Okay I know I pretty recently (read: yesterday) reblogged a post that mentions this, but I just rewatched The Wedding Job and I just gotta repeat:

Eliot loves cooking.
Eliot unironically enjoys cooking.
Eliot is really passionate about cooking.
Cooking is Serious Business for Eliot.

And it’s not played as a joke.
The manliest guy in the series has a hobby many people interpret as feminine and it’s not played as a joke.

The only things that are played as a joke are his violent reaction to the bride’s mother insulting his cooking skills and how he takes his cooking more seriously than finding the money (and the thing with the whisk).
Hell, in the ending scene, he’s just cooked for the team and it’s not even commented on.

This stupid series is giving me all kinds of feels and I can’t stop thinking about it, okay?!