hitting surface

I wish I had four rivers of milk in my city, but we only have one solitary river of murk. When I was a child, my only friend dared me to do all sorts of things to it. Closer and closer, each challenge brought me towards the murk.

I was scared, but understandably so! All children would be. The murk wasn’t just running “water,” down a dingy passage way, but it was alive. Bubbling, shaking, rotting, crying; the murk can’t be explained in words like this. It almost felt like it was just a big blanket over a crowd of actors, and they all tried their hardest to get someone to notice them- to lure someone close enough to pull off the blanket and fly them away to the life they’d always dreamed of.

This was obviously not true. The murk was the murk. The fish were the fish. My friend was my friend, and the dares were irrefutable.

When my hand hit the surface of the murk, I wanted to scream and cry. I wanted to pull my hand away and curl it into my body like a snails eye. I wanted to cut it off and never see it again. I couldn’t, though. Of course I couldn’t. My friend guided my fingers to scoop a handful of it up, and brought it to my lips.

It was warm. 

If you dropped a water balloon on a bed of nails, you’d expect it to burst spectacularly. And you’d be right – some of the time. Under the right conditions, though, you’d see what a high-speed camera caught in the animation above: a pancake-shaped bounce with nary a leak. Physically, this is a scaled-up version of what happens to a water droplet when it hits a superhydrophobic surface. 

Water repellent superhydrophobic surfaces are covered in microscale roughness, much like a bed of tiny nails. When the balloon (or droplet) hits, it deforms into the gaps between posts. In the case of the water balloon, its rubbery exterior pulls back against that deformation. (For the droplet, the same effect is provided by surface tension.) That tension pulls the deformed parts of the balloon back up, causing the whole balloon to rebound off the nails in a pancake-like shape. For more, check out this video on the student balloon project or the original water droplet research. (Image credits: T. Hecksher et al., Y. Liu et al.; via The New York Times; submitted by Justin B.)

Mad: Part 7

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“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”
Warning: Will contain smut, violence, and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 8

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Derek- Do It Again

Request-  2 with Derek, please?😙

A/N- Prompt 2 from the Holiday Prompt List! Can someone please give me Derek Hale for Christmas???

You hit the mat on the floor with a grunt, just barely catching yourself on your palms before your cheek hit the soft surface. You blew a strand of sweaty hair out of your face in frustration, but before you could push yourself up, a hand stuck itself in front of your face.
“Need some help?”
“Not from you,” you said smoothly, pushing yourself to your feet despite your aching limbs.
Derek smirked as you planted your feet on the mat again. “We could always just call it a day. You know, end training early? Consider it an early Christmas present from me.”
You rolled your eyes. “You wish, Hale.”
“Alright then,” he said. “Show me what you got.”
You smiled and swung out with a fist, but Derek quickly ducked out of reach. You swung again, and this time he caught your arm. He smirked in triumph, but before he could make some smartass remark, you kicked up with your leg and hit him right in the face.
He recoiled in shock, and before he could brace himself, you were slamming into him and taking him to the ground. He landed on the mat with a breathless oof, but he quickly began to laugh. You rolled off of him, and Derek sighed.
“You know, I honestly wasn’t expecting you to kick me in the face,” he breathed. “You’re getting good at this.”
“Well, I’ve had a pretty good teacher,” you told him wryly, jumping up and grabbing your water bottle. “Besides, I have no idea why I didn’t ask you to teach me this sooner.”
“I’m glad you did it,” he admitted. “I’d like to always be there to protect you. It’s kind of my job, but I know that’s not always possible.”
“Why is it your job?” you asked with raised eyebrows.
“I’m your best friend,” he stated with a shrug.
“Huh,” you said. “Yeah, I guess you are.”
“What, you’re surprised?” he asked you.
You smiled. “Just that you’d actually admit it.”
Derek opened his mouth to say something else, but the ringing of your phone cut him off. You walked over and grabbed it from your bag, and when you realized who it was, you sighed reluctantly.
“Hi, Mom,” you answered. “I’m kind of in the middle of something right now, is it okay if I just-oh, ok. Okay, go ahead.”
Derek watched you with a smile on his face. He knew your family could be more than a little overbearing, but they did really care about you. They just had a tendency to take things too far, especially when it came to the holidays, or even worse, dating.
“Yes, Mom,” you said, rolling your eyes at Derek. “I’m coming to Christmas Eve dinner. Yes, I promise.”
Derek watched as your face suddenly took on an expression of exasperation. “Mom, I told you, if I wanted to bring a date, I’d let you know…no, no, I wouldn’t not bring them because of you. That’s crazy.”
Derek laughed softly and you shot him a dirty look, but then you suddenly tilted your head in annoyance. “Uh, how do you know I’m not dating someone? Maybe I just don’t want to bring them around for the Dinner From Hell.”
You glanced over at Derek once more and met his eyes, and that was when he realized what you were thinking. He had been your best friend for years, and he knew that you were hatching a plan just by the glint in your eyes. He shook his head firmly, knowing that it most certainly involved him.
“You know what?” you said into the phone. “I am bringing someone to dinner…yes, living, breathing and everything, I swear…alright. Bye, Mom. Love you too.”
“No way,” Derek stated when you hung up the phone.
“Derek,” you whined. “Come on.”
“No,” he repeated, shaking his head. “You might be my best friend, but I’m not coming to dinner with your family.”
“Please,” you begged. “Please, Derek. I can’t do another year of ‘Oh, Y/n, where’s your boyfriend? You never bring anyone to meet us. Do you really hate us that much?’”
“You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?” he questioned.
“Why not?” you asked with a sigh. “You know me better than anyone else. Come on, Sourwolf. I’ll owe you.”
Derek frowned. There was a part of him that desperately wanted to say yes, just to be able to have you on his arm. Derek’s feelings for you might have been a lot loss friendly than you thought, but he was too stubborn to admit that. He didn’t want to ruin things while they were still working for him, and he wanted to enjoy being with you before you decided he was too much of a burden and ran, right along with everyone else.
He was terrified that if he admitted how he felt, he’d ruin what you had together, which was one solid friendship. He knew that you would probably never amount to much more, but he could always dream. Maybe that was why, as you looked at him with those pleading eyes he had never been able to say no to, he finally relented.
“Fine,” he said gruffly. “But if it starts to get crazy, we’re leaving…for both our sakes.”
“Agreed,” you breathed, running up to him and throwing your arms around his sweaty neck. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God, you really are man’s best friend.”
“I’m a wolf,” he stated, glaring at you. “Not a dog.”
“You’re still cuddly though,” you told him, not at all phased by his scowl as you poked him in the chest.
“Do you want me to slam you onto this mat?” he asked, although his lips were twitching into a smile.
“Maybe,” you said with a grin. “Wanna go for round two?”
Derek smiled. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Derek stated as you hopped out of his car.
“What?” you asked, blinking. “I didn’t say anything.”
He gave you a one-shouldered shrug. “You didn’t have to. I can just tell.”
You sighed and shut the passenger door. “Well it’s not that easy. Every year it’s just this endless buffet of honey ham, sweet potato casserole, and criticism.”
Derek chuckled softly. “I think we can handle it.”
Your expression softened. “We?”
He nodded. “You’re not alone this year. And I promise, I’m not just going to leave you here on your own.”
You shot him a skeptical look. “No matter how awful it gets?”
“No matter how awful it gets,” he swore. “Just remember, you owe me.”
“I do,” you agreed. “Now let’s get this over with.”
You started to head toward the front door of your aunt’s house, but Derek called out to you. “Where do you think you’re going?”
You raised your eyebrows at him, but he simply walked over and wrapped his hand around yours. “We’re dating, remember?”
You flushed slightly, but it had nothing to do with embarrassment. “Right.”
You walked up to the door, hand in hand as Derek muttered to you about the awful Christmas decor he could see through the window.
“Trust me,” you said. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
You reached up to ring the doorbell, but before you could even touch it, the door swung open before you. “Sweetheart!”
Your eyes widened as your mom reached out to bring you into her arms. She squeezed you tighter than you thought she was capable of, yanking you so close that your hand was tugged out of Derek’s.
“Hi, Mom,” you groaned. “You can let me go now.”
You didn’t need to tell her twice, because she had suddenly taken that moment to notice Derek standing on the porch. You were immediately forgotten, and she shoved you away to take all of your date in.
“Y/n,” she scolded. “You didn’t tell me you and Derek were dating. I thought you two were just friends.”
“Well, we’re not,” you stated plainly.
She crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows like she didn’t believe you, but Derek was quick to wrap a warm arm around your waist.
“We were,” he told her brightly. “But Y/n’s just been so much more to me than that. I don’t know where I’d be without her.”
You mother placed her hand over her chest and flashed you a wobbly smile. “Y/n, that’s so wonderful! Why haven’t you told me?!”
“I, uh, I guess I just wanted to keep him all to myself,” you breathed, hoping you sounded convincing.
Derek laughed good-naturedly, something that you were definitely going to make fun of him for later. Your mom looked like she was about to cry, and you didn’t really want her to grill you about your fake relationship on the porch, so you quickly gestured into the front hall.
“Maybe we should come inside and tell you all about it,” you suggested.
“Yes!” she squealed. “Come on in, you two lovebirds. I have to tell your aunt!”
She rushed into the living room ahead of you and Derek, leaving you to softly shut the front door behind you. You were now alone in the hall for a few seconds, and you turned to him with a mortified look. Derek simply grinned and placed his arm around your shoulders.
“Come on, Lovebird,” he said with a smirk, leading you into the living room.

“So, Derek,” your aunt began from across the table. “How did you and Y/n meet?”
“Well, we met in the vet’s office,” Derek explained. “She was working with Dr. Deaton and I…was taking my sister’s dog in for a checkup.”
You suppressed a laugh at Derek’s hesitance to tell the story. It wasn’t a total lie, because you had met him in Deaton’s office, but that experience was a lot more hostile than your family could ever know. You remembered how, in desperation to find the Alpha, Derek had bound Deaton to a chair in the exam room and tried to get him to admit that he knew something about the supernatural.
You hadn’t known about it until that moment, but after you had walked in on it, he had knocked you unconscious. You woke up in an empty office hours later, only to have Deaton come back the next day and act like nothing had happened. You begged him to tell you what was going on, insisting that you had worked for him for years and that he could trust you, and he finally agreed.
You were a little pissed at Derek for tying up your boss and knocking you unconscious, but as time went on and you figured out Scott was a werewolf too, you knew you would need him eventually. Derek had gone to you and Deaton for help more times than you could count, and more times than he would ever admit to Scott. Because of this, your friendship bloomed, and so did Derek’s feelings for you.
“That’s right,” you said. “Remind me again what that dog’s name was?”
Derek glanced over at you, his lips twitching. “Scott. It was Scott.”
“Right,” you said with a small smile. “I remember now. And as I recall, you were very distraught.”
Derek swallowed. “I was.”
“The dog had a broken leg,” you lied, glancing around the table. “It had gotten out of the yard and gotten hit by a car, and Derek was so upset. He even cried. I had to comfort him, and that’s how we started talking.”
“And I just had to see you again,” Derek said, a slight edge to his voice. “No matter how bad at comforting me you were.”
A chorus of “Aw”s echoed from around the table,  and you reached out to place your hand on Derek’s, which was resting on the tablecloth.
“You two are such a cute couple!” your aunt exclaimed. “But I can’t help but wonder-”
“Auntie-” you began, eyeing her suspiciously.
“I haven’t even seen you two kiss!” she cried. “I mean, you sound very affectionate-”
“This isn’t a show,” you protested. “I’m not just going to kiss my…my boyfriend to prove a point.”
“Well, I don’t see the harm,” your mother interjected. “It’s just, you’ve never really brought a man over. I mean, you have to understand, Derek, we thought she liked girls for the longest ti-”
“Mom!” you cried.
“What?” she fired back.
You turned back to Derek to apologize, maybe even to grab his arm and head to leave, but he quickly reached out and placed his hand on your cheek. Your eyes widened, and you don’t know if you would have protested, just that Derek didn’t give you any time to. He was leaning into you and fiercely pressing his lips against yours, his tongue moving past your lips to mingle with yours. You knew this was crossing a line, but your family had wanted a show, hadn’t they?
You melted against him, feeling more content than you had all night, quickly forgetting that Derek was supposed to be your best friend. When he finally pulled away, someone coughed awkwardly, although you couldn’t tell who, because your eyes were locked on Derek’s.
You suddenly realized that the way Derek had kissed you wasn’t the way one friend would kiss another, no matter what you were pretending to be. You might not have had his super senses, but you could still pick up on a lot, especially when it came to Derek. Shock coursed through you at this thought, and you quickly pushed your chair away from the table.
It screeched painfully on the wood floor, but you paid no mind as you rushed to the front door. You sucked in a sharp breath and threw open the door, searching for solace on the empty front porch.
“Y/n,” Derek called, quickly following behind you. “Look, I didn’t mean…”
“Didn’t mean what?” you questioned. “Didn’t mean to kiss me like that?”
“Look, I thought I was helping-”
“Oh, you helped,” you stated. “I think my mom thinks we’re going to give her grandchildren now.”
“Just let me explain,” he begged.
“Why did you agree to this?” you asked him. “Was it really because you wanted to help me?”
“Of course,” he told you. “You’re my best friend.”
He huffed. “And maybe I wanted to pretend to be your boyfriend…but I shouldn’t have kissed you like that. That was overstepping it. I won’t do anything like that again, I swear-”
“No,” you cut him off suddenly.
“No,” you said firmly. “I never said I didn’t want you to do it again.”
“You mean-?”
“I love you,” you stated. “I’ve loved you since you gave up being an alpha to save Cora. Maybe even before that. I’m not exactly sure, but I do know that what you did in there…I want you to do it again.”
Derek smiled and yanked you closer, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you just as fiercely as he had in the dining room. He might have been terrified that admitting his feelings would cost him your friendship, but he had been entirely wrong. Derek didn’t even have to say anything for you to figure out how he felt. You would have found out eventually, but if he was being honest, he was glad it had happened this way.
Your family members hooted and whistled through the windows as you and Derek kissed on the porch, but they were the farthest thing from your mind. You were finally with your best friend in the one way you truly wanted to be, and no one, not even your wild family, could ruin that moment.

It’s Us | Namjoon

Word Count: 4k 

Summary: You just had to give birth the one morning Namjoon wasn’t home. 

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“It’s four in the goddamn morning I wanna go home”, Taehyung whined, head hitting the surface of the soundboard with a hollow ‘thud’.

“ I’ve been here since yesterday”, Yoongi said, glaring at the back of the younger’s head, “Feel blessed you piece of shit.”

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Water Wars (Jungkook fluff)

Hey guys, im sooo sorry for like posting nothing for ages i feel so bad ;o; But anyway ive got this request for you, i went a bit far it but its fineee. Also, i was too lazy to proof read it so if there are any mistakes im sorry xD Anyway enjoy ~Admin K

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“Cannonball!” A yell came from above you as a shadow covered the sun, you looked up to see the shape and the owner of the voice coming down into the pool, doing the exact thing he had yelled he was doing. You raised your hands to protect yourself from what you knew was the upcoming splash of water from J-hope’s body hitting the surface of the water, making the drops fly in all directions.

As you anticipated, the wave had soaked your already wet hair and body, you laughed with the rest of the boys out on the edge of the pool, well with the ones that were already there. And that consisted of Jimin, Jin, Suga and Rap monster, as at this moment, J-hope was resurfacing from the pool before shaking his wet hair like a puppy. V was beside you sitting, stuck, in the middle of a large inflatable rubber hoop. His head and legs sticking out through the top while his bottom was in the hole of the hoop.

Now, the only one missing was the one you loved the most; Jungkook. After an intense game of rock paper scissors, Jungkook was forced to make his way and buy everyone drinks. Clearly Scissors always lose with these guys around.

You were giggling at Hobie’s attempt to overthrow Taehyung’s float in order to steal it, who would not give up his beloved rubber ring as he frantically paddled away using his feet and the tips of his hands.

You couldn’t stop laughing or peel your eyes away from the scene until you heard another splash coming from behind you and before you turned around, large arms wrapped around your small frame. You looked up to see Jungkook standing right behind you with a smile on his face. He must have just got back with the drinks as the three eldest members were enjoying their time on the sunbeds drinking and making jokes. With a smile toy looked back at the two weirdoes fighting over the float,  what brought your attention back to then was a very girly scream coming from V who had realised how close the ‘shark’ was and was desperately paddling away and yelling for his life. From his point of view it must have felt that way with J-hope waddling through the water with an evil chuckle.

Laughing you yelled out, “Tae! I’ll help if you let me use your float afterwards.” You felt a chuckle coming from Jungkook which chest was resting against your back.

The only reply you got was a loud “YAAAAAAAAAAAA” As Taehyung felt J-hope rake his fingers along the side of the float in a teasing manner. If he had intended to steal the float alone he would have been able to do so by now yet he enjoyed teasing his younger friend.

“To the rescue!” Yelled Jungkook, moving away from you and running through the waist height dept of the water with his hand raised as if he was holding out a sword in his hand, a triumphant yell coming from his lungs. You laughed even more and followed after him.

By now, due to all of the noise caused, the others who rested on the water’s edge started watching, laughing and cheering. JImin decided to join the fun and as you struggled to keep up with Jungkook against the push of the water you heard a splash and a rawr like that of a tiger form behind you. Turning your head around to check who it  was, you bust into laughter as you saw Jimin, his hair only half wet with his arms stretched out and formed into what was supposed to look like claws going after you.

You screamed playfully, running trying to catch up with Jungkook who had reached J-hope  and tackling him down into the water, while that was happening you ran away from Jimin and reached Taehyung in the float who was screaming and laughing, looking back where Jimin was, you started pushing Tae away in the opposite direction, hoping that either Jungkook finishes J-hope off, or one of the other boys comes in to help. And if not, you were ready to fight. In the end, it was option number three which had come into fruition. The three elders still didn’t move a muscle, J-hope was dominating Jungkook and Jimin was less than a hand length away. You needed to fight, rescuing Tae, you pushed the float away as far as possible and turned around to face your enemy, hands outstretched on either side like a goalkeeper, ready to stop Jimin in his tracks. But the other didn’t really know what to do, he charged at you with a laughing roar before picking you up and wanting to throw you away into the water. But you didn’t let him, instead fighting back, you grabbed a hold to his arm and wouldn’t let go, so he wouldn’t be able to throw you away as instead you clung to his arm.

To be honest, you weren’t sure if he did this on purpose or if you actually managed to push him down into the water but as you held onto his arm, you placed your foot behind his and pulled down on his hand, toppling him over backwards and into the water. You were surprised that it worked and so move away in surprise and happiness. You stepped back and throw your hands in the air like a champion, celebrating your win.

“Noooooo!” Your celebration was short lived as you heard the defeat of Jungkook and looked behind you to see him completely covered in water and J-hope wading towards you. You were ready to face your second opponent, but at that moment you felt someone’s wet hand touch your shoulder,

“I’ve got this.” Taehyun said with his deep voice, eyeing J-hope, “You get the treasure.” He was referring to the float which was floating on the water just a few meters behind him. You needed, it was like a battle which in some action game. With a war cry Tae charged at J-hope and you made your way back to the float.

“No don’t let her take it!” You heard J-hope yell before he engaged in combat with his bandmate. You waddled faster to the float, reaching your hands over it, ‘How the hell am i supposed to get into this?!’ You thought as you tried to push your body up on the inflatable ring to no avail. You struggled half way up the float before you felt someone grab your legs under the water, you turned around, scared that you would see Jimin there about to pull you away in order to win over the float. But instead you saw someone much better, you breathed a sigh realising that it wasn’t Jimin BTS Jungkook. With his help you managed to climb atop of the float and tried to waddle your feet and hands in the same way V had done previously, but sadly your limbs were much shorter than his and so you only managed to splash a little in the water, it took you nowhere, you just stayed in one place without moving.

Jungkook watched you struggle with a chuckle before he heard a splashing noise from behind him, Jimin had recovered and was coming back for a round two, in a hurry he turned back towards you and started, trying to, run away while pushing away the float. He looked over his shoulder to see Jimin right there less than an arms length away.

“AHHH” Jungkook screamed and laughed before pushing you on the hoop with his strength as Jimmin tackled Jungkook into the water. Now you saw that Taehyung was still mid fight with Hobi while Jimin now wrestled with Jungkook. It was up to you to escape with the hoop. As you watched the four guys you felt the hoop hit onto something hard, you turned around and saw that you had been pushed all the way to the edge of the pool, up on which rested the three oldest guys. That’s when it came to your head. You wiggled your way off of the float before pulling yourself out of the pool and taking the float up with you, you stepped into it, now on land and waddled over to the other three guys and hid behind them, as far away from the pool as possible. You crouched in the float in between Rapmon’s and Jin’s sunbeds as the water dripped off of you and your swimming costume, laughing the whole time.

It took the four boys quite a while to notice that you were gone as they were all still locked in combat. J-hope was the first to notice your missing presence. Before scanning the area of the pool and seeing you crouching in the float behind Rap Monster.

The three boys on the outside of the pool were all laughing, Ramon was lounging on his sunbed, looking out through his glassed at the pool and his ‘children’ play fighting in the water. Jin and Suga were sitting on Jin’s sunbed watching and waiting to see how the rest of the game would unfold. Suga had been asleep till a few moments ago when you had come running out and hiding. He wanted to sleep but couldn’t miss out on the action around him.

One J-hope saw you on the outside, he yelled in despair, knowing very well that they had lost. The other three boys looked up from what they were doing to see the four of you on land laughing.

“And the winners are, (Y/N), Kim Taehyung and Jung Jungkook!!” Rapmon yelled at the top of the voice, receiving cheers from the mentioned people. Jimin and J-hope stood back and sighed, trying to catch their breaths.

Jin picked up his towel and put it over your shoulders, you were still completely wet from your swim and had started shivering. You nodded and smiled a thanks to Jin before wrapping the towel around you, getting up from your hoop and going to sit on the sunbed closest to Rapmon’s. The one on the other side was Suga’s who had now returned to his nap after watching the show. You sat crouched on the sunbed, the towel wrapped around you as you kept giggling from the excitement from a few moments ago.

Following this, one by one the guys left the pool and came to dry themselves off on the sunbeds. Jungkook stood up to grab his drink before sitting himself next to you on your sunbed before downing the drink. You smiled at him watching his actions until he had finished his drink, placing it down next to the sunbed and looking over at you. You looked cozy and warm in that towel while his body still dripped with water. He grabbed one end of the towel which you were clutching in front of you and pulled it so he could wrap himself in beside you. The towel was huge and could easily wrap around the two of you.

The rest of your day went by very smoothly, you, along with the group enjoyed the rest of your stay on this holiday. You even managed to get some alone time with your boyfriend as the two of you shopped and enjoyed yourselves together.

1:27 am

In which he comes back to you.

               You sighed heavily as you pushed the door to your apartment open, tiredly leaning against it for support as you stepped inside. As it slowly shut, you stepped back, your back softly hitting its surface closing the door with a quiet click. The dim and gloomy glow of the city lights outside struggled to seep into your dark living room through the thick curtains hiding the balcony.

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Only You

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Only You 
Rated: Mature

It had been far too long since you last seen your boyfriend. Since you last felt him. He finally made it back after the longest five weeks of your life; iKon wrapped up their Japanese tour and he was finally back home. You had romantic dinner, barely making it into dessert before he practically jumped you. For all intents and purposes it had been over a month.

He lifted you in his arms kissing you. It felt like your back hit every surface from the counters to the walls before you finally ended up in the bedroom Your clothes trailing behind  leaving proof of your haste.

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OK but just imagine the Slytherin common room.

No way we will be content in a dank af dungeon probably breathing in 1,000 year old mould nah. 

It’s under the lake, and it’s all big windows with the most comfortable chairs and couches pushed up against them as close as they can be and everyone becomes familiar with the innumerable creatures of the lake.

The ceiling is high and vaulted, draped with cloth that mirrors the lake surface, a perfect image of everything from those clear summer days, to the refracted image of the moon and stars, and the violent storms when lightning hits the surface, each providing their own unique type of light.

Instead of old damp stone the floors are an ancient marble perfect for reflecting and maximising the light that is so soft from years and years of foot-traffic that carpets are unnecessary and it is simply kept warm with a charm for those who would rather walk barefooted.

The room itself is circular and the eye is drawn to the fire pit in the centre, charmed to be smokeless and sunk inside a ring of pillows and blankets reminiscent of gathering halls in antediluvian villages and there is naught a time without at least two students sleeping there.

Contrary to the stereotype of dark and deep and cold the Slytherin common room is warm and soft and illuminated, and proud as both the ancient pureblood lines from years before, but not so proud as the students that live here now. The students from pureblooded families, and the halfboods, and the muggleborns too.

Friendly Reminder/Fanfiction

That in HoF, Rowaelin went swimming together. Rowan threw her in, laughing. He soon jumped in after Aelin was probably swearing at him from the depths of water below.

That was a CANON scene.

Okay, but imagine that. A pool of water, with a long distance down until you actually hit the glittering surface of blue. There was a little stairway built into the surrounding wall, so you could get out. Rowan and Aelin were dangling their legs over it, and soon before long, he threw her in because she probably called him an ass or something, and then he joined her. Imagine that splash. Imagine him smiling at her, close in proximity. Imagine her smiling at him, close in proximity. Both being so happy to be with each other, all the little touches, both intimate and not, they ignored while they swam, but secretly adored on the inside. Rowan scenting her joy every time he brushed her soaking hair out of her face, and finally just holding her cheek in one hand.

Getting out of the little pool, Rowan helps Aelin out with a little shove at the waist. She looks back at him, and grins.

Okay, this went from a friendly reminder to a fanfiction. Haha, I think I’m going to to write a whole fanfiction on this! :D

Cursed- chapter 3

Witch Marinette Au– lots of Marichat–  Adrienette in this chapter. Basically a fluff piece.


“Whatcha doing?” Chat asked sitting criss crossed on the floor next to the table where Marinette worked.

“I’m making a potion. I keep screwing it up and tomorrow if I can’t get it right I’m going to get a failing grade,” Marinette said not taking her eyes off her work.

“What kind of potion is it? Can I help?” The kindness in Chat’s voice caused her to look away from her work. Chat was looking up at her with bright green eyes. Marinette smiled at the cat boy taking the time to ruffle his hair before returning to her work.

“It’s okay kitty, I can do this,” Marinette spoke softly as she dropped in the last few rose petals into the small cauldron. As the petals hit the surface of the liquid the potion turned pink and began to glitter in the light. Marinette giggled. Finally she had gotten something right. Chat stood next to her peering into the pot.

“Is that a love potion?” Chat asked curiously. The corners of his lips twitched upwards.

“What!? No! It’s um a truth potion! It forces you to tell the truth,” Marinette lied and she didn’t know why. She just didn’t want Chat to know she had been making a love potion which was ridiculous because it wasn’t like she wanted to use it on anybody or anything. When Marinette looked back down at her potion it began to pale until it was completely white. Great, another failed potion, Marinette thought. Chat examined the contents of the pot curiously.

“That’s strange, most truth potions don’t start out pink, or smell like roses… Well time to find out if your potion works, bottoms up!” Chat picked up the pot and put it to his lips.

“What?! Chat no!” Before Marinette could stop him he had already gulped down most of the potion. Chat smacked his lips together thoughtfully.

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My gods damned story. Read it.

“Oh come on,” I mutter to myself, looking down at the lake. It had recently started growing, this years rains coming more and more heavy. As I look, small rings start to form and grow, water hitting the surface. Well then, I guess I won’t be able to go fishing today. I hadn’t been able too for a week, and it’s the best escape from my parents. More my mother, but that’s irrelevant to the situation at hand. I turn back, intending to leave the lake and go home. My feet pull at the gravel along the side, and I silently wish for a new pair of shoes as I feel some sharper rocks push at the soul of my shoe. No use complaining about it, I just didn’t have the time to go and sell some of my other things to get new essentials. I know a good amount of people who would die for some of the shells I collected over the years of making my way to the water. Speaking of shells, as I look around I see a few. Might as well get something from this trip?
I kneel down, picking up the larger of the two in front of me, rotating it in my hand. Rather nice one, with a dark ring around its center. Good thing it’s empty, otherwise I’d be dead. I put it in the small bucket I brought with me, intended for fish, and look to the other. It’s a red one, rather nice too. I can’t remember any animals in the area with a red shell like this, long, cone shaped and with a wide brim. I’ve seen ones like it, just not red. Might be some sort of anomaly, making it just the more valuable. Gotta find a use for it that’s not crushing it up for pigment though. Into the bucket with you pal.
I stand again, feeling the rain hitting my back. I should go before I get soaked, the cold of water is never nice in the fall. I walk quickly through the woods, hand on my dagger. Yes, mother might not want me alive, but she certainly didn’t want me dead by fae or something of the ilk. That would result in being cursed, and if there’s anything she believes in more then “children are property of their parents” is curses. I just believed in the fae simply because they’re real. Killed many around me, including little Luna. Whoop, pushing that to the back of my memory again. It’s not my fault, it’s not my fault, it’s not my fault.
While pushing through the mantra I’d used for nearly a year and a half, I feel a stick snap beneath my feet. If they didn’t know I was here they surely do now, I’m effectively dead at this point. Show no signs of fear Amilla, none. I keep moving, focusing on the path in front of me and keeping my hand on my dagger. I’d had it there the whole time, for all they know I could be just preparing for if a wolf comes out and attacks me. That’s a normal thing to not want to happen, it’s something they of all should understand. Calm down and breathe and focus on the path. All you’ve gotta do to make them not speak to you. Even if they do, you’ve got sand in your pouch, throw that and run before any others come out. Only got one pouch. Only one, nine hells what if there’s more then one of them? Hope they see the sand too. That’s what you do. ’Ve got an iron dagger too, use that if you have to. If you HAVE to though. Have to.
“One two three four five steps taken. One two three for five steps more. One two-” I start muttering to myself, the feeling of my mouth moving good enough to calm me slightly. I stand with my back straighter slightly, looking around as I quietly speak to myself.

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Crush Imagine #18

“We’ll do it together!” I encouraged y/c. A group of friends and I had come out to a good cliff jumping spot, and y/c was chickening out major time. 

“I just ate, I don’t think it’s a good idea” y/c protested. 

“Dude we all had lunch over an hour ago at the diner, you’re good” y/friend rolled his eyes. 

“Okay, just stand here” I pulled y/c towards the edge. “And now we just do this”  I grabbed his wrists and jumped, making him come along with me. He was still cursing at me when we hit the surface of the water, which is pretty funny. I came to the surface, laughing so hard I thought I may forget how to swim. 

“That was not funny, at all” y/c did a hair flip and swam over to me. 

“So funny” I grinned as he reached me and splashed him, swimming away. He swam after me, and being a better swimmer, he reached me. I felt his hands grab my torso and pull me backwards into his chest. 

“This is what you get for that” he pulled me over to shallow area and held me bridal style, dunking me into the water. I giggled once he stopped and stood up, staring into his eyes. Flecks of gold that I never noticed before were suddenly visible to me. He grabbed my arms and put them around his neck before putting his hands on my waist. My heart begun racing, I’d been dreaming of this moment for months now. He brushed his lips against mine, sending jolts through me. Suddenly our lips were moving in sync, giving the most exhilarating feeling. His hands moved from my waist to my butt, and one of my hands traced his toned torso. 

“Get off of each other!” y/friend shouted, cannonballing into the water near us, making us pull apart. We flipped him off swam to the path to take us back to the top of the cliff. 

“We should do that again sometime” y/c winked and ran ahead. 

anonymous asked:

Hi. What would happen if a person was killed by a large fall onto a hard surface? What would the body look like, particularly if it landed face down, head first, or feet first? How would the body be collected (if all the bones are broken, I'm assuming it's delicate)? And would the injuries be different if the person fell onto a solid surface like concrete/pavement versus water that's pretty much solid thanks to surface tension? Thanks!

Hey Nonnie! Thank you for the ask!

We are not really medical professions and are not too knowledgeable about how the human body works, and would like to refer you to @scriptmedic’s fall tag on her blog

Most likely from a great height the body will go SPLAT, and we will have to scrape off all the body bits into the body bag. Depending on how the body hits the surfaces, the injuries will be different but that is more of a medical thing. Surface tension should behave like solid surfaces at great heights, and we don’t think there will be much differences with injuries.

Don't Do That Again

Summary: You return after being…um…gone for several months.

Characters: Dean x reader

A/N: Since nobody has requested anything this is another one from head. So please request something! Don’t be shy!

You opened your eyes and… nothing… black, that was all that surrounded you.

Your next response, to reach out, what you were not expecting was for your hands to come into contact with a hard surface so close to your face.

Your next response was not one you were entirely proud of, you freaked out; your hands thrashed in every direction desperate to break free from the box you seemed to have found yourself in.

It wasn’t until your hands hit the surface in front of your face in your last desperate attempt and you heard a deafening crack did you let out the breath you didn’t know that you were holding. After that all of your blows were focused upwards until dirt covered your face, making it hard to breathe, and sunlight covered you skin, pale from the months, years as far as you knew, you spent in the small prison you have now escaped from.

It wasn’t until you had clawed your way to the surface and sat up that the events of the last year came back to you; hitting you like a freight train.

Demon deal, hell hounds, hell.

But one thought kept coming back to you. Dean.

You didn’t tell him about the deal, claimed you were going away on a hunting trip and would be back soon. Needless to say, you were not back soon. More importantly you never told him how you actually felt. But after making a deal to save his life you figured cutting interactions to a minimum would be best, so that’s what you did. You avoided Dean, and Sam, for the month that you had left, or as much as living in the bunker with them allowed.

Now that your back what if one of them sold his soul. What if Dean felt responsible and sold his soul.

No he couldn’t, he wouldn’t. He can’t leave Sam, he wouldn’t leave Sam.

You crawled out of your shallow grave and quickly assessed your situation. No cuts or bruises anywhere on your body and no clue where you were. So you picked a direction and started walking.

You quickly found that you were in Minnesota and decided your destination to be Bobby’s salvage yard, not the bunker, because one it was closer and two if one of the boys sold his soul then…you were not ready to face that possibility.

So you hitchhiked your way to Bobby’s house and now you stood on his porch with your hand raised in knocking position. And you stood there for several minutes, ready to knock but not ready to face the man behind the door. He will either confirm or deny your suspicion that one of the boys sold his soul.

However, you knew that you had to eventually face this so you took a deep breath before knocking, a short quick three times.

There was a definite “thunk” as a shotgun, no doubt, was placed behind the door before it was pulled open revealing the man himself, Bobby singer.

Exactly 3 seconds passed of the two of you starring at each other before you were yanked into the house, sprayed with holy water, and cut on your arm with a silver knife.

It took you a minute to recuperate after possibly the world fastest supernatural check before giving Bobby the biggest bitch face you could muster.

Bobby muttered a small “balls” before pulling you into a giant hug. You simply chuckled and wrapped your arms around the old man in response.

“Sit down, sit down. You must be tired. Do you want water, or beer, or I don’t know a sandwich.” Bobby asked somewhat stuttering.

You laughed at him, you’ve never seen him so flustered “No Bobby I’m good…How long have I…um…”

“Been out?” Bobby suggested. You nodded.

“Uh…8 months” Bobby muttered looking at the floor. “The boys they…they’ve missed you…hell they’re upstairs. Haven’t been on a hunt in…well nearly that long. I should go get them, they’ll want to see you.”

“Wait they’re both upstairs?” You asked your heart swelling with hope. Bobby nodded.

“So neither sold his soul. They’re both ok.” You muttered in disbelief.

“Of course they didn’t sell they’re soul, do you really think that I would let them?”

You chuckled to yourself once again “In all seriousness don’t get them, not yet, I’m not ready.”

“You’ll have to face them eventually.”

“I know but not yet, I’m going to take a walk.”

You stumbled out of the door and looked around. 8 months, you had been gone 8 months. And so you walked, got lost, in both your thoughts and the junk yard.

The sun had now risen and you found yourself once again in front or well behind, Bobby’s house not ready for the confrontation that will take place once you step inside. But you knew you had to do it so you took a deep breath and pushed the door forward walking in.

The hour of walking in the junkyard had not prepared you for what you found inside. There you found Sam slouched in a chair, hair tossed in every direction, pale and muscles less defined than before.

“Holy shit” You mumbled.

Sam shot up strait and snapped his head in your direction before pushing you into the wall placing his forearm on your neck to keep you in place.

Before you could say anything Bobby spoke up “already checked her, idjit.”

Sam’s eyes widened slightly before he pulled you into a bone crushing hug and held you there for several minutes.

“Oh god I missed you” He whispered into your ear bringing tears to your eyes.

“I missed you too.” You said back.

He held you at arm’s length before grinning and pulling you into another hug. However, you were soon interrupted by a familiar gruff voice that you had been longing to here.

“The hell Sammy, are you trying to make extra noise in the morning” He asked bitterly.

You pulled away from Sam and looked at the man who once was the amazing green-eyed hunter you had a crush on. His hair, like Sam’s, stuck up in every direction from restless sleep. His eyes were bloodshot and puffy and he reeked of alcohol.

You once again muttered “Holy shit” and Dean’s immediate reaction was similar to Sam’s. His head shot up but instead of attacking me he looked to Bobby who simply nodded. He then sprinted to you engulfing you in a giant hug lifting you off your feet.

“Don’t ever do that to me again” He whispered into your ear holding on to you for several minutes longer.

When he finally did let go he kept a hand on your arm scared that if he lets go you would disappear.

“How are you here?” He asked starring right into your eyes.

With a surge of confidence you answered “I had some unfinished business”.

He cocked an eyebrow and you grabbed either side of his face and pulled his lips to yours. Without any hesitation he kissed you back. When you pulled back he rested his forehead against yours.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” He whispered.

“I think I’m the one who did that.” You laughed.

He brought you into another quick kiss.

“There we’re even.” He laughed and so did you.

“I’m serious don’t do that again.” He said looking right into your eyes once again.

“Aw you two are breaking my heart.” Bobby said from the corner.

You laughed and pulled away from Dean feeling embarrassed. Instead of following your lead Dean grabbed your hand and pulled you next to him.

“I’m not letting you go, I can’t…I can’t lose you again.” He said tears streaming down his face.

You smiled still not believing that this was all real. You put your hands on either side of his face again and wiped away his tears.

“Don’t worry, not going to happen.”