hives for days

These are the hard parts.

Juni’s therapist, after seeing her tonight, strongly recommends no contact with bios for the foreseeable future. The more M and I processed it, and the therapist’s reasons, the more we realized we’ve been trying so hard to see the visit and related stuff as a good thing we were explaining away Juni’s behaviors (which is way unlike us.) We were just so surprised by how well the bios were doing, and we want to reward that.

And it’s a gutpunch realization that the bios could be doing phenomenally, they could be doing better than we are, but that doesn’t mean Juni’s ready. Hell, it doesn’t mean Bean Sprout is ready, since he had hives every day for four days after the visit and has been waking up several times a night since.

Meanwhile, Relative is emailing asking when the next visit can be. M and I had planned on hosting the next one around Easter at a local park. But now we need to reevaluate. We need to figure out what our babies need. What will cause the least amount of harm to them.

Hard parts.

anonymous asked:

What happen If Faust meet his father ? does Faust will remember the soldier bee are his father ?

I will answer this by a drabble :

Faust come inside the hive after a long day to eat some honey and keep company to his mother, the engie-bee who are already talking with the soldier-bee 

“Hi, mom ! I’m back from the expedition !”

Faust interrupt the soldier-bee roughly and give a kiss to his mother

“We have see the battle in Teufort and we have reached so far away, we was in Coldfront with some of the others drones ! we have some pollen from this area, they have a different taste and…”

Faust think a bit before looking at the soldier-bee weirdly 

“Why are you always with this drone ?! Does he annoy you ?! and he look different than the others soldiers of the hive, He came from another hive to steal the queen or the honey ?!”

“Faust…” said his mother “He isn’t a bad bee, He doesn’t come from another hive, and he don’t want to steal the honey, he is your … “

One of the honey bee interrupt the engie-bee because of an emergency with the golden wrench

“Oh, demmit !” said the engie-bee “you two stay on this floor and don’t go away, the golden wrench can cause bad things, make knowledge, play together or whatever you want, I have to solve this problem with the honey bees !”

The two bees stay together in the living room of the hive, Faust suggest to drink some honey to the soldier-bee and they drink their glass of fresh honey

The soldier-bee look at Faust proudly and try to don’t cry 

“Are you okay, dude ? You make a weird face and you don’t drink, you’re ill or somethin’ ?” said Faust

“No, no, I only remember some good memories, but I have lost everything and now I must go away from all of these good things, this is sad but the best thing to do, I’m here only to take something to eat on the road and I’ll find something better outside …”

The soldier-bee try his best to don’t cry and stay straight on his chair and Faust take a sit next to the drone to comfort him

“Ya’ know pal, I have too a sad history, I have never met my father and I really want to know who is it, my mom said he was a brave soldier who protected him of all the danger, he is really proud of what he have done here with him, after he have disapears to search food in the cold of the winter and we have never saw him again… this is why I wanted to be a soldier like him, he was a hero ”

The soldier-bee pat the back of Faust and drink his honey

“I have knew your father, I was…. ehm … one of his drone” said the soldier-bee, trying to hide the lie he have told and his tears 

“You can be sure, he told me a lot about you…. he was really proud of you, proud of your mother… and I … and I….” 

The soldier-bee begin to cry 

“And I really think he wanted to be with you all of this time, you can be sure”

The engie-bee come in the Living-room with two of his honey bees around him 

“thanks, my childs, now, go to work, you have done a good job !”

The engie-bee take a sit and a honey-beer

“So, mister …” said the engineer, looking at the soldier “You can take some of our stock of honey, the old drone will come with you to protect you from the ennemies, good luck on the way”

Another infamous prison in the wizarding world, the Hillam Institution of Various Enormities, otherwise known as the HIVE is known for it’s size and fascinating guest-list. The prison sits in the northern mountains of the Appalachians and is the American equivalent to Azkaban, although far less dreary. 

Founded in 1780 by Rodger F. J. Hillam, the General of Wizarding Defense at the time, the prison has since then acted as the main magical prison of the M.A.C.U.S.A. This federal prison holds not just petty criminals but some of the most corrupt witches and wizards to grace the American continent. 

Whether it be Louis “The Chimera-king” Teodoro–noted in history as the mastermind of the illegal New York magical fighting pits that still live on today–or even Anastasia Laurie–who assassinated both President Galloway and Vice President Wheeler in 1976–the HIVE to this day harbors so many criminals it is thought to span over half the Appalachians. Unfortunately, the prison officials wont give any specifics on the institutions size. There is only one known entrance–known as ‘The Maw’ (photographed above), though one should remember it is both heavily guarded and warded.

Unlike Azkaban Prison, the HIVE does not recruit any sort of creature defense systems. It employs an army of specially trained aurors and, thanks to Rodger F.J. Hillam, several unique and secret defense mechanisms. 

Mr. A. Whitestaff, 25th of July, 2015.

Recipe for Disaster

(Serves 3)

Note: I would like to thank the kink meme for giving me this opportunity to create the overwrought diamond porno I never knew I always wanted to write.

Content: Not actually porn. Misunderstandings, suspicion of pale infidelity (no actual infidelity of any kind).

Be Karkat ==>

Your bloodpusher feels light when you come hive, buoyed by a day of shouting at people until they listened for once. There’s also an amazing smell wafting out of the meal block, which means that Gamzee has been baking again. You salivate like troll Pavlov’s fucking barkbeast, and it’s a disgrace how you’ve let yourself go since Gamzee moved in, all soft and domesticated, but you can’t even bring yourself to care. You’re deliriously content with your life.

The spring in your step vaporizes the moment you set foot in the meal block, because Gamzee isn’t alone in there. Jane Crocker has stopped by to visit, which isn’t unusual and would normally be cause for nothing worse than mild irritation, but she's–

She’s… holding your moirail’s hand.

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Davekat Headcanons #3:

- Dave and Karkat hold hands all the time, where ever they go, everyone else finds it very endearing.

- Jade taught Karkat how to garden, and he got really into it. (Dave has even caught him singing to the plants after Jade told him that it helps them grow faster. Sometimes Dave will hide and listen to Karkat sing because he thinks Karkat has a beautiful voice).

- Karkat was cleaning the house/hive one day while Dave was out chilling with Dirk and found Dave’s journal. He only opened to page one, just out of curiosity, and the page was just a bunch of doodles of hearts with his and Dave’s names in them and a (poorly drawn) picture of him and Dave hugging.


Gomesa crispa  (Brazil)

The first time I flower a new species I naturally smell the flowers the first day they are open to check for fragrance. I remember being surprised when I didn’t catch any smell from the freshly opened Gomesa crispa blooms since I had read that they had a strong, pleasant perfume. Many orchids will develop their fragrance over the first few days so I kept checking back to no avail. I made sure to check in the warm, bright hours of the morning and early afternoon since this is typically peak hours for fragrant orchids since their pollinators are typically active during these hours (with the major exception of nocturnally pollinated orchids that are typically fragrant after dusk) . But after a few early tries, I concluded that it just wasn’t fragrant. 

Then one day I came into the greenhouse in late afternoon, at this time most of the fragrant orchids have lost their perfume for the day since their pollinators have gone home to the hive. But on this day, there was a new strong fragrance that hit me once I opened the door and had me searching around until I found the culprit- my Gomesa crispa. It was quite amazing. After a few more days of investigation, I realized that the smell doesn’t “turn on” until 4pm (you can set your watch by it) but stays strong until mid evening.  

This plant is currently in an 8″ teak basket and grown with consistent watering and bright, filtered light year round.


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