hk highline


HK Highline – Day 4
The waves were pounding and the wind howling as the first steps were walked on our highline today. Rio completed a half-man as the past few days all came together giving the crew a sense of triumph and relief. More to come as it’s only now just begun.
Also a first day of drone footage, thanks of the pilots at DJI, which is looking amazing already and Ed our director arrived this evening. As we were packing up a particularly large swell almost engulfed Matt, but he stood his ground well.


HK Highline – Day 5

One of the main objectives of this trip was to document the first highline in HK in the form of a short film. Today we received some lenses kindly lent to us from Canon HK, allowing us to capture images and perspectives that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Helping us to better tell our story.
In the evening we returned to Central for an urban slackline shoot, the first time we’ve brought the drones to the skyscrapers of HK.


HK Highline – Day 3
During the day Shane, Rio and Matt continued the bolting effort while I went and collected our event t-shirts. In the evening we joined the weekly HK slackline meetup at Central Pier in the city. We were all blown away by the turn out, there were over a dozen lines already set up when we arrived and over 30 people slacking. Of course we set up some more lines and slacked into the night. We helped some of the locals to their first taste of longlining and they loved it! Slacklining here is such a unique experience in the urban landscape, in and amongst some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. At the end of the night Pure Slacklines donated two kits to the community. For anyone in HK looking for an active, vibrant and friendly crowd to slack with, check out their Facebook group.


HK Highline – Day 2
Quick morning scout behind Central for a potential highline with Hong Kong’s iconic skyline as a backdrop. We found a possible line thanks to a tip from some local slackers/climbers. Quickly we then headed back to the Cape for a full day of drilling and gluing in the sun. Late in the afternoon, Rio arrived in HK and we all met up for a delicious dinner hosted by Andy, our local guy.