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The signs and how I have experienced them

This is in no way supposed to be accurate to the usual description of signs, i just write down how i have experienced them. I don’t really know why either.

Aries: very quiet at first but will bloom up if they trust you. indecisive, understanding, and sweet. loyal friend who will never judge you. doesn’t have a lot of opinions on things. likes to just chill and let it all happen. likes hugs a lot!

Taurus: loud and super ambitious. wants things done and wants it now. risk taker. gets angry quickly. very intense. cares about you but shows it in unusual ways. super prideful. enthusiastic!! loves buying new things. loves talking.

Gemini: super nice?? how do you do it. very touchy and wants everybody to like them.  always comes up with great ideas. insecure but really rocks. great team worker and always listens to you. trouble standing up for themselves sometimes.

Cancer: will do everything with you. always up for having fun, but also loves staying in and chilling. hyper wow. doesn’t take shit from anyone.  you insult their friend? you’re going down, they do not play. doesn’t care about other peoples opinions. kinda aggressive?

Leo: the person that everybody admires and loves and honestly?  so cool and such a good person. kind of an ego issue but it’s okay. honest and loves it. tends to be dramatic but if you push that aside very sweet and has some issues. loyal friend and a good leader.

Virgo: super quirky but everyone loves it. has a certain dry humor that just makes you crack up. bad with people. really insecure but such a nice person. artsy. nervous, really talented. works hard for everything. zooms in on their face in pictures. stop you’re beautiful. super fun clothing!

Libra: super chill on the outside but is actually great at sensing emotions and gets overwhelmed sometimes. fun and spontaneous. sporty!! great at making friends. hits your butt.pats your head when they pass you. mom tendencies, but also get super drunk and do stupid stuff tendencies. 

Scorpio: laughs so much. everybody loves them it’s unreal. makes everything seem chill and cool. supportive friend. kind of mean sometimes. likes to mess around and have fun, but still manages their grades. Scorpios are some of the best friends i’ve ever had. 

Sagittarius:  wants all the information!! plans everything and wants to read about everything. loves books so much. super supportive and honest. will always admit it when they are wrong and apologize. gets overwhelmed sometimes but it’s okay we still love you. afraid of failure. 

Capricorn: cold at first but is actually a nice bean who laughs very quickly. very responsible and mature. people always ask them for advice. sarcastic humor. just wants to be loved. will never judge you. will rant about absolutely nothing to you. such big dreams that i know you will achieve. doesn’t like sharing their emotions and that’s okay. a little mean sometimes

Aquarius:  loves everything unique and aesthetic. cares for fashion and rocks it. honestly very sweet but can be shady. gives people too many chances. always putting others first. has a lot of crushes on people. innocent and pure. doesn’t deserve the shit life gives them. confident yet insecure.

Pisces: such a good comforter? knows exactly what to say. good listener. has a lot of ideas for the future that i fully support. dreams about their perfect partner. positive. there’s something so wise and old about them it fascinates me. so many thoughts. kind of clingy sometimes but we love it.

“Sorry, Champ. Your mom and I, we –”

“You know, if it’s about money, I could muh – muh – mow lawns, paint fences –”

“It’s not that.Your brother just really looked forward to that trip, you know… It was his favourite.”

“… Mine, too.”


Photos of Yoongi’s mother’s restaurant “큰맘순대국” (Big Mom/Big Heart’s Blood Sausages Stew) located at Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu.

BTS members sent a flower wreath with the message “Congratulations on your opening” and Yoongi sent a flower wreath with the message “Mom, hit jackpot.” Super Junior’s Heechul also sent one saying “Try Big Mom/Big Heart out, it’s delicious.”

Inside are BTS’ albums and photos, along with flower pots sent by Yoongi and Jimin with the messages of “BTS Suga / Mom, hit jackpot ❤” and “BTS Jimin / Congratulations on your opening.”

© jim_mimi01, qheps9791, deokutour

It is that time of year again.  Time to dust of your computer screens, sharpen your pencil, it’s time to suffer.  I mean it’s time to write.  It is time for the NANOWRIMO 2017.

We all know, that we have to write 50,000 words.  We all know that we have to write 1, 667 words a day to achieve that.  And we all know that we will definitely lose steam towards day fifteen of our writing.  So I am here with a list of 30 prompts, you can use on the days were the inspiration seems to lag.

Thirty days of NANOWRIMO 2017 prompts

  1. “A Murder on All Saints Day”- Your protagonist finds a body on this solemn holiday.  Who is it? 
  2. Your protagonist receives a letter with one sentence “I know what you have done.”  What can this letter be referring to?
  3. Turn your lead into a personification of one of the seven deadly sins.
  4. Your protagonist has to get out of this bathroom, but the window is to tall.
  5. “You’ve been ghosting me for weeks.  Why?”
  6. Someone close to your protagonist betrays them in the most hurtful way.
  7. Have your protagonist’s mom hit the biggest person, in the room they are in.  (Don’t think about it, just do it.)
  8. “I can’t go back.”
  9. Rope the MC into parent-teachers night somehow.
  10. Break someone’s leg or their heart.  (Whichever is more painful)
  11. Have a character wrestle with their demons or a real demon.
  12. A mysterious stranger comes to town.
  13. Write about your characters full moon antics.
  14. Have the MC save a puppy.
  15. Change who the MC is.
  16. Write in the first person.
  17. In order to save the damsel, the lead must fight a bear.  (I don’t know why the bear is there, it just is.  Now write a way out of this situation.
  18. The gun misfired at the most inconvenient time.
  19. Kill two characters
  20. When in doubt ninjas, or sharks, or both.
  21. “Take a hike pal.” (Who is the MC talking to?)
  22. The villain saves the day.
  23. “After we get out of these ropes, we need to get some sugar for the muffins.”
  24. Have your leads plan a heist.
  25. Write a red herring into the story.
  26. “Don’t panic!”
  27. Write an unexpected confession.
  28. Turn your MC into a zombie.
  29. It’s your leads first night on the job.
  30. Have the protagonist and the villain play a impromptu pickup game.
Things I Remember When I’m Sad - GOT7 Edition

- Youngjae’s laugh first of all
- when Jackson told his parents he wanted to go to Korea to be a singer, his dad told him that if he could win a fencing competition that he could do it…and he did
- Mark’s old ramen hair
- oh man Jinyoung’s pointy fringe hairdo from way back in the Girls Girls Girls days
- how Jaebum’s freckles above his eye look a little like a piercing and it’s cute as hell
- whenever they prank Yugyeom by blaming him and getting ‘angry’ he always takes the blame and apologises even when he didn’t do anything wrong omg babe
- BamBam on ASC “how do you know I’m not I’m big” like son can u please chill
- how Jimin from ASC literally has to prepare herself mentally for these children coming on the show
- how Jackson is friends with like…everyone. Amber from f(x)? yup. Namjoon from BTS? Got it. 
- Yugyeom loves dramas
- Jinyoung evolved from JR to Junior to Jinyoung
- Jackson falling asleep in the hairdressers and waking up with the Stop Stop it hairstyle. bless
- Youngjae spoiling Fly live on v-app bc he got too excited playing with Coco
-legit how well Jinyoung and Youngjae are doing with their English, they don’t have to but they do it and they’re trying so hard
 - “IT’S NOT HARD…it’s not hard”
- Jackson’s giggle that sounds like a pixie or smthn
- Mark’s dad. what a blessing. the most savage
- how they all had a go at writing or composing songs in the new album
-  BamBam “there’s also this hyung - i won’t say his name - but he should stop wearing earrings”
- Jinyoung “what is your point” in english like wOW MARK GET REKT
- “I am jungle. Jungle is me.” - Jackson Wang, everybody
- the excessive amounts of ass-slapping that goes on in this group
- like the time Youngjae slapped BamBam’s ass so hard it made him physically shudder and call out in English
- Jinyoung pulling Mark back down onto his knee and saying “Sit- sit down - I’m your mom.
- “this is youngjae class”
- Yugyeom Hit The Stage
- Jaebum not letting him live: *sign of the cross* “HIP-HOP”
- how supportive they are of each other’s song-writing
- Jinyoung saying that he gave Yugyeom his favourite part to sing in Mayday
- Hard Carry butt wiggle dance
- the members taking the piss out of Jackson’s rap voice
- when they switch roles in their songs
- Mark’s “girl you’re my diamond” in Tic Tic Tok
- Mark’s random dedicated English parts in anything tbh, like in A, Mayday etc
- “eyyy swagger like me” Jackson in U Got Me
- the Home Run dance
- in the Fly dance practice, when BamBam steals Jaebum’s screen time and JB’s just so hurt
- Youngjae’s weird and hilarious dance in the Fly dance practce
- Mark’s face in every Just Right performance
- how Jackson always makes sure that anybody treating him like the leader direct the questions at Jaebum and when they don’t, he turns it around, “Jaebum-hyung, what did we do?”
- speaking of “jaebum-hyung” how offended Jackson is that he makes him call him his hyung when they were born in the same year
- when Jackson was making fun of Jaebum when he wasn’t there, thought he was coming, was so terrified and then got roasted by Jinyoung for the face he made
- how effected they all were by the Playground tribute the fans did for them at their fanmeet
- their Buzzfeed video that got a ton of new int. fans (whatup guys)
- the cola commerical they did
- the pink hair Mark had for like, 2 days
- the time Yugyeom shouted on “Jaebum-ah!” and the entire group was stunned 
- the best high note Jaebum will ever hit in his life in A
- Jackson is constantly run off his feet and met with horrible obstacles (the saesang fan incident with the car accident, being lonely overseas on his own etc) but always managing to be positive no matter what
- Yugyeom constantly grinding on everything
- when they made them all do sexy dances to JB doing an impression of a “sexy” singer on Weekly Idol but he got down at the end and started grinding the floor
- Jinyoung’s eye whiskers, like that is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
- BamBam dissing Jaebum in Thai and rolling his R for like 14 seconds straight
- the If You Do dance in 2x
- Jinyoung taking his shoes off in the If You Do 2x dance
- how tall Yugyeom is, like you would need a stepladder to get to his height
- how when they debuted, BamBam was a smol child and now he’s this tall and deep-voiced bias wrecker? like sit ur ass down boi
- Mark literally just disregarding every rule of the kpop world and getting a huge tattoo
- Youngjae possibly (I’m praying he has) getting a tattoo
- how Jaebum’s managed to mellow out in the 2 years since they’ve debuted
- BamBam doing the girl group dances, somehow its funnier than when the other members do it and I have no idea why (like don’t get me wrong, Jaebum and Yugyeom doing it is hilarious)
- after Yugyeom got pranked and he went nuts screaming “GWENCHANA! NA GWENCHANAAAAA!” when everyone was trying to hug him
- Youngjae getting so hurt by Mark calling him “Jackson” (How are you Jackson? I’M NOT JACKSON)
- Youngjae impersonating an otter because Jackson told him to in their GOT2Day
- Markson
- JJ Project being a thing
- that video where Yugyeom is just running behind Jinyoung and Jaebum shouting, “Jinyoung pabo!” “Jaebum pabo!” and then “JJ Project!” and doing the song and dance to tease them
- Jaebum and Jinyoung literally having no idea ho idea how to get him back for that
- how Youngjae is constantly hitting everyone
- the time they threw a plastic cockroach at youngjae and he screeched
- how Youngjae and Jaebum have made multiple dick jokes to each other
- Jinyoung praising Yugyeom like a proud mum and being rewarded with Yug’s r00dness 
- seriously they don’t know what to do with this kid and it’s the best
- the time they went to the zoo and Jackson was shouting at the tigers
- Jackson and Jinyoung on the rollercoaster together and Jackson just screaming “JINYOUNGGGGGGG - JINYOUNG- JINYOOOOOUNNG!”
- BamBam and Yugyeom’s knowing-everything-about-each-other-already-so-they-barely-actually-talk relationship
- BamBam roasting Jackson for his fashion choices “I wish Jackson-hyung would stop wearing baggy trousers-” “I HAVE SHORT AND THICK LEGS WHAT ELSE AM I MEANT TO WEAR?” “I also wish hyung would stop wearing black.”
- Jackson and Eric Nam. “No one asked you, Eric.” “Oh, hey Eric.” “I HATE YOU ERIC”
- Jaebum’s fake snake bites tho…how did we get through that
- whenever Jaebum’s hair is longer
-  when Yugyeom’s hair is darker and not completely covering his forehead
- when Youngjae does sweat paws
- Mark wearing baggy jumpers
- Jackson having blonde hair
- or Jackson having his hair black but longer? oh damn
- Everything about BamBam in Flight Log:Turbulence era
- Mark’s “hard carry hey” I think goes without saying
- the way BamBam says “hungry” and the movement he does in the Hard Carry MV
- Jinyoung wearing stripes
- Youngjae’s smile
- that time Jaebum literally chased Yugyeom around a fanmeet hall 
- when Yugyeom almost peed himself laughing because Mark didn’t catch a ball
- BamBam: Call us Dab7
  Mark: No, you go be Dab7 by yourself.
  Youngjae: *loses his shit*
- during the episode of ASC in the Flight Log: Departure era where the members were constantly just saying “yas” “yaaaas” “yAAAAsss”
- “Markiepooh”
- When Youngjae came out of the trailerand on discovering the rest of them were filming shouted “My name is Youngjae! How are you!” and they were all like “no, stop it Youngjae”
- when Jaebum was cooking and told to speak in English and he literally just kept saying “and then” 
- how Jaebum hates speaking in English (god knows if I didn’t speak English, I’d hate being told to say things in it)
- when Jackson and Namjoon were having a rap battle and Jackson was like “please don’t diss me”
- how Jackson challenged Jooheon to a rap battle, and when Jooheon started realised it was a very bad idea and was like “hey no don’t do it like that you’re making me look bad”
- how GOT7 and BTS are so close (see: their shared stage, how excited Bangtan were when they saw Jinyoung in that elevator, how they all have each other’s numbers, how excited the 97 line are when they meet up)
- when they were on Weekly Idol for Flight Log: Turbulence, they introduced Jinyoung with his new name with a fan vid which included everyone at some point or another screaming his name
- Jinyoung’s savagery 
- Youngjae’s love for videogames
- how when Jackson was asked to speak French, he ended it on “paris baguette”
- how much Jaebum cringes when they bring up Dream High 
- “my dream is to dab with moose”
- “aka browny”
- how Jaebum had to turn his back on Yugyeom during the prank to compose himself because he couldn’t stop laughing before pretending to be really mad at him
- how far they’ve come in 2 years that they’re such a respected and loved group internationally and how peaceful the fanbase is in general

The Signs and How You Will Experienced Them

This is in no way supposed to be accurate to the usual description of signs, i justwrite down how i have experienced them. I don’t really know why either.

 Aries: very quiet at first but will bloom up if they trust you. indecisive, understanding, and sweet. loyal friend who will never judge you. doesn’t have a lot of opinions on things. likes to just chill and let it all happen. likes hugs a lot!

Taurus: loud and super ambitious. wants things done and wants it now. risk taker. gets angry quickly. very intense. cares about you but shows it in unusual ways. super prideful. enthusiastic!! loves buying new things. loves talking. 

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hockey asks
  1. Favorite team?
  2. Second favorite team?
  3. Team you love to hate?
  4. Team you just hate?
  5. Team you think is the best in the league right now?
  6. Top three players on your favorite team?
  7. Top three players NOT on your favorite team?
  8. Three players you like on teams you can’t stand?
  9. Players you hate on teams you like?
  10. Prettiest uniforms?
  11. Best venue?
  12. Best hair?
  13. Best body?
  14. Best eyes?
  15. Best shot?
  16. Best goaltender?
  17. Favorite line?
  18. Dream line (mix and match players from teams)?
  19. Head-to-head matchup you’d most want to see?
  20. Most overrated?
  21. Most underrated?
  22. Prettiest goal you ever saw?
  23. Worst/best hit you ever saw?
  24. Who on your team is:
    1. Eternal  Sunshine?
    2. Team Dad?
    3. Team Mom?
    4. Team Baby/Babies?
    5. The class clown?
    6. The quiet one?
    7. The serious one?
    8. The hothead?
  25. Player on the feeder team you most want to get called up?
  26. Player who’s always scratched who ought to be played more?
  27. Player who always plays who ought to be scratched more?
  28. Best duo?
  29. OTP?
  30. OT3+?
  31. Rarepair?
  32. Guy you want desperately to slash but can’t for some reason (Married, no good pair, etc.)
  33. Guy who is (or should be) the fandom/team bicycle?
  34. Player you most wish would get traded to your team?
  35. Player you most wish would get traded to another team?
  36. Most likely to be in the penalty box at any moment?
  37. Most likely to send another player to the penalty box?
  38. Gets away with murder award (never gets penalties but should)?
  39. Just has a guilty face award (gets penalties but shouldn’t)?
  40. Nicest guy on the team?
  41. Best with fans?
  42. Best with the press?
  43. Hockey robot award (can’t say anything but “get pucks to the net” in front of a camera)?
  44. Most likely to be photographed with small children?
  45. Most likely to be photographed with small animals?
  46. Most likely to be photographed shirtless in a hot tub with starlets?
  47. Most likely to cry at movies?
  48. Most likely to get in bar fights unrelated to hockey?
  49. Most likely to have Mafia ties?
  50. Rising star award?
  51. Most improved award?
Ten Years, Too Later

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky comes back into your life after ten years, when things were falling apart, only to make them harder to handle

Word Count: 2273

Warnings: angst !!!

Author’s Note: old fic, this was written for a writing challenge i hope you guys like it! :)

Masterlist Here

“We’re doing our best, Ms Y/N. All we can say, is have a little faith in God.” Dr Lloyd sympathetically said, keeping her hand on yours, giving it a tight squeeze before she finally leaves.

Your breath wavered as you watched her go back in her office.

You were starting to feel nauseous, the white walls of the hospital doing no good to make you feel better and to top that, the foul scent of meds everywhere made you want to throw up. You stumble back on your feet, hands reaching back for the armrests of a chair behind you. Your legs felt like they could give in any second; its better you sit – before the emotional trauma hits you.

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Rise of the Runelords conversations

GM: 43 to hit you and that’s not even a critical threat?
Witch (OOC): Your mom is a critical threat.

Inquisitor: I sense motive on the door.
GM: You sense that it is very content being a door.

Magus (OOC): That’s why you never get a blowjob from a lich.

Inquisitor: Can somebody please charge me into the orgy?

Witch: Are those the sex slaves?
Inquisitor: Those are yeti.

A Heart That’s Been Loved

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N, Sam Winchester, John Winchester (mentioned), Y/N’s parents (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Loss of parents   

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: This is my entry for @dancing-the-hellfire-rumba’s Unpopulars songs writing challenge. My prompt was one of my favorite songs Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran.

I twisted the lyrics a tiny bit since I really wanted to keep this one within the SPN verse and not do it as an AU.

Thanks to @iwriteaboutdean for being a sweetheart and betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You were completely numb. It felt as if the last few months of your life had been spent inside of the wall of the terminal care facility. It wasn’t just a feeling either, reality was it wasn’t far from the truth. Ever since your mom had been admitted, you had went to see her every afternoon. Today that part of your life had came to a crashing halt as she took her final breath with her hand in yours.

Of all the ways you had imagined losing your mom, ALS wasn’t one of them. You had grown up as a hunter. It was in your blood. The life had been what had taken all of your family from you up until this second.

You thought back to the day you had lost your dad. Your mom’s cries as she held his lifeless body and John Winchester’s hand wiping the tear from your face. You remembered his words. You remembered him telling you not to cry, but use your pain to push on. Use your anger to not get dead, but stop any monster you came across from taking from others what they had from you.

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Knight in Checkered Flannel (AU)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2503

Summary: Whilst out on a shopping trip, you bump into someone unexpected, someone you didn’t leave on good terms with.

A/N – This is my entry for @luci-in-trenchcoats  Michelle’s AU & Things Challenge using the prompt: Childhood Friends AU. This was also based on a dream that I had a while back so yeah. I may be sorry depending on how you feel.

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Pushing along the shopping cart, your eyes skimmed the list of things you needed to buy. Walking up and down the aisles, you tossed in the items that were on there, the stuff that you and your roommate deemed a necessity.

Your phone vibrated in your back pocket. Singlehandedly, you pulled it out and answered the phone.

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anonymous asked:

ok but thoughts on viktor finding pictures of baby yuuri?? hearing baby yuuri stories?? he's such an adorable child akjfdbsvj i need thoughts on this por favor

Victor is INSATIABLE for baby Yuuri content during the Summer of Mutual Pining. Victor may or may not have had a trading ring going on with Mari - pictures for cigarettes - until he realized that the Katsuki home movie gold mine here is actually Hiroko.

The tricky part there is the awkwardness of hitting your crush’s mom up for cute baby photos before you’re actually together. But Hiroko knows what he’s about. Hiroko is a judgment-free zone. Hiroko will just laugh gently if you make keening noises at that excruciatingly cute Y sweater.

But the prize here goes to Yuuko, when she’s idling in the break room with Victor one night as Yuuri tries to compulsory figure-away his nerves. They’ve been there about twenty minutes - Yuuko reading, Victor choreographing - when Yuuko clearly starts to think something over. It’s another ten minutes before she finally says, “Never tell Yuuri-kun that I showed you this.”

Victor somehow doesn’t fall off his chair in his rush to get to Yuuko. It’s a near thing, though. “Never,” he says.

So Yuuko pulls up her YouTube account. It’s a private channel, which is how it’s stayed safe from figure skating fandom all these years. And she pulls up a video of a 14 or 15-year-old Yuuri Katsuki, sitting across the bench from where the younger Yuuko must be. They were, Yuuko explains as she jumps to the middle of the video, setting their goals for the year.

“Yuuri-kun’s turn,” says the Yuuko in the video, translated by the Yuuko next to Victor. “What’s your goal?”

Little Yuuri looks dubious. There’s a light flush on his cheeks. “Is it okay if it’s a bigger goal?” he says. “Not just for the year.”

“Of course it is!” Yuuko says. Yuuri’s growing redder by the second. “Whatever you like.”

Yuuri looks ready to burst now, even as he collapses in on himself little by little. “I… I want…”

But he finally makes himself say it, even as seconds later, shocked at his own daring, he buries his face in his hands. And Victor, even with his rudimentary Japanese, doesn’t need the translation.

“I want to be good enough to beat Victor!”

“Victor?” Yuuko-in-the-present asks, after several high-pitched minutes. “Are you okay?”

Victor is not okay. He’s dying. He hopes they’ll take care of Makkachin after he’s gone.

(Once they get together and Victor can worship baby Yuuri openly, he just makes expectant eyes at present adult Yuuri, as if to ask why they don’t have at least five Yuuri Juniors on hand right now.)

30 day challenge - Unfuck Your Life

Hey lovelies. So yesterday, as I was just being my scroll-y little self, I came across this post  - and figured that was a goddamn good idea.

BUT. But my goals weren’t the same (they would’ve been fun, but not really what I need right now), and as such I’d need to adapt most of the items. 

Being also my lazy self, I just decided to start a new list from scratch. Feel free to use it, abuse it, do it, share it. But if you do start it, I’d love it if you told me how it works out for you! Tag me, PM me, I’m yours to do as you please.

Having said that, this is based off that post (hence the credit), but I’m starting my own 30 day challenge to UNFUCK MY LIFE.


Me neither.

(You know nothing, Jon Snow.)

Here we go.

  1. Get a journal. Open it. Write. Be it a line. Just your name. A sentence. A quote. Be it five pages and keep going. Doodle. Hate your hadwriting and then smile because it’s perfect for you.
  2. Make a study plan. A realistic study plan. Print it. Complete it.
  3. Don’t just sit around studying in your pajamas. I know it’s comfy, but get up, get dressed, shine that fucking awesomeness.
  4. Clean your room (Yes, even the pile of clothes hidden in the closet. And under the bed. And the ones forgotten in the bathroom.)
  5. Call old friends. Just say hi. Go from there.
  6. Go to bed early. Count sheep to fall asleep.
  7. Get up early too. Spring from bed and don’t look back.
  8. Go for a walk, with company if possible. Your Ipod counts too.
  9. Go to the library. Check out books you’ll like. Check out some you won’t either. Read them all.
  10. Watch the news. Talk about them. Discuss them. Accept different points of view.
  11. Cut your hair. Buy a new pair of shoes. Of pants. Eyeliner. Paint your nails. Look in the mirror and go “yeeeeeah, I’d hit that”. Even if you stay at home all day.
  12. Compliment your mom. Hug your dad. Thank your grandparents. Blow a kiss to your sister. Ruffle your brother’s hair. Squeeze your dog and rub his belly.
  13. Breathe. In. Out.
  14. Go out. Be happy. Show off your legs even if they’re short. Even if you have cellullite. Even if that means wearing a pair of tights because it’s cold out. Flip your hair and smile.
  15. Go out. Drive. Be scared. 
  16. Choose your outfit the day before. Even if you change your mind in the morning.
  17. Smile. Smile. 
  18. Meet up with your best friend. Be your sarcastic self, they love it.
  19. Update your playlist.
  20. Find a new TV show to watch. Make it a documentary.
  21. Say hello to people.
  22. Go downtown. Take pictures. Panoramic pictures, ugly pictures, blurred pictures, selfies. Don’t erase any. Not just yet.
  23. Go out to get coffee. Drink tea instead.
  24. Wear a skirt to college. Rock those hot boots too.
  25. Buy chewing gum. Offer it around, it’s okay if you’re totally ripped off.
  26. Surprise-visit someone.
  27. Have a meal with your mom.
  28. Go shopping. Don’t buy anything.
  29. Change your profile picture.
  30. Take a shower. Kiss the mirror and dance naked. If it jiggles, it’s because it’s there.
  31. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. Feel small. (bonus)
Batman Isn’t Real

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader // James Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Nat Romanov

Warning: Just cute fluff//silliness

As you step off the elevator you hear voices followed by a squeal of joy from your son, before sudden silence. You and Nat exchange a look as you come into the kitchen, a whispered voice coming from your husband hits your ears.

“Shoot that’s mom.” Followed by a baby giggle. “This was Sam’s idea.” Steve whispers.

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My Babygirl-Part Six

My Babygirl Masterlist

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Dean lightly hit Sam on the arm when he saw your mom walking over to them; you were holding her hand and toddling behind her. You were currently going through a phase where you always wanted to walk and if anyone tried to carry you, you’d throw a fit.

Unless Dean was the one carrying you; you were always happy in your dad’s arms.

You looked up and let go of your mother’s hand when you saw your father standing there. You bolted over to him where he happily picked you up and placed a kiss on your cheek, “Hey babygirl, you have a fun trip with Mommy?”

You nodded your head before wrapping your arms around Dean’s neck in an embrace, “Missed you Daddy.”

Dean rubbed your back, “I missed you too babygirl. Why don’t you go say hi to Uncle Sammy while I talk to Mommy.” Dean said as he handed you over to Sam who happily accepted you.

“We gotta talk.” Your mom said as she sent Sam a forced smile. Dean nodded his head, he was worried that your mom might try this, to take you away, but he wasn’t going to let it happen.

He wasn’t going to lose you.

“Look, I know what you’re gonna say.” Dean started as your mom and him stepped away from you, “And I get it. I was just as pissed- even more pissed then you were when those demons showed up. They’re gone though and I promise nothing will ever come back.”

“Dean, you promised that before and look what happened.” Your mom responded sadly. “I know you’re a great father and I know that you love Y/N with all your heart. She loves you just as much, it’s just-”

“It’s just what Y/M/N? You can’t take my daughter away from me. I won’t let you.” Dean said strongly.

“You can’t do anything about it Dean.” Your mom responded coldly, “Dean Winchester is dead according to the law.”

Dean stared at your mom with wide eyes, “You aren’t-you aren’t serious are you?”

“I’m sorry Dean but, it’s what’s best for Y/N.” Y/M/N replied.

“What’s best for Y/N is to be around her dad.”

“What’s best for Y/N is to grow up not worrying if a monster is going to jump out of her closet and take her because of who her father is.” Your mom said with venom in her voice.

Dean shook his head, “I’m not leaving town. I won’t. I’m not leaving her.”


“No. I’m not leaving. Please just-just sleep on it, give me a week. Let me show you how safe it’s going to be here now. Nothing can get her here.” Dean begged.

Letting out a sigh your mom took a moment to think before nodding her head. “Fine.”

“Fine? Okay? Okay. I promise Y/M/N everything is going to be fine. Tomorrow after work I’ll swing by and show you everything we’ve done to protect the house.” Dean said with a smile.

“Sounds good Dean. Y/N and I have to go. Being out of town for a week, lots to catch up on.” Your mom said in an almost nervous tone.

“Right, um tomorrow after I show you everything I’ll take her, let you catch up on things. Sound good?” Dean asked, happy about spending time with his little girl.

Your mom nodded her head before walking back to where Sam was happily tossing you in the air as you squealed with delight. “Say bye to Uncle Sammy Y/N.” Your mom told you.

Looking at your uncle you wrapped your arms around him, squeezing his neck before placing a sloppy kiss on his cheek, “Bye bye Unca Sammy.” You reached out for your father who took you and gave you a squeeze.

“Bye babygirl, I’ll see you and Mama tomorrow okay.” Dean stated. You nodded your head before puckering your lips for your dad to give you a kiss. He did before he placed you on the ground and ruffled your hair. “Love you sweetheart.” He called to you as you walked away with your mom. Turning back around you waved to your dad yelling back,

“I love you Daddy!”

That was the last time Dean heard those words from you.

Part Seven

anonymous asked:

Do you have any writing or dos/donts tips for new fanfiction writers??

I’m just gonna start this out by saying i’m so honored that you asked me this especially since i’ve only been writing for less than a year whoops but anyway… Buckle up.

  • Proper grammar is very important
    • While it might be easier to type how you text and message people, basic sentence structure is important in a. Making your writing legible and b. Making it flow well
    • Use commas, just be careful how you use them
      • If what your saying can be said as an aside, chances are you’re going to use a comma or a hyphen
      • Yes sometimes, commas and speaking pause points line up, but it’s not always
    • Use sentence length to set the mood
      • Longer sentences slow the reader down, so using FANBOYS or semicolons can really help to create a calm mood
      • Shorter sentences make the reader read faster, so you can use it to show anxiety or fast paced thoughts or actions
  • Make grammar your bitch
    • Proper grammar is important, but misusing grammar can be extremely helpful in setting the mood
    • For example: run on sentences, bad grammar, but if you use them, it shows that the character is having one long, trailing thought and possible anxiety depending on how the run on is structured
    • Also, not everyone talks properly. Not everyone says “I’m going to go read.” In fact, most native English speakers say “I’m gonna go read.” Learn how the character speaks, and use that.
  • If you’re going to use google docs (cause lbr not everyone can afford Word) get the grammarly extension on chrome, it’s like your own personal beta
  • PLAN
    • Know where you want your fic to go and make notes
    • If it’s a longer fic, write out a timeline, get your thoughts down and in order, it’ll save time as you write it out as well as prevent forgetting any plot points
    • Write down what the characters are like at the start of the fic and then at the end of the fic. Longer fics should have some sort of change and growth
    • However, if you’re going to write a shorter fic, this doesn’t always apply. Some shorter fics are specifically written just to show one point in a character’s life or characters lives and therefore there might not be much growth
  • Stay open to ideas
    • Sometimes your writing is going to take you in a different direction than planned. That’s okay.
    • If you don’t like where it’s going, DON’T DELETE THE SECTION, instead, move it somewhere else, i.e. a new doc, and start from where it started to veer off it’s path
    • First, everyone has their own way of writing, don’t try and mimic it, or your writing won’t feel genuine to you or your reader
    • Second, there is always going to be someone better than you. Always. The more you compare yourself, the harsher you’ll get on yourself, and the less you’ll like writing
    • Third, everyone has to start somewhere. You will post bad fic. I have. Everyone has. It’s how you start, and it’s how you get feedback and grow. Don’t be ashamed of it
    • Fourth, you are never done growing. You will always be learning new ways to write, new ways to better express feelings and thoughts
  • Body language
    • Body language is a solid 60% of conversations, whether you notice it or not
    • People can actively hid something in their voice from you, but it’s harder to do so with their body, as so much of what we do is subconscious
    • Learn what your character’s tells are: when they’re lying, annoyed, happy, frustrated, upset, etc. Also, using general tells are pretty good, too. Quite a few people tend to look to the left when they lie, or cross their arms when they’re being defensive.
  • Showing is better than telling
    • Through body language, thoughts, and actions, you can show a character’s feelings a whole lot better than outrightly saying it.
    • This doesn’t mean never tell, but when you do it all the time, the story gets kinda boring
  • Find your audience
    • You want to hit moms in their forties? Write like a realistic, romance author
    • Wanna hit teens? Write about more fantasy and science fiction, hitting romance while still developing characters as they grow and age
  • Reach out to others in the fandom
    • talk with people, make friends, come up with headcanons together
    • encourage them and they will encourage you
    • having people to talk to about things is honestly so important and the entire reason i’ve been able to keep writing as well as the reason why i stopped for months before i started writing for voltron
  • Find how you relate to characters. Don’t make them you, but use how you understand yourself to write them. It’s how I write anxiety, depression, adhd, and anger disorders
  • Have fun when you write
    • Talk with friends who enjoy what you’re writing about, share little snippets, get people excited or make them cry
    • Get yourself excited about making people squeal because of tooth-rotting fluff, or have their heart melt with heavy angst
  • Read other’s works
    • Learn what you like and what you don’t, what others like and what they don’t
    • See what works when it comes to imagery and what’s better to just say
    • But oh my god, don’t ever steal. You’re writing should always be your own. You can take inspiration from other people, but when you steal their work it’s unbelievably rude and is extremely upsetting to the author, plus it’s against literally every sites rules and copyrights, and don’t copy their writing style, it just doesn’t work
  • One thing I do, that I honestly wish I didn’t, but is at least helpful for me
    • I always get in the mindset of the character, i.e. if Keith’s upset, I get myself upset and then write, or if Lance is super enthused, I get myself really happy
    • This can be really exhausting and taxing at times, so do this at your own risk
  • Music can completely change how you write
    • Find or make a playlist that has the mood for how you want to write something
    • Be aware of how the song is affecting your writing, and change it if you need to
  • When the characters are talking, try to hear their voices in your head and channel that when you write
    • If you listen to the character’s speaking what you want them to say, it becomes easier for the reader to hear that as well
    • It makes the characters a lot more believable
  • Relationships aren’t black and white
    • there’s cutesy little things, fights/arguments, sex (if you write that) and so much more
    • think about how you interact with your friends. how you sometimes get frustrated with them and just need to be alone, or how easy it can be to talk with them and spend time with them and how sometimes it can be a mix of the two. it’s a lot like that just with romance and kisses
    • no two relationships are the same. keith and lance don’t have the same dynamic as shiro and allura. hunk and lance don’t have the same dynamic as hunk and keith. everything and everyone is different and compliment each other in different ways. 

I think this is it and i’m sorry with how long this is, but this is everything that i’ve learned/have helped me over the past 10 months. I hope they help you too!!!

Don't Test Me

Murphy X Reader

Request? Yes:

Can you do some kind of mild Murphy x reader dom thing where hes kind of like “this is mine” and “this is mine” and really showcase just his overall Murphy attitude in it??? If you get me

It’s sweltering and your body aches with exhaustion. You spent the entire day scouting the area surrounding camp with Finn, hiking up hills, dragging yourself through water, and tripping over protruding roots. It’s a relief to be seated, fresh food in your stomach. When you finish eating, it’s all you can do not to pass out right there.

“Hungry much?” Murphy sits down beside you, glancing at the clean bones beside you. You groan and kick them off to the side, laying back on the ground. Your thighs scream at you with every movement.

“Not right now,” you mumble, lifting your arms to cover your face. You’re quite sure you can fall asleep just like this.

“What?” The word is sharp. It has a tone to it, almost challenging. Maybe you’re just hearing things.

“I’m really tired, Murphy. And sore. I’m not in the mood.”

“Not in the mood?” His voice hardens, leaking venom as he snaps at you. “For what? For me?”

You’ve been friends for a few months. And a little more than friends every once in a while. Countless nights in the same bed have not been accompanied by romance, though. It was more of a mutual agreement between the two of you, a sort of stress relief. He’s still the same Murphy, touchy and unpleasant a lot of the time, sometimes even cruel.

You let out a soft sigh, already spent with this conversation. Dropping your arms to the ground, you look up at him, eyes flicking over his face. There’s a smear of blood on his left cheek, right above his clenched jaw. You’re not equipped to handle his attitude right now.

“I just need a break.” You speak softly, hoping he’ll understand. He doesn’t.

“Yeah, okay, sure.” You can tell he’s pissed. It doesn’t take an engineer to figure that one out. He pushes himself to his feet and glares down at you with cold eyes before turning to walk towards his tent.

You watch him go, rubbing your hands over your face. No doubt he’ll be simmering for days if you don’t apologize now. It’s painful as you sit up. Your muscles protest when you rise to your feet.

“Thanks for the help today.” Finn comes up beside you and gives a short smile. He doesn’t seem in as bad a shape as you.

“Yeah, whatever.” You volunteered to go with him, but didn’t know he would act like such a moody asshole for the entire day. It probably has something to do with his awkward love triangle. Yet another reason your time outside of camp was spent in misery. “Not happening again.”

“What?” He frowns, eyes curious. “Did I do-”

“I’m busy.”

Your legs carry you away faster than you had expected with the amount of damage they took earlier, leaving Finn alone in his confusion. Murphy is seated on the bed, hands supporting his weight off to the sides as he leans back. His gaze moves to yours, face expressionless. Your eyes land on a lantern, smashed and in shards on the ground in the corner. 

“Angry much?”

“Not right now,” he mocks you, eyebrows raising as if to challenge you. He sits forward, resting his hands on his knees. “I’m sure your day was really awful. You know, walking around.”

“Go float yourself, Murphy.” He shakes his head as you cross your arms.

Murphy has been around you for a while now, starting the day he saved you from a grounder attack. Everyone retreated, but he helped you back to camp with an arrow stuck through your calf. He’s been the closest thing you have to family since then. No one’s ever said anything, but you’re sure they’ve thought the same things you have. His attitude has rubbed off on you.

“I think my issues today top whatever happened with you.” His face is stony, anger etched in every line.

“Enlighten me, then,” you retort, tilting your head. What could be worse than a day full of Finn?

“Well, for starters, Bellamy basically made me a to-do list today. He thinks I should be helping more around camp while he sits on his ass.”

This is pathetic. Is this really what he’s gonna complain about? Doing things on the ground?

“They were all stupid little things, tasks with no purpose.”

You can’t help but roll your eyes. You spent hours hiking through forests and rivers just to discover locations of resources. Not to mention the sea monster that could have killed you.

“Don’t test me,” he spits, pushing himself abruptly to his feet. He grabs the sleeve of his jacket and yanks it down his arm, revealing a bloodied bandage around his bicep. You drop your hands.

“What is that?”

“While you were taking a walk, Bellamy ‘accidentally’ shot me in the goddamn arm, Y/N.” His voice is menacing, nostrils flaring in anger. “Clarke wouldn’t shut up about using too many medical supplies while she fixed it. I thought that you’d come back and I’d finally have a break and relax.”

You press your lips together, guilt seeping into your skin. Murphy doesn’t get along with many people here, and everyone knows it. You’re basically the only person that doesn’t treat him like dirt. You like each other because you can relate. Both of you had a parent that was floated and another that was a drunk. The only difference is that while his mom emotionally abused him, your dad hit you around. That part of your life is over, though.

“Sorry,” you whisper, reaching a hand forward to lift the bandage. You sneak a peak at the wound underneath and immediately look away, red stained into your mind. “How the hell did he accidentally shoot you?”

“Good question.” He pulls away from your touch and drops his jacket off his shoulders completely. “Now, get on the bed.”

Your stomach twists and you suck in a sharp breath. This isn’t out of the ordinary at all, in fact it’s basically a normal part of your routine. You slept with Murphy one night after the camp had a little party, and then he just started pulling you into his tent whenever he needed to let out his aggression. You’ve never been with him when he was angry like this, though.

“Are you-”

“Now, Y/N.”

You don’t try to speak again. You lower yourself onto the edge of the bed, leaning down to unlace your shoes and pull your feet out of them. Murphy zips up the tent flap, turning back towards you as he maneuvers his shirt up his abdomen. His face contorts with frustration as he struggles with one hand. Eventually he growls, lifting his eyes to yours. He won’t ask for help, but you know what the look means.

You stand up once again, gripping the hem of his tee and helping slip it over his uninjured arm. Then you lift it over his head and slide it gently down his other arm, careful of his wound, before dropping it to the side. His hand is on your chest in a split second, pressing you back and onto the bed again.

You fall backwards, breath leaving you when his mouth collides with yours, lips molding together. His hand is up your shirt, cold fingers pressing roughly into the skin of your abdomen. The other hand hangs limply beside you, and you know he’s having difficulty figuring out what to do with it.

Your arms wrap around his neck instinctively, pulling him closer. He’s forced to move his touch from your stomach, supporting his body weight on his elbow. The kiss is intense, fueled with whatever feelings have been building up inside him throughout the day. He sits back on his knees after a minute and you’re both breathless, hearts pounding.

“Shirt off.” He’s never been so demanding before. You don’t find yourself complaining, though, as you sit up, stripping the article of clothing off quickly. You lean forward, lips pressed to the base of his neck briefly. “No,” he interrupts immediately, fingers unclipping your bra swiftly and pushing you back down. “I’m in charge.”

You’re surprised, but you toss your bra off to the side regardless. His eyes rake down your body, hand pressing against your clothed core. You choke back a moan, lifting your hips. Murphy leans down and pulls at the skin of your neck with his teeth, fingers sliding up to grab at your left breast. His lips drag down your collar bone, leaving a trail of heat in their wake, and attach to your chest.

You force your eyes to stay open, watching with an open mouth as he sucks at the flesh of your breast. You can feel bruises forming beneath his tongue, blood rising to the surface of your skin. Then his lips swipe across your chest in search of unmarked territory. You can’t help the sound that falls from your mouth as he envelopes your nipple, tongue stroking at it mercilessly.

“These are mine,” he states when he finally lifts his head. His voice is strong, daring. He places a brief kiss in the middle of your chest before kneeling back once more. “Pants.”

The meaning is implied. Your fingers fumble with the button of your jeans as you try to slow your breathing. The material falls to the floor beside the bed and Murphy’s good hand is immediately on your underwear, yanking them down your legs as quickly as possible.

When he gets them off, his other hand drops to the mattress as he attempts to lower himself. He grunts in pain as pressure shoots up through his arm. You sit up, leaning forward to help him. “Stop.” He presses you against the bed again, hand on your stomach. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” You study his face for any signs of pain, but all you can see there is the tension that must have been mounting all day long.

He doesn’t reply, just scoots down the bed and runs his fingers over your clit. You gasp, stomach clenching. Just as quickly, two fingers are inside you, rubbing against your slick walls. Your head hits the pillow, eyes squeezing shut with the sudden pleasure.

“This is mine, too.” You’re caught off guard by Murphy’s statements. He’s never made any claim over you, and you’re not sure if he just means sexually or if he’s trying to tell you something.


“Shut up, Y/N.” You press your lips together, and then his mouth is between your legs, tongue prodding at your clit. A loud moan makes its way up your throat. Your hands grip at the blankets below you as you shift beneath him. His fingers pump quickly, curling to press against your most sensitive spot.

“Murphy,” you cry, arching your back off the bed. His tongue rubs over your clit again before he pulls back, glistening fingers sinking into his mouth. Your hooded eyes follow his movements, cheeks heating up.

“Turn over.” You’re confused, eyebrows threaded together. What is he trying to do? He rolls his eyes and kneels, gripping your hip. “I said to turn over. It’s not that hard.” He flips you onto your stomach and you turn your face, cheek pressed against the pillow.

Murphy grunts, pushing your legs apart with his knee. His mouth presses to the small of your back, hand sliding up your leg to palm your ass. This is new, and your heart pounds with unfamiliarity. Then there’s a slap and your body jolts, a sting spreading through your cheek. “Shit.”

“And this is mine.” His voice is gravelly now, thick with lust. Your eyes flutter closed and you groan as he places open-mouthed kisses on your other cheek. His mouth isn’t gentle, though, and you wince as he nips at the skin.

Then the touch is gone. You look back to see him undoing his pants, and you’re surprised at how quickly he can shed his clothing with one hand. When his boxers come off, you find yourself chewing on your lip, entire body aching with a need for him. Maybe the first time you slept together was a fluke, just a need for something. But Murphy is the best lay you’ve had.

“Murphy,” you whisper, afraid of how your voice might betray you. “Hurry up.”

“I am.” He’s annoyed, and you know enough not to say anything more. You turn your face into the pillow, moaning when you feel him running his fingers between your soaked folds. “So wet for me.” His hand grabs your hip, lifting so your weight is supported by your knees. It’s only a moment before his hard cock is pressing against you.

“How bad do you want it?” he whispers. He folds his body overtop of yours, chest pressed against your back, lips moving against your shoulder blade. “Tell me how much you want my cock.”

Your body is in flames, adrenaline pumping through your veins with the words falling from his lips. Dirty talking has never been a part of these meetings, and the pure filth of it has you in a frenzy.

“Tell me.” His arm is wrapped around your waist, hips grinding into yours and teeth grazing against your skin. Your senses are unable to sort everything out.

“So bad, Murphy,” you’re finally able to mumble, pressing yourself back against him, teeth digging into your lower lip as his arm tightens around you. “I want it so bad.”

“Good,” he retorts. He pushes inside of you and your breathing stops as he bottoms out. The feeling is welcomed. You can feel his breath, hot against your skin as he groans. “You feel so good, Y/N.”

His hips begin to move, slowly at first, but building up momentum. Your sore body is all but forgotten as Murphy becomes the only sensation you can process. His hips slap against yours, cock pumping in and out of you, rubbing against every delicious spot it can find. It’s nearly impossible to keep quiet for more than a moment.

Your breath leaves you in a high-pitched whine when he hits your g-spot, eyes clenching shut and hands gripping the pillow. You can feel yourself squeezing him, and you know he can feel it too when he grunts, slamming into you a bit harder. “Oh, you like that?”

You can’t find it in you to respond, afraid you’ll end up screaming if you try to speak. The pillow isn’t enough of an anchor, and you find one hand gripping onto Murphy’s arm around your waist. His fingers find yours and lace together before he wraps around you again, thrusts coming faster now. You can barely will yourself to stay upright with the building intensity.

“Whose is this?” he spits, harsh words far from the gentle gesture of his hand. “Who does this pussy belong to?”

You gasp. He has you right on the brink, dangling on the edge. With a couple more hard thrusts he could throw you over.

“Answer me.” You’re trying, but every time you open your mouth, your words get caught in your throat. His hips slow, fingers, loosening around yours. You grip his hand tightly, refusing to let go as your orgasm slips away from you.

“Don’t stop,” you choke out, other hand reaching back to grab his hip. “Please.”

“Then answer, Y/N,” he breathes, lips brushing your shoulder with each word and hair tickling your arm. “Who do you belong to?”

Your chest heaves with every breath, and the movement of his hips is painfully slow. It’s not enough. You need to feel him pounding into you again, hard thrusts, rough movements. You need him to fuck you.


“Good answer.” You can feel his smirk against your skin and suddenly you’re being fucked harder than before. His hand has a death grip on yours, his arm taught around your waist. His thrusts are intense, pushing you towards the edge faster than you can even comprehend. You don’t even realize you’re about to fall until you actually do, and then you’re crying out, knuckles turning white from your hold on Murphy’s hand.

“Ah, fuck!” He keeps grunting, thrusts becoming sloppy as you continue to come, clenching down on his cock repeatedly, limbs shaking with the intensity of your orgasm. His body is melting into yours, molded against you. Your heart is pounding in your ears, and you’re still moaning like you’ll never make a noise again.

When Murphy comes, he’s a lot quieter than you were. He moans your name a few times, lips pressing against your skin over and over again. You haven’t come down quite yet. Your breath comes in shaky pants, and your pulse is amplified in every nerve. You can feel his chest heaving against your back as he tries to calm down. His cock is still twitching inside of you, body tensed.

“Fuck,” he mumbles, waiting another few seconds before pulling out. You can feel his juices dripping down your thigh, and in a moment he has a cloth, wiping up the liquid and tossing it to the side.

His good arm wraps around you as he falls back onto the bed, pulling you into his chest. Yet another new thing. You usually leave immediately after sex, resting up in your own tent. You don’t complain, however. Your muscles are beginning to tighten as your body remembers how sore it is. They’re tighter than they were after the day’s trek, and the skin on your chest is tender as it presses against Murphy.

“God, I needed that,” he mumbles, face nuzzling against your hair. Your entire body aches with fatigue and your eyes threaten to close with no intention of opening back up.

Now that everything’s over, you don’t really understand what this means for the two of you. Maybe Murphy was just trying to make the sex between you more interesting, or maybe he actually meant what he said. Maybe he does want you all to himself. You’re not sure what you want, either. It’s a bit of a puzzle.

“Murphy,” you begin, voice slow and quiet with exhaustion, “what are we?”

You wait for a reply, assuming that he needs to sort his thoughts. Your own mind races with scenarios. Maybe you do think of him as more than a friend with benefits kind of thing.

You’re about to ask again when you hear him snore softly. Your lips curl into a smile. His arm tightens around you as his body shifts. Whatever is going on, it can wait until the morning. For now, sleep will be a welcomed comfort.