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Il 1° dicembre si celebra la Giornata mondiale contro l’Aids, ovvero l'occasione per sollecitare più persone possibili a impegnarsi nella lotta contro l’Aids e dimostrare così la loro solidarietà con le persone affette da HIV.
Dal primo dicembre nelle farmacie italiane sarà disponibile il test per l'autodiagnosi senza prescrizione ricetta medica.

CRISPR gene editing could knock HIV out of our vocabulary

For the first time, scientists edited HIV-1 out of the human genome and made sure it wouldn’t come back. A team at Temple University published a paper in Nature: Scientific Reports detailing how they used the CRISPR/Cas-9 gene editing method to successfully knock out HIV-1 from human immune cells grown in the lab. Their solution is “almost like how chicken pox works.”

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10 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 108)

1. Harald Hadrada, a Viking who fled from his native Norway to Russia, then went on to become an elite guardsman in Eastern Roman Empire and fought in Iraq. He then went back to Russia to marry a princess, and arrived back in Norway as a king, and finally invaded England with his army.

2. In Dubai you can get a helicopter instead of a taxi.

3. According to research published by the CDC, a pet dog may protect your child from childhood anxiety.

4. the creator of the band-aid made it for his wife, who often…

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I did not watch Charlie Sheen on the “TODAY” show. I do not know what he said but he’s confirmed that he is HIV-positive. Now, what I DO NOT want to happen is that he becomes the face of the HIV epidemic. Couple of reasons: 1. His story is not extraordinary in any way and I do not think he is brave for going on the TODAY show to talk about it. I think he is being the attention whore he has always been. b. 1.2 million people over 13 are living with HIV in the US and 12% of them do not know. 1 in 16 Black men are expected to be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime. 1 in 32 Black women. Men who have sex with men are 4% of the US population but 78% of HIV infections. The CDC says Black people continue to experience the most severe burden of HIV. And most importantly: iii. Charlie Sheen’s love of sex, mayhem and fuckshit leading to him becoming HIV+ is the exact reason why people attach stigma to those who are living with HIV. The idea that those who are HIV+ are just society’s rebels who contracted it while doing all types of illicit activity is why people victimize and criminalize those who are living with HIV. Charlie Sheen’s story is only extraordinary because how he is still standing upright today after all the shenanigans he has done is actually a medical wonder. HIV is the least of his worries. CHARLIE SHEEN IS NOT THE FACE OF HIV. DO NOT LET HIM BECOME THAT. NO. Charlie Sheen has HIV. Well, now I hope he is in treatment, because that is a form of prevention. But do not make that man the face of HIV/AIDS. By: Awesomely Luvvie