hits on your mom


Photos of Yoongi’s mother’s restaurant “큰맘순대국” (Big Mom/Big Heart’s Blood Sausages Stew) located at Sindang-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu.

BTS members sent a flower wreath with the message “Congratulations on your opening” and Yoongi sent a flower wreath with the message “Mom, hit jackpot.” Super Junior’s Heechul also sent one saying “Try Big Mom/Big Heart out, it’s delicious.”

Inside are BTS’ albums and photos, along with flower pots sent by Yoongi and Jimin with the messages of “BTS Suga / Mom, hit jackpot ❤” and “BTS Jimin / Congratulations on your opening.”

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what’s a pic that screams: when u wake up from a seven minute nap that hit u out of nowhere and your mom’s standing above you asking if you want a burrito but you’re still trying to figure out who and where you are

hey i’m joji and i make music or something like that?? mainly i’m pwr bttms biggest fan and an avid tapir enthusiast tbh. i watch friends too much and i’m the friend that would come over to your place for food and to hit on your mom. pancakes are better half cooked and i will fight over this like don’t test me bitch. don’t talk to me about star wars i fucking hate that shit after seeing r*gue one because wtf????? don’t watch it if you don’t want your soul to be backhanded and spit on like honestly disney why would you do that? fuck disney, boycott their asses they don’t deserve love after the abuse they gave us.

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Hello everyone! I had this idea for quite a while the past 45 seconds: Danksepticeye.

He’s just another personality of Jack’s, the one who needs the memes (in case you haven’t got that by his name), and the one who played the 8th episode of Raft. Here’s an example of some memes i created based around this character:

“Finna bust a nut”

When you realize you’ve been hitting the snooze button for half an hour and your mom comes into the room

Deleted scene from S̺͍͉͔͉̞̪Ḁ̸̰̮͝Y̶̪ ̳͇̭͍̥̭͉ͅG̕҉̡̦̲O̤̫͖͎̗͜͞ͅÒ̴̬̠̺̪̥͉̳͉̥͝D̨̺̦̯͙͙͔̯͚͠B̸̬̻̝͉͍̻̀͝Y҉̫̝̖̹̝̠͠E̲̩͟͝ͅ

“I’m not as think as you drunk i am”

“Holding all the fucks i give”

Forcing your fart

“oh shit it’s shit”


and add memes of your own

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Is a parent still abusive if they are only mean when you are bad?? My mom is definitely abusive but my dad is only mean when I do bad things like cuss or don't listen to him or am upset about something and then he will hit me and yell at me but I deserve it then and he is really nice other times or if someone else is mean to me so I don't know if it's abuse or not then? Maybe I'm just being dumb Idk.

you’re not being silly or anything. i would challenge this thinking. would your dad let you hit him when he is acting up? would he let you hit him when your mom acts up? of course not! he has power over you. he knows this. this makes it especially unacceptable at all times to hit you. he knows he can do this and not face consequences. thats not okay.

on top of this, it’s important you understand why you’ve been taught to think it’s okay as long as your behavior is “bad”. first off, your parents get to decide what is considered “bad”. this is very arbitrary. not all parents get upset when their kids cuss. not all parents yell or hit when their kids don’t listen. so your dad is effectively deciding what you’re not allowed to do because he doesn’t like it, and then abusing you for it.

you know you can’t hit people when they act in ways you don’t want them to. just because it upsets you does not mean you get to hurt or scare them. if you can understand this, there’s no reason your dad, an adult, cannot understand this.

you are a kid. you are allowed to make mistakes and express frustration. you are not being adequately cared for by your mom. if your dad lives with your mom, this is especially bad because he should be keeping you away from abuse. at the very least in this case, he is neglectful.

Brotherly Love- Chris Kreider

Thank you so much for asking! And I love Chris Kreider so this was so much fun to write. For the amazing @plutoisback

Request:Aah yay!! Okay so would it be cool if I asked for a Chris Kreider story?? If so I would love on were the reader and chris met in the road and are texting becoming friends and then during off season he goes and visits her???

Warnings: None


The sunlight streamed in from the window, hitting the couch, and you, just perfectly. The move from Massachusetts to LA had finally started to take its toll on you. It had been almost two months and now that you were finally settled down and were in the swing of things, everything was hitting you at once.

You missed your mom and your dad. Your cat. Your small apartment five minutes from your parents. You missed your brothers, you never thought you’d ever be able to miss them as much as you did, but here you were. 

You smiled sadly as you thought about your two younger brothers. Being from about two hours outside Boston, it was no surprise that your brothers had taken to hockey from an early age. And now here they were, both playing for Boston College. To say you were proud was an understatement. But this was the first time in 10 years that you had missed more than two games in a season. You went to everyone of their games growing up and now you would have to miss every single one.

Your phone’s ringtone shook you out of your daze and you grabbed it, looking at the caller ID, shaking your head slightly. So maybe they were mind readers.

“Hey kiddo,” you smiled.

“(Y/N)!” Jack said loudly. You could hear Kaden laughing in the background.  

“Good practice?” 

“You could say that,” you could just hear the smirk on his face.

“But that’s not why we’re calling!” Kaden shouted. “Put it on speaker man.”

“Calm down, calm down,” Jack insisted. God you missed the two of them. “Okay,” Jack started, after he had finally put the speaker phone on. “We have a little surprise for you.”

“Not little, big, big surprise.” You could practically see Kaden bouncing around. “So mom said you were kind of homesick and everything so,”

“Us being the best brothers ever,” Jack interjected. “Write that down.” You rolled your eyes, but you weren’t able to stop the wide grin on your face.

“We got you tickets to the Kings game tonight!”

“What?” You bolted up right. No way your little twerps did that.

“Told you we were the best,” Jack sang. “And they’re great seats. So we expect great Christmas presents got it?”

“Guys, you didn’t…how?” You sputtered.

“Eh, we know a guy,” Jack stated. “They’re playing the Rangers and yes we know you love them. Game is at 7 your time. Tickets are at will call, you can thank us later. But we have to go! Text us after the game. Love you!” And with that they were gone. 

You sat on the couch for a few seconds, staring at your phone. No way. You and your brothers had always shared a love for hockey, but you never thought they’d up and buy you tickets for game, a really expensive game at that. You looked at the phone’s clock, realizing you had under two hours till puck drop.


You grabbed your tickets from Will Call and walked into the arena, scanning for your section. You finally found it and made your way towards your seats, moving closer and closer towards the ice until you were right behind the visitor’s bench. You bit your lip from squealing. Your brother’s were definitely going to get amazingly good Christmas presents. 


The game ended with the Rangers winning and let’s just say you were pretty happy and the team may have definitely noticed you jumping around behind them. You took your time walking out of the stadium, trying to decide what you wanted to do now.

“A Rangers fan huh? You don’t find many of those in LA,” You turned to look at the man who had spoken and your eyes popped open wide. THE Chris Kreider was standing in front of you, a shy smile on his face.

You took a second to recompose yourself, before giving a small shrug. “I’m originally an East Coast Girl, what can I say?”

“Where from” He asked. 

“Boston,” you whispered. “So I’m slightly more of a Bruins fan that a Rangers,” you teased.

“Oh ouch,” he clutched his chest. 

“But the Rangers are my second favorite, don’t worry Kreider.”

“That’s good to know,” he laughed. “So you know who I am, what’s your name?” He held out his hand to you. 

“(Y/N),” you told him, shaking his out stretched hand. 

“A pretty name for a pretty girl.”

“Oh now your flirting?” You joked. Though the blush on your cheeks could clearly be seen in the dim lighting.

“No, just stating the obvious.” Okay, now your face was definitely as red as a tomato. “Do you by chance know of a good place to grab food? Perhaps a place you’ll be at too?”

“I think I know a place.”


It was the middle of July, five months after you had met Chris. The LA weather was hot as always, but that couldn’t get you to stop moving even for a second. You paced back and forth in your living room, checking the window again and again.

You looked at your phone reading the time stamp from Chris’s last message. 

Chris: Just getting in the car. I’ll see you soon beautiful. 

Sent at 12:37. And almost an hour later he still wasn’t here. You sighed what you knew was an over dramatic sigh, but you couldn’t wait any longer.

After Chris had subtly asked you out to dinner that night, you and he had easily fallen into conversation and when the night had ended, he asked you for your number, which you had gladly given him. The two of you had texted everyday from that moment on and by the time playoffs rolled around you had moved up to daily FaceTimes and phone calls. You shared every piece of your life with one another. So the one night after a particularly brutal game when he had called you and kept you up way past the time you needed to go to bed and had looked at you apologetically across the screen, you weren’t surprised.

“I’m sorry I kept you up.”

“You know I don’t care, silly”

“God I love you (Y/N),” Chris had sighed.

“Its a good thing I love you too.” 

And the rest was history. You had only been able to get to one of your boyfriend’s playoff games and were sorry you weren’t around when they fell short and ended their playoff stint way before the team would’ve liked. But now your boyfriend was on his way to spend most of the summer with you and you couldn’t wait. The butterflies in your stomach were more than nervousness. 

The buzzing from the hallway shook you awake and you jumped up and ran to the box. 

“Hello?” You breathed.

“Hey, goofball, you gonna let me up anytime soon?” Chris laughed. 

You pressed the buzzer and waited by the front door, hoping from foot to foot. The knock on the door was short lived by you ripping the door open as fast as possible. You saw the huge smile and gorgeous eyes of Chris’ and that was all it took to have you leaping in his arms.

“Hey,” he giggled. “I missed you too.” He pulled you away from him, just enough to look you in the eyes. “You’re still as pretty as the day we met,” he said softly before placing a gentle kiss on your lips. “So what do you have planned?”

You led him into your apartment, moving his bags into the living room. He pulled you close to him again and you hummed, content. 

“I was thinking just a chill night.”

“I like that idea.”

“But, we do have to go Christmas shopping while you’re here,” you grinned sheepishly.

“It’s the beginning of July?” Chris questioned.

“Yeah, but I owe my brothers some really amazing Christmas presents so I need to start shopping now and am definitely going to need your help,” you joked, hugging your boyfriend again as he pressed a kiss to the crown of your head. 

Jamilton Series: Part Two

Did you miss part one? No worries! Click here to read it, and do heed the warning at the start! If this series isn’t for you, please don’t fret. It’s just one of the many things I write. Please remember that your safety comes before a fanfic, kiddos! <333

“Mom, mom,” Alex whined from the back seat.

“Alexander, dear fucking god, I am not your mother,” Jefferson said, hands tightly gripping the steering wheel.

“Mom, put on a seatbelt,” Alex continued as if Jefferson hadn’t said a single word.

“I am wearing––” Then it hit him. “Alex, point to your mom,” Jefferson demanded.

Alex gave Jefferson a confused look. “She’s right next to you, Thomas.” He laughed. “Oh, Mom, by the way, this is my boyfriend, Thomas. We’re going to a field. I hope you’re okay with this, Mama, with me and Thomas and––”

“Shit, shit, shit,” Thomas muttered.

The best part about going to college in a city had previously been the plethora of stuff to do. Now, it was undoubtedly their close proximity to multiple hospitals. Thomas sped into the nearest one, parking his car in the emergency lot and gathering Alexander up as quickly as he could.

“Mama!” Alex cried, reaching a hand out toward the car. “Mama!”

Jefferson swallowed hard, trying to ignore his boyfriend’s wails. He could deal with that heartbreak once Alex was surrounded by a team of nurses and doctors.

Just when they burst through the automatic doors, Alex began to convulse in Jefferson’s arms. Jefferson screamed. Before he could shout for help, two nurses had descended upon him and Alex, shifting the smaller boy onto a stretcher. One nurse rushed behind swinging doors with Alexander while the other stayed with Thomas, gently putting a hand on his arm when he made a move to follow Alex and the other nurse.

“Sir? I just need a little information about the patient.” She handed him a clipboard with a few forms then returned to her desk. He filled them out as quickly as he could, practically throwing it over the desk at her when she was done.

She simply sighed. “Follow me,” she said, waving him toward her.

He numbly followed her through the swinging doors, doing his best to ignore the groaning, coughing, and crying that echoed around him. Finally, she stopped in front of one of the curtained off areas. The curtain wasn’t fully closed, though.

Thomas gasped when he saw his boyfriend. He was already in a hospital gown, the front of it open, revealing wires attached to his chest, monitoring his heartbeat, an IV was hooked into the crook of one of his elbows, and his eyes were shut, his face expressionless.

The only thing that comforted Jefferson about the entire scene was the fact that the heart monitor was steadily beeping.

Jefferson sat in the chair next to Alex and took one of his clammy hands in his own. He wasn’t sure how long he sat there, rubbing small circle onto the back of his boyfriend’s hand. His mind wandered and, naturally, provided him with many worries. Would Alex sustain brain-damage from the fever? Could the fever leave permanent damage to his body in any way? What if it was something worse? What if the fever was just a symptom of something much, much worse? What if Alex hadn’t really been hallucinating earlier, but rather had seen the ghost of his mother because he was going to join her soon?

He was jarred out of his thought spiral by a gruff voice.

“Mr. Hamilton,” the voice said. Jefferson snapped his head up. It was the doctor.

“Yeah, well, that’s him,” he pointed to his sleeping boyfriend. “I’m Thomas Jefferson.” He let go of Alex’s hand to shake the doctor’s.

The doctor had a firm shake. He meant business. “Well, Mr. Jefferson. It’s nothing major. Just a high fever couple with severe dehydration. Hallucinations and convulsions aren’t common, but they aren’t too alarming with a temperature as high as Mr. Hamilton’s. But that should be brought down rather quickly by the medication he’s been given and the fluids from the IV. But I’m curious, how long has he been running this fever?”

Thomas was about to say only since last night, at the earliest, since he’d seen him the evening before, but then he began to remember how odd Alex had been acting. His eyes had seemed glassy a few days ago, but he said it was from too-little sleep, which wasn’t a rarity when it came to Alexander. But they’d stayed glassy. And he’d mumbled about feeling sore once or twice, but had shut up when Jefferson questioned him further and oh my god––

“I-I don’t know,” Thomas whispered, shaking his head.

“Well,” the doctor said. “He should be much better within the next few hours. Might even be discharged without having to stay the night.” He held his hand out for Jefferson to shake again, which he did, before sinking back down onto the chair next to Alex’s bed.

“God-fucking-damnit, Alexander,” he muttered.

He knew Alexander well enough to know one thing: the severity of the fever was no accident.

Jefferson leaned back and shut his eyes, trying to remember the past few days…

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My mom just hit me really hard on the back because I wouldn't pray to a being that doesn't exist with her. She hit me on my back because I wouldn't talk to her about how I'm feeling because whenever I do she just goes and tells the whole fucking world. She hit me and now I feel even worse than I did before.

Honey, it’s not okay that your mom is hitting you.  It’s not okay for anyone to hit you.  If you feel safe to do so, you should tell someone so that you can get out of that situation.  That’s not okay, and you deserve so much better and to know that you’re safe in your own home.

Exo Reaction to when they meet your family.

Sehun: *queen struts into the house*
“Hello Mighty Oh Sehun is here peasants, I’m sure you’ve all heard of me and my greatness”

Kai: *gets along very very well with…..
the dog and ignores everything else*

Tao: *trying to impress everyone with his “kung-fu fighting” skills*

D.o: *brings them many presents and a pre-made dinner winning your mothers heart with his cooking*

Chanyeol: *gets along perfectly with your father*

Chen: *Your mom calls him cute and your parents keeps complimenting him*
“Omg, your parents like me and don’t think I’m a troll”

Baekhyun: *takes care of your younger siblings making you and your mom fall more in love*
(this gif hit me in the feels, ugh I cannot rn)

Lay: “I wanna meet your grandma first, though”

Suho: *brings gifts that impresses your family*
“I thought I’d bring you a small present”

Kris: *tries to be a cool cold guy, but meme king makes another appearance*
“Excuse me… *mumble mumble mumble*

Luhan: *spends over 3 three hours making sure he looks perfect and everything is perfect*

Xiumin: *quiet flower pot, so he doesn’t end up saying something stupid*

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Being Sharon Carter’s daughter, and dating Peter would include…

  • Peggy Carter being your sort of great-great aunt
  • Because who wouldn’t want to be related to Peggy Carter?
  • Visiting Peggy at her retirement home almost every other day
  • “Tell me another story, please?”
  • Your mom teaching you everything she knows
  • “Martial arts, check. Shooting a gun, check.”
  • Pressing Sharon about Steve, knowing about their certain ‘connection’
  • “I know you like him, mom.”
  • Peter being slightly terrified of your mom, for fear she might shoot him if he accidentally makes you cry or something
  • “Y/n, she could literally aim a gun at me from miles away, and still hit a bulls-eye.”
  • Begging your mom to for her to let you join S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • “Come on, I have all the necessary skills to join. Plus, I’m even e-mail pen-pals with Director Fury. Mom, please?”
  • “No.”
  • Asking Steve to let you join the Avengers, when your mom won’t let you join S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • “Steve, I’ll fit in perfectly, I promise!”
    “Um, I think your mom might kill us all if we let you join, Y/n…”
  • Sitting and staring into the distance, crying, when Peggy dies
  • Writing a eulogy for her, but not being able to say it
  • “I’m sorry, I can’t… I can’t do this.
  • But ultimately knowing that your mom will be with you through thick and thin