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Will you participate at the SaNami June Bride, maybe with a video? ^-^

Hiya mate and thanks for the ask! :> 

Seriously I’d love to take part to the SaNami June Bride event with a short amv but since there is so much going on currently outside the Tumblr I can’t promise anything yet :< 

but in general I want to say that this event is awesomeness, the whole month with lots of lovely pictures of our otp SaNami so thanks for everyone for posting and taking part to it <3 


Imagine Digger taking you out for ice cream.


“ Come on, Sheila! ” Digger groaned.

“ I wanna get there before the rush! ” he said as I came downstairs.

“ Alright you big baby! Where are we going anyway? ” I asked.

“ It’s really…cool. ” he said, winking.

I squinted my eyes. “ Right. Okay. Sure. ” I said.

“ What? How many times have I lied to you, sweetness? ” he smirked, taking my waist in his arm as he pulled me off of the stairs and into a big bear hug.

“ Is it like Australian cool or western world cool? ” I asked, earning a fake gasp of surprise.

“ How very dare you!? ” he said, kissing my lips softly.

I loved my big, dirty Aussie.

(A/N: who doesn’t? )

We went out to Diggers bike and he revved the engine loudly.

We sped into town and pulled up outside an ice cream parlour.

“ Aw neat! I love ice cream. ” I said excitedly.

Digger smiled at his girlfriend as she clapped and did that cute thing when her nose scrunches up as she grins.

” Wait… cool… ice cream. DAMN YOU DIGGER HARKNESS! ” I shouted as I realised his stupid pun.

He was practically rolling on the ground in fits of laughter at my realisation.

He took my hand and we went in to see a smiling young man at the counter.

“ Hiya mate! Can I get… hmm. Two scoops of chocolate and what would you like, sweetheart? ” he asked.

“ Uhmm… I don’t know. You pick. ” I said.

“… and two scoops of strawberry. ” Digger guessed, choosing my favourite.

(A/N: hey, it’s me again, last time I promise, if you don’t like strawberry just imagine he chose something else :) )

We sat down at the bar on the tall stools and waited in our ice cream.

“ You like it? ” he asked.

I nodded as I looked around the ice cream shop, looking at the pictures framed on the wall.

When our ice cream arrived at the bar, I saw we had the little wafers in the top.

“ Oh! I can do a trick with these things! ” I said excitedly.

“ Oh yeah? ” he mused, watching as I took my wafer from my ice cream.

“ I can eat one without using my hands. ” I said, placing it between my lips.

I bit the edge off of it and pulled it in as it got smaller and smaller.

With a flourish, I pulled the last bit into my mouth.

“ Wow! That’s some talent sweetheart! ” he mocked, clapping me.

I laughed and pretended to look at his ice cream.

“ Hang on a second. ” I said, taking ice cream to ’ check ’ it.

“ What is it? ” he asked, leaning in for a closer look.

I smooshed his ice cream into his nose and he gasped, pulling back with a dollop of ice cream slowly sliding down his nose.

I laughed so hard I snorted and Digger wiped his nose with one finger.

He pulled me close my by waist and pressed his ice creamy finger to my lips.

I could see the look in his eyes and it was a dirty one.

Luckily enough, it wasn’t busy and the man tending the counter had gone through the back.

I saw his tongue dart out to wet his lips as the ice cream dropped down his finger.

I took his wrist and licked the length of his finger, taking it deep into my mouth as I cleaned the ice cream from his hand.

He flushed bright red and had to look away before things got really inappropriate.

” Jesus woman. What are you trying to do to me? ” he asked.

“ Who? Me? ” I said innocently, giving him a wink.

He shook his head and smirked at me.

“ C'mon. I have a creative way we could finish this at home. ” he smirked.

One last person to tell...

Context: Robert & Aaron are getting married in a few weeks and Aaron has one more person to tell.

It was a few weeks before the wedding, the date had been decided, venue booked and suits bought, they’d sent out invitations months ago and had almost got replies from everyone saying they would attend, everyone knew about the wedding, everyone but one.

The morning was cold yet the sun’s rays were spread across the village, the clear sign of spring coming into play, it was quiet, peaceful and serene, everywhere was empty, everyone was indoors, everyone except Aaron.

He’d woken especially early on this day; he’d found it difficult to sleep given the conversation he was about to have. This walk was always a tough one, all the memories it held, all the sorrow and despair, the pain and the misfortune, but after what felt like a thousand steps across the village he eventually reached where he needed to be…

“Hiya mate.” Aaron said giving the gravestone a touch and cracking open two cans of beer, settling one on the floor by it, “Sorry I’ve not been here recently, things have been busy…” He continued settling down beside the gravestone and taking a sip of his drink,

“Actually that’s kind of why I’ve come here, I’ve got some news and don’t worry I’ve not gotten myself in trouble again, I’m done with all that stuff – well for now at least,” He smiled to himself, knowing how he would have reacted if he were there with him, “Where to start?” He said to himself taking a sigh.

“You remember Robert? The idiot who became a fling who became an affair who became a problem who eventually became the solution? Yeah well, he’s stuck around, we finally make it official, you already know that but – “ He took another sigh feeling unable to form the words,

“I don’t know how to tell you this one mate, so I’m just gonna say it… I’m gonna marry him, little old stroppy, scared of commitment Aaron is settling down, who’d have thought it eh? It’s in a few weeks actually, I can’t wait for it to be over to be honest, don’t get me wrong I definitely want to marry him its just me mams doing my head in you know what she’s like, stressing about table decorations I didn’t even want to have or – never mind…”

He paused, wondering why he was sharing all of this, trying to figure out why he couldn’t control what was rambling out of his mouth,

“I want you to know though Jackson, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, where I go, who I’m with or whether I’m married, I’ll never forget you, before you – well you know, I told you that you’d changed my life, and I meant it. Without you I wouldn’t be here, sometimes I bet you regret ever meeting an idiot like me and to be honest mate I don’t blame you,” Aaron chuckled quietly to himself taking another gulp of his drink, “You made me realise that its actually okay to be me, that the world isn’t gonna end if I’m honest about who I am, and I can’t tell you how much you helped me, you made me the man I am today, you’re a part of me and you always will be… always here,” Aaron said placing his hand over his heart.

“You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten, not by me, I promise, and Robert knows about you as well, you’re not some secret I keep, I want everyone I know to know about the great Jackson Walsh, one of the greatest people I’ll ever meet, and if you were still here who knows, maybe it’d be me and you walking down that aisle? Maybe not, who knows…”

Aaron sat for a few moments contemplating what could’ve been, he was sure that he loved Robert unconditionally, he always would, Robert meant the world to him and he knew it and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him indefinitely. Sometimes though, when he was alone with his thoughts or where he was now he found it almost impossible not to think about what could’ve been, whether they would’ve gotten married or if he’d have done something stupid and got dumped or got scared and ran away – he couldn’t help it.

“Anyway, I’ll stop annoying you with my rambling, if you were here you’d probably tell me to stop going on with myself and get back to what I need to be doing, even if it is as boring as choosing a song list for a reception I probably won’t be dancing at anyway and before you start I’ve already made up my mind and there is no way I am dancing in front of everyone I know,” Aaron smirked thinking back to the other week when Robert had been questioning him about their first dance.

“Love you mate, I’ll be back soon, I promise…” Aaron stood up after he’d taken the last gulp of his can, before standing up and pouring the opened can that had been stood by the gravestone over the grave, a tradition he kept whenever he came to see him,

“One for the road eh?” He murmured, placing his hand on the gravestone once again, “See ya later.”

With that he began slowly walking back to the pub, on his way back he saw a couple of the villagers, each again the obligatory wedding questions he seemed to be being asked more and more frequently as the big day approached.

Entering the pub, he noticed that only Robert was awake and downstairs, making him and Aaron some coffee and breakfast,

“Hey.” He said turning around as he noticed Aaron come into the room, “Did you tell him?”

Aaron only nodded in response as a tear rolled down his cheek and Robert pulled him into a hug, Robert knew Aaron would’ve found it difficult so he just held him, no questions asked, just let him know it was okay for him to feel this way.

The Bandicoot’s ears twitched at hear a sound, what was that? It wasn’t something that he had hear before.

His head turned towards the source of the noise, giving soft but secure steps to inspect the area in search of dangers or that can lurk into the jungle, to just see a cat? a mutant cat of some sort?. Cautious… that was how the Bandicoot acted right now, he didn’t know if the other was harmful in any way.

                                “Hiya there mate, ya seem lost

Says the mutant to the other, perhaps he wasn’t evil and he was just lost?

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[💎] Crash was treking through the jungle like normal, tossing one of the many Wumpa Fruits that were scattered around the island into the air lazily. The bandicoot perked his ears as he heard footsteps that didn’t belong to him. His green eyes turned towards it, wondering what it could be. He didn’t have to wait long however. A human dressed in green appeared out of the bushes. He shrugged his shoulders and made his way over to the other.

“Hiya mate. You new around here? Ya lost or somethin’?”

canon eos 40d, canon 50mm

today was another travel day. me and emily got on a bus and went oop norf. 

it was cramped and full of people ringing everyone in their phone book. thats definitely a thing that people do on buses, i dont understand it. we also found the best love heart sweet ever, all it said was ‘MY IDEA.’. one for the power struggle in every relationship. 

it looks like phils shaved his beard off and kept the moustache. best ever. 

thats emilys leg look, hiya mate. 

taken on the 3.00PM to edinburgh

Grim Adventures Ch. 1

5SOS Undead AU

Summary:  Michael is the newly appointed Grim Reaper and he’s trying to get the hang of it but he mostly just hangs out with the souls he’s supposed to collect and plays video games and eats pizza with them before he takes them to the underworld. Luke has just died but he’s so lovely that Michael doesn’t want to take him away so he decides to fight every force in the universe to keep him on earth. Featuring Calum as a stoner who can see dead people when he’s high and Ashton as a goodietooshoes angel.

Rating: T (Language)

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The Next Chapter #3 - MMFD Fanfic

Rae pulled up outside the chippy and parked Kareem’s car. She was still a bit uneasy on the road, but Raven was a pretty decent driving instructor and she managed to get herself to places she needed to go.

After the accident where Chloe almost died, Rae didn’t think she would ever want to drive, but Raven was a pretty persistent person and usually got what she wanted.

Nervous was an understatement, but she was also very excited. She wondered if Chloe would look different, more grown up. Rae did.

After leaving BU Rae had needed a change. She cut her hair clear to her shoulders and although she initially regretted the decision, she had come to love her new do. It made her feel free. A feeling she had grown to love more than anything in the world.

“You can do this Rae, Chloe loves you” she said to herself before getting out of the car and walking towards the chippy. She had built this moment up in her head. She envisioned walking into these doors to a welcome home party once she had graduated from Uni. Instead she would be walking into a shit storm of her own making. The thought alone made her want to cry.

Mentally preparing herself, she opened the door and walked inside.

Chloe was sat exactly where Rae expected her to be. She was sitting in the same spot she was the night before Rae left town and a sudden warmth filled Rae for a moment. Nothing and everything had changed and the thought was both comforting and frightening. She looked up at the sound of the door closing with tears in here eyes. Rae had expected to find anger in those eyes, not sadness.

“Hiya mate” Rae said cheerfully, hoping to break the tension. No such luck.

Chloe stood as Rae approached the table and threw her arms around her best mate. They hugged for what felt like an eternity, only breaking away when Chloe was ready.

“You better have a good excuse for ignoring my calls Rae, you got ten seconds to explain” Chloe sounded like she was half joking, half serious as she wiped away the tear that fell from her eye. “I’ve missed you so much” she added at the end before sitting down and folding her arms over her chest.

Yup she hadn’t changed. Maybe she looked a bit taller, a bit thinner if that were even possible, and a bit older, but it was the same spitfire Chloe that Rae has always known and loved.

“Chlo, I wanted to call you a million times, but I just had to figure some stuff out and I know that makes me a shitty mate. I am sorry. I came home to see ya, to be with ya. I’m home for good Chloe.” Rae was calmer than she thought she would be. Maybe it was the way her mom had reacted to the truth, maybe it was what Kester had said last night. Whatever it was worked because deep down Rae knew that Chloe was going to be happy for her. Was going to accept her decision and was hopefully going to help her with Jack.

Chloe sat shaking her head as if to say ‘That’s not enough Rae, keep going’ and so she did “I left Bristol in January and moved to London with a friend. Uni just wasn’t for me and I was scarred that you and everyone would be disappointed. I met this gal Raven in a record store and it turns out she owns her own record label. Long story short she offered me a job and I took it. I was dying to tell ya, but I just needed to make it work first. I didn’t want to give my hopes up. So I moved in with Raven and started working on a new idea she had for the label. At first I was a bit scarred because I didn’t quite know what I was doing, but she wanted to start a new radio show that was sort of like a phone in service. People phone in the songs they want to hear and we play them. It was going okay, but then I thought about how much I missed my mates and my home and then it came to me. "Jack’d Up” a program where people can call in and tell us about their problems and the mad stuff going on in their lives. Then we would find a song to help them get through it. Raven loved the idea and so we started developing it. It was an overnight success which was great, but it was missing something. I wasn’t happy. I loved doing it, but I felt like I was running away from my own problem while trying to help other people with theirs. So I told Raven I needed to come home and she said that Jack’d Up would run from anywhere as long as I was involved. So she is running it while I figure some stuff out.“

Rae took a deep breath and grabbed Chloe’s hand a bit confused when she started to laugh. She suddenly felt so silly. Silly for thinking she had to do this all alone. Silly for not trusting her best mate.

"That is great Rae, I’m really happy for ya. I’m happy that you are doing something that ya love. I’m happy that ya left Bristol if you weren’t happy. I’m happy that you are home. I’m just not happy that you’ve treated your mates so poorly. You really messed up this time Rae. You know I love you and I’ll always be here for ya. I forgive ya, but I don’t know about the rest of the gang. They’re really mad Rae. Especially Finn. He really needed you and you weren’t there. After all he’s been through, I don’t know that he will ever forgive you Rae.”

“What do you mean everything he’s been through? Last we spoke he told me not to call him because I didn’t want him to come and visit me at uni.” she exclaimed. Rae was a bit confused. Yeah he had a little fight with Finn and yeah she ignored his calls for a bit, but she was home now and she could explain it all to him and he would have to understand. He always understood Rae even when other people didn’t.

“You mean you don’t know about his Dad Rae?” Chloe sounded shocked. “Finn told us that he told ya and to not mention it to ya again. He’s gone completely mental. Shagging any girl that throws themselves at him and drinking every night. He hardly even answers the telly anymore. Archie is rightly pissed at him and at you.”

Rae winces thinking about Finn with other girls. Thinking about him shutting out his friends. What had she done?

“I don’t know anythin’ Chloe, I haven’t spoken to Finn since December. What is wrong with Finn’s Dad?” she asks not sure she wants to know the answer.

“Maybe you should talk to Finn, Rae. Call him or go over to his flat and..”

“Tell me Chloe, tell me now. What has happened” Rae almost choked on the last word. She can’t imagine anything bad having happened to Finn’s dad. He was the chillest and nicest parent she knew.

“Alright Rae, but don’t go telling Finn that I told ya. His dads got the cancer. He’s been doing really good though.” she said trying to sound optimistic. “The doctor says that they caught it early and that he’s likely to be okay. But, Finn just isn’t handling it too well. Keep harping on how he’s lost everyone he loves. Never mind that his best mates have been here for him the entire time. I reckon he’s just scarred but is acting like a total knob head.”

Oh no, poor Finn. He’s already lost his mum, his grandma and now his dad is sick. Could this have been what he wanted to talk to her about in December? Could this have been why he needed to see her? Because he thought he was loosing her too?

“When did his dad get sick, Chloe? Like when did Finn find out about it?” Rae asking knowing the answer already.

“Oh, I don’t know Rae, sometime before Christmas I suppose. When he found out you weren’t coming home he said he was going to go see you and talk about it. But then that fell through and he just kind of rent off the rails a bit.”

Great. Now not only was she a shitty friend, but she was a shitty person too. Just because they broke up doesn’t mean that she still wasn’t in love with Finn. She would always be in love with him. Now she just had to hope that it wasn’t to late to make him realize she still cared. She still wanted to try. Still wanted to be there for the only man to ever understand who she was deep down. She needed to fix things.

Her mom would have to wait. Rae needed to find Finn.

Pushing out her chair, Rae stood up and told Chloe that she needed to find Finn.

“But, wait. I still want to know more about your radio show and how you’re here and what’s going on with you. Plus I haven’t even shown you a photo of Eddie yet” Chloe grumbled knowing she had already lost the battle.

“I’m sorry Chloe, I promise we will catch up. I will call you as soon as I find Finn. I just need to see if he is alright. I didn’t mean for him to think I didn’t care.”

Chloe smiled a little bit and stood up. “It’s okay Rae, go. I will call the gang and let them know you are home. Maybe tomorrow we can get together. Chop and Izzy have been wanting to tell us some exciting news, but insisted the whole gang had to be here.”

“I love you Chloe, thank you for understanding and for being you. I’m so sorry I messed things up Babe.”

“Go before you make me cry again. Try the garage before you try his flat. He spends most his time there since his dad has been ill. Phone me later.”

“I will” Rae said over her shoulder as she walked out of the chippy.

What was she going to do? How was she going to explain to Finn that she didn’t mean to ignore him. If he would have just told her, she would have been there. She would have cancelled her trip to Tunisia.

That was the most frightening thing about Finn. She would go to the ends of the earth to make him happy. She just didn’t realize that all he needed to be happy was her to be a good friend.

Pulling up outside the garage, Rae’s palms were sweaty. How was he going to react? Was he even there? All the unanswered questions were enough to drive her mad. She hoped out of the car on a mission. She had to face this head on. The fear was only in her head and she knew Finn. She loved Finn. The last thing on earth she should be scared of was him.

“Hiya, is Finn here? She asked the middle aged man standing at the front desk. He looked a bit familiar, but Rae couldn’t place where she had seen him before. He must be new working at the garage.

"Uh, I think he’s out back working on his car, can I let him know who’s asking.”
Rae had a feeling that if Finn knew it was her, he may refuse to see her. Or at least that was the vibe she got from Chloe.

“Can I just go on back? I know where it’s at.” he looked about to shut her down when she said “I’m an old friend back from Uni and I want to surprise him”

That seemed to do the trick because he nodded, lit a cigarette and turned his back to the new customer who had just came in.

Mission one complete. Find Finn. Mission Two, beg for forgiveness starts now.

Rae walked out the back of the garage, feeling emotional being back. It had been so long since she had been here, but it felt like yesterday. She remembered hanging out here yapping her head off about music while Finn worked on cars with his dad. Sometimes when his did left early Finn would try to teach her how the engine worked, but she was never paying much attention. She just liked listening to him speak. He always sounded so confident when he was speaking about cars or music. She missed him so much.

Finn was bent over the hood of a black car with a cigarette in his mouth and a beer in his hand. He look a bit puzzled and lost in thought. He must not have heard her walk in because when she said “Hey Finn” he jumped and hit his head on the hood of the car.

Turning around so quickly she’s surprised he didn’t get whiplash, her eyes met his and it was like someone had punched her in the gut.

He was as beautiful as ever, in a not so beautiful kind of way. His hair was shorter than the last time she saw him, but it was a bit unkempt and swept down into his eyes. His face was a bit dirty, no doubt from wiping the heat of the day off with his oily hands.

A longing grew inside her that she hadn’t felt since before she was accepted into Uni. She wanted to go to him. To tear the nasty cig from his mouth and replace it with her lips.

She wanted to drag him to his flat and have her way with his body until the early hours of the morn. She wanted to hug him and kiss him and tell him that she loved him now and forever. She wanted to tell him that while she could have stayed in London or went anywhere in the world to work, she chose Stamford, because she chose him.

She wanted to say all the things she had been wanting too since they last spoke, but she didn’t. What she said was, “I heard your being a knob head wanker to your mates and we can’t have that now Finn Nelson, can we?”

Really? Everything she wanted to say and that is what came out? She insults him after complete silence for five months. Good Job Rae. If you looked up idiot in the dictionary you could expect to find “Rae Earl” written below.

He looked as if she slapped him, but before she could say anything else he turned back to the car and said “If you were one of my mates I’d see how you’d care, but seeing as your just some girl I used to date, I don’t think its your business anymore now is it.”

Ouch, that hurt. Just some girl he used to date? She knew he was trying to hurt her and deep down she knew he didn’t mean it, but all her insecurities came floating to the surface. The bubbled up threatening to take control and make her run away, which is an emotion she promised herself she would never allow to take control again. She wasn’t a runner any more. She was a fighter and just because she took some space didn’t mean she deserved to be made to feel like she didn’t matter.

“I know your rightly angry with me Finn, and I don’t blame ya. But, I think we should have a proper chat if you could spare a few moments. I think we both owe it to ourselves to fix what’s broken between us, and…”

“Piss off Rae, I don’t have time to listen to what you have to say. The only thing I owe myself is another beer and a hot shower. I’m done cleaning up the things you break” and with that he turned and walked away.

Finn fucking Nelson was out of his bloody mind if he though Rae was giving up that easy. If he thought that throwing low blows at her would cause her to turn away. She had changed. She was better.

She march behind him, picking up the pace as he walked the two blocks to his flat. She caught up right as he walked into the door and followed him as he threw himself up the stairs.

“Finn, please listen to me for a minute. Please, I’m sor…” she reached for him, but he jumped away from her hands and backed farther away from where she stood.

“Don’t you dare say you’re sorry and think that it will fix things. If you were sorry, or if you cared, you would have picked up the phone and called me. You would have answered when I called to apologize for hanging up on you. You would have written me back after all the letters I sent. You wouldn’t have left me feeling like I lost you forever because of a stupid kiss. You told me you forgave me and that you wanted to be friends and then you just… you just….” He turned towards her now and the look in his eyes told her she wouldn’t be winning this battle until he calmed down.

There was no anger in his eyes, no hurt, no pain. They were just blank. Flat. Dead. They were the eyes of the boy she met during her first year at college. They were the eyes of a stranger who wanted nothing to do with the fat girl he saw in front of him.

That is when she broke. When she let the emotions of a sixteen year old frightened girl take over and she began to sob. She covered her eyes and sat down on the futon that she used to love. Sh allowed herself to feel the emotions. To let them pass. He was silent and she’s not sure how long she cried, but she would be damned if she was leaving this place without speaking her mind. She wasn’t running. She was never going to run again.

“I’m taking a shower and then going to the pub. You know where the door is at” Finn said turning around and taking off his shirt right there. Through her tears Rae could see a small tattoo on his back, but couldn’t make out what the words said. It made her feel like she didn’t know this man.

Sure she loved Finn Nelson for as long as she could remember, but this man in front of her. The one with the cold hard eyes and the tattoo on his shoulder, he was not her Finn. He had changed. And whether it was because she left him, because she treated him so poorly or because his losses had hardened him, she was determined to stay. To get to know him. To find off if he was truly gone forever or if he could still love her again.

Finn closed the bathroom door behind him and before she could stop herself Rae stood up, wiped her eyes and followed him in.

“What are you bat shit crazy, girl?” Finn yelled covering himself with a towel.

She ignored his insult and said “You listen here Finn Nelson” averting her eyes from his groin, now matter how much it killed her to do so.

“I made a mistake. I shut myself off from everyone because I thought it would be easier than telling everyone the truth. I’m sorry that it hurt you. Yes I AM SORRY. I am sorry that you felt betrayed, but if you would have just spoken up about your dad. If you would have just told me the truth instead of begging to come see me. If I would have know then I would have…”

“What, Rae? You would have what? Let me come because you felt sorry for me. Came home because you felt obligated to me.” he yelled. “What would you have done? I wasn’t going to force ya to want to be my mate. You made it very clear that you had no time for that and I wasn’t going to make you want me, by telling you my dad was dying. I wanted you to want to see me because you cared.” his words slowly became less angry and more sad. “I don’t blame you for not caring Rae, I just can’t let myself think that you care again, just so you can go off to Uni after summer is over. It isn’t fair to me. I’ve had a tough time letting you go, but now I have and I need you to let me. Let me go Rae” a small tear escaped from his eye and before she knew what she was doing, she wiped it away pulling him to her. It was selfish. She knew it was. Maybe she should let him go.

But she had let him go once before and he had come back. Now it was her turn. Her turn to come back to him.

“Oh Finn, ” she said stroking his cheek and placing her forehead against his. “I’m not ever leaving you again. I promise. I’m here now, and I need you. I need you like you need me.” she slowly moved her face closer to his as she spoke. The words came so naturally.

“What do you mean you are never leaving” he said, sounding angrier than he did when he just yelled at her for leaving him. Can she catch a break. “What are you even doing here?” he said pulling away from her.

“I have a lot to tell ya Finn, but right now I just need you to put some clothes on because I can’t think clearly with you all naked and such” she blushed attempting to turn away when his arm caught her and forced her back. This bathroom was really too small for the both of them.

Finn pulled her into a hug and before she realized what was happening she felt his fingers on her back. I guess he hadn’t changed as much as she thought he had.

Could this means he has forgiven her? It can’t have been that easy. She still had so much to tell him and they had so much to work through.

He was just beginning writing the third word when the front door opened, startling them both. 

“Finn, are you ready to go yet, love? I’ve been needing a drink for hours.” said a voice that Rae didn’t recognize. Before she knew what was happening Finn grabbed her shoulders and pushed her into the shower. Thankfully it wasn’t on yet.

“Shh, just stay here for a moment while I sort this out” he said and before she could respond, he walked out of the bathroom, closing the door. To be continued, she thought to herself.

A little bit annoyed, and confused her mind wandered to the words he was writing on her back. “I. W.A.N.T. ….” He wants what? She thought as she listened in on the conversation Finn was having with the mystery women.

“Look, its just not a good time now Darcy.” he said sounding a bit out of breath.
Was this one of the many girls Chloe said that he was fucking? A rage of jealously welled up inside of Rae and she had to talk herself out of barging out of the bathroom and telling Finn where to stick his “I wants”.

She came to her senses before she did, thank God, as she was not Finns girlfriend, she had been MIA for a long time and it was really non of her business what was going on.

That didn’t stop her from listening to the reply from the women who sounded like she was royally pissed. “You said last night to come by at four so we could grab a drink. What is with you Finn. One minute you can’t keep your hands off me and the next, I have to beg you for your time. I’m tired of your mood swings.”

“Isn’t everyone” he said with a chuckle and before she could comment he told her “Look, I just don’t think I’m ready to date quite yet. I know I told you we could give it a go, but I’m just not quite sure it’s a great idea. You’re great and everything Darcy, but I just…”

“Fuck you Finn. I spent three weeks wasting my time on someone who is so stuck on on some stupid girl you can’t even get hard.” she spat. Wow she was pissed and Rae was a bit please.

Thinking of Finn with other women was fun, but Rae felt a bit proud that he never seemed to have that problem when he was with her.

“I’m sorry Darcy” Finn said sounded a bit relieved. Rae heard the door close, but stayed in her current hiding spot, lost in thought.

It wasn’t until Finn was standing in front of her, in nothing but a towel that she came back from her head.

“You having performance issues Finn” she laughed not being able to help herself. She took one step out of the shower when he put his hand on her shoulder and a bit forcefully pushed her back into the shower and against the wall.

“What do you want Finn?” She shyly asks her mind focusing on the unwritten letters on her back. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you…” she gasps at the sound of the words she’s been dying to hear “…wet.” he finishes and before she realizes what is happening Finn turns on the shower.

Freezing cold water covers them both and Rae lets out a scream before trying to shove Finn out of her way to escape the cold.

“And that’s what a girl gets when she questions a mans performance,” he chuckles.

This is what Rae needed. Yeah she is cold as hell and she really wanted to kiss him. She could shag him right now without a second thought. But what she really needed was her friend back. The rest could wait.

“I was only going by what… um darcy was her name right. Yeah what Darcy was saying.” Rae said and once again tried to push Finn out of the way. She was shaking now, but he still wouldn’t budge.

He turned the knob on the shower and before she knew it, the water was warm and the bathroom was starting to fog.

“Come on Finn. I’m fully clothed and not needing a shower, let me out.” Rae pleaded.

“But don’t you want to know what I want, girl?” Finn smoothly said putting both his chiseled arms on the tile at the side of her head. She was trapped and she wasn’t complaining.

“Tell me Finn Nelson,” Rae said, trying her best to sound a bit seductive. She may not have much experience with men, but she knew the look on Finn’s face extremely well.

“How 'bout I show ya,” he said dropping his hand to his towel. With one flick of his fingers, the towel hit the floor and Finn’s performance issues were no longer in question.

Rae swallowed the saliva which had filled her mouth and before she could say a word his mouth was on hers.

Nothing in the entire world had ever felt so right. Sparks flew, birds sang and the world lit up around her, igniting a passion she had long since forgotten.

Before she knew what had happened, her clothes were off and there was nothing between them but the water than was washing them both clean of the past. Wiping away the anger, the hurt and leaving them bare.

This was home Rae thought as Finn reached over and shut the water off. This is where she belonged.

Finn grabbed Rae’s hand and pulled her out of the shower and towards his bed.

“But, we’re all wet” she said as he came back to her mouth.

“That’s the idea he said” Reaching around to run his hands through her short hair. “I like your hair Rae, you’ve never been more beautiful than you do right now.” He said causing her knees to buckle, which was all the incentive he needed to push her onto the bed.

Before she could blink he was on top of her wrapped them both under the covers as he kissed down her neck and to her breasts.

Rae was lost in a heavenly bliss when all the unanswered questions came to her mind. She tried ignoring them and pushing them away, but she couldn’t focus on anything else.

Were they okay? Did he forgive her? Were they together now? Did she even want to be together? Who were these other women? How many of them were there? How was his dad doing? How was he doing?

She was about to grab him and tell him that they needed to stop. They needed to talk before they did something that couldn’t be taken back. Before they had sex and blurred the line of their already confusing relationship. Everything was happening so fast that her head was spinning.

But, before she got a chance to say anything the front door burst open. Chop, Izzy and Archie all came in and stopped dead in their tracks.

“Bloody hell, Rae, what are you doing in Finn’s bed? And why are you…”

“Chop, get the hell out of here” Finn said, coming out of the covers, causing Izzy to jump up in down in excitement.

“Oh Chop, look they are together again” she said clapping her hands and pulling on Chop’s jacket. She looked so excited that Rae couldn’t help but grin a little bit. Izzy was so adorable.

Thankfully Rae was covered by the blanket and when her eyes met Archies, all thoughts of modesty or embarrassment fled. He looked so hurt. So sad. He turned around and walked out without a backward glance.

“Shit” Rae said and reality came crashing down on her.

She still had a lot of fixing to do. She still needed to talk to Finn about her future, their future and she still needed to fix things with Archie.

“Hiya Chop, hiya Izzy.” Rae said pulling the blanket a bit tighter against her chest as Finn repeated his earlier sentiments to Chop.

“Can you both get out of here so I can at least put some bloody clothes on.” he spat annoyed that our moment had been interrupted.

Izzy gave Rae one more giant smile before grabbing Chops hand and pulling him into the living room.

“You really need to lock your door” Rae said playfully as Finn stood up and pulled on a pair of shorts.

“Yeah no kidding” he said not meeting her eye. “I’ll grab you some clothes seeing as yours are all wet”

He began searching through his drawers and pulled out a pair of her old bottoms and the Blur shirt she left behind when she left Stamford. He tossed them on the bed and headed into the living room.

What crawled up his ass, she thought. A bit annoyed at how cold he was being. Moments ago they were about to reintroduce themselves to each others bits and now he wouldn’t even look at her.

Rae was mentally and physically exhausted. Her mom was probably wondering where she was, Archie was pissed and Finn was acting border line bipolar.

This day needed to end, and soon. Rae wasn’t sure how much more she could take. In the span of a few hours she felt every emotion under the sun and all she wanted was to close her eyes and take a rest.


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You deserve me.

That’s something I wrote before lunch. I got inspired and I wanted to write it. It’s the very first time I write something like that, so don’t be mad at me! :( It’s pretty shit because I’m not an English speaker and it will probably have loads of mistakes. Try to enjoy it!

Another version of the disable toilet discussion.

‘It’s obvious she’s angry with me. I felt asleep while she was downstairs. That’s why she’s abvoiding me. I fucked everything up.’ That’s the only thing I’ve been thinking all day. I wasn’t paying attention in any class because I fucked up my date with Rae the other day. 

Now, I’m in the middle of the corridor, going for another boring class. I don’t even know if it’s maths, science or bloody English. And then, there she was. Walking towards me. 

“Oh, balls…" 

Oh, no. She’s not. 

"Rae! Oi!” I go after her. I want to tell her I’m sorry. That I got too much vodka the other day that I couldn’t help myself and fell asleep in my bedroom. But, of course, she seems as she doesn’t want to see me today. I wait for her to look at me, because I know she tuend around just so she doesn’t have to speak to me. I’m a dickhead.

“Oh, hiya”.

“Where’ve you been?" 

"About.” Isn’t it obvious, Finn? Anywhere far from you. The only chance I had to be with her in weeks, and I fall asleep. Fantastic! “Um… I’ve got to go.”

“What?” What? She’s not going anywhere. I want to see her. I wanna talk to her. I want to apologize myself. 

I grab her from her arm, expecting to turn her around towards me, but she’s walking through the corridor again. Leaving me. Again. As if it was the first day of college. What’s the matter with her? I know I’m not the best boyfriend of the world and I drank too much in our last meeting, but… but we need to fix this.

“Stop. Look… What are you doing?”

“Can we not do this here, Finn?”

“Do what?” And afterwards, I’m locked in the disabled toilet. At least, we’re here alone. And we can talk. And snogg for a bit if she lets me… The moment the door is closed, her expression changes. She seems upset, or worried, or tired of me being a complete knobhead… “Why are you being a dickhead?” It’s part my fault, but she has the other part too. This… is a relationship. Two people involved. I’m not good at speaking, although we have to communicate with each other. And she’s like putting the fucking Berlin wall between us. 

“Don’t call me a dickhead”. 

“You’ve been ignoring me. Deny it.” Okay. Let’s face it. She doesn’t want me around her. Or that’s what people think. I told Archie to speak to her. Just because I miss her. She doesn’t speak to me on college and all I do is looking for her, like a fucking puppy is with his master. 

And that face she puts. She’s avoiding me with her eyes. That means something! I’m right. I fucked everything up on our date. “What? Is it… Is it because the other night?” It’s time to face the truth. “I know I got a bit drunk, but you were giving me drink all the time… Sorry.” I’m at her mercy. Even if it’s her fault, I would apologize too. 

Afterwards, she sits on the toilet.  

“It’s not that.”

And then, I started to not understand anything. She seems sad. But if it’s not because of the other day, what was the real story about our aloofness? 

“Then what is it?”

“I just don’t get it.” No. I definitely don’t understand a fucking shit. What’s she talking about? 

“You don’t get what?”

“You’re an eleven and I’m a four.” Eleven? Four? Why is she talking about Maths? She know I fucking hate them and I’m crap at them. No, really. I don’t get it. What is she up to?

“I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.” Me. The gang. The fucking school. anyone knows what she’s talking about. 

“You should be going out with people like Stacey.” Stacey? What is she even mentioned in this conversation? “Not someone like me.” What? Did I hear right? Why would I go out with Stacey? I did it once, and it was the worst decission I’ve ever done. A big fucking mistakr that was. “Most people when they see us must be thinking, 'Oh, he must be mad, going out with that’.”

I can’t believe this. Is she insane? That’s absolute bollocks. Why would I pay attention to other people when I’m with her? If they had eyes, they’d fond of her. She’s the most lovely, funny, interesting, affectionate, caring and strongest person in all of Lincolnshire. I’d say she’s the best of all England!

“That what?” And she stops speaking. Like, why? Just answer me, Rae! “THAT WHAT!?” I want an answer. A proper answer for that. What does she think she is, a fucking animal or something? As if she had all the right in our relationship. I have feeling too. I’ve got nothing but feelings for her. I fucking love her! Can’t she see that? “You don’t tell me who I can and can’t fancy, all right? That is mine. That belongs to me. No one else. No one. Not even you." 

"So why do you like me?” BECAUSE YOU ROCK MY WORLD, RAE!

“Because I do, that’s it!”


“Just because. Now, are you gonna stop being a dickhead?” Please, stop arguing with me. That really hurts. You can’t imagine how bad I feel for us right now. Just stop… Come to me. Take my hand and kiss me. Forget everyone. Forget about Stacey, about the gang. Just… think about me. All the time. Like I always do with you.

And she stands up again. She reads my mind. And now she’s gonna kiss me and everything’s gonna be fine between us. No more arguments. No more fights. Just me and her.

“Stop calling me a dickhead! You’re the dickhead…” Wow, she’s angry. She’s gonna slap me on the face. No, please. 

I kiss her. To shut her up. To tell her how much I like her. How much she matters to me. She has to know how much she means to me. That if she’s happy, I am. If she’s sad, I cheer her up. If she cries, I dry her tears. She’s my fucking world!

When we stop kissing, she seems better. And I’m glad. 

“You’re a dickhead.” If that means we’re alright and you love me, that’s how it’s gonna be. You’re MY dickhead too. 

“You’re the dickhead”. How am I not supposed to like her? To love her? Look at her. How she smiles at me. 

I play with my finger on her nose, as she does the same with mine. And we’re fine. I can’t stop from laughing a little bit. Now we have to get out of here, so I can show the world how grateful and proud I am of her. 

“Come on.” I go to the door, just pushing the doorknob to go outside, although I end up with it in my hand. “Oh, shit!” I try to fix it, while she waits for me to do it. “Shit, it’s jammed.” I’d like to see her face. She looks so beautiful when she’s happy. When she’s with me. It has this thing in her eyes that drive me crazy. If we get stuck in here, I’m sure I have a duty to do: Look at those big beautiful eyes and get lost in them. 

“Oh my God!” I punch at the door expecting that someone can hear us and try to open the door. Or at least, call for the maintenance man. “No, no, no, no! No, don’t do that!” I look at her, furrowing my brow.  "Then they’ll find out that we were in there, together. they’ll think we’ve been fucking.“ Why is she freaking out? We’re just on the toilet. We were talking. We were doing nothing wrong in here.

"Why would we fuck in a disabled toilet?” Sometimes I ask stupid questions. It’s something obvious, Finn. You’re definitely the dickhead in this relationship. 

“Because there’s more room in here than in a normal toilet.” Look at her face. She’s freaking out about it. And I wanna laugh, but it wouldn’t be right. But she looks so cute when she’s worried. “It’s even got these little handle things. For purchase!” I can’t stop from laughing. She’s so funny sometimes.

“Right, well, what do you suggest?” Better be on her side, although I want another argument. 

“Okey. Have you got one of those mobile telephone…?” What the fuck Rae? We’re in 1996. Do you know how much does them cost or something? As if I have a fucking millionare!

“No, of course not, I’m not a millionaire! We’re just going to have to get help from somebody.” And again, I start punching at the door.  "Hello?“

"No, this can not be happening.”

“Hello? Hiya, mate, can you get some help for us? We’re stuck in here.” I look out Rae of the corner of my eye. Is she okey? 

“Oh, my God…”

“Is there two of you in there?” That’s the only voice that comes from outside. Is he laughing? Because the moment I get out of here, I’m gonna punch him on his face.

“This is not happening…”

“Mate, will you just go and get someone, please?” I was happy. I was calm. and all I can think about right now is  this boy. My girl is freaking out behind me and this “mate” is not helping. 

“Don’t worry mate. I’m coming with support.” Silence. I can’t hear nothing after that. I hope he’s right and he went for some help.

I turn around, watching Rae on the other side of the toilet and I smile at her. I walk a few steps and I put my hand over her cheek. 

“Are you all right? Do you feel good?” I’m worried about her. I’m not sure if she’s clautrophobic but it had happened something similar on the love caravan. It was a small place… And she had the chance to go outside when we were there. Now, we’re locked. Maybe she is and she never told me…

“Yeah. I’m fine. I just need to get out of here.” She goes to the sink, putting her hands on the small flat place. I approach her, giving her a kiss on her cheek and a smile through the mirror. She smiles at me too and I can’t stop myself from giving her a quick kiss on her lips, biting her bottom one afterwards. 

She’s blushing. I laugh. She laughs. I give her another peck on her cheek and we can hear how the doorknob is being forced. We’re gonna be out of here soon.

After a few minutes, the door opens. What I haven’t expecting is all the audience that we had on the corridor. what the fuck are they doing here? I take Rae’s hand on mine, while we leave the toilet. I know Rae’s afraid. And while we’re walking down the corridor she tries to look back at all the bunch of knobheads that were looking at us, but I don’t let her. I make her go outside the building. I was tired of that bloody day at that jail for teenagers, so I approach her to my Dad’s car and I make her sit on the passenger’s seat. 

“Let’s go to the fucking pub, yeah?” I wink at her, making her smile wide and, before starting the car, I kiss her lips. Softly. Even if we had a shitty day, we have some hours for ourselves. And I’m gonna spend them with her. Because she deserve them. She deserves me. And I deserve her. Because we’re meant for one another.