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“Gander, also known as “Pal”, was the only dog from Canada to receive the Dickin Medal. Gander was sent to Hong Kong with the Royal Rifles of Canada in 1941. During the battle at Lei Yue Mun (around the present site of the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence), Gander showed his bravery in protecting his comrades-in-arms. When the Japanese landed near the soldiers at the beach, Gander barked and attempted to bite them. Later, when the Japanese troops were getting near a group of wounded Canadian soldiers, Gander protected them by suddenly charging at the Japanese. The enemy soldiers changed their route, which spared the wounded Canadians. Finally, when Gander saw an enemy grenade, he grabbed it in his mouth and carried it to where it would not harm his companions. Unfortunately, the grenade exploded and killed him.”

(HK Government Press Release)

I like my beautiful (wo-can) eye bags. They are not dark circles. I’m not thinking of getting them surgically removed despite having heard that a lot of people don’t like them. I think they’re nice because it is what I was born with, and I don’t feel the need to change anything just because of others’ opinions about my appearance.

Huang Zi Tao, EXO-M at Nature’s Republic Press Conference HK.

Preach it baby panda! Your eyes are beautiful <3