To Save Babies, Texas Murders HIV Funding At Planned Parenthood
won't someone please mess with Texas?
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“It’s been a good five or ten minutes since we checked in on the government in Texas to see what horrible things they are inflicting upon their own populace. What is it this time? Building a tiny border fence around each and every undocumented immigrant? Telling all the liberals to…”
The Harm Reduction Movement Needs to Rediscover Its Soul | TheInfluence

Almost all funding for harm reduction is HIV funding, and the majority of that money comes from the Global Fund. Because of this focus on HIV, the term “harm reduction” is increasingly being used in the narrowest sense—ignoring the philosophy of harm reduction, which is based on the far broader concept of compassionate common sense.

Officially, harm reduction can be described as ‘‘policies, programs and practices that aim primarily to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequences of the use of legal and illegal psychoactive drugs without necessarily reducing drug consumption’’ (Harm Reduction International, 2011).

In my opinion, this definition does not capture the true spirit of the original harm reduction movement. Harm reduction is about meeting people where they are at, without judgement, and helping them find them achieve their drug use aims (including abstinence) in the way that causes the least harm to them, irrespective of the current legal and policy framework.

This is the spirit of needle and syringe programs delivered by peers illegally out of backpacks, or of the testing of drugs at festivals under threat of arrest.

In the world of HIV funding, by contrast, harm reduction is typically reduced to the so-called “comprehensive” package of services described by the World Health Organization, UNODC and UNAIDS in their technical guidelines (see Table 1, below).

Even then, opioid substitution therapy and needle and syringe programs are emphasized above other important interventions—such as education about drug-mixing, dose response, drug-testing and, of course, challenging and changing national policies that criminalize drug use. It is very seldom that I hear anyone being funded by HIV funding talking about the broader concepts of harm reduction in academic, policy or health debates.

We need to remember: Harm reduction is not an HIV intervention—it is a basic human right that should be available to everyone.


U.S. HIV Funds Still Going to Anti-Gay Groups in Africa

An evangelical organization called The Children’s AIDS Fund (CAF) in Uganda has $6.6 million since Obama’s second term.

CAF was founded by U.S. evangelicals Shepard and Anita Smith and is ill-suited to deliver health and HIV/AIDS programming because of its conservative, anti-gay, anti-condom viewpoints.

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NC State Rep. Larry Brown Won’t Waste Taxpayer Cash Treating ‘Perverted Lifestyles’ With HIV

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North Carolina’s State Rep. Larry Brown wants to cut off funding for adults with HIV, because really, they’re just a bunch of homos who “caused it by the way they live.”

This man is adorable! Speaking to the Winston-Salem Journal about his hopes and dreams for the upcoming legislative session, Brown says he also wants to work on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But yeah, he definitely won’t “condone spending taxpayers’ money” on helping people “living in perverted lifestyles.” Not that he specifically meant gays or anything! He means any adult who contracts HIV through sex or drugs. Because just like smokers who bring lung cancer upon themselves, people who contract HIV are the ones at fault.

Also: No more state funding for medical conditions like ulcers (stop stressing yourself out!), high blood pressure (stop eating so many burgers!), and diabetics (stop having bad genes!).


Shawn Decker: Support the Ryan White CARE Act

“The majority of HIV-positive Americans are left out of care: 20% don’t know their status, and of those who do only 40% see a doctor regularly, leaving less than 30% of HIV-positive people in America with an undetectable viral load…Reauthorizing the Ryan White CARE Act is critical [to reversing the HIV epidemic].”
Texas axes HIV prevention funding for Planned Parenthood
Until now, the US state had administered $600,000 of federal CDC funding with the aim of tackling HIV and reducing transmission rates. The state of Texas has axed funding for an HIV prevention programme - with almost no warning.

For nearly 30 years, sexual and reproductive health clinic Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has received the funding – which paid for condom distribution, HIV testing, counselling, and HIV referral services. However, this week state officials in Texas took the decision to axe the contract with no warning whatsoever – as the current agreement expires on December 31.

A letter from the Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed: “There will be no further renewals of this contract.”

It comes amid the heavy politicisation of Planned Parenthood by anti-abortion activists and Republican lawmakers nationwide, Activists have vowed to cut off all funding to abortion providers, and have also made allegations of fraud and ‘harvesting baby organs’ by Planned Parenthood – both of which are strongly disputed. Proponents of Planned Parenthood insist that defending the right to choose an abortion is just a small part of the work carried out PP – which is the sole provider of vital sexual health and reproductive services in some areas.


HIV positive immigrant convinces Ukip supporters NOT to vote for Nigel Farage

‘Bisi Alimi is a Nigerian-born British citizen and gay rights activist. He’s also HIV positive.

After coming out on Nigerian television in 2004, Alimi was threatened, beaten, and tortured. After an attempt on his life, he fled his country in 2007 and came to the UK.

Alimi decided to visit Thanet South, where Farage is running for election, after the Ukip leader blamed strains on NHS funding on HIV positive immigrants.

While manning an anti-Farage stall in the town Market on Friday he was verbally attacked by a Ukip supporter.

Alimi told the Mirror: “The stunt started because I experienced a racist attack from a UKIP member while I was with Thanet South campaigning against Nigel Farage. The old man called me a lazy immigrant.”

He said, “I decided to carry the placard as a way of giving immigration a face and also allowing people to ask me questions to ally their fears of immigrants”

Alimi explained: "I faced my fear, I went into the town hall, with a placard and stood there for 5 hours asking people to hug me or ask me a question.

"It was such a powerful turn around of events that many people told me they wanted to vote UKIP but after asking me questions changed their mind.”

“Here is the story of the man in the beige jacket. He stood afar from me for a while, kept looking at me. He was there with his wife. Then the wife walked up to me and started engaging with me. She hugged me. Then the man came shook my hand and said, thank you for doing this. 

“Then I said, ‘You know you want a hug’, to which he answered 'yes I sure do want a hug’ and then we hugged.

“I told him like I did to others 'Please don’t vote UKIP’ and he said 'to hell I won’t’.’


- She recorded a 23 song album and released it for FREE on Soundcloud (x)

- She doesn’t need money from her music to be happy. (x)

-She donated $500,000 to the American Foundation for AIDS research back in 2014 (x)

-campaigned with Viva Glam to help women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS (x)

-raised money through auctioning Caitlyn Jenner Magazine Cover art work to help fund for HIV/AIDS cure (x)

-Aids SPEECH (x)

-has founded the HAPPY HIPPIE FOUNDATION which rallies young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations (x)

-partnered with Instagram on ‘InstaPride,’ which will celebrate transgender and “gender expansive” (x)

-raises awareness to save BC WOLVES and BLOOD LIONS (x) (x)

-Anything with dogs (x) (x) (x)

-advocates EARTH CARE AND LOVE, (basically to go green) (x)
What Happened After Texas Defunded an HIV Program at Planned Parenthood?
Here’s what didn’t happen: HIV testing.

After stripping PP of more than $600,000 in federal funding for HIV testing, Texas health officials insisted that three county health departments could easily pick up the slack.

As of June 2016, the health department in Harris County, where Houston is located, has yet to perform a single HIV test.
Haiti’s Clinton Problem
During his term, Bill Clinton used violent and underhanded tactics to promote US interests in Haiti.

This is a very good article on American foreign policy toward Haiti during the Clinton years. The article is very thorough and excerpts do not do it justice, so I really encourage you to read it entirely.

Things covered:

  • Bill Clinton established the world’s first detention center for people with HIV
  • The Clinton administration funded rightwing death squads in Haiti while making a charade of supporting its ousted leftwing president
  • Clinton kept Haitian refugees in inhumane indefinite detention and established the precedent and legal framework for today’s detention camp at Guantanamo Bay
  • At the detention camp, Haitian women were fed birth control pills without their knowledge or consent

But read the whole thing, it is shameful.

“But Bill isn’t running for president!”

True. Hillary Clinton is. And she has not disavowed any of Bill’s disgusting policies or behavior regarding Haiti, and she says she will put him in charge of the economy.

And let’s not forget, her Clinton Foundation gave Haitians toxic trailers to live in for a quick burst of free PR or that when she was Secretary of State, Clinton’s State Department fought against Haiti raising the minimum wage for its workers – a move that inordinately hurt women.

Both Clintons have exploited the Haitian people for their own political and personal ends.

Read the article.
Mike Pence's top seven most homophobic moments (out of many)
Indiana Governor Mike Pence is a darling of the religious right, and with good reason.

1. Supporting a constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality
2. Signed a bill to jail same-sex couples for applying for a marriage license
3. Wanted to divert funding from HIV prevention to conversion therapy
4. Opposed repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
5. Served on the board of an antigay group