Closer look at the Pokemon nails I did over the weekend. I had soooo much trouble with Pikachu. I redid him like 3 times, and still not totally happy with the result but oh well…still love the mani as a whole! Complete inspired by @tres_she!

Used in this mani:

Essie - Sugar Daddy

Sally Hansen - Disco Ball

Pokemon done with acrylic paint

HK Girl Topcoat


@Beyonce @FrankGatson @BlueIvy bring 7/11 back  

Shoulder touches

From the first touch

To the many in between

To the last

It started with Cas and ended with Dean.

Hi everyone!

My main commissions are currently closed. But I’m now opening up Icon Commissions!

Each icon is: $25

☆ HK’s Icon Commissions: 5 Slots Open! ☆

  • If you would like to commission an icon, please read the info/rules under the read-more.
  • Please email me at if you’re interested!
  • I’ll draw characters from any series and original characters (OCs).
  • Please provide references in your email.
  • Want a specific facial expression/accessory/bg color? Let me know!
  • Please pay first to reserve a slot.

You can also support my artwork through Patreon! ☆

Reblogs and signal boosts are very much appreciated! 

Thank you very much for all your help! ^^

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