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Obligatory werewolf version of character for October: check.

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keksuchek  asked:

почему именно таки пышные прически?

I do not speak/read Russian but I used google translate ;;; This is the translation, not sure how accurate it is though:

“why exactly the same curvy hairstyles?”

I’m assuming you mean Handsome Jack/Timothy Lawrence hair in my fanart? I really like drawing the hair that way tbh xD Also, it’s a funny story. When I first started drawing Handsome Jack after beating BL2 I didn’t have a lot of reference available to me (just poor af low res screenshots). I ended up using the concept art as reference and his hair is even harder to figure out there ironically ;;; I didn’t notice the differences between finalized concept art and the in game model until it was too late and I already had learned how to draw the hair how I do now. I kind of just translated the hair into something I could visually comprehend/that’s fun to draw (hair has always been one of my fav features to draw). It used to be spikier to match the concept art but I added flow as I got used to drawing Jack. I like that it’s unique from other HJ/TL fanart since I usually see a more accurate depiction of the hair (which is amazing, not saying that’s a bad thing. Artists who get him just right make me wish I could as well, it’s so amazing to see these fanarts).

TL;DR: I just grew accustomed to drawing the hair that way lol I kind of embellish but I guess it’s my artistic weakness ;;;; I do the same for Rhys at times because despite the simplicity of his hair visually on screen/paper I can never draw it right so figured out my own way. As long as people recognize the characters I tend to make exaggerations routine.