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° ͜ʖ°  8/100 days of productivity

wOAAAAAAAAH BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE CHEM NOTES?!??!?!?! lol i promise this will be the last post of my chem notes, im currently v dry on aesthetic photos pls tolerate me 

but hey look at the pretty photo i took of these succulents at the pasa malam downstairs of my house, i wAnT ThEm So bAd

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Hiya, I was just curious as to whether you have any other good fiction podcasts to recommend for fans of things like the Penumbra podcast and WTNV (and all of their stuff). It's cool if not I'm just trying to find more things bc I've gone through your revs and they're great I just can't get enough fiction podcasts whoops Alex Xx

hey alex!

im not entirely sure how many of my recs you’ve gone through, so i might repeat myself a bit (forgive me for that!)

if you liked wtnv, you might also like:

  • king falls am, which is kinda like nightvale except there are two hosts, people who call in and the weird goings on are actually seen as weird to everyone living there
  • the bridge, which is super creepy happenings on a bridge in the middle of the ocean (its very creepy)
  • ars paradoxica, is about time travel and ww2
  • the far meridian idk anything about bc its new but it looks good
  • the black tapes is a paranormal ghost hunt 

for the penumbra:

  • the strange case of starship iris is set in space and super queer yo
  • inkwyrm, also set in space and also super queer
  • under pressure is about a crew living at the bottom of the ocean and
  • wolf 359 is about a crew in space (and is back for its newest season so its a great time to get in if you havent already)
  • wooden overcoats is about two competing funeral homes on a very small island off the coast of englad (a lot of people are dying for such a small island tbh

a few more are also the beef and dairy network, the adventure zone, join the party (not strictly fiction podcasts (they are but they arent if that makes sense)), red rover, secrets crimes and audiotape, rabbits and quake are all worth checking out as well

i hope theres something here that quenches your thirst!

helena x


19/8/16 • day 38-40/100 of productivity 🕸

my first week of prelims r over!!!!
i hope everyones satisfied with their mtl o lvl results and if not, don’t be too #stresse !!! theres always time and another chance to try again and make amends💞

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hiya! A lot of people (mark included) have been talking about dark and how his 'shell breaks' sometimes and i don't mean to sound like a dumbass but im not quite sure as to what they meant by that. Is it as in an emotional shell? or something else? I hope you don't mind me asking! :)

no worries, dude! basically, dark has a facade. his appearance is calm and collected, but whenever his rage gets too much, he ends up slipping out of that gentlemanly behavior and exposing a little bit of what kind of being he really is. which is why during those moments you can hear and see him yelling and glitching out.  pretty much, it’s like an emotional shell. hope that cleared it up a little bit for you! 💛


Before & After Sim Tag: Thalassa Lir

Rules: Update your oldest sim in your personal gallery or storage, take a before and after shot then tag some people.

Hiya!! *waves* I was tagged by @lyrea to do the Before & After Tag/Challenge thing…Thank you!!! <333333333333

I went through my bin and this is by far the oldest sim I had in there. I made her when I bought the Island Paradise EP to test out all the features of it, which means I made her in 2013!!!!!!!!! So please, omg, I’m crying at how awful she looks like please don’t shun me for life??? IT WAS YEARS AGO! SO MANY YEARS! I’M DEAD. But heyyyyy I updated her and now look I LOVE HER ^_^; I included a photo with her same clothes and hair, and then went ahead and put the extra changing them. 

ALSO PLEASE IGNORE HOW EXTRA I WAS BACK THEN LIKE “Thalassa” in Greek mythology was the primeval spirit of the sea and “Lir” is like the personification of the sea in Irish mythology and I made her test out the features in ISLAND PARADISE like WOW. I remember she maxed out her diving and married a random guy on the island and they had a cute kid, which I believe I still have, but I stopped playing because Isla Paradiso started lagging.

ANYWAY, I tag @freckled-pixels, @simovee, @twinsimskeletons, @thesimperiuscurse, @simmreaper, @grumpysimmies, @wannabecatwriter to do this! Of course, if you’ve already been tagged or would prefer not to, no worries, lol. IT’S SO EMBARRASSING LOL. *hides under a couch* BYEEE.

Aiaran Radnay’s 100 follow celebration challenge

Originally posted by hqfflepuff

Hiya people!!!

I’m finally having a 100 follower celebration!!! Well 110 now… as I always say - this family is awesome, and I feel blessed to be a part of it. love you all from the bottom of my heart.

Well, for the celebration i’m hosting a challenge… the good old prompt challenge.

The tiny change here is that… there are four choices for a challenge. You can chose to any one or more than one. Hell you can choose all four of them…

1) The dialogue prompt writing challenge

2) The Linkin Park quote aesthetic challenge

3) The poem writing challenge

4) The “challenge me”

Let’s first skim through the basic rules

1)      You don’t have to be following me for this, but it’ll be really awesome if you do.

2)      It can be from any fandom; it is not restricted to SPN.

3)      The word count can go as crazy as you want; just add a keep reading feature for fics beyond 500.

4)      Reader inserts only (in case of writings). I do not ship and prefer not to read those fics.

5)      All genres are welcome except smut. You may hint it but nothing explicit.

6)      You may do AUs, Canon divergence, RPFs… anything; as long as there is no wife/significant other bashing. In case you challenge me, i don’t write RPFs with a reader pairing if the given person already has a partner in real life.

7)      You have time till December to finish this… the masterlist will be out on 17th Dec… so no pressure, take your time.

message or ask me if you have any problems or doubts or even if you simply wanna talk.

You can join into the challenge through asks, reblogs, messages or any other form of communication on tumblr.

Alrighty then, let’s get started!!!

I’m adding links to each challenge so as to reduce the length of this post.

1) The dialogue prompt writing challenge

2) The Linkin Park quote aesthetic challenge

3) The poem writing challenge

4) The “challenge me”

bonus: (because i’m crazy obsessed with linkin park) writers… you can also pick a song quote from the aesthetic challenge and write a fic on that. 

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Hey, I am from Moray, Angus Robertson's constituency, and for us, my home place, he hasn't been focussed upon our home recently. The Brexit results for moray had a difference of 122 votes, Robertson then continued to slag all the leave voters off even though his constituency had one of the closest results, considering just under half of the voters, voted to leave. Not meaning to disregard any of your opinions at all, only wanting a discussion and giving possible reasons why this occurred!

Hiya there

I know people have their own personal and varied legitimate reasons for voting or against a particular candidate. Whilst I used what happened in Moray as a specific example, my main point and quarrel is that the snp/green or any independence supporting candidates are always at a disadvantage because of how biased the entire media is towards unionism. I could go on forever about this particular point and provide you with more factual examples of this but that is not what you asked me so I will not force my opinion onto you. If you do care to learn more about this I’d highly recommend watching this political documentary if you’d like. It’ll help you understand my position on the matter, after winning the 56, I knew the only way was down a bit for the SNP, but this video will show why I find what happened in your home place so troubling.


But to get back to the point you make about Moray being a close EU vote and Angus’s mocking of those who voted Leave. I myself don’t recall seeing or reading of any slagging from Angus Robertson aimed directly at his constituents in particular. If he did make some derogatory comments slandering the Leave campaigners, and did not make the distinction he was not talking about voters, then that was obviously an ill judged thing of him to do. I personally, thought that the Leave campaign was an utter mess, full of horrible racist rhetoric. I’m also fairly sure that Leave only scraped their win by waving the Union Jack, blaming EU migrants for all the problems caused by Tory austerity and of course the promise of 350 mill a week for the NHS, which evaporated the morning of the results. 

None the less, I do know there were also a good amount of sensible people that were repulsed by Nigel Farage and all the things he was doing and saying yet they had their own good reasons for choosing to vote leave. So I guess you could be right in what you are saying, that the people of Moray felt that they were being mocked by Angus, decided on retribution by voting him out of his seat for a Tory. It’s kind of like the massive mistake that Hillary Clinton made, I’m sure she meant the racist and sexist among Trumps supporters specifically when called the opposition ‘deplorables’ but the entire Republican electorate took offense, and it was a big dent to her appeal to voters.

Of course both situations are entirely different. I don’t know how you are politically persuaded. Whether you yourself voted Leave or not. Whether you voted Tory on this occasion or have voted Tory for a long time. What’s done is done, I’m not going to jump too much to Angus’s defense to a person that might dislike him. I believe in independence and I am and SNP supporter, but I am not a blind allegiant. I am working on a very long text post in my drafts right now pointing out instances where I think the SNP goes wrong with regards to public relations, again it is hard to get an appealing message across when the entire media forces are aligned against you, but there is definitely room for improvement on their part, I don’t mind saying that. 

You said you think Angus didn’t focus on his constituency of Moray enough, and again not to roll out an unconditional pardon for him but between David Cameron calling the EU referendum that Angus was duty bound to campaign in, and Theresa May calling the snap general election, none of the SNP candidates have probably been able to spend as much time as they would have liked on their own turf having surgeries with their constituents to talk about matters of concern people in the community have. That and of course Westminster is cutting the Scotland budget that the SNP has to distribute over Scotland every year, making it harder for councils to easily secure budgets for community improvement projects ect.

I don’t think for one second that if there hadn’t been that lie about the NHS money apparently being stolen away to Brussels, Leave’s percentage of 38 in Scotland would have been a lot lower. But there is obviously some lingering appeal to Brexit given the unionist gains in the election. Even though both the Tories and Scottish Labour were both hugely pro EU and single market up until a few weeks after the result.

And this is where I don’t understand unionists, I understand them even less after the EU vote. ScotLab and especially the Tories have went back on everything they ever said about the EU prior to the vote. About it causing an economic crash and their abandonment of staying in the single market. Even if I was Leave inclined, that certainly wouldn’t tempt me to vote for them, even the side that was in favor made no preparations for a win and Westminster still don’t have much of a clue on how to proceed almost a year later. 

And I’m sorry, but to vote out an SNP member on the grounds of lack of respect and appreciation in exchange for a Tory is madness to me. The Conservatives are not a party of the people. You’ll probably see less of your new candidate Douglas Ross than you did Angus as he has previously blown off parliament to referee football games. That doesn’t sound one bit like a committed and caring public servant to me.

This post is getting rather long so before I bore you to death, I’ll begin to wrap up with these points. I know the EU is not perfect, but really it’s a very democratic system designed to encourage peace, cooperation and enterprise between it’s members who all get a vote on matters within it and I, in a nutshell don’t see anything wrong with that however, I know that the whole IN/OUT issue is a thorn in a lot of people’s sides. I say this as someone who is pro EU and for all the benefits of membership. As an independent country, if years down the line it no longer became practical or desirable for Scotland to remain in the EU, because we’d have full parliamentary powers, we’d be able to have our own IN/OUT referendum at a time of our own choosing and with a proper debate minus the bus side bullshit. 

And in an independent Scotland, you will always get the government you vote for. If a party came along that I thought had better MP’s and polices than the SNP, my vote would be up for grabs. If Scottish Labour stopped behaving like a London branch office and went back to it’s working class roots it would do well in an independent Scotland I think. Now, Labour’s real gains have caused a hung parliament for the Tories because of England’s votes. If Scotland were independent already the Tories in Moray and elsewhere wouldn’t have Theresa May’s unpopularity effecting their electorate here. In short everyone would be able to be more fairly represented and be more fair representation if Scotland had full control of it’s own government. And if we didn’t like what an elected party was doing, we could vote them out. Simple.

I hope that I answered your question and explained my own point of view sufficiently. I do have a fair knowledge of politics but for the better information about politics here @ayeforscotland and @oh-glasgow are both great sources.

However if you do have questions please feel free to drop me an ask or even message me directly if you’d feel more comfortable, I swear on our flag that I will respect your privacy and keep your username confidential .Thanks again for contacting me and being nice about it, all the best.

political-kitten  asked:

Ok so I've noticed that I've somehow developed some sort of separation anxiety with my dog as stupid as that sounds and I've been talking with people wondering if I should turn him into a service dog and he's like 2 so any advice on how to train him and stuff cause I'm still in high school and I don't want him to be unprepared and distract people.


There are a few things I’m concerned about with this ask. 

I’m afraid you were getting bad/unlawful/ill-informed advice from people. Many people who say “oh I just turned my dog into a service dog so I didn’t have to leave them at home” are woefully ill-informed about what a service dog is, the laws surrounding service dogs, or what a disability is. 

No matter what you do please do not bring an under-trained dog into a place dogs are not welcome or purchase a “certification” or “registration”. This is illegal in many states as it is falsely representing a dog as a service dog and it endangers other handlers, their dogs, the general public, your dog, and you.

I’m only really well-versed on US law, so keep that in mind when I reference Federal Laws. Other countries may be more or less lenient in their laws. I am also answering more broadly than you may need because I don’t know what your background knowledge is.

How to turn a dog into a service dog:

This takes years of training, the right dog, and a disability related need for a service dog. 

Disability: If you are (permanently) disabled and a dog can be trained to mitigate your disability, you’re protected under the ADA. The ADA defines a person with a disability as follows:

a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a person who has a history or record of such an impairment, or a person who is perceived by others as having such an impairment.

A major life activity includes, but is not limited to, seeing, hearing, breathing, ambulating, dressing oneself, and bathing. If you are not unable to reasonably do one or all of these things due to a medical condition (mental/physical/cognitive/etc), you are not disabled under the ADA and are not eligible for the ADA’s protections. Keep in mind that a condition that may be disabling for one person isn’t for another and a dog needs to be trained to mitigate the disability.

The right dog:

The odds of a pet dog having the right health, temperament, and socialization to be a service dog are pretty slim as being a service dog is extremely hard work both physically and mentally. This isn’t to say it’s impossible! Even many dogs specifically bred and raised for service work aren’t cut for the job. 

For temperament, I advise you contact a trainer and/or behaviorist who has experience with service dogs (or working dogs at the very least) to evaluate your pup. 

Because your dog is an adult, I’d also contact your vet to check and certify your dog’s hips, elbows, and eyes through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or a similar recognized and respected organization like PennHIP. If your dog doesn’t have a “good” or “excellent” marking for all categories, it should not be working as a service dog for its own safety and comfort.


If you and your dog qualify for service work, I’d start reaching out to trainers who have experience with service dog work. If that isn’t available to you, there are likely group basic, intermediate, and advanced obedience courses available at a nearby PetSmart type store. The quality of trainers and the training techniques vary widely from store to store though so do your research and ask the trainer if you can watch a class before joining to see if it’s a good fit. 

You should also look into classes for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and AKC Community Canine (the advanced CGC) test with an AKC approved evaluator. These are often found at PetSmart type stores too. The CGC and Community Canine give pretty decent foundations for service dog behavior and etiquette and can be used as proof of some training if you land in court defending the legitimacy of your dog. 

I steer you away from any trainers who insist on being “dominant” or “alpha”. These training methods all too often come from a place of (human) insecurity and not from strong and good leadership as they claim. You need to have a really good, respectful relationship with your pup in order to be a good team and constantly yelling at a dog doesn’t really accomplish that. 

Once you get obedience training under your belt, you can look up your state laws regarding service dogs in training. If your state protects service dogs in training and disabled handlers in public then you can work on public access training in not dog friendly places. If it doesn’t, then you need to stick to pet friendly places and places that give you permission to train. I’d look for a trainer who can help you with this too but it’s doable otherwise. 

Along the way, you should be working on the foundations for and finalizing tasks your dog performs to mitigate your disability. For some more complex tasks, this might take months or years to finish but for simpler ones you might be able teach in a few days. This disability-related task training is what makes a service dog a service dog under the ADA.

Once you and your dog have a good working relationship, your dog is “bomb proof” in public, it is task trained, and has it’s health cleared you’re good to go! Yay!

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Hiya!! I recently moved out of home and to a different part of the country. I love my job, but don't know anyone in the area. I was wondering if you had a few suggestions of things I could do on the weekend and some ways I could meet people. Also I went to the library today and saw a sign for a youth LGBT catch-up. I'm bi and have known for some time, but have never had any queer friends. I really want to go but I'm nervous and it's really new for me!! Help pls and thanks Carrie ❤💕💖

Hi there! It sounds like you’re off to a great start already, that library meetup sounds like fun! It’s pretty normal to be nervous, especially when meeting new people for the first time, but I think everyone at that event will be in the same boat. Don’t worry about not knowing anyone, and you can break the ice and laugh with someone about how nervous you are– chances are, they will be too! And you can talk about your favorite books or any upcoming books you’re excited about! 

Other ways you can meet people in your area– is there a local community center? Or check who the meetup at the library is organized by, if not by the library itself, maybe there’s a LGBTQ local chapter of a group that’s dedicated to organizing and and meeting up and there are multiple events. Also are there any Facebook groups specific to your region? And online resources like meetup.com are pretty cool too, you can pick things like by interest, i.e. if you like hiking or video games, etc, you can even narrow it down to LGBTQ groups within those genres. 

Wishing you best of luck with your new job and new place! I hope you make lots of friends!  ❤ ❤ ❤


4/7/16 • day 24/100 of productivity 🌞

pretty productive day today!! finished my revision + summary notes for bio spa, revised metals and did a chem paper aNDD attempted to make a new icon :-D

so this is how i spent my day on a holiday specifically made for me, a youth, to Enjoy My Life :”””) 

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I sent you some other asks but I'm not sure if you ever got them... It's fine if you don't feel answering this either but I just saw your tags about Isak and Even holding hands and now I wonder if you maybe time to elaborate some more? That would be great!

hiya! yeah, more people have told me this but I promise I usually answer every ask I get so maybe they just never got through? is that something tumblr does often? anyway, if I don’t answer, please don’t hesitate to ask me again! I would never not answer something on purpose!

anyway, yes, hand holding. so, I’m quite sure this is not something Even and Isak do often because, you know, but hands were held through all of these three situations, so there, you heard it here first.

  1. so, Even and Isak are having dinner, just the two of them and like, Even thinks the world of Isak, obviously, and he’s super interested in how his brain works and all of the weird things he gets up to with his friends but he’s just like, he’s just not the best storyteller in the world, you know? and Even has tried telling himself that he is, that no stories are more interesting than the ones Isak tells but they’re just not. they’re not. Isak’s all uhms and huhs and where was I’s and he tends to get distracted by these random details that nobody, literally nobody in the world ever, cares about. and so it’s one of those evenings. Isak’s been telling this story for what must have been ten minutes now, flapping his hands in the air and like, Even knows they’re still at least half an hour away from the point and he’s so bored, so incredibly bored. and so after what feels like three more hours, Even reaches out, grabs Isak’s flappy hands in his, smiles, kisses his fingers, looks him in the eye and tells him, “get to the fucking point.” and Isak’s like, huffing, like, “oh, I’m sorry I’m not as interesting as you are, like, I apologize for taking my time” but like, also not letting go of Even’s hand because he’s in love and that’s how it goes.
  2. they’re watching a movie. or, well, Even’s watching a movie and Isak’s playing Candy Crush on his phone, cosy against Even’s chest, Even’s arm wrapped around him, and looking super cute in Even’s sweater but also asking annoying questions like, “huh, what’s this guy suddenly doing here? have we seen him before? hmm, I recognize that actor, but from where?” and like, the first three times Even dutifully answers him (”he wants revenge”, “yes, you’ve seen him in that scene with the spaceships remember”, “Indiana Jones”) but then the fourth time, he shoves Isak with his shoulder like, “how about you watch the fucking movie and stop playing that fucking game and then you can find shit out by yourself, huh, how about that.” and like, Isak completely ignores him, gives him the sunniest of smiles instead, pets Even’s stomach and grabs Even’s hand and like, squeezes it, holds it and at first Even’s like, oh my gosh, Isak really is the cutest boy in the world, completely forgetting all of the earlier annoying questions but then three minutes later Isak’s like, “what the hell is this dude saying he’s this other dude’s father” and like, Even’s super annoyed, he really is but Isak’s hand feels warm in his so, yeah, okay, there he goes pausing the movie again and explaining every fucking detail that Isak would’ve known about if he stopped playing games that other people stopped playing years ago.
  3. so, it’s super cold outside, right? and it’s late, already dark, they’re walking back from something. and Even’s all about fashion so he’s wearing his denim jacket that admittedly does look amazing on him but is absolutely nowhere near warm enough for the temperature. and so he’s whining like, “ohhhh, it’s so cold. it’s so cold. it really is so cold” and Isak’s walking next to him, all wrapped up with only his eyes visible, looking like the warmest marshmallow in the world, but getting annoyed like, “I know. I am outside, just like you. I, too, can feel temperatures, don’t worry.” and so Even stops for a few minutes but then he goes, “how long do you think until we’re home? like, when we walk fast?” and Isak’s like, “twenty minutes” and so there Even goes again like, “ohhh, it’s so cold. it really is so cold. I’m gonna die before we get there from, like, the cold.” and so at one point Isak just has enough and so he grabs Even’s hand like, “you are honestly so dumb wearing that fucking denim jacket! wear a scarf next time! come here!” and so they walk back like that, holding hands, Even at one point starts swinging their arms in that way, you know, because they’re boyfriends and it’s cold and you know, Isak will never admit it ever, but that does feel kind of great.

Hi there! My name is Katy and I’ve finally decided to join the studyblr community. The community has always been so nice and welcoming, but a part of me always held me back from joining - I’ve always been lurking on another account ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ This time, though, I’ve mustered enough courage to join!

It’s a new year, so I’ve decided to do better for myself and my education! Plus, my first ever finals are coming up, so I guess I’m trying to calm my nerves along the way and be motivated to do well (´•ω•`๑)

Yes, I’m a freshman; 14 years old right now c:

About me and my school life :

  • I’m currently taking 2 AP classes - Environmental Science and Human Geography.
  • I’m also taking a foreign language - Vietnamese!
  • My favorite subjects are English and history (anything around or before WW2).

A goal of mine:

  • I want to do better in math! Currently taking geometry, and I’m doing okay while nearing the edge of a cliff ;~; If anybody has some tips on that class, I’ll gladly accept them :D

Trivial things :

  • I’m a fellow kpop enthusiast; especially of BTS ;v;
  • I can play the cello and piano! (but it’s been awhile since I’ve played any of them, so I’m quite rusty :s)
  • I love love love classical music. My favorite composers are Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, and Tchaikovsky.
  • I’m an ESFP!
  • I love nature; the flowers, the skies, the trees, everything really.
  • I have 2 dogs, they’re Yorkshire terriers :D Their names are Soy and Bean - pretty cute names :3
  • My favorite colors are blue and pink ^^

My studyblr inspirations (inspired me to join) :

*alphabetical order

@academiix || @aescademic || @bookmrk || @getstudyblr || @hardworkign || @milkteastudies || @sootudying || @studeying || @studyblr || @studysthetics || @tbhstudying || @thxschool || @tnstudies

You’re all such lovely people, really. Keep up the great work • V •

That’s all there is to know about me, for now heheh. I’m a rambler, if you haven’t noticed, sorry about that. If you’ve made it to here, thanks for continuing to read this too long of an intro post ೕ(・ㅂ・ ) I’ll try my best to post my own things as often as I canヽ( ・∀・)ノ

p.s. if you happen to be a studyblr, it’d be nice if you like/reblog this post and maybe a follow would be really nice of you so we can be friends :DDDD (and a follow from me too because you absolutely deserve it you hard-working person alsjdf;alsjd hoooray!!!)


BS Build - Girly Teen Bedroom //29/05/2016//

Hiya people! So I notest my most popular post was my kids blue pink room so i made a girly inspired one for y'all ;P 

I do NOT own any of the CC shown in these pictures :D credit goes to the original owners

Let me know what i should make next? I’d love to hear your Ideas :)

Check out my other posts to see ones like this one! thanks again! Also has anyone noticed that i put that base game kids bunny poster/picture thing in every single one of my room builds? lol

anonymous asked:

Hiya, do you mind people cosplaying your yokai matsu sticker designs?

I don’t mind at all. Actually I LOVE the idea and I’d be very happy to see pictures if anyone really ends up doing it!
Thank you for asking, it was very considerate of you.