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I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before... but we all know that silver and blue are the colours of the Wings of Freedom. And that perfectly match with the idea of why they made Erwin and Levi wear blue suit and silver leggins respectively. On that recent official art they are even placed on both sides from the kids just like the Wings of Freedom - silver Levi's on the right side and blue Erwin's on the left.

Oh my god! You’re right @bifidosmetana.  Now we know the real reason for this fashion disaster! 

I’m not so great at stamping directly on the nail, but I think reverse stamping is something I can get the hang of!

OPI - Gradient (Towel Me About It, Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon, Suzi Without A Paddle, Polly Want A Lacquer?) Candies (Flip Flops & Crop Tops, My Twin Mimmy, Fearlessly Alice, I Manicure For Beads)

HK Girl Topcoat

Mundo De Unas white stamping polish

Stamp & Scrape set from @myblisskiss

Stamping Plate BPL-023 from @bornprettystore

taakitz is real because five days before i asked my girlfriend, on our first date, “was this like, a friend thing, or a date, or…?” and she replied “either?”

kravitz asked taako “was this call for business or pleasure?” and taako replied “a little bit of both!”, proving that taakitz is gay and strong and good