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[Part 1] I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS MOMENT *_* can i have a scenario for the 4 future captains (zai,hiyo,kaido, and akaya) where they're talking in their dorm about girls and then they find out that they all have a crush on the same senpai?XD she's like

[Part 2] … A combination of their ideal type (cheerful,delicate, appreciates food, family oriented) basically the ideal waifu (*˘︶˘*) and she’s very friendly to them in particular haha (i hope you get this request i’ve waited so longg (*/ω\)

Haha, I’m glad you made it! I hope you like it, love. <3

Zaizen, Hiyoshi, Kaidoh, Kirihara:

Zaizen was lying on his bed while playing around with his phone while Hiyoshi was reading a book, Kaidoh folded his shirts – everyone was doing something except Kirihara who boredly looked around the room. Suddenly an excited looked crossed Kirihara’s face “Ne, Ne. Do you have someone you like Hiyoshi-kun?!” Hiyoshi didn’t look up from his book and only rolled his eyes “Why should I tell you? Tell me about yourself and maybe I answer your question.” A small blush spread across Kirihara’s face and he nervously played with the hem of his shirt “I’m telling you, but you have to promise to tell me too!” Hiyoshi grunted in affirmation “Okaaay, well there is a girl I like! I really hope she likes me too! She is just awesome and I think I could have a chance. You know, she is just always really nice to me and always asks me how I’m doing and things like that. We even went to the arcade together and she is always smiling and happy… She’s really awesome!”

Zaizen observed Kirihara with a wolfish grin “You really think she would like you?” Hiyoshi started to laugh and Kirihara shyly averted his eyes “Maybe! S-She is really nice to me! Now you tell, Hiyoshi!” With an annoyed sigh Hiyoshi lowered his book “Yeah, I like someone. Happy?” Zaizen’s grin widened “Shouldn’t you tell us a bit more? Don’t you think it’s unfair? Kirihara told us a lot more so you should do the same, right?” Hiyoshi rolled his eyes again “Yeah yeah, but you are going to tell us later as well. Don’t think I’m going to let you off so easily.” Hiyoshi tried to speak as nonchalantly as possible “She is really troublesome sometimes. I have to look out for her all the time… she is too delicate for her own good. We went to the haunted house last month and she was so scared, she clung to me for the rest of the day…” Hiyoshi snickered at the end and despite his choice of words everyone could tell that he really liked the girl. Dismissively he waved his hand and turned to Zaizen  “Your turn Zaizen. Since you listened so intently to us, it’s just ‘fair’ if you tell us as well.” 

Zaizen rolled onto his stomach and propped his head up with one arm “Yes, yes. There is a girl. Can’t complain about her, she’s damn adorable. She sometimes takes me along when she picks up her little brother from training and I bet she likes me too.” Hiyoshi scoffed and suddenly Kirihara piped up again “What about you Kaidoh?” Kaidoh who had listened silently for the whole time looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Now all eyes were on Kaidoh and his cheeks slowly turned red “I don’t want to talk about it! Fshuu~” Kirihara leaned forward to get a look at his face “Come on! You can tell us!” Zaizen added with a sarcastic voice “Yes, come on Kaidoh. You can tell us.” 

Kaidoh looked around the room as if he was searching for someone spying on them before he started to stutter “I-I like someone. She often eats lunch with me and she a-always seems really happy when we eat together. I gave her some of my mother’s homemade yogurt a-and she is really nice…I like her” Kirihara sighed dreamily “Ahh, I understand you completely. I really like (Name)-senpai.” Immediately all heads snapped up. Hiyoshi was the first one to speak “What do you mean with (Name)-senpai?! The girl you like is (Name)-senpai?” Kirihara looked confused, but nodded his head. Simultaneously Hiyoshi, Zaizen and Kaidoh exclaimed “But I like (Name)-senpai!” All of them were a bit pale in the face and stared at each other for a long time until Kirihara shyly asked “A-And what are we going to do now?” 

Hiyoshi seemed to ponder for a while before he replied “Well, we are doing things fair and square. We are continuing like before, but should she like one of us the others backs off. It’s Gekokujo.” Zaizen rolled his eyes “Well, seems like the best idea, but there is no way I’m going to lose to one of you.” Kirihara immediately glared up at Zaizen and Kaidoh let out a low “Fshuu.” With a grin Zaizen waved his phone “Oh, and before I forget to mention it I recorded what all of you said so if someone breaks the rules this could or could not be posted on my blog.”…

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How about the Hyotei boys take their girl to a haunted house just to discover that she gets swingy when she's scared (and she clocks one of the people dressed as ghosts in the face?)

I hope you like it, love! <3

You were scared of the haunted house, okay? It wasn’t stupid at all. Honestly, who wouldn’t be scared of ghosts and the creepy music? Why did it even have to be dark in those houses?! Your only problem was that you didn’t really want to tell your boyfriend just how scared you were and somehow you got dragged along to the haunted house. You already had a bad feeling when you stood in front of it…


Atobe immediately noticed your fear by the way you inched closer to him and your eyes darted to every corner. He found it endearing and he just wanted to comfort you when you suddenly let out a loud shriek and punched one of the “ghost” into the face. Atobe watched in – to be honest – amazement how the guy went down. He already had seen the guys a few seconds ago, but he never expected you to knock the poor guy out. He shrugged his shoulders and wrapped one arm around your waist to pull you into his side “No need to be scared, love. Not that I want you to stop having fun, but you better not knock out any more people.” He safely led you out of the haunted house, making sure to have an eye on your hands and everything you could kick with while whispering soothing things in your ear. Later Atobe had to threaten to sue the amusement park when the manager wanted to scold you for punching an employee. The manager cowered away from Atobe and he treated you to every sweet thing he could find in the amusement park until you were completely relaxed and happy again. You had to admit it has benefits to have an Atobe in this kind of situations.


Kabaji calmly walked next to you while you tried to stay as close as possible to his big body. Kabaji always had an eye on you, watching how your pupils were widened with fear and every noise made you shiver. When a “vampire” jumped in front of you Kabaji only lazily blinked at him, but you screamed and lifted your leg to give him a hard kick in the gut. Before your leg could reach him Kabaji had lifted you into the air, you leg kicking nothing, but thin air. He easily slung you over his shoulder and grunted a short apology to the employee. Quickly Kabaji had carried you out of the haunted house and gently lowered you down on the ground. With a small smile Kabaji patted your head before taking your hand to continue your day in the amusement park.


Jirou had excitedly dragged you into the haunted house and you wondered why he was wide awake whenever you hoped for the opposite. You tried your best to ignore all the creepy sounds and only look down on the floor to not get scared. Jirou pointed everything out by loudly telling you “Woaaah! Look a witch (Name)-chan!” You tried to ignore his excited exclamations and to be honest, you were pretty proud of yourself for not freaking out. Well, that was until you felt a hand on your shoulder. You first thought it was Jirou’s, but then you realized that you were holding Jirou’s hand and that he was pointing at something with his other hand. Slowly you looked over your shoulder directly into the face of a “ghost”. You screamed and quickly ripped your hand out of Jirou’s hold to punch the employee straight in the face. Jirou watched you in amazement “Woaaah! That was soo cool (Name)-chan! We could be the ghostbusters! I mean why has that stupid ghost even touched you!” Ignoring the groaning employee Jirou grabbed your hand again to continue your tour through the haunted house. Somehow you got the feeling that Jirou didn’t get that those were just disguised people and that took away most of your fear.


Hiyoshi was snickering while pulling you with him into the haunted house. You were clinging to his arm, but furiously denied being scared. It was probably the most adorable thing he had ever seen and he made a mental note to take you to a haunted house again. He spaced out a bit and didn’t notice you walking ahead of him. When he heard you scream in fear he immediately dashed forward, trying to catch up to you. Hiyoshi reached you after a few seconds to find you shaking with teary eyes and a “ghost” kneeling on the floor while groaning. You looked like you were ready to attack him again every second and Hiyoshi quickly wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you back. You started to thrash around, effectively elbowing him in his stomach. Hoyshi thanked god for his abs before trying to calm you down “Woah, it’s just me (Name)-chan. Calm down.” You relaxed in his arms and Hiyoshi slowly set you back down. The employee had already run away and Hiyoshi started to laugh while ruffling your hair “Oh god, that really was the best! You really punch him, that’s just hilarious.” You pouted, your eyes still teary and Hiyoshi pulled you into his chest, his arms wrapping tightly around your waist “Okay, okay . Sorry, but it was really great. Come on, I’m taking you out of here, but don’t get false hopes I’m definitely taking you to the haunted house again.” Hiyoshi gave you a piggy-back ride out of the house. It was definitely his favorite date with you.


Oshitar could practically smell your fear and he sent you a wolfish grin before he gently pushed you into the haunted house. You wanted to hold onto him, but whenever you lifted your hand to grab his arm Oshitari smirked at you. Not wanting to deal with his teasing you huffed and bravely walked ahead of him. Inwardly you were freaking out and you walked as fast as possible through the haunted house, you just wanted out! Now! Oshitari leisurely strolled after you. It was too cute how you tried to hide your fear. He just wanted to end your suffering and picked up his pace when suddenly he saw your shoulders tense. You let out a pitiful yelp and Oshitari was by your side in a matter of seconds. He slung an arm around your shoulder and stared down at the unconscious “ghost” for a few seconds before breaking out into loud laughter “You should have told me that you were so scared.” with and teasing smirk he added, “after all I’m your knight in shining armor right?” Oshitari led you out of the haunted house, laughing the whole way. He never let you live it down.


Shishido tediously glanced around the haunted house, not really impressed by the attempts to scare him. Soon he noticed that the effects on you were entirely different. Your hand was shaking and your whole body was tense, taking on a rather ridiculous fighting stance. Shishido gently placed one hand on your shoulder in an attempt to get you to relax when your blood-curdling scream ripped through the air. Shishido looked up in time to see your fist nearing one of the poorly disguised employee’s face and he barely managed to catch your fist in time before you could punch the guy. The “ghost” quickly fled, and Shishido dropped your fist with a tired sigh “Really (Name)-chan?” He gently flicked your forehead and started to scold you in the middle of the haunted house, but when he realized that this probably wasn’t the best idea considering your frightened state he pulled you in his chest with another sigh “You don’t have to be scared idiot. I promise to punch the “monsters” if they get too close to you so don’t do it again, okay?” For the rest of the walk through the haunted house Shishido tightly held your hand, calming you down and making sure that you wouldn’t try to punch someone else.


Chotarou wasn’t a big fan of haunted houses either, but he suggested going to it to show you his “brave side”. You wanted to protest, but when you saw his determination you didn’t want to disappoint him. You were half hidden behind Chotarou’s back, glad that he was so tall and you didn’t have to look at all the creepy stuff. When you heard a gurgling sound behind you and felt cold fingers brushed over your neck you screamed and quickly whirled around. You squeezed your eyes shut and punched at whatever was behind you. Chotarou, who turned around when he heard you scream let out a small scream himself when he saw you punch one of the workers. He quickly wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you into him and stop you from hurting the poor guy more. When he finally managed to calm you down a bit the guy had already run away from you, probably thinking you were crazy. Chotarou quickly led you out of the haunted house, letting you hold onto the shirt with both hands to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Finally back in the daylight you both tried to calm your breathing and Chotarou muttered “Let’s never go to the haunted house ever again, (Name)-chan.”


Mukahi was babbling about the haunted house the moment you walked into the amusement park. To be honest Mukahi never liked haunted houses and he knew exactly that you weren’t doing well with scary things. He wanted to impress you and having you cuddling against him in the haunted house wasn’t a bad idea, or so he thought. You were so damn scared, but instead of holding his hand or something like that you hand your fists raised, ready to defend yourself against whatever could hurt you. Mukahi found it amusing and cute at first, but when you suddenly let out a loud battle cry and kicked one of the “vampires” Mukahi rushed to your side. He quickly apologized to the “vampire” before dragging you away with him. You were breathing heavily and had your eyes closed in an attempt to block out all the scary things. Mukahi puffed out his chest “Don’t worry (Name)-chan! You can close your eyes, I’m going to lead you safely out of here!” As soon as you were out of the haunted house you hugged Mukahi in relief. He hugged you back tightly – well, one hurt vampire was really a small price for you hugging him like that.