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Fic: Foresight (Vax, Vex, ensemble)

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In his memory, Vax is forever locked in a moment (in a moment in a moment).

Major spoilers for episode 102.



In his memory, Byroden is forever locked in springtime.

Warm light glints off sun-dappled leaves, distracting the eye from even the most vivid of wildflowers that pitch and sway with the wind-blown grasses. He’s young, sitting in the dirt and watching his sister methodically pull up strands of grass and release them into the wind to flutter and flicker away. He’s thinking about Jerren, the kindly old man next door who’d died last week. He’s thinking about his mother leaning in close with tears in her eyes and saying, “I’m so sorry, but he’s not coming back,” he’s thinking about what it means to end and to make other people feel sorry, he’s thinking about what it means to go and not come back.

“I never want this to end,” he says.

Vex just looks at him, pulling up another handful of grass. “I’m getting hungry. We gotta go in sometime.”

“I mean, I’m gonna remember this when I’m two hundred years old,” Vax says. “This day, today. The way the sun looks and the grass looks and the sky looks.”

She grins. “You’ll definitely forget.”

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I am sorry to hear about the trouble you have with people and their unreasonable assumptions and beliefs. =( This really shouldn't add to your burden and I just wanted to tell you to rightfully ignore that crap. Humans are a freaking crazy bunch and often fail to keep their hurtful and misguided opinions to themselves. I am really sorry for your experience just remember that many of us have a firm grasp on reality and are cheering you on! <3

Thanks anon

I’m mostly just paying attention to my medical specialists and leaving it at that. In the beginning, I had an open Facebook post where I listed the things that wouldn’t help me, and the things that would (since I knew people would want to help), but that was February, so it might be time to do something similar again.

I’ve noticed that there are three loose groups of people who are most likely to offer damaging, fringe advice though: the really woo spiritual people I hang out with (i.e. the ones who believe in Reiki and stuff), the really intense paleo / keto / vegan people I know (why are so many of these people anti-vaxxers???), and the ‘chemo is poison and manufactured by big pharma to make a profit’ group.

Given I actually do know a couple of people who genuinely believe in lizard people (*SIGHS*), I have enough fringe people around me to hear some crazy shit.

What has surprised me most is hearing that crazy shit from people I do not generally think of as occupying niches where I could expect to hear that crazy shit.

Thankfully my doctors are the bomb, and I’m a pretty grounded person. :)

I’m just also a really tired person, and I don’t have much energy left to suffer fools lightly. <3 <3

Ms. Sue, a chicken who got hit in the head and now thinks they’re a cog. And Mr. Suit, her law partner that is cartoonishly unaware that she is a toon.

through a series of accidents and total luck, Ms. Sue dazily bumbles her way into actually being a very good lawyer. Her and Suit run a law firm together.

Mr. Suit is incredibly defensive of anyone who would accuse Sue of being weird or different than the rest of the cogs. He has no idea how anyone could possibly get the idea that she’s a toon.

Ever Since New York • Pt 7


Thanks as always for reading and giving me feedback, I appreciate it so much you guys have no idea :)
Edited this myself so there is probably errors, sorry I got caught up in the smut!

So I’m dedicating this chapter to my new bff @lazydaizies cause she has motivated me to no end and I love her ❤️ Go and read her fic, it’s bomb. Trust me.


When Jughead woke up, he wasn’t sure whether last night had been a dream or not. And when he felt the warmth of Betty in his arms, her back snuggled in so tightly to his chest, he almost thought he was still dreaming. Those were the only dreams he ever had anyway, ones of her.

But no. He was wide awake. This was happening to him. And he couldn’t quite believe it. His heart felt like it would burst out of his chest and any given moment, beating like that. Betty stirred then, she turned around to face him, still asleep. And if he thought his heart was full before, it wasn’t. For now he could see her face, so peaceful in that dream state and all he wanted to do was reach out and touch her. He didn’t want to wake her, but God damnit he had to make sure she was real. He had to make sure she was really here. So he did, he ran his hand down her face, her skin so soft on his fingertips. She opened one eye slowly, a smile forming on her sleepy face.

“Morning, Juggie.” She whispered, her voice full with sleep but also so full with love it was like he’d never heard his name before. If he could lay here like this for the rest of his life, he may well have. “You sleep okay?”

“The best sleep I’ve had in a long time, Betts.” He smiled down at her, still stroking her face, moving to play with her hair that had curled around her face in her sleep. As she watched him with those big meadow- green eyes of hers, he was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. His breath hitched in his throat, and all he wanted to do in that moment was kiss her. Which is exactly what he did. He placed soft little kisses all over her face, down her neck, not being able to stop himself. A laugh escaped her lips.

“Jughea-” He cut her off with more kisses, all of them on her mouth. She kissed him back lightly, and still laughing, she managed to push him onto his back and sit over him, straddling his waist. “As much as I’m enjoying this, you really worked me out last night -” She blushed as she said this, quickly ducking down to kiss him again when she saw that glint in his eye “- And I am starving. Breakfast?”

She didn’t have to ask Jughead twice.


Betty had convinced Jughead that it would be safe for them to go out to a local diner she knew for breakfast. It was definitely no Pops, but it did damn good waffles, so Betty had told him. And she never went often enough for anyone to notice she was with someone who wasn’t her boyfriend. “At a glance they’ll think you’re him, anyway”

They both got dressed in the same clothes they were wearing last night, and Jughead couldn’t help but smile at the thought. As he sat on the edge of the bed he watched her tie her hair back in her bedroom mirror, her shirt lifted, and he could see a blue and purple bruise the shape of his fingertips forming on her lower back. He winced, and Betty noticed in the mirror.


She lifted her shirt and turned awkwardly to see what Jughead was looking at in the mirror, her lips forming a smirk when her eyes locked on the mark he had left on her. She couldn’t help but love it, heat rising in her face when she thought about the amount of times he had claimed her as his own last night. And this morning. She looked at him then, a smug look on his face that she instantly wanted to kiss off.

“It’s okay, you’ll just have to kiss it better.” She almost sung as she pranced over to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, the smile on his face as he looked up to her one that made her heart swell. He let his hands slip down to the back of her thighs, his thumb pressing into her skin. “But not yet, I need energy.”

She removed his hands from her and pulled on him until he stood. He placed a chaste kiss on the tip of her nose.

“Me too, you took all mine. Feed me please” He wrapped his arm around her as they left her apartment.


The soon piled into a booth at this diner, Jughead making the conscious decision to sit opposite and not beside Betty. He wasn’t sure he could keep his hands to himself.

But it wasn’t himself he needed to worry about.

“Hi there, are you guys ready to order yet? Or can I just get y'all some coffee to start?” Betty looked up at the waitress with a smile.

“Actually, can I have a milkshake please? Strawberry. And waffles, too. With fruit.” The waitress jots that down, then looks to Jughead with a look on her face that Betty can read a mile off.

“And for you, hunny?”

“I’ll definitely have coffee, black, and umm, burger and fries, please.” He smiled up at the waitress, oblivious to her flirting. As she sauntered away he saw the look ok Betty’s face, her brow was furrowed and her mount the perfect ‘o’ shape.

“What?” He asked, trying not to laugh at how annoyed she looked.

“Uhh that pretty little thing was totally flirting with you, Jug. God, where the professionalism?” Jughead was laughing now, so much so his head hit the back of the booth. “What? What are you laughing at? Just because you were oblivious.” She leaned back and crossed her arms, the cutest little pout Jughead had ever seen on her mouth. He wanted to take that lip in his teeth.

“Is that a hint of jealousy I can detect there, Cooper?” Betty shoots him daggers.

“Shut up, Jones.” The corners of her mouth are tilting up and he can see she’s trying not to smile.

“Trust me, Betty. I notice, I just don’t pay any attention to anyone else but you.” He holds her gaze, her mouth turning into a full blown smirk at his words. There eye contact only broken because said waitress was back with their drinks. She placed Betty’s milkshake in front of her with a smile, and the Jugheads coffee in front of him.

“There you are hunny, nice and hot. Do you need any extra sweetness in there or are you sweet enough?” Betty can’t believe her ears, she kicks Jugheads knee under the table as if to say “what the fuck?” He just smiles back and says no, as charming as ever. As soon as she’s gone he burst out laughing again.

“Jesus, someone needs to tell her it’s not hot when you make it easy.” Betty is staring daggers into the back of the waitresses head as she’s walking towards the kitchen.

“No, but jealousy? Totally fucking hot. Looks good on you, Coop.” He’s got this stupid smirk on his face and Betty can’t decided whether she wants to smack it off or attack it with her mouth.

“You wish, I’m just simply saying it doesn’t look good for business.” She pulls her shake towards her then, and knowing that Jughead is watching she purposefully drags her mouth down and back up the straw, taking long sips of her shake and swallowing slowly. She flutters her eyelashes just to vamp up the seduction.

“Jesus, Betty. Are you trying to kill me woman?” Jughead can’t take is eyes off her, now she’s gripping the glass and nibbling ever so lightly on the end of her straw with her teeth. He could feel the warmth growing in the out of his stomach. All this girl had to do was suck on a damn straw and he was done for. Enough so that he didn’t even notice the waitress come back with their food, his eyes didn’t leave Betty’s mouth around that straw, not even to say thank you. The waitress left with a slightly disappointed look on her face and that didn’t go unnoticed by Betty, satisfied with herself. Jughead couldn’t help but let out a little moan as Betty stopped hanging off her straw and started on her food.

“Eat, Juggie.” She just smiled up at him with that million dollar smile, and if he didn’t love her so much he would hate her for winding him up so easily.

They made small talk at the table as they ate, laughing and smiling. Jughead found himself continuously having to swat Betty away from stealing his fries, just like all those times at Pops. Even though he didn’t mind, not really. He’d give her anything she ever wanted.

They were halfway through their meals when Betty noticed the waitress coming back, probably to make sure everything was okay with their food. She reached her leg out under the table and slowly ran her foot up the inside of Jugheads leg, getting achingly close to his lap when the waitress made it to the table. Jugheads eyes went wide.

“Everything okay here, guys?” She wasn’t even asking Betty, it was all directed at Jughead, her head was tilted towards him for god sake. And so, with her veins running hot, Betty’s foot made it to his lap, and she smirked when she could feel a slight bulge. It was working. She let her toe run a light, slow circle around his groin. She could feel him twitching through his jeans. Jughead gripped the table.

“Yeah, perfect, thanks.” If you didn’t know him you wouldn’t really notice the strain in his voice, but Betty could. She let out a light laugh and the waitress shot her a look.

“Nothing else I can get you? No refil-”

“No!” Jughead winced as her cut her off “No, th-thank you. We’re fine.” She nodded and hurried away. Jugheads eyes turned to Betty then. She let out a breath when she saw the lust clouding in them. He grabbed her food under the table.

“Are you done? We need to leave. Now.” His tone was firm enough to make the hairs on Betty’s arms stand up. He threw the cash for the food on the table and quickly stood up from the booth and took her hand, pulling her out. He strategically placed her in front of him with his hands on her shoulders and lead her out, he didn’t want anyone else to notice how excited she’d just made him over breakfast. Betty couldn’t help but wink at that waitress as they walked out.


They headed home via the hostel Jughead was (supposed to be) staying at so he could grab his stuff and check out. Betty had told him there was no way he wasn’t staying with her again.

They were back at Betty’s apartment now, she was telling him about how long she’d been living there and what is was like as she unlocked the front door and let them in. As soon as the door was closed, Jughead had slammed Betty back up against it, her chin firmly in his grasp.

“You’re super fucking sexy when you’re jealous, you know that? I nearly had to take you on that damn table” He was looking down at her, his eyes darting over her face possessively. And when she bit her lip and faked a look of innocence, her green eyes wide, he held back the moan that sat in his throat.

“Who, me? Oh, no. Are you gonna punish me?” She was fluttering her eyelashes at him now. He felt her leg work its way inbetween his.

“I might,” He licked his lips, his mouth so close to hers he could feel her breath mixing with his. “Unless you can convince me not too?” His breath hitched as she hooked a finger through his belt loop, pulling his flush again her.

“No, Jug. I deserve to be punished.” And without another word her mouth was on his, tongue pressing against his lips, searching for his. He let out that moan that he had been holding in and wrapped both his arms around her thighs, just below her ass, and hoisted her up. She let out a laugh again this mouth.

“Atta girl.” He started towards the bedroom. Betty ran her fingers through his hair as she kissed his face between her giggles, one on each side of his smile, one on his nose, his forehead, and one on his mouth as they reached the bedroom door. She reached her hands out against the frame, stopping him from taking her in. He looked up at her, a question in his eye. She brushed his hair away from his face, smiling down at him.

“As much as I want you to show me how much of a bad girl I am Jug, maybe we should shower first?” His heart jumped at the use of the word we, instantly beating faster as he thought of her naked and dripping. He hoisted her up again, causing another giggle that he loved to hear escape her lips. He turned around and headed to the bathroom instead.

They got clean in the shower they shared, and then dirty, and then clean again. By the time Jughead stepped out and wrapped a towel around his lower body, he was covered in mouth shaped bruises and scratches. He had wanted her to mark him, he wanted reminders everywhere that she touched him, wanted and loved him. And as she stepped out of the shower, he wanted to take a mental snapshot of her. Her lips were plump and red from all the kissing, hair wet and clinging to her face, her cheeks stained pink. She stood there naked, and Jughead wanted to follow the trail of water dripping down her body with his tongue. God, she was beautiful and even though he had just ravished her completely he wanted her again and again. He grabbed her face between his hands and kisses her long and hard, both of them breathing heavy as he pulled away. He laid his forehead against hers and trailed his fingers along her mouth.

“God, Betty. I will never have enough of you.” She closed her eyes and smiled sweetly.

“I’m counting on that, Jug.”


They had decided to order take out and have a movie night. They were snuggled under a blanket on the couch now, empty Chinese take out containers on the coffee table in front of them. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was playing. Betty’s head was in Jugheads lap, he was absent mindedly runnning his hands through her hair. She turned her head to look up at him from his lap.

“If this was a thing, like a legit thing, would you consider it?” She nodded towards the tv. “Erasing someone from your memory?”

He tilted his head in thought. “Maybe if it was like, Reggie Mantle? Wouldn’t mind forgetting him.” Betty laughed at him and smacked him on the arm.

“Serious, Jug. Would you?” He thought about it for a moment as he ran his hand down her face. But he already knew this answer, he wanted to hear hers.

“Would you?”

“No.” Her face was serious, she hadn’t even had to think about it. She grabbed his hand that was on her face and looked him straight in his eye. “Not even if you died, or told me you never wanted to see me again, nothing. Nothing would make me want to forget how much I love you. Cause it’s a whole fucking lot Jug, and I would never not want to know that feeling, you know? Not everyone is as lucky as me to love someone so fiercely, even after being apart and not speaking, even with the Clara’s and the Jacks” Betty felt guilty for a fleeting moment when Jacks face flashed in her mind, but she pushed it back because she didn’t want to think about it. She hadn’t even realised she was crying when Jughead wiped her tears from her cheek. Her voice was a whisper when she spoke again. “And I never want to forget what it feels like to be loved by you.”

Jughead is tracing Bettys lips with his fingertips. “You never will, baby. I promise you never, ever will.” She kissed his fingers before he moved them to hold her head in his hands. “And to answer your question, fuck no, I would never consider it. Why would I want to forget this face? These lips” He placed a kiss on her mouth. “This neck” Then another kiss on her neck just under her jaw. “This ass” He smirked as his hand moved down her body and pinched her. “You are the blood in my veins Elizabeth Cooper, I’m not even a functional human being without you. Seriously, ask Archie.” He’s laughing but he’s dead serious, she can see it in his eyes. She reached up to cup his face with her hand, he nuzzles his cheek in her palm.

“I love you, Jughead. Thank you for coming to me. I know I-, I know that you came here for closure and to leave it behind you and I’m sorr-”

“Shh, Betty, shh it’s okay. Please don’t apologise to me. Ever. This is closure, Betty. This is me coming to terms with the fact that you are it for me. Even if you told me right now to leave, to not come back-”

“Jug I would never.”

“I know, but let me finish, Betts. Even if you kicked me out right and and said you never wanted to see me again, I think I could manage. It would hurt like a bitch, sure. But I could live with that because I’ve come to terms with it, I’m being honest with myself now. I’m not hiding anything anymore. You are etched into my very being, and I could live every day as long as I knew you were happy and smiling and where you wanted to be.” His hands are on her face again, tracing all her features. “You are the most beautiful woman in this whole world, you know that?”

“Oh shush, you old romantic.” But she’s laughing and smiling up at him, eyes glittering with tears and he knows he’s not wrong.

“Never, never ever. I don’t even believe in god but I will never stop thanking whoever the hell is up there for letting me have you, even if it’s just for this weekend.” Jughead can feel his own tears trailing down his face. “I just love you so fucking much, so fucking much it’s a little bit overwhelming and I-” Betty put her finger over his mouth to shush him.

“Make love to me, Jughead. Please. No more talking.” He leaned his head down to kiss her, softly at first but that wasn’t what she was after. She let him know that by wrapping her fingers in his hair, pulling on it so his nose was flat against hers. She used it as leverage to pull herself up into his lap until she was straddling him. Never once taking her mouth from his. His hands were pressed into her lower back, pushing he flat against him. He peppered kisses all along her jaw, down her neck to her chest. He nibbled on her collar bone, which causes a moan from Betty’s throat. He runs his tongue soothingly along the bite marks he left. Her head is hung back, giving full access to Jughead. He places more kisses on the rise in her chest. One hand weaves up the back of her shirt, gripping on her bra clasp and quickly undoing it. She inhales quickly and pulls away from his mouth.

“How did you do that so fast?” He smirked at her, looking smug. He leans into her automatically at the absence of her mouth on his.

“It’s a talent, baby. I’m full of them.” She rolled her eyes at him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and took his bottom lip in between her teeth. She pulled back slowly until his lip popped back.

“You think so? Can I show you mine?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him, placing a quick kiss on his mouth before she trails more down his neck, only stopping to pull his t shirt over his head. And then he’s pulling hers off, her bra hitting the floor next to it. His hands make to cup her breast, but she grabs them before he can.

“Nuh uh, I want this all for you.”

He pouts at her. “But your boobs are for me!”

“Not just yet, sunshine. Now don’t speak unless you’re moaning my name, capesh?”

She quickly continued her way down his chest with kisses, right down through his navel until she’s pecking at the skin along the waistband of his jeans. She runs a finger up the zipper, teasing him. She can feel him growing under her touch. She looked up at him with hooded eyes.

“Is that for me?” She asks, putting on a sing-song voice, a hand on her heart. He licks his lips and tried to find his voice.

“All for you, Betty.” His words catch on his breath as she wraps her fingers around his waistband and shimmies his jeans down until they are on the floor next to the rest of their clothes. Now she has him just in his boxers. She climbs back in between his legs and traces down his member through the fabric. Jughead twitches under her touch, pushing his hips up towards her.

“Such a tease.” He breaths out. She smirks up at him, holding his gaze while she pulls down his boxers and sets him free. She still doesn’t break eye contact when she slowly licks from his shaft up to the tip, and then when she takes him completely in her mouth.

“Jesus, Betty.” His head falls back against the couch as she moves her mouth against him, bobbing her head slowly. Swirling her tongue around his tip on her way back up. As she picked up the pace, Jugheads hand grabbed a fistful of her hair. He could feel her muffled groan against him. She wrapped her hand around his shaft as she pulled away, only so she could tell him;
“Pull my hair, Juggie” before she took him in her mouth again. He did as his lady asked, almost laughing when she asked him to pull harder.

“I don’t want to pull your hair ou- Oh my fuck.” She started to use her hand at the same time, working her hand to meet her mouth. “Betty, I’m gonna cum, you g-gotta stop.” She looked up at him then, giving him a look that obviously meant she wasn’t gonna stop. His head fell back again as he reached his high. Betty let him fill her mouth, making sure he was watching her as she swallowed him down. There was a sheen of sweat on Jugheads face, his cheeks read, eyes blown wide. And yet she looked like a goddess, lips slightly swollen and hair a mess.

“Jesus fuck Betty, you actually are going to kill me.”

She climbed up into his bare lap again, and placed a kiss square on his mouth.

“Not until you fuck me first, Jug.” He pushed her hair out of his face, mesmerised by this girl.

“Fuck you? I thought you wanted me to make love to you?”

She shrugged at him. “Whatever way it comes, I just want you in me.”

“You, are something else.” He marvels at her. “But I’m gonna need a minute here, Betts.”

“Need to refuel?” She laughs.

“Something like that, yeah.” He kisses her pouting lip.

“Fair enough, I guess I can wai- Oh!” Before she even knew what was happening she was on her back on the couch, Jughead hovering between her legs.

“I’m not sure you’re still wearing these.” He says nonchalant before pulling her shorts off. He can see her black panties are already soaked through. He runs a finger along her, her back arched up towards him in response. “Is that for me?” He mocked her, stroking her through the fabric again. Betty doesn’t even have time to respond appropriately before Jughead has her panties on the floor and his tongue running through her.

“God, yes.” She moaned, burying her fingers in his hair. He swivels his tongue to open her, flicking along all her folds, suckling on the sensitive bud that nearly made Betty’s head explode. She groans his name some more as he slips two fingers in her, curling upwards. He moves them in and out, while still stroking and suckling with his tongue. Her hips arch up in his face, begging him for more.

“Deeper, Jug.” He pumps his fingers faster, concentrating his tongue on her clit.

“Cum for me, baby.” He mutters into her, his mouth vibrating against her healing push her over the edge. She pulls his hair tight and grips the couch with her free hand. He can feel her quivering around his fingers in her release.

“Fuck, oh my god.” She manages through bated breath. Jughead kissed his way up her body, bracing himself over her. He kisses each of her nipples, then up her neck until he’s hovering over her face. He looked her in the eye as he brought his fingers up to his mouth, licking them clean. Betty let out a groan.

“God, you’re so fucking hot.” She whispered, not quite having her breath back yet. Jughead leant down to kiss her again. She wrapped her arms under his around his back, pulling him flush against her. They lay there on the couch for a moment, both catching their breath. Betty played with Jugheads hair, pushing it back from his head as he lay on her chest. She grabbed his chin and pulled his face to look at her. “I’m not done with you yet, mister.”

“Thank fuck for that” He smirked, that smug possessive look on his face that Betty loved so much. “I still haven’t punished you, you know? From earlier today.”

“Mm? So are you gonna?” She wiggles her eyebrows at him.

“You bet your sweet ass I’m gonna. Now shut up, you’ve been a bad girl.” He quickly stood and took a hold of her hips, forcing her around so she was bent over the side of the couch, her feet on the floor, face pressed into the couch, and ass in the air. He gave her a little smack on her ass, not actually wanting to hit too hard and cause you pain. Betty just laughed.

“Is that it?” He grunted and hit her a little harder, this time leaving a red hand-shaped mark. “That’s still not enough, Jugh- Oh fuuuck!”

He cut her off by slamming into her, not bothering to be slow or gentle about it. He gripped her hips so hard he knew he would bruise her but this time he wanted too. He felt a possessiveness creep over him as he slammed into her, pulling her hips back to meet his.

“Fuck, yes, Juggie. Oh my god, you feel so good.” He reached one hand around to grab her breast, pinching a nipple between his finger and thumb. “Harder, give me more. Please, more”

He picked up the pace to his absolute maximum, dropping her nipple and instead creeps his way down to her bundle of nerves, his fingers once again opening her folds to work around her clit. He wraps his free arm around her waist, pulling her as close to him as possible. He bits her shoulder to try distract himself from letting go just yet.

“Jug, I’m so close. Oh my, I’m gonna..” she doesn’t manage to finish her sentence before she’s letting go all over him, and he follows suit pretty quickly. He shudders into her a couple more times before he slowly draws himself out from inside her, Betty instantly feeling empty without him. He slumps on her back, still hanging over the edge of the couch. He placed light kisses on the bite mark he left on her shoulder.

“Jug, that was definitely not a punishment.” She giggles under him, making no point to move even though he’s a dead weight on her.

“I know,” He pants “I just can’t help myself when your wrapped around me like that.”


A little later in the night, they are back snuggled on the couch watching another movie. Neither made a move to get dressed, which was smart because Jughead had Betty bent over another couple of times since then and now. But she was sleepy now, tucked into his lap with her face pressed into the crook of his neck.

Jughead isn’t really watching the film, he’s too busy thinking about how many times he got to make love to Betty today. There’s now a whole virtual photo album in his brain full with the mental snapshots he had been taking of her all day. He wanted to take another now, of her tucked into him, this one far more innocent than the rest but just as special. He can’t believe how this trip to New York had turned out. If you had told him this last week, he would have laughed in your face and told you too fuck off.

His thoughts are broken by the ring of Betty’s cellphone. It’s on the coffee table in front of them, and from here he can see who’s face and name is on the screen. He went still.

It was Jack.

Fuck. He had literally not had a second though to Betty’s boyfriend since last night. Oh god, now he was tense worrying about the regret Betty is going to feel when he’s gone and she has to face him.

“I’m not gonna answer it, Jug. I’ll just text him.” She startles him, moving her face to look at him. “Don’t look at me like that, I know what I’m doing. Im a big girl. know I should feel guilty, but I don’t.”

“Betty, how are you gonna face him. I’ve had you on nearly every surface in this apartment.” He laughs, running his hand through his hair nervously. She takes his face in her hands.

“This is my cross to bear, not yours.” She kissed him. “So please, don’t worry. Don’t let it ruin this time we have together.” He kissed her back.

“Okay, I won’t. I won’t.” And he knows he should worry, he should feel guilty, but he’s gonna be selfish and not. The woman he loves is in his lap, and she loves him back. It’s been 6 years since he’s been able to touch her so he’s not going to stop anytime soon. Not when their future is uncertain.

“Thank you, Juggie.”

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could you do 3 for supercorp? no worries if not, i just love your writing! <3

3. “Please, don’t leave.”

Lena woke up when she felt her head hit the pillow. 

Kara had come over to her apartment that night and the pair had stayed up late catching up on Disney movies Lena had missed out on growing up with the Luthors. Lena had fallen asleep two thirds of the way into Sleeping Beauty, her head ending up on Kara’s shoulder before Kara realized she was asleep. Looking over at the clock it read 1:45am.

As carefully as she could Kara got up picking Lena up in the process and started carrying her to her room. Gently she placed Lena down on her bed, and just when she was about to leave Lena opened her eyes.

Lena sat up slightly and looked around until she realized where she was.

“Sorry its just- I just thought you’d prefer to sleep in your bed than on the couch.” Kara managed to ramble after a moment. “I’ll just go, I’ll see you later.”

Lena was lost in her thoughts smiling at Kara that it was only when she started to turn to walk away that Lena realized what she said. Springing to action Lena reached forward to grab Kara’s wrist.

“Please, don’t leave.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Kara looked down at Lena’s hand and then up at her. Lena with her free hand patted the space next to her on the bed.

“A-are you sure?”

Lena smiled softly nodding her head as she tugged gently on Kara’s arm.

Kara hovered over Lena and lay next to her on the bed. The second she lay down Lena had rolled over close to her, reaching out to put an arm around Kara’s waist she hesitated.

“Is this okay?” Lena asked quietly, glancing up at Kara.

Kara breathed a smile and nodded her head, lifting her arm so Lena could move closer.

And that’s exactly what she did.

For the last 72 hours I have only gotten 3 hours of sleep. Why have I only gotten 3 hours of sleep in 72 hours you may ask?

Akatsuki no Yona

I have finished the anime and the ova’s, and now I’m reading the manga. I love this, I love Akatsuki no Yona, and I may be addicted. I’m actually scared that when I finish it I’ll have withdrawal symptoms.

And coincidentally I’m on the nadai arc

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viktor can't get enough of yuuri running his hands through his hair. ever since he cut his hair, nobody ever really seemed to pay attention to his beyond the colour. but then comes yuuri katsuki who is in love with the softness of his hair and who loves to just gently touch it and play with it and every time a nail or finger tip hits his head in any way viktor immediately melts into the touch and when viktor starts to panic real bad all yuuri has to do is start petting his head and viktor calms

literally I’m begging please come to my house and kill me that’s literally all I want I’m too tipsy on airport alcohol to handle this


What Writers Should Learn From Wonder Woman by JustWrite.

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Sandymansworld hit the nail on the head. "Running from your own premiere to be at his event says you believe his accomplishments are more important than yours, advertising on your social media that his show the best thing to happen this year again belittling your work, attending all the events that are important to him but not seeing him at yours, are they not as important." I need to highlight these words because they are essential to understand why GA can't claim her feminist status right now.

Yes, @sandymansworld said everything that needed to be said about the topic!

The kids found a bitten apple near the park. They said it was purple inside, but when they took another one from an apple tree it was normal. I guess that purple apple was the one who gave me the stomach ache.
After that, a lumberjack came and said that the apple trees seemed to have some kind of sickness and that he would be cutting them down for the sake of LazyTowners health.
Pixel scanned the nearest apple trees with his device; the apples were in a good state, as they thought.
Everyone gathered at the park; I tried to convince the woodcutter to stop, but didn’t seem to listen. Stephanie grabbed an apple from a tree and then ate it in front of him, so he could see the apples weren’t in a bad state. The man got angry and grabbed his axe, ready to chop down some trees. The kids worked as a team to stop him, using only a soccer ball! Incredible!
He got hit in the head with the ball, a fake nose and hat flying off his head. There he was again, Robbie Rotten, bringing trouble to LazyTown!!!

Now that everything is clear I’m starting to feel a bit better, the side effects are slowly dissappearing. There’s nothing a healthy body can’t overcome!

Losing Faith

Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Chapter 2: Last Few Words

Chapter 3: Keeping Secrets

Chapter 4: A Fresh Start?

Chapter 5: Saving Faith

Chapter 6: Losing Faith

Jack lost a part of himself as he watched Angela fall lifelessly from the rafters above him. His heart sank and as much as he wanted to finish it off with Gabriel, he needed to be the hero he was and save her.

Launching himself off of Gabriels body, he ran towards her. Yet, the faster he ran, the faster she seemed to fall. He wouldn’t get there in time and he knew it. His heart pounded in his chest in hopes of catching her in time. Only when he got to her, it was too late. 

The side of her body hit the ground with such a force, he thought she was dead on the spot. Her head hit the mat beneath her followed by a crunching noise. The fighting stopped. Members of Overwatch looked over at them in horror, leaving the enemy scurried away to safety. The battle field silenced. 

“NO!” He screamed at the top of his lungs as he knelt down next to her to check for a heart beat. He didn’t find one at first, but as he kept listening, a weak beat arose, “I’m not going to lose you again like I did the first time,” he grunted as he laid down all the biotic fields he could around her.

Tracer was the first to zip over to him and stopped his hand in mid air.

“Jack please! Think about this for a minuet. She’s in this bad of a condition, we need to get her back to the base as soon as possible. You can lay down your fields once we get on the plane.” She spoke frantically. After giving a moment of thought, he agreed with a tear stained face.

Her world was cold.


A puff of air escaped her mouth, letting a toxic cloud appear in front of her.

“Where am I?” She thought to herself. The desolate land in front of her was covered in snow. She was here for a reason, but what? She held her staff in her hands and questioned why she was here. All she knew was that she was supposed to be looking for someone, but who?

The snow crunched beneath her feet as she made her way over to what appeared to be a chaotic mess. Steel beams were twisted in archaic shapes and  debris covered the ground like funny little decorations. What was this place? It looked oddly familiar to her.

The Swiss base.

She stumbled over her own feet as she advanced further into the war torn facility. 

She was looking for someone, but who.

A tall lean man finally came into her sight. She held her staff closer to her and aimed it at the man who was frozen in time. This was it. This was who she was looking for. 

The vigilante.

“I’ve got you now,” she hissed under her breath. Drawing closer to him, she could feel her surroundings slowly fade away. The steel beams became off colored and the debris drifted away. She began to move faster and faster towards the man, but the faster she moved, the further away she became and the faster the scene faded from her sight.

The ground beneath her quickly disappeared and her footing was soon lost into the abyss she was being dragged into. Her staff had left her hand the minuet she went to grab for the air. She needed to stay up there and finish what she had started. 

From her view below the fading scene, she saw the man turn to her. A mask over his face and a heavy pulse riffle in his grasp. Mercy’s world began to grow dark. Her head swarming with nothing but blackness. The scene which she was supposed to be in was no more than the size of a marble, yet the man was still visible to her. 

He took off his mask before he spoke to her in a whisper like tone.

“You couldn’t save what we had….”

The rest he spoke was only mumbles to her, for she had lost to the black abyss.

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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that I fainted and hit my head at work today and I’m probably fine but I need a few hours to just chill, so I might not be able to do rp’s tonight.

((For all the haters, don’t bother sending a message I’ll do it for you: “oh wow, she faINTED. Yeah right. Probably is just looking for attention. Can’t believe she won’t do rp’s. So unprofessional and immature. Seriously, even if you did faint, get over it. I scraped my knee yesterday and you don’t see me complaining.”))

Ok that was kinda fun to write idiotic complaints about myself. Anyway, sorry about taking some time off. Hopefully I’ll be feeling up for rp’s tonight or tomorrow.

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I'm sorry to being up the discourse, feel free to not answer. I'm trying to explain to a friend how aerf is transphobic, but he won't listen. I've told him how, yes ace people go through a lot of shit, but it's not the same experience as the harasment/doxxing/murder/endless list of terrible things that are done to trans people by terfs. I thought hed take me seriously cause I'm ace and nb but apparently I'm "ignoring ace issues". What other arguments am I missing?


You pretty much hit it on the head. The discussion of aphobia is a relatively new one, and “AERF”, regardless of anyones opinion on the discourse, is ahistorical and transmisogynistic. You can’t take a term that is firmly rooted in oppression of trans women and bastardize it to describe LGBT peoples’ opinions on having cishets in their spaces. ESPECIALLY taking a term stolen from trans women and applying it to trans women.

Also, it describes a specific movement of radical feminism. There is no large scale radical feminism movement trying to divorce cishet aces/aros from LGBT spaces. TERF history actually is connected with death. TERF history is connected with anti-trans legislature.

Anyone who uses the term “AERF” is a transmisogynist. Your friend is a transmisogynist. -Mod Dave

Amnesia Starters

“You don’t remember me?”

“But, you’re my best friend! How could you forget me?”

“Who are you?”

“Where am I?”

“I feel so empty.”

“Why am I here?”

“I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

“You hit your head pretty bad. Are you okay?” 

“Who am I and where have you taken me?”

“It’s not my fault I can’t remember anything.”

“My family’s probably out searching for me! I need to find them. Maybe they can help me!”

“You passed out. Do you still remember me?”

“What the hell is going on? Why can’t I remember anything?”

“This is all your fault!”

“It’s all disappearing.”

“Why is everything fading?” 

“Who am I?”

“What’s my name again?”

“I’m supposed to trust this random stranger.”

“Do you know anything about me?”

“My memories… they, they’re all… leaving”

“Blank. It’s all blank!”


First You Fall Chapter 11 Posting Friday at 4 PM MT

Niall shook his head against the console once the song ended,

“It sucks.”  He said softly, “My vocals are off, that guitar riff is shit…and what the hell are those lyrics in the bridge?  A third grader could have written better lyrics.”

He looked u at his producer and his friend and waited for them to respond.  Both of them looked at each other and then looked at him, shaking their heads.

“It’s fantastic.”  Julian answered.

Nolan nodded,

“I dunno what you just heard, but I heard a hit.”

Niall lifted his head off the console, looking between them suspiciously.  He’d always been hard on himself this was nothing new.  But he couldn’t tell if he was being too hard on himself or if the song actually was crap.

“You two bein’ serious?”