Trying to get all artsy in Hixton, Wisconsin driving from Minneapolis to Madison a couple weeks ago. This is the most amazing antique mall at an abandoned high school, which is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on the road. The school dates back to 1916 and closed in 1999. EVERY square inch of its two stories has vintage regional items for sale and with the exception of pulling off all the interior doors they’ve left it exactly the way it was. This means the store itself is a LIVING ANTIQUE and the experience of shopping feels more like urban exploration. TAKE THAT, @NATGEO (at Hixton School House Antique Mall)

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This unprovenienced find comes from Fayette County in NE Iowa. It is part of the Keyes collection, and made it into that collection from a private donation.

It is incredibly challenging to date a biface, especially with no contextual information, so we cannot determine during what archaeological time period this object was used. What we do know is that it is made of Hixton silicified sandstone, also called orthoquartzite. This unique stone is only found in west central Wisconsin, near Hixton and Black River Falls. Learn more about this stone type and Silver Mound, a large quarry/workshop complex where much of this stone was derived: http://mvac.uwlax.edu/past-cul…/specific-sites/silver-mound/