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A Note on Cultural Appropriation

If you’re not Native American, its not smudging its smoke cleansing.

If you’re not Native American, its not a spirit animal, it’s an animal guide, patronus or daemon. (And no it’s not a totem animal either.)

If youre not African American or Afro-Carribean, it’s not a voodoo doll it’s a poppet.

Yes, you’re not wrong in pointing out that i just gave you a list of synonyms. No one is saying that these CONCEPTS are inherently appropriation. But specific terms carry their specific ties. Know what ties are for you, and what aren’t.

steve isnt ‘glowing with patriotism’ hes just so pale hes practically reflective

Mother’s Day is coming up and this is just my small reminder to please not assume everyone still has their mother because going through Mother’s Day without your mom is already hard enough and we don’t need it to be made harder by the people who come up to us asking about what we’re planning for our moms or giving us ideas for how to make our moms happy on that day etc.

I went to the zoo again today!! 🐪🐒🐂🦃🐊🐞 brought my new rhino along with me. Haven’t named him yet (can’t think of a CNNW character) but if anyone had tagged me recently you are now apart of this christening ceremony. And i thought it only right to do it behid the Rhino exibit. To show him off to his fam. Tagging: @jaivturkey @latibules @paradisiak @godshideouscreation @veraisastoner @lexicallylimited @chronica-lewinskief @everystonerhasafuture @stonerjpeg @blackhighandbi @black-stoners @supremedickwizard @bitter-old-cat-lady toke! toke! toke! toke!