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Jenn came home from work yesterday to find one of our hives (likely Queen Latifah’s) had swarmed to the fence across the yard. Latifah’s hive tried to swarm multiple times last year and we were able to prevent it by scraping out the queen cells and once splitting the hive. A combination of bad weekend weather and travel has kept us from inspecting our hives since late January, so unfortunately we didn’t stop this one!

Swarms generally happen when the bees feel that they are running out of space in their current hive. The queen lays several eggs in queen cups (big combs) and then flies off with half of the worker bees to start a new hive somewhere else. To raise a new queen, worker bees feed only royal jelly to the eggs in the queen cups.The first princess hatches from her throne and then goes “battle royale” and kills all the other princesses still in their cells. She then goes on a mating flight and, if she survives, begins laying. 

The old queen flies off with the swarm, which is the issue we have here. Queen Latifah is somewhere in that cluster of bees in the picture while scout bees look for a suitable home for her to setup a new hive. The swarm is SUPER calm. This is because the bees have no hive, honey, or brood to protect. All they’re doing is keeping the queen fed and warm while looking for a new home. 

This morning Cale went out and brushed the bees off the fence into a Nuc box (small hive with 5 frames in it). The bees really were calm, falling in clumps into the box. Obviously quite a few bees flew off when this happened but most of them just fell down and kept in the cluster. The bees that were flying around were mostly just circling. For those who have never been in a swarm of bees, the sound and feeling is intense. There’s a low hum and you can actually feel the wind coming off the wings of 10k bees. One surprising thing is the smell, a mix of pheromones and pollen. It’s almost a sweet aroma in the air and would be relaxing if it weren’t for the low hum of thousands of airborn stinging insects. 

The bees are currently in the Nuc box in the back yard. Hopefully Cale was able to get the queen into the box. If not the bees will return to their spot on the fence and continue looking for a suitable home. One problem is since the bees have already made this leap to swarm, odds are they’ll continue doing it until 1) we replace the queen, or 2) they find a suitable home likely a couple miles away from the current hive. We’ll check back into the box tonight and see if they have accepted the Nuc box as their hive.


Marching back home after a hive check. 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #bees #beehive #beekeeping #urbanbeekeeping #armadalerooftophoney #cioccolatabella (at Armadale, Victoria, Australia)

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Headcanon that Yamaguchi takes up beekeeping year 2, managing 2 hives from his backyard. When he does weekly hive checks Tsukki takes the notes for him bc he gets too enamored watching them and forgets steps- Tsukki also does all the mite tests because Tadashi can't bring himself to hurting any of them. The best is all the bee related endearments- the team actually finds out about them dating when Kei calls out "Come on, honeybee," as they were leaving one day (sorry I just love beekeeping au)

i love how creative y’all are like send me everything you have i will cry

~ Mod Han


This weekend we were able to get into Queen Latifah’s hive and check to make sure the merge had succeeded. 

The newspaper between the two hives was COMPELTELY eaten away and discareded at the entrance of the hive. It’s truly impressive to see how persistent these ladies are at keeping a clean hive, look at the picture below you can see the sheet of newspaper around the edge and the entire center chewed out and carried away by the workers. 

Checking the first box we found an excellent laying pattern with eggs which meant we had a healthy queen in the hive again! Looking around for about 5 minutes in the next box Jenn was able to spot Queen Latifah, you can see her with the blue arrow in the picture above. The hive is now off on it’s own with a great start leading into fall! With winter coming we are feeding them a sugar water mixture to make up for the lack of honey caused by them being a new hive (about 15 pounds of sugar per week to help them build out comb and fill it with stores for the winter)

We were able to take this chance to move Queen Latifah’s hive back onto her “Throne” of landscaping rock. Since the inspection a couple days ago we have seen several orientation flights as new bees leave the hive and circle the entrance learning how to find their way back. This is a great sign as new bees are learning how to forage and get back to the hive. 

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Hive wizards secretly checking out the Knights.

Oh you know it babes, it’s super quiet on the Dreadnaught and the Moon since the Red Legion have been keeping the Guardians occupied. Plenty of opportunities to check out that tall Knight and their huge sword, or that statuesque wizard with their robes and clawed fingers.

*Knight strides by* They’re cute aren’t they

Every wizard *SCREMS in agreement*
Keeping Bees Safe: It's A Ruff Job, But This Doggy Detective Gets It Done
Mack is the newest addition to the Maryland Department of Agriculture's apiary inspection team. He uses his superior sniffer to find hives infected with a contagious disease that kills bee colonies.

Saves workers the immense time of opening all hives to check!!  Incredible idea!!  Bees + dogs = much love <3

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Hope you don't mind me asking, but how much time does keeping bees take in your week? I'm kinda playing with the idea of getting involved (they have a club near-ish I'm thinking of joining), but I'd want to know how frequently hives are checked/time involved before jumping in because I'd want to be sure I have the time to commit to ensuring their welfare and making sure the bees are happy (and I don't want to commit to ppl if I've not got the time as it's not fair on them) Thanks :)

Very little, actually. An hour, maybe? Plus of course an afternoon now and then when I’m extracting honey. A few hours to drive to the bee supplier if I buy bees in spring. A few more if I get called to rescue a swarm or hive in someone’s wall. 

More Beforus Headcanons: Mutants

On Beforus mutant bloods are culled pretty quickly. However, they aren’t always culled right away. Unlike on Alternia, there are also mutant lusi who take on many odd forms (like octopi, jellyfishes, giraffes, platypuses or other weird animals). These lusi will sometimes snatch mutant grubs from the caverns before they are culled and take care of them themselves.

The one way you can tell the difference between mutant grubs and normal grubs, is that mutants are brightblooded. Meaning they have blood that’s practically neon. The mutant colours include:

Candy-red, neon orange, neon yellow, mint green, sky blue, neon blue, azure, lavender, lilac, and cerise.

Mutant trolls will often live their lives normally until someone rats them out or the drones find them. Once every sweep drones go to every hive on Beforus to check on the lower-blooded trolls (jade-blooded and below) to find out if they need help. This is usually when they find the mutant children, if they weren’t found before.

When mutants are culled they have no choice, they are taken away from their hive whether they want to go or not, regardless if they can take care of themselves.

Mutant trolls do not have signs, and when they are culled their culler will either make up a sign for them or have them wear sign like their in the mutants blood colour. Some mutant trolls who escape culling will simply make up their own sign and hide behind it.

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Maybe a combo of 16 and 17 for Speedal??

This one is dedicated to all the lovely people who put the idea of ‘Mumen loves bees’ in my head – looking at you, @guardiandae, @cinensis, @sai-pop, et al. And I know @feylen always likes some speedal so…hope everybody enjoys!

“I have fought and conquered countless opponents.”

“That’s impressive, Sonic.”

“I can count on one hand the number of foes who have bested me.”


“I have nothing to prove to you, Mumen Rider. Nothing at all.”

“Absolutely not. Nor am I expecting you to try.”

They stood at the bottom of the hill, neither moving. From under the beekeeper’s mask, Sonic could just make out the warm smile on Mumen’s face that was always so damn endearing in its sincerity. “You don’t have to come if you’re sca- … not comfortable around the bees.”

Just beyond the green grassy slope, Sonic could hear the soft buzzing. It sent an uncomfortable shiver down his spine. There was another louder noise in his ear, and all of his bunched and trembling nerves made him jumped about five feet in the air. It was only a fly, he realized too late.

“Just wait here, and I’ll be back in about twenty minutes.”

“What if they attack you?”

Now the smile was replaced by a look that could only be described as complete and utter bewildered disbelief. “They’re…not…going to?”

“I have seen what bees can do, Mumen,” Sonic insisted, even though he tried not to think too much about the incident with Flash, the bee hive and the bucket that his brother had filled with sweet water and placed next to the bath.

“Not my bees,” Mumen said with a little wink. “Anyway, it’s getting hot in this, so I’m going to go and I’ll be-”


Mumen let his arms rise and fall in exasperation, but he still pulled out his spare suit and handed it to Sonic. Once he was fully covered, they walked up the hill in silence. Despite the thick layers now separating Sonic from the demonic insects, he still kept his distance, watching as Mumen moved the hive frames, checking the health of the colony. At a few points, the bees seemed to hover around Mumen, inspecting him just as he was inspecting them, but at no point did the hero swat or even shift his attention.

He seemed very peaceful, Sonic realized. What he did not realize, however, was that watching Mumen had made him calm as well, and he barely flinched when a few bees landed on his arms.

“Everything looks good,” Mumen said, returning to his side. “No violence from the bees, I’m sure you’ll notice.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He paused and then reached out one thick-gloved hand to hold Mumen’s. “You are very skilled at this.”

“Aw, thanks. I have contemplated becoming a hermit. Just me and my bees,” he joked as they headed back down the hill together.

“If you want, we could go together?” Sonic asked quietly.

“You would share me with one of your five foes?” Mumen asked. Sonic could just see on the other side of the veil how he bit his lip, turning a bit red, and he pulled him over until their hoods bumped against each other.

“So long as you are keeping them, I think I can deal with it.”

Can’t get enough of the hive slo-mos. Check out the incoming bees with pollen on their legs, also known as pollen pants.

Pollen, the honeybee’s main source of protein, plays a crucial role in ensuring that a hive is rearing young. And obviously all types of plants—many of which we depend on for our own food supply—benefit from the cross-pollination that bees and other pollinators facilitate.

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Dennis, would you kindly kill the teal cherub?

=> You find yourself staring at the door, gun pointed at it. He’d be home soon. No no no. You were shaking, crying. You couldn’t. Don’t come hive. Please. You checked the ammo, cocked it again. You wouldn’t be able to hesitate. You let out a shaky sob. Please don’t.

You Protect Me, I’ll Protect You

I wrote this for Palestuck 2016 and authors were revealed, so I can finally post it on here! This is for @tophatbonez.

Warnings: Violence

AO3 Link

Summary:  Gamzee accidentally lets slip that Karkat’s a mutant to a Church sister of his. When the sister attacks, Gamzee attempts to protect Karkat by fighting her alone. When that plan starts to go downhill, Karkat joins the fight.

Karkat heard the knocking on the door once and ignored it. He wasn’t expecting any visitors and hell, it was still light out and he did not want to be caught out in the blazing heat of the sun. He liked not being burned to a crisp, thank you very much. He relaxed on the couch, reading one of his all-time favorite novels when a louder, second knock came from the door. Karkat groaned and slid further down in his seat, irritated that his peaceful reading had been broken by an extremely enthusiastic knocker. By the time the third knock came, it sounded more like the person was pounding on the door, frantic to be let in. With an irritated sigh that was more a growl than anything, Karkat walked to the door, already starting in on a tirade as he cracked it open.

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