Melonbooks / Kirara MAX collaboration can badges

I don’t know why this is a thing, but Melonbooks is distributing a can badge collection of pretty much every currently running Kirara MAX series, even some that don’t have a single volume out yet. Of course, big hitters like Kinmoza and Gochiusa are also present.

There will be gachapon machines in every physical Melonbooks store where a random badge can be obtained for 300 yen. Online store is also listed as participating, but I don’t know if it will be possible to order the entire set or just random ones.

Anyway, there are two batches, one is released on September 27, and the other on October 27. Now if someone can get me these two baes from batch 2, that would be nice…


R.I.P. Jose Fernandez a.k.a. The pitcher who caught a line drive resulting in the best shocked reaction from a hitter ever recorded. Fernandez was killed this morning in a boating accident.

2016 Bandom Big Bang Master List!

Congrats to everyone who managed to finish the challenge. And if you didn’t finish, thanks for trying.

Great big thanks to general_jinjur for stepping in as a pinch hitter.

Please take the time to check out the wonderful range of fanworks that were created for this challenge, everything from art to mixes to fic to awesome knitted stuffed cats to zines to podfic. And please try to take the time to leave a kudos or a comment. The very worse reaction a creator can get is indifference.

Additionally, spread the word. If you liked a particular fanwork, Tweet about it, rec it on Tumblr, post a recs list on your journal. Tell your friends. Share the love. Everyone put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their fanworks, and it’d be nice to see some appreciation for that.

Up next, a discussion post about the future of Bandom Big Bang.

Without further ado, the 2016 Bandom Big Bang master list of amazing fanworks!

sometimes I feel like fox announcers don’t know what a catchers job is

“Yadi is so prepared he knows what all the hitters weaknesses are and what his pitchers weaknesses are” huh it’s almost like……… that’s what he’s being paid to know hmm…

S.A. Series Part Two: Cheetos - S.A.!Joker x Harley

Hello, puddins! Going for a double hitter today and posting two fics! (Because I have no life. And I don’t want to write the two papers I have to for college.) BUT ANYWAYS. Here’s part two of the series! If you still haven’t checked @sewer-angel out yet, go do it! Enjoy! -J. xx 

“La de da da de, I’m gettin’ clean. Do de do de de, I wish Mistah J was with me,” Harley sang as she washed the blood and dirt from her body after their latest heist. It didn’t go exactly as planned, and Mistah J was a little angry right now. They managed to get away, but not with the money they were after. So Harley thought it was best to just let him be alone for a while. 

But little did she know was that a dark shadow was currently creeping towards her brandishing a very large knife. The figure continued making its way to shower, holding its hand up and slowly pulling the curtain back to reveal…

“Are we-” Joker began to say, but he’s immediately cut off by Harley’s screaming.

“AHHHH!” she screamed, turning off the water with suds still in her hair and backing away from the intruder. 

“Oh, stop your screaming, Harls! It’s me!” Joker shouted, rolling his eyes at her, thinking he should put this knife to good use on her vocal chords. He gives Harley a minute to catch her breath again before asking, “Are we out of Cheetos?”

“That’s what you came in here and scared me for?! Cheetos!” Harley yelled, reaching for Joker and starting to beat her tiny hands against his chest, “Why you good for nothing bleached hunk of meat! Why in the hell would you ask me about cheetos in the shower! And why do you have a fucking knife!”

The Joker dropped his knife in the assault, holding his hands up to protect himself from his angry, still slippery girlfriend. “Ow! Stop it! I just wanted cheetos! Ow! Dammit, Harley! OW!”