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Finally i was able to finish translating this interview. It is officially my first translation ^_^ . I did the translation from Japanese to Greek and then from Greek to English so i apologize for any grammatical errors!

Enjoy but please do not re post  without asking for my permission first ok? In this interview Hitsugi talks about three topics : Alcohol,Tattoos/Piercings and Animals……


Hitsugi-Kun do you like drinking alcohol or do you enjoy hanging out drinking with friends?

I wonder if someone drinks alone, does that mean that he likes alcohol itself? If that’s the case then it’s the first one*(laughs). Generally i also drink when i am home alone . The other day,3-4 days ago, within six months i didn’t drink for about a day,usually i drink every day. That day,that i didn’t drink, i noticed that i felt strange.

* He means that he likes drinking alcohol in general with or without his friends

And what was that thing that you noticed?

If i described it to you, you would think i’m trash but (laughs) when i’m home alone and  in my body there is no alcohol, i feel something unusual. That doesn’t mean that i’m not satisfied or that i want to drink no matter what but i feel like “something” today is different than usual. Last year during summer i was injured and i shouldn’t drink alcohol for about 3 weeks but when i started drinking(again) i had this feeling. (bitter smile)

For Hitsugi-Kun drinking alcohol is  something normal, it has become a habit, right?

Something like that, if i decide to keep on drinking i guess that wouldn’t be good for my body(for my health) and i would also make people worry for my condition if it’s ok. But i do not have any pathological problem to worry. Because i drink every day that does not mean that every day i drink that much(laughs). It is not always like this, lately  or should i say this year i thought that i should be careful. In other words, the other day was the first test to give a one day rest to my liver(laughs).

For Hitsugi-Kun in which situation drinking is more enjoyable?

When i drink with friends, during tour  with the other members of the group, with staff, although i already like alcohol the best of all is when i drink after the last concert of the tour. when i drink after being relieved is like a reward , i like that very much.


For  Hitsugi-Kun, which one  was first? (tattoos or piercings)

Piercings. I did my first one when i was 15. When i started high school because a lot of people around me did it i thought “i want to try it too ” and that was the beginning. But everybody first pierce their ear right? That’s why i pierced my mouth. I did it myself during a class lesson.

That is a very shocking confession.

At that moment with a friend of mine who was sitting at the back seat we said “ lets do a mouth piercing”. The conversation was like “whoever does the piercing first, wins ” and so we did.During the lesson having an eraser in our mouths and with  a safety pin we did the piercing(laughs). It was sort of  a test to try out our strength and courage. At that challenge i was the winner. But no one should try to imitate such thing. if you want a piercing please you should definitely go to a professional.  

However Hitsugi-Kun you have a lot of piercings.

The number of piercings increased  at once since Nightmare begun. Because at that time on the one hand i had no confidence with my looks (my face) and on the other hand i wanted my existence to be unique among other bands. Since then i thought to give emphasis on piercings and on makeup.

And when did you start getting tattoos?

Because when i did the piercings my parents were very angry (laughs) i decided that regarding tattoos, i wouldn’t get one unless i got their permission first. That’s why i got them when Nightmare became major after we did the first concert. Then i convinced my parents and the first tattoo i  got was a dragon on my shoulder. I wanted to get a dragon that would look like rising up. After that the number of tattoos increased. *But i have decided that i do not want to be provocative especially during important family ceremonies so i will not get tattoos that are visible. You might think that this is not very cool(laughs) but  i want to keep that promise.

* “important family ceremonies” like weddings or funerals he doesn’t want to have any visible tattoos because that would be rude.


Since you used to put a tail on your clothes Hitsugi-Kun you love animals right?

Yes i love them very much. I have tattooed the names of Cocoa and zela (Hitsugi’s dogs).I also like cats  although i don’t have any. When i was little i used to have a bunny as well. When i was a kid i also used to  like insects. I used to catch crickets, beetles,i also used to catch a lot of spiders.I had found Jorogumo spiders. I had put them inside a cage for insects and they made a nest, it was small so i guess it was squeezy in there. One day i opened the cage and i was surprised to see that it was covered in white with web. I couldn’t figure out if the spiders were in or out of the cage (laughs).

And what happened to those spiders?

I left them outside the house. My mother did not want them. Besides insects i also used to bring back home lizards, frog eggs. I used to put the frog eggs inside a bucket and i was happy when they became tadpoles. When the tadpoles started to multiply i would throw them back to the river. And then it was also this! i used to have that snake that is a little bit poisonous and it is called “Yamakagashi” .

And about that snake your mother typically said….

There was no way to keep it. She was furious (laughs). I expressed my desire “I want to keep it” and i put it in a bigger cage for insects, it didn’t have a name. I just called it snake.I don’t know why but this as well, one day run away. I woke up in the morning and the top of the cage was destroyed from inside. Although i looked for it , it was nowhere. I couldn’t tell my parents that the snake had run away, so i told them that i had left it in the mountains. Since then, this snake was never found. Maybe it has become a huge snake now, under the floor of my parents house, protecting the house(laughs).