hiyb second gen

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the williams family
caleb landry jones as clark williams

“i’ve been told i look like my mom with my dad’s eyes. i’m like a reverse harry potter. so that’s nice; and inevitable i guess. people are always desperate to compare celebrity offspring to their parents, like kirk and michael douglas, michael and charlie sheen. you get used to it. my parents have always been keen to make sure i’m not torn apart by the press, but they’ve never hidden me away. as soon as i told them i wanted to go into acting, they were supporting me. and since i’m the only one to go into showbiz, i know that they wouldn’t have cared if i’d wanted to move to alaska and whale-watch for the rest of my life. they’re so laid-back they’re almost horizontal. and as for their relationship, i don’t think i’ve ever met a couple so well-suited to be together. is it weird for me to say that about my parents?”

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the willoughby family
dakota blue richards as isabelle marie willoughby

“when your parents go through as much as my parents did, you learn to take everything in stride. nothing anyone could say about me will be as bad as what they said about my dad and look how he turned out. i have the best life i could’ve hoped for and i wouldn’t change anything. sure it’s annoying going shopping with my mom and seeing camera flashes go off but i’ve grown up with it. i know how to deal with it. my family means everything to me - not just my parents or my siblings, but all the aunts and uncles i have too. growing up in the spotlight is the only life i know and i wouldn’t change anything. once you learn to read the stories about you and laugh, you can face anything.”

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the jones family
zac efron as oliver flynn jones

“from the moment i was born there were rumors spread about me and my parents. i grew up surrounded by people speculating about me, deciding that they must know everything there was to know about me. whenever i came out of a club with a girl on my arm, i would see my face plastered all over magazine covers, but i learnt how to ignore it, how to stay grounded, and that’s all thanks to my parents, growing up it was very important to remain private about their lives, even though their relationship was so highly publicized, they made sure to keep us modest, family christmases, movie nights, never getting more than we deserved. they were good to me, and honestly? growing up with two parents who love each other as much as mine do, is something i would wish on anyone.”

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the spencer family
kaya scodelario as bennett leigh spencer

“when your mom and dad are cinderella and prince charming, everyone expects you to live out this fairytale life according to what they think you should do. these total strangers who have never met you, but think they know you because they’ve seen you grow up through paparazzi pictures. that’s not normal. luckily, my parents are about as normal as it gets and they made sure we never grew up ‘celebrity children’ – my dad was brought up on a ranch in texas, so he’s got a real disconnect from hollywood. i think that’s healthy. i’m really happy with how my life’s been so far.”

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the spencer family
jaimie alexander as nina spencer

“i don’t like talking about my parents for the simple reason we’re a private family. what goes on in our family is between us. in their youth my mom and dad came under a lot of scrutiny and were determined when they had children we weren’t going to be put through all that. they did what they could to dissuade us from even entering the spotlight, but when your parents are as ridiculously talented as mine, genetics work in your favour. and they’re my biggest role models, my greatest inspiration. i’m incredibly lucky to have parents who not only love each other so much despite everything, but still love the world despite everything, and i honestly couldn’t ask for more.”

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the kennedy family
dakota fanning as evangeline kennedy

“my parents were determined i didn’t grow up to be another suri cruise. or, my mom was at least. dad was a bad influence. but i appreciate the fact that he cleaned up his act when he found out he was going to be a parent. i’m not stupid; i’ve seen the newspaper articles, the photos, even his wrap sheet. i know my dad wasn’t a great role model, or even a nice person. but he’s been a fantastic father. even that time when he chased one of my potential boyfriends away from our house in his pyjamas, weilding a prop shotgun. …i still kind of wonder what mom saw in him all those years ago.”

hollywood infected your brain next gen: the spencer family
lucas till as flynn alexander spencer

“my life isn’t nearly as interesting or sensational as everyone seems to think it is. yeah, my parents are movie stars. so what? that didn’t keep me from having to take the trash out every week, and believe me when i say that living under the same roof as those two is far from cool. or even noteworthy, really. i got my ass grounded if i didn’t clean my room, or stayed out too late with my friends, or didn’t like my mom’s baking. such a nightmare. nah, i’d never really say that. it was… normal. we were never pressured to do or be anything we didn’t want. i may never own a dog of my own, though. i’ve had enough of those things to last me twenty lifetimes.”