hiver nucleaire

Second piece in my Nuclear Winter background challenge, a typical Montreal dépanneur. I spent way too much time on this, which isn’t in my habits. Anyway, I wanted the friendly, worn out look of an old brick building that has been painted over may times.

I’m really happy this one is done, I can move onto the REALLY challenging ones… 

I haven’t posted here in a long time! Two weeks ago, I launched my book, Hiver Nucléaire, and immediately attended the Montreal Comicon for the next 3 days. It was such an amazing experience, to have the chance to promote my first solo work, seeing people walk by our table, open the book and actually buy it! I haven’t been able to process everything really, because things have been going so fast lately! New job, new routine, new things to learn, etc. But it’s been two weeks now and things are starting to settle down. I’m gonna start drawing again for myself, woo!

Anyway, this is just a little doodle to express everything I feel right now: gratefulness, joy, love and PRIDE! It’s been a good couple of weeks :)

[OBVIOUS EDIT] APRIL FOOLS YOU GUYS! I wouldn’t change Flavie’s design for ANYTHING!

So I had a long talk with my editor and they were concerned about the impact on sales that my comic would have. I didn’t know I was going to get published when I started Nuclear Winter, so I didn’t really factor in  that my heroine probably wouldn’t appeal to “core” readers, like teenage boys and older men. Now my lineart is seperate from my colours and we decided that I’d try to redesign Flavie just a little bit, just to giver her an extra “edge”. I already have to do tons of modifications before the realease date so I thougt I might as well tweak the lineart while I was at it. This is a sketch I showed to my editor and they seem to like it. I’m gonna work from there and see what happens! So far, I really like the redisign, she’s a lot more eye-pleasing, don’t you think?