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Lancelot Fluff Fanfic Rec List

I decided to make a list featuring a few of my fluffy favourites for Lotor x Lance. All fics are rated Teen or General unless marked otherwise. I tagged everyone’s tumblrs that I could find.

Single Chapter:

Spa Date with a Prince by @deecherrywolf
Lance is captured and held captive by the nefarious Prince Lotor.
Prince Lotor can’t help but notice how amazing his prisoner’s skin looks.

It’s So Hard to Be Beautiful by @stopmeplease
Lance and Lotor meet at a spa and find they have some things in common.

Of braiding hair and apology cards by @lotorn
(Explicit) Lance’s long fingers thread through the soft locks gently, his nails scratching on the scalp. Lotor purrs. (okay so, not exactly fluff, but it is for this ship tbh lol)

Small Series:

Little Blue by @shiirxtakashii
“Wait, are you flustered? Are you blushing?” Lance asked, leaning over to try and get a closer look at the other.
“Flustered? Blushing? What are those?” Lotor asked, his head turning back, the flush still there slightly.

T'is the Season by Quillaninc
(Christmas Fic) 'Why-“ Lotor drawled, sceptical ”-would you have a gift for me?“

nobody even says wooing anymore by silverliningsgirl
Lance gets hit on and Shiro goes into Dad mode that’s it that’s the story.


Moonflower by @noir-wing (yup, this one’s mine)
(WIP) “Don’t swear at me in Galra,” Lance glared.
The prince smirked, “Oh, it wasn’t an insult. If you were to translate it into your tongue… I suppose the word would be: darling.”

The Promised are Bound, Mr Gonzalez by Levis_turtles
Lance makes a promise to Lotor, not realising that the promises made between Galra (or, in this case, Galra and Human) are as inescapable as they are binding.

The Flirtation Situation by Levis_turtles
(WIP) Lance is in a battle against the Galra when he is approached by the commander of the galra empire, Prince Lotor.

Altean! Lance AU Drabble by @raphidae
Lotor and Allura are engaged in the name of an alliance, but neither want to wed one another. So what happens when Lotor meets her younger brother?
(I’m putting this in multichapter because it’s a really long drabble series so it’s basically a fic)

I was going to go on a nostalgic little look through my intense meta love for a particular aspect of the FitzSimmons relationship, but my emotions are basically screaming right now so suffice it to say that when Jemma reacted as strongly to Fitz’s killing someone/loss of innocence/whatever you want to call it as she would have (and did) when he actually literally (could have) died, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It falls right in line with this whole thing I have, where she loves him, she wants to protect him, she wants to protect his soul and to see that corrupted is just total agony and I don’t even know how to put it into proper words right now, but basically to see that very specific aspect so vibrantly displayed in canon pleases (and totally, totally stabs) my heart.

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What did lego do?

This may not hit the nail on the head, but I’m gonna answer to the best of my knowledge. I, and a lot of other people, are getting pretty pissed at lego.

For starters (this is the easy one tbh), they completely botched bionicle gen 2 which is like, a huge embarrassing blunder. They couldn’t keep a line alive for at least the 3 year plan it clearly was going to have. What the hell happened?

They really don’t have anything original anymore. So many of their sets are licensed IPs. It’s where they get their money. Lego doesn’t want to seem to branch out and be original, and it’s really not good. Tbh I’m not too upset with ninjago anymore because at least it’s something lego made out of their own imagination.

Their sets are just so damn expensive now? Because they can just do that? A week ago I went to toys r us and found they had only 2 bionicle sets left. These were from the early 2016 wave. They were still on shelves, over a year-and-a-half later, at full price.

Lego is stagnating, and I’m not saying that as an annoying bionicle fan. Other than their movies(TLG and TLBM) and their giant ass (and expensive) sets, it’s been going downhill. @binkybonkles kinda summed it all up with this picture:

Are people losing their jobs? Yes and that’s awful. But maybe this means lego will get their shit together.

Skaters' messages for Dai after his retirement

Feel free to shoot me an ask if I missed any (I probably did, there are so many). I’ll try to keep the post updated, but it’s kind of work-intensive.

See this post for translations of Team Japan’s messages.

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that last anon hit the nail on the head tbh. one of my least favorite things about reader inserts is how specific authors get? like i try to stay as ambiguous as possible because i hate when I read a fic and it's like "he takes your pale hand in his and stares into your green eyes, all the while admiring everything from your toned arms to your flat belly" like no that's not how reader inserts should work. there is a fine line between reader inserts and self inserts and people need to learn that.

honestly! and it’s always popular blogs that really and truly think they’re “Quality™” when they’re obviously and clearly not when they think their entire audience is thin white girls 🙄 like a part of the reason i even made this blog was to make ambiguous readers in fandom, because thin white readers are so prevalent and i hated seeing anything about readers pale skin and thinness. ambiguity is so so important in reader inserts and i don’t even think these writers know that? like do they just not realize or w h a t

nihilistlover a réagi à votre billet “the fandom is hibernating until the second movie comes out lol”

This is a valid point and u hit the nail on the head with september being a busy month. Not only is it uni time but it’s also hurricane season. Shit is cray everywhere tbh. im sorry the feedback is shit. Ik what that can do to u as a creator man. Honestly im worried bout the 2nd movie- no farrell. But maybe people will use it as inspiration and fuck percival graves into the 2nd movie’s narrative. We’ll see

“fuck percival graves into the 2d movie’s narrative”  😂 

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honestly thank you so much for actually writing out the words "situational justification" and "that making a meme of it has made socially acceptable on all accounts" because I've been trying to put to words why the (unrelated) fatfae quote that keeps going around has been bothering me so much and that hit the nail exactly on the head there

it took me a few tries to get the concept into the right words but I think its good because tbh it needs to be applied to quite a few ableist behaviors

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Ding ding ding! That anon really hit the nail on the head. His music really is just a prop to his image, which is sad. I just don't understand why he doesn't just become a socialite. There's nothing wrong with that tbh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He could easily add a reality TV show to the mix honestly.

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Ok so I lie a lot... I wouldn't say it's an issue bc it's not like I can't control myself. I literally just hide things from people. FOR NO REASON. I feel like I'm always trying to "get away" with something... even if the person I'm lying to does not actually care about it. It sounds insane but it literally just happens when I talk, esp to people idk well. Think it's bc I have Sun/Mercury conj. Pluto, Pluto + Scorpio in 3rd? I have Sag Mercury so USUALLY I seem open but... idk.

I would go with what you said tbh you hit the nail on the head BUT don’t you also have your moon in 12th in Virgo? (If I’m remembering correctly)
So you’re hiding things about yourself with your words as it is!

You could be hiding things to subconsciously practice self preservation in terms of your emotions!

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Alex making Spencer embarrassed about how Alex thinks Spencer has a crush on Hanna. Alex will say I've heard you call her Hanna Banana Spencer will say we all call her that and start blushing and Alex will smile

YO. I like it. Alex is gonna tease Spencer about liking all of her friends, tbh. Until she hits the nail on the head with one of them.

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Wildest Dreams ❤️

Melody: 10/10
Mood: 10/10
Lyrics: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Comment: I listened to this song way too much but tbh it’s perfect. She really hit the nail on the head with this, and the lyrics are incredible! Also the music video was stunning

Put a Taylor Swift song in my ask and I’ll give you my rating and opinion

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I'm writing a long ass paper on the Tumblr mindset and the way it affects people under 20 in general (the good and the bad) but there's part of it where I talk about fandom's need to be Better than canon esp when it comes to pairings, n there's a lot that goes into it, but the biggest factor is transformative fanon having gone from a positive way to be more inclusive to an often performative competition to get the furthest away from dirty canon (and het couples are ALWAYS dirty canon)

omg!!!!!!!! you hit the nail on the head and i’m glad i’m not the only one seeing this. that sounds like a super interesting and well researched paper tbh and i’d love reading it

hey guys, it’s pixie and i never expected to accumulate over three hundred followers considering this show isn’t exactly popular by any stretch. that being said, you guys are all amazing and i’m honestly so grateful that despite not being a popular rp community that the twd, and other zombie apocalypse/post apocalypse based rp community’s have given my violent sinnamon roll a good chance, and just… wow to you all, alright? you guys are the best and have made this community amazing. if i forgot anybody on this list, i’m genuinely sorry and tried to be as inclusive as possible.

operation: bitemark.

@domanders | @taraschmbler: you gave the biggest chance on my portrayal of addy and because of you i have developed addy further than i ever once thought possible. you knew me back when i was so nervous of my portrayal, and gave me the courage to continue writing for her. you may not be on a lot, but when you are it’s always a feels train, and i just?? i really enjoy talking to you because you get exactly where i stand on everything, and help me further develop my own headcanons on how addy’s adapted.

@lxcillesthirsty: actually one of my favorite portrayals of negan ever, even more than that though, you’re a great friend. negan and addy’s plot arc, everything about it is custom made to fuck me up. you write so incredibly well, and you capture all facets of negan which is challenging for any muse let alone one as… exaggerated. who’s so violently expressive, and you hit the nail on the head perfectly. i’m actually in awe of the grasp you have on him.

@planetplease: fuck me up man, like. it doesn’t matter what muse i’m on we vibe so well together that we just make it fucking work and i love it so much. jessie you’re one of the best damn writers on this site, and you don’t dull zod down for anyone and it just??? i’m so glad i met you through the mad max fandom, honestly because you’re a fucking delight.

@mechboomancer@nomercyleft: i forgot your john murphy account tbh. okay, but you knew me before we even actually started talking because i had no idea you lurked my blog and then i saw your the 100 oc, and then i found your gaige and had hearteyes tbh. you’re such a nice person, molls. i also am so glad you got sucked into the z nation fandom.

@savagekiing | @trueheroisms | @pvmpkinqveen: rae i honestly love talking to you because you’re funny as hell. i love watching you and molls interact on the dash because i always end up laughing at the weird shit you two come out with. you’re such a genuinely nice person, and i enjoy our spotty skype conversations. uvu

the z nation family.

the z nation fambam.

@aintyoursunshine, @xguiar, @formercannibal, @isurvivedcampbluesky,  @10kzombies, @slxngshot, @10ktilljeff, @mackvv, @angxlwitha-shotgun, @murphythepatientzero.

the survivors.

all you amazing noodles.

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