hk films


february/march ‘17— hong kong is the city i will always come back to. one that i don’t know how to leave, which is to say: this is my north point, the place that holds the strongest magnetism, pulling my heart into the rhythm of train wheels over tracks. across oceans and i am here. this is not my motherland, only a daughter of it. like me. her tongue is my sister tongue; a song sung in another octave that i can only half understand and only if i sing my song first. if i was a country this would be it: the aftermath of a mainland mother and father, colonised. languages in halves. two ways of thinking in a fist fight. the old under market stalls in mongkok, chestnuts roasted in giant woks on the sidewalk, voices rising over scaffolding. and the new finding a place on hong kong island caught in the throats of expats and small bars and conversations holding three languages. hong kong breathed polluted air into me and i can’t stop coughing out her skyline. 


蘭子姐姐有云,最恐怖嘅鬼喺人心入面隻鬼,好似抽水鬼、好shuffle嘅賤格鬼等等~~~唔知鍾意食花生又算唔算係一種鬼呢?睇開港產電影都知,「我見到佢心裡面隻鬼」呢句金句,係出自杜琪峰 x 韋家輝拍嘅 《神探》。由插畫師+漫畫家Afu Chan發表嘅呢張插圖,得罪講句,我覺得比原本果張宣傳海報型棍 x 10000囉,銀河影像粉絲必儲!