hiya! i'm back

This is about the soft awakenings,
the brave realisations, the happening miracles.
This is about loss,
and what you find after.
This is about how the sun loved the moon so much
she’d let her shine even in the day.
This is no longer listening to the room of echoes,
of finally letting go,
of getting to know lightness.
This is the swallows singing the sky home.
This is about the way you look at me
when you’re drunk. Like
I’m a miracle. Like
maybe this is all enough for us.
And this is laughter claiming home
in our mouths.
This is about the words you say
when you think I’m not listening.
And these are the battles that have left us defeated,
the wars we’ve won, and
the bloodshed that keeps on coming.
This is slipping through forever
and catching the moments as we fall.
This is what happens after.
The healing.
The days of barely making it.
This is setting yourself on fire
to burn through the darkness,
to get to the other side.
This is searching for something, anything.
This is walking through your ghosts and
finding pieces of yourself everywhere.
This is building yourself a home and having
every wall leaning a little bit to the left
because your hands couldn’t stop shaking.
This is standing at the edge
of some unknown
with a gentle tremble in your chest.
This is it.
This is it.
This is it.
—  A.Y. // this is it

anonymous asked:

Hiya! I'm so glad you're back in business! I wanted to ask how the MT bros hold react to their soulmate being a yellow soul and/or a cop? Congrats on 420 followers btw!

Thank you! 



You and Sans have sort of a Mr. and Mrs. Smith relationship. At home, you two have a rule where it’s strictly no work, but that doesn’t stop the other from going through each other’s stuff for evidence or something to help their case. You both know what the other is doing, but that’s what makes this relationship fun. On the field, you two are each other’s opponent when it comes to fighting, but you’ll only seriously hurt the other, never kill. 

When you throw a punch at him on the field, it’s common to have conversations like, “Can you pick up the milk, my dear?” 

“only if i’m still alive by then, darling,” 

After battles, you two would patch each other up while giving tips on how to improve their technique and stance. Because you’re on opposite sides, you two do fight a lot about your jobs, but at the end of the day, your love is more important.  


Paps instilled a strict, no talking or doing anything related to work rule at home. He wants to keep those two lives separate and on the field, if the cops and his gang physically clashes, he will fight anyone that isn’t you, but he will keep an eye out to make sure you’re okay.  Paps is thrown in jail often because of what he does, but you always bail him out and when you can’t, you make sure he is served the best food and is given an extra blanket. 

After fights and battles, Papyrus takes you out to a nice romantic evening to express his love for you and to show that there are no hard feelings.