Get To Know Prince of Tennis: The 2nd Years A.K.A The Next Generation


One of the many thing’s I love about TeniPuri is the fact that the Senpai watch and care a lot about their Kouhai. In most animes seniority is always about the young respecting the old but in TeniPuri, it’s about the senpai guiding, encouraging, training and caring a lot about their kouhai.


"The blooming flower that is me, takes a tiny step forward
These days that change into memories, I often say goodbye to them
Your voice, that goes on and on being bright
It’s always my best source of light, as it pushes me forward well”

There’s a lot of things I dont want to think about tenipuri and one of them is seniors graduation ;__;

Lyrics taken from Ikimonogakari’s "Egao"