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I actually think the opposite RE your post on interracial relationships in media. Perhaps bc I'm tainted but what's in real life. A black woman being desireable to anyone much less *gasp* even a white man? to be worthy of anyone's gaze... that's bonkers. and not widely accepted. Note: the dynamics of interracial relationships that actually exist in daily life & pop culture.

BUT all the other shit you said is 100% true. I just disagree with your conclusion about it being acceptable or what we’re ready for or not. I think both are shocking for different reasons.

i’m going to ignore the rude way you referred to my points as “other shit” i said, and just address your points.

1. black women being desirable and being loved are two separate things. there are several tropes of black women. looking around at our culture, the fetishization of the black women is every where. mainly, looking at music videos, as well as their roles in movies as the sexual body, is everywhere. Olivia fits in to that role. Yes, she is strong, but her relationship with her white counter part is one of sex and yes, desire, but not love. a lustful representation of black women is everywhere. and while there is nothing wrong with a black woman being sexual, when it is a pattern, where there is no diverse representation of desiring a black woman, outside of sex, it can be problematic. so yes, black women are desired/lusted for. but loved? appreciated? negative. in fact, we don’t see scenes in Scandal where Fitz is saying how beautiful she is or how much he loves her. he talks about her like property. they didn’t have a secret love. what they did was fuck around in secret.

you have to be careful of thinking that someone fixing their “gaze” on black women is a good thing while not analyzing what that gaze means. yes, people may be looking at a black woman and find her desirable. does that mean it’s love and appreciation? no. just being happy that people are looking at black women as desirable is lazy, if you don’t analyze what that desire entails.

2. when i say american society, i don’t mean what black folk are ready for, i mean everyone, including white people who have the most power. and although you may be ready for it, society at large may not be ready for it.

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We, as humans, gain ideas about ourselves from our surroundings and what we see. So family... children's books... children's shows... school. And that's reinforced throughout life. It impacts the way we are viewed (since we are viewed as a monolith) and impacts how we are treated, which in turn impacts how we see ourselves. Everyone treats you like caca - you feel like caca - no matter how much you love yourself. wow at this guy

Seriously. Oh my god. I want to reach through my monitor and punch all these people just WAKLJFD;LKASDJF

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YES. Idgaf about animals, and making them seem like victims has always infuriated me as a human rights advocate (and a woman of color).. I've noticed how if there were dogs dying in the hood, people would be over eager to adopt and save them. Not the case for black folks. But learning about environmental harms of the meat industry made me care, and I stopped drinking milk that very instant and am weaning off cheese

Yea, I figured as much. I for one first became vegan because of my personal health, then because I began to see the overlap between the exploitation of animals and PoC, and then finally about the animals. I for one don’t think that it’s impossible to care about animals, and care about people as well. Because animal abuse goes way beyond just dogs dying in the street…it about circuses and hunting and product testing and just cruelty that should make anyone sick.

But I understand that having a connection with animals is difficult. Shit, I still find it hard to care about things that aren’t cute and cuddly.

But I think if the focus was on people, then people would be able to empathize. And then people wouldn’t be able to laugh as they eat their steak when they realize the deplorable conditions the people who are involved in the production of meat have to deal with