hitting tires

  • Hoseok: hey yoongi! How are you?
  • Yoongi: tired
  • Hoseok: you always say that you're tired...
  • Yoongi: because I am

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top six iconic jason todd moments

this is…… the hardest question ever……….. lets see……

1. this whole scene……… just iconic……….. tires: stolen…… batman: got hit by a tire iron and called a boob…… jason: did that……….. legends only…….

2. this one is almost as iconic as the first one….. oh, my goodness gracious! ive been bamboozled!…… iconic

3. when two face kidnapped him and he was just so unimpressed

4. when he caught damian like this… hips dont lie

5. hes beauty, hes grace,

6. say what u wanna say about n52 and jasons characterization but this sequence…… iconic

bonus: me 2 dude me 2

ask me my top six anything!

Garrett was not usually a man to experience jealousy. He rarely wanted for much beyond staying clear of the Templars, and yet here he was, with jealousy bubbling thick and hot in the pit of his stomach.

He sat near the back of the Herald’s Rest, tankard untouched in front of him as he watched them.

How Fenris had come to befriend Dorian, Garrett wasn’t sure. A Tevinter mage on the cusp of being a magister, the one thing Fenris despised above all else, and yet there they were, chatting over the bar like old friends whilst waiting on their drinks.

Really Garrett knew he had no reason to be jealous. Dorian had shown great respect for both Garrett and Fenris, and knew his bounds - any casual flirting was merely friendly banter, as evidenced by his interactions with the Inquisitor and other members of the Inner Circle. And yet…

“If you’re not careful, your face might get stuck like that.”

Garrett looked up to see that Bull had taken up the seat opposite him with his own tankard. The one eyed qunari gave him a grin and Garrett tried to return it. He must have failed miserably if the smirk on Bull’s face was anything to go by.

“Never thought you’d be the jealous type,” Bull went on, still grinning. “The way Varric writes, anyone would think you were a complete pushover most of the time.”

Garrett snorted, and said dryly, “I’ll need to thank him for that.”

“Don’t worry so much. Dorian flirts with everyone. He does that.” Bull leant back in his seat. “Everyone has their defence mechanisms.”

Garrett cocked an eyebrow at that, but said nothing and simply took a swig of his drink as Fenris and Dorian made their way over with their drinks.

“Well someone’s looking a little less than cheery,” Dorian commented, glancing over Garrett. “Fenris, you’re not starving him of attention, are you?”

Fenris smirked, and with a completely straight face, deadpanned, “only when it gets the best noises out of him and has him begging.”

Bull nearly gagged on his drink, a good amount spraying out of his nose. Garrett near choked, feeling his whole face heating up, and Dorian was cackling in delight. Fenris merely smirked, seating himself next to Garrett.

“You’re enjoying this,” Garrett grumbled, lowering his tankard.

“You seem to be doing enough scowling for both of us,” Fenris replied smoothly. “I might as well give myself reason not to add to it.”

He slipped his hand over Garrett’s thigh, leaning in a bit closer when Dorian and Bull weren’t looking.

“I am yours, you stupid man,” he said lowly.

Finally Garrett let out a short chuckle, shaking his head. “I know. I’m sorry.”

Fenris smiled, squeezing Garrett’s thigh.

“You can make up for it later.”


Todomatsu: “Most of us have gotten one, actually, but Ichimatsu’s is a…personal favorite. All of the names though are Kawa, Cho, Chii, and Totty! I don’t know why or how, but he only pronounces Jyushimatsu’s name properly…”


*Chii can mean a ‘natural disaster; calamity’

Oh no, 

please I need

I need the description of KnifeDad from Monster Factory

on a picture of Strickler in troll form.

“He’s part wolf, part mech, part rabbit, part fox, part sunglasses, part dragon, part dad, all dad, all knives.  If you unbutton his shirt, a bunch of knives will fall out, and then he’ll die, because he’s just a bunch of knives under there.”

List of Lance’s random talents:

  • He can do that thing where you flip a water bottle and it lands standing (his record is four water bottles at once)
  • He’s surprisingly good at throwing things into other things backwards (i.e throwing a pen behind him and having it land in a cup, throwing something into the fridge, throwing something into the garbage behind him, etc)
    • Lance every time he successfully completes a trick shot: Someone call an exorciser because I have been possessed by the ghost of Michael Jordan!
    • Hunk: Michael Jordan isn’t dead..
  • (To add to the above: Lance cannot apply this trick to basketball. He is awful at basketball.)
  • Is almost always correct when he guesses the time
  • An excellent shot with a rubber band
  • Always stops a microwave before the timer runs out and it can beep
  • Can spin/roll anything between his fingers (pens, coins, etc.)
  • Can solve a rubix cube like it’s nothing, even while blindfolded

DARK MATTER | 2.11 | Three & Five

You could always give me the gun.