sketchbook is full now. Yay! A lot of the art from it is not posted here but I believe that’s fine. Most of it is random doodles like this anyway. Oh!! And!! In the first picture there is a couple Drips doodles. Drips belongs to @bendy-and-the-askblog !! And like I’ve said many times you should go check them out! (If you couldn’t tell I really like their art;-;)
Also, Felix the cat!


Episode I: Qui-Gon Jinn:  << part I >> << part II >> << part III >> << part IV >> << part V >>

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Even Bech Næsheim is his own character, his own person, and he exists outside the relationship that is Even and Isak.

He has flaws that make him human and a past that is his past, and he’s got mistakes and regrets but also beautiful memories and huge heart. He’s kind and he’s full of love, and he’s creative and he has dreams. He is Even. He’s all the imperfections and perfections. He’s beautiful - inside and out.

He also doesn’t owe Isak an explanation on what happened in the past because it has nothing to do with Isak, shocking I know. Just like Isak’s past has nothing to do with Even.

If you can’t see Even outside his relationship with Isak, then you might want to question why you are shipping Evak. You don’t have to like Even, but it’s weird if you hate him but still ship him with Isak, and he doesn’t have to be your favorite character, but just understand that he exists outside his relationship with Isak.

The other night my friend and I took a Lyft home from a club at 1am and the driver was talking about something and he used the phrase ‘star-crossed lovers’ in a way that didn’t make sense to me so I asked him about it. He must’ve thought I didn’t understand the definition so he said “You know Hunger Games? Like Katniss and Peeta.”
And I, in the back of this strangers car clutching my bag of Wendy’s, drunkenly slurred “I have…A LOT of feelings about Katniss and Peeta” and just stared forlornly out the window as he gave me a weird look.

the saddest moment of competitive overwatch for me was when i got two card votes at the end of a match after hard carrying as roadhog on volskaya…. my ending card was for landing 25+ hooks with 88% hook accuracy

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Wait what happened with the gay uprising in your school???

Okay, story time.

My high school was a public school with only 3 people out of the closet. A couple of girls we all vaguely saw holding hands and kissing a few times but nobody knew them, and myself. 

When I started dating my girlfriend during my second year, I was pretty chill about it, I didn’t really care and her either, so we just did what every other couples did. She was still very private in her own way so people didn’t come to her that much, but I had the reputation to be a little too chill about it all. After a week or so, every two days someone would come to me to tell me they were bi or gay, a lot of my own friends did. One of my dude friends even wanted to talk to me in private so badly, I thought he was gonna ask me out and I freaked out… I only stopped screaming “PLEASE NO” when he yelled “I DON’T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU, I AM GAY TOO YOU DUMBASS” at me. All those people ended up befriending each other so in the end, we were a group of approximately 40 friends, with only like 5 totally straight people among us.

Our group of friends was very large so we were rarely all together, but when we were, well, we were kinda noticeable. So the other students started noticing too how girls and boys were holding hands and kissing, so other people started coming out in other groups and asked me about coming out stuff too. And it went on and on for a year. We started at 3 queer people and at the end of the year, the private High School of the same city was calling us The Gay High School.

Long story short, I was gay Moses in my second year of High School.

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You just killed me there sorry thank you so much

I didn’t really post about it. He got super attached and stalkerish. In the 2 weeks we met up, he asked to meet my kids twice, invited me to 2 summer weddings, said he was ready to say “I love you” and showed up randomly at my bar the night I showed Ryan my bar. So yea, I told him twice he needed to chill the fuck down but he didn’t listen so I told him I couldn’t see him anymore. @morethananaveragebitch