hjälp please

does anybody here…….. love boys…? and wanna….. hold their hands and kiss their cheeks and play w their hair and tell them how amazing and cute they r….? or stay up till 3am w/ them talking and laughing…..? or try to count all their freckles and have picnics …. or wanna see the way their face lights up when they’re happy and hold them when they’re upset…… u kno…. gay stuff… 

theory: dex hasn’t been in recent updates because he got really into finding nemo & has been watching it nonstop in his dorm room

  • Gavin: Geoff, do you have any food?
  • Geoff: No.
  • Gavin: Well, I'm trapped then. I'm just gonna...stuck here forever.
  • Michael: You ate it all?!
  • Geoff: You had 64 fucking cookies, man.
  • Gavin: I ate the lot of them dude.
  • Geoff: Jack has 55 left.
  • Jack: I have 50 left now.
  • Gavin: How do you have 50 left?! You're Jack!

The only important thing I took away from the Sander clear video: LP PUTTING ON MUSIC BEFORE HE GOES INTO BATTLE (and probably punching to the beat) GIVES ME LIFE.

Just a really quick sketch, so it’s not meant to be quality.


What if he listens to cuteass music

My feed is kinda dead so reblog if you post any of these things and I’ll definitely check out your blog:
-Hollywood Undead
-Danny Murillo
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Linkin Park
-Twenty One Pilots
-Pastel or dark aesthetic

I might check out your blog if you post any of these things too:
-Steven Universe
-Fall Out Boy
-Lana Del Rey