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Decisions, Decisions (Part 2)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 4422

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child.Text messages are in italics.

Tags: @wordacadabra @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays


“Good job, baby,” you said, walking over and putting your arm on James’ shoulder. You turned and licked his ear. “That’s perfect. God, I’m so hot right now,” you said as you turned into him and began kissing him as his eyes never left the body, bloody and mangled before you as you dropped the axe.

“Cut!” the director, Ed, yelled.

“What’s wrong?” you questioned, worried you’d messed up your lines.

“Nothing much. Y/N, let’s take out the ear licking thing. It’s not doing what I thought it would. Take it from the top, right after Ruby collapses here, and ACTION.”

You ran the scene three more times then they stopped for a break and get the next scene set up. You went to your trailer and tried to go over your next few lines when there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” you said, wondering who it could be.

The door opened and James appeared. You did your best to ignore the butterflies in your stomach. Working with him was one thing, you could turn these feelings off, easy, it was professional, but as soon as he was James again and you were you again, the feelings came roaring back full force. “Hi, I got you a water.” He handed you the bottle and came in.

“Oh, thanks,” you said, smiling.

“You were really terrific to me.”

“What? Me?” you gasped, honestly surprised. “No…no.” You shook your head. It was odd, being an A list celebrity but yet still not feeling confident in your work. You honestly weren’t sure how or why you got these amazing gigs.

“No, you do really great. I think you’ve got the role of Alexa down.”

“Well thank you, I’m always so worried that I’m not saying it convincingly enough or I’m being too dramatic or…”

“You shouldn’t worry about that. I think you’re doing brilliantly.”

“Well that means a lot coming from you,” you informed with a smile as you looked at him.

“Sure. Yeah, not every moment is going to be golden. Trust me. This one time, when we were filming Wanted, you know the scene where I hit Chris in the face with a keyboard?” he asked, a sparkle coming into his clear blue eyes.

You grinned at the memory of that movie, that scene was actually one of your favorite scenes in any movie. “Yeah, I remember.”

“I accidentally actually hit him with that keyboard,” he said with his eyebrows raised as he laughed.

“Oh my god, no you didn’t!” you gushed, shoving him back playfully as you laughed. “Was he okay?”

He laughed that contagious, gorgeous laugh of his. “I think so. He took the hit pretty well. He laughed about it. My mark was off really bad.”

“I’ll say! Oh my gosh. I’ve never done anything that bad. But I did, okay, full disclosure, my first on-screen kiss wasn’t as steamy as that one we had earlier.”

“Oh?” he asked, intrigued as he sat back, his face resting against his fist as he gazed at you, utterly captivated in this story. Suddenly, you felt self-conscious.

“Yeah, so it was with Channing Tatum, and oh my gosh was he sweet about it,” you explained. “But, it was during a beach scene, for the ‘first kiss’ scene, and I leaned in too fast and we slammed our mouths together. He had a busted lip and my teeth cut the inside of my lip,” you informed, laughing as you covered your mouth.

“Wow. And I thought I was bad. That’s….wow that is really awful,” he said, chuckling, his accent getting thicker, making you more than attracted to him.

“Well thanks,” you sarcastically teased.

“Well just take solace in the fact that you’ve gotten better.”

Blushing, you responded, “Thanks.”

James bit his lip, something he did often when he was waiting to say something. He eyed you for a moment before asking, “Would you like to get drinks later?”

You weren’t sure why you were asking but you asked, “Why?” In your head you were screaming, “Why didn’t you just say yes?”

“I thought it’d be nice to get to know each other better, off set?” he tried, peering at you.

“Sure. Yeah, I’d like that,” you answered before swallowing. You nodded at him just as a knock came at the trailer door, they were ready for the next scene, so it was time to go to makeup.

“We better get back out there,” he said as he patted your leg and got up.


James escorted you to to a very upscale lounge, it was dark and quiet and perfect. You went to a small table in the corner and ordered your drinks.

“Gin and tonic,” you said.

“Scotch,” he said with a smile that could knock the wind out of a blimp.

“Keeping it traditional?” you teased.

“Someone has to,” he reminded.

“So, since we’re on the topic of heritages, where are you from?”

“I’m from a midsize town in Oklahoma.”

“That’s the one with all the cows, right?” he asked.

“Shut up,” you joked, your nose scrunching as you looked at him. “It’s not all farmland, you know?”

“Are you sure? Because I’ve been there and…” He stretched his eyes back, gesturing that it was a bit country.

“Hey, hey. Two can play that game, is it nothing but kilts and sea monsters in Scotland?”

His brows perked up as he made a shocked face. “Well, well the claws have come out. I’ll have you know that kilts are manly, dammit. I have worn mine to the grocery store before, believe it or not.”

“Oh yeah?’

‘Yes,” he said firmly, playfully asserting his confidence.

“Well I’ll have you know that we don’t all have cattle in Oklahoma. My father is one of the highest paid attorney’s in the state and my mom is a bioengineer.”

James sat and looked at you, curious now. “Then how is it, little ole Y/N ended up in LA as a big movie star?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know. I was in college, toward the beginning of senior year, and I was just doing theater club for fun and it dawned on me that I was enjoying doing the plays more than I was for my classes.”

“What was your major?” he questioned.

“English. It’s relatively universal, but I realized I was hating what I was doing so…”

“So you dropped out?”

“No, no. I had come that far, I had to see it through. I graduated and then came out here.”

“And your parents, did they approve?”

“Not at first. But I think they were mainly worried about my safety.”

“Sure, yeah.”

“But then they came around to the idea, helped me find a safe place to live, and I was free to do auditions. I also promised myself if I didn’t get any decent roles for five years, I’d leave.”

“And when did you get your first decent role?”

“Within the first six months, Tale of the Dragon was my first serious role.”

“Yeah? I loved that movie, you were badass in that,” he commended, nodding at you.

“Well thank you. I can’t curve a bullet though,” you said with a grin and a wink. A wink? You just winked at James McAvoy, are you nuts?

He laughed at the mention of his movie and raised his glass to you.

“Well I’m glad you came out.”

“Me too,” you agreed, trying to ignore the feelings that erupted with the way he said that. “So you? Why did you become an actor?”

“I liked the idea of being different things. It felt…wrong, going through life as the same person. Getting to try on other skins for a while is refreshing.”

“I hear that, being someone else is a lot easier than being yourself,” you said before you realized what you had said.

In that moment, James saw the real you. He realized that you put on a little bit of a show for the public, the cameras. The extra confident, extra flirty you was the public you, this shy, quiet you was the real Oklahoma girl. To be honest, he quite liked both.

James checked his phone for the time and bit his lip again, sending butterflies all throughout your chest.

You were taking a sip of your drink, worrying you were boring him to death. This was worldly, well established James McAvoy and you were just a girl from Oklahoma with one or two blockbusters under your belt but that was all.

“How would you like to do this again? But this time make it a real date?” he asked suddenly, his ocean blue eyes searching yours.

You couldn’t help the thing that happened next - you choked on your drink and accidentally spit it out on the table. Did he just ask you out on a fucking date? Drinks was one thing. You were pretty sure that this was just to get to know each other better as friends. For four months you’d work on the film together and barely knew each other because your scenes were so intense you did a lot of practicing the scenes, not socializing.

James leaned over, handed you a napkin, and slightly chuckled. “Are you alright?”

You coughed a few more times and ended up laughing. While it was mortifying, there wasn’t anything you could do about it now except blush and laugh. This was your key to confidence, you had to learn to laugh off the blunders.

“Yeah, no, just went down the wrong pipe. What did you say?”

“I said, would you want to go on a date with me?”

And there went the butterflies again as your stomach jumped to your throat and your heart sped up to a million miles per hour. This was real. He was really asking you. A man you’ve had a crush on forever was asking you out. Your co star. You knew how dangerous it could be dating a costar but you didn’t care.

“Oh, yes, of course. When?” you blurted out. Shit. Your date with Tom was tomorrow night.

“When are you free next?”

“Saturday night,” you informed, your blush not receding as your heart continued to hammer inside your chest.

“Sounds perfect. I’ll pick you up. Text me your address.”

You two agreed it was late and James grabbed the check as he got you a cab back to your place. The entire ride back you were swimming in a sea of euphoria. You had been keen on James for quite some time now but that kiss on the show the other day really transferred your feelings from a passive crush to finding yourself getting butterflies whenever you were around him, almost school-girl like.

But what about Tom? You had forgotten just how much fun you two had on set and how much you two had in common. Being an English major, you two shared quite a bit in the department of Shakespeare, ancient philosophers, and quite a few of the British literature. You had the same sort of humor and loved to dance. He was the perfect gentlemen and great advocate. He was willing to try new things and unwaveringly nice. But you never got the butterflies with Tom, the way you do with James.

But James was hysterically funny and overtly sweet as well. His wit usually had you in stitches and his charm was undeniable and you loved to watch him interact with fans. On the flipside, you haven’t had the luxury of a lot of quality time with James as you have with Tom.

They were both handsome as sin and could make a suit a walking sex object. The more you thought about it, the harder it became to decipher who you felt more of a draw to. You blew out a breath, wondering just what in the hell you’d gotten yourself into.


The shoot went exceptionally well and everyone went home early. You raced home to get ready for your date with Tom as you talked to Ida, to try and help calm your nerves. You didn’t imagine you’d be this nervous for a date with your friend but the more you thought about him, the more he seemed like a real date.

“You have to tell me everything that happens, do you hear me? Everything. I want every detail,” Ida demanded through your phone.

You were busy curling your hair as you made a funny face in the giant mirror in your upscale bathroom.

“Every detail?” you questioned incredulously before you two laughed.

“So what are you going to do about James then?” she questioned.

“What do you mean?”

“Well you’re with Tom…so that can’t leave a lot of time for James…” she insinuated.

You laughed. “I’m not ‘with’ Tom, this is the first date, who knows if we’ll even hit it off.”

“You hit it off as friends,” she reminded.

“Right,” you agreed, curling another piece of your hair. “As friends. There may be no chemistry there. Besides, I’ve already got a date with James,” you mentioned casually.

“What?!” Ida shrieked, making you jump away from the phone laying on the bathroom counter. “Both guys. You’re dating both men. You’re dating two of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood and you didn’t think to tell your best friend?”

“I’ve been busy with Juxtaposition,” you reminded gently.

“Apparently not too busy,” she teased with innuendo.

“Har-har,” you said back. “What’s so wrong with dating, huh? Playing the field. Scarlett does it.”

“Johanson? Yeah, true.”

“All the guys get to do it, I say it’s time for us women to have the same fun. Come on, Ida, I’m young, pretty, and available. Why should I tie myself down to either one?”

She was silent for a moment, probably trying to come up with a good argument.

“If it were you, would you do it any different?”

“No,” she admitted.


“Well, go get ‘em, tiger,” she encouraged. “What are you wearing? Where are you going?”

“I’m wearing my purple chiffon dress. I don’t know where we are going. Knowing Tom, somewhere incredibly outrageous in price.”

“You mean the one with the slit?”

You nodded at your reflection as you started on your makeup.

“The one that has a slit up to my hip? Yep, that’s the one,” you informed.

“Oh my gosh, that’ll turn some heads! Isn’t that a little racy for the first date?” she inquired.

Laughing, you responded, “It’s all about first impressions.”

“I’m pretty sure I know his first impression, it’ll be below the waist.”

“Hey, as long as it’s a response,” you teased. “Hey, I’m going to finish getting ready and I’ll call you back after the date.”

“You better! Have fun!”

“Bye, sweetie.”

“Bye, sweetheart.”

You hung up and noticed you had a text. It was from James.

Hope you have a good Friday night. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow :)

Your heart soared as you sent back a reply.

Thanks! You too. See you tomorrow.

Immediately after that you received a text from Tom stating he was ten minutes away. You texted him and told him to come right in and sit in the living room as you finished getting ready.

You made a couple of adjustments to your hair, added a bit more dark eyeshadow, ran into your bedroom and pulled on your dress and found a pair of black, bejeweled satin heels to match. You strapped the heels in and eyed your reflection, loving every bit of it. You grabbed your clutch and managed to make it out of the house to meet Tom in the driveway, noticing he wore a nice navy blue suit with light blue shirt and patterned tie. He looked every bit the part of a celebrity.

“You brought a Jag?” you said, eyeing the car as he was stepping up.

“Yeah, they gave me one from the commercials so I figured why not. Do you like it?” he asked.

“I’m more of an Aston Martin gal,” you teased. “No, it’s beautiful.” You smiled as you walked to the passenger side and he jogged to come and open the door for you. You blushed a tad and sat in the lovely leather, noticing him eyeing you. He went around the other side, got in, and started it, the low roar coming from the car exciting you.

“You look stunning,” he complimented.

“Thank you, Tom. You look dashing, as always.”

“Yeah the only time I’m not in a suit is during some of my movies, it’s a bit of a relief.”

“Speak for yourself,” you said as he started to pull away. “I live in dresses all the time and I couldn’t be happier.”

He laughed his signature laugh and you smiled at him as he drove. The way the car whipped around the curves of Los Angeles rodes was the perfect combination of relaxation and excitement, you’d always had a thing for fast cars, and now you could actually afford cars like this that were luxurious and fast - the perfect concoction of happiness for you.

Just as you thought, Tom brought you to a high priced restaurant, French to be exact. You surmised he was probably going to dust off some of his French to order. Thank goodness because your French was nowhere near as good as his. You ordered and then he started conversation.

“So, how have things been?”

“Hecktic,” you admitted. “I just got offered another role last week.”

“Oh, yeah? Are you going to take it?” he asked, intrigued.

You shrugged and bobbed your head side to side. “I’m not sure. It’s a rom-com and…eh.”

“You never were one for traditional roles,” he commented.

“Well, I don’t want to be stuck in those roles. I’m a pretty face and I think they want to see that but I’m having too much fun in the weird roles right now.”

“So turn it down,” he offered simply, his brows coming together slightly.

“Easy for you to say, you’ve got several successes under your belt. I don’t think I can afford to shoot it down.”

He nodded, his hands resting against his lips as he kept his elbows on the table.

“I see. So try it out. That way you can say you tried it, and who knows, you might like it.”

“True. I’ll probably accept. So any word on the James Bond front?” you questioned. You knew he got pelted with this all the time because of his entire aesthetic  - british, luxury car spokesman, always in a suit. He got annoyed with interviewers because they were just out for the tabloids and a blurb about a possible movie, but for his friends he knew it was commonplace shop talk.

“Nothing yet, and I don’t know if I’d want that role, like you, I’m a little afraid I’d get stuck in that. The british spy theme, maybe later on down the line,” he confessed before he sipped some water.

“Ah see, so I’m not the only one who’s afraid,” you teased.

“It would seem that way. Are you still reading your literature? Keeping up with it?”

You thought for a moment, in a way you felt guilty. “No, not really. I haven’t touched anything but a script since I moved out here four years ago.”

He paused a second as the awkward silence settled between you two. “Ah, well any new experiences? I know last time we worked together you hadn’t been to a few places or seen some things, what about now?”

“Oh! Yes, I went to a kangaroo reservation in Australia, that was pretty amazing. I also went kayaking in Africa. Oh, I went with Ryan Reynolds to Mexico for a small part in his new film. Never trust that man,” you informed, laughing. “Oh and in Hawaii they taught me how to spin fire. I singed my arm hair a lot but it was worth it!”

He grinned, his eyes lighting up. “Well it sounds like you’re living it up. Good for you.”

“Yeah, I’m trying to. What about you? I know you’re not one to turn down an adventure. What’s the great Hiddles up to?”

“Ugh, not much but traveling. It’s a promo here, a premiere there, an interview here, a signing there, a con next. It’s a whirlwind. But I did manage to surf.”

“Oh yeah?” you asked, excited. “I can’t surf. Was it fun?” You sipped your drink as you realized this was almost too friendly. None of this felt like a date. It felt just like the other night of catching up. Why did drinks with James feel more intimate and romantic than this? Perhaps it was the fact that any time there was a silence between you and James you wanted to close the gap and just kiss him, or jump his bones, whichever worked.

“It was fun until I realized the instructor had given me a push because I couldn’t paddle,” he informed, followed by his laugh that always made you smile.

You laughed at this information. “Oh my god. You poor thing!” you said, still laughing.

“Yeah, not the greatest ego booster,” he admitted.

Then conversation fell short for a moment before they brought the food out.

“Plan on taking a break any time soon?” you asked, since Tom hadn’t had a break in about five years.

“No, not really. I don’t see a point to stop when I’m on a roll. What about you?”

“Absolutely not. I’m pushing through everything I can.”

“Are you keeping busy?”

“Yeah as soon as this one with James is done, I’m getting a ten episode contract for a show. I’m auditioning for a dark musical in a few weeks so…we’ll see. I plan on just loading my plate up.”

“That’s the best way,” he agreed.

The rest of dinner was pretty much talk about work. You split the bill and he drove you home, the quiet wasn’t as awkward as before but rather comfortable.

Tom opened your door and you got out of the sleek black car as he helped you out.

“I was wondering if you would like to go to the Kong premier with me?” he offered, as your elbows rested in his hands. This was the first time you’d been this close and not on a movie set. “I know we didn’t have the grandest of first dates, but I’d like to try it again.”

“Sure, I don’t see why not.”

“Excellent. It’ll be on the 30th.”

“Great. See you then.”

Tom started to incline his head and it suddenly registered that it was time to kiss him. Why couldn’t you get out of your own head? Kissing him after a date should be natural? So why did this feel pushed? This felt even less natural than when you kissed for Eternal Lovers. Forcing yourself out of your weird headspace you tried to sink into a kiss. You tilted your head the other way as your eyes locked, the moment starting to happen. A tiny smirk was on the corner of his lips as he leaned in a bit more, closing the gap. Your lips touched and it felt…nice. He was clearly an expert at kissing, and you weren’t so bad yourself. You were about to lose yourself in the kiss, really give into it, when he broke away.

“Good night,” he said quietly, his enchanting eyes searching yours, for what, you weren’t sure. Was he aware of the disconnect? Maybe it was just getting out of this headspace that he was merely a friend.

“Night,” you said barely above a whisper as you walked away into your house.

You immediately called Ida.

“Hey,” you said, pulling off your heels.

“Hey! How did it go! The fact that it’s only 11 and you’re calling me makes me think you didn’t fulfill my fantasy,” she said with sadness.

“Nope, not tonight I’m afraid.”

“You know I want to live vicariously through you, right? You have to make this happen.”

You laughed at her as you massaged your feet. “I’m trying. So dinner was nice.”

“Just nice?”

“Yeah, we caught up and stuff. It was good.”


She knew you so well. You smiled at yourself, wishing she was next to you, but she was in Seattle.

“But it felt like I was talking to just a friend. Then we kissed.”

“And?!” she all but squealed at you.

“And…it was fine,” you said simply, shrugging as you paced around your expansive bedroom, one wall made entirely of glass, looking out over Hollywood.

“Fine? Just fine?” she challenged in a flat tone. “Kissing Tom Hiddleston was just…fine?”

“I don’t know, Ida. He just…He’s a great kisser, that wasn’t the problem. It was the spark. That spark was missing. The one I got when I kissed James on the show.”

“But I thought that was just for show?” she questioned, perplexed.

“It was, but I think something else happened between it. It went from the typical, usual staged shit to something more.”

“Well…did you set up another date or…?”

“Yeah he invited me to be his date at the Kong premiere,” you explained, watching the city twinkle beneath you.

“Wow. I know you’re going to go get a new ensemble for that,” she teased with a beautiful laugh.

You nodded even though she couldn’t see it and smiled. “You know me.”

“Maybe tonight was just first date jitters for both of you, don’t write him off yet, for both our sakes.”

You gave a half hearted smile and agreed. “Okay.”

“Alright, well, I gotta go. I’m meeting with Rolling Stone tomorrow.”

“Goodluck. Goodnight.”


You hung up and flopped on the bed, noticing a text from James and Tom. You read Tom’s first.

Had a wonderful time tonight, thank you for accompanying me. Have a good time shooting. I’ll see you in two weeks, we’ll make a night of it.

Me too. Thank you for a wonderful dinner. I can’t wait for the premiere, thank you for asking.”

Then you switched to James’ text.

Sorry to bother you again, just wanted to wish you a goodnight.”

A smile spread across your face without your permission.

You can bother me all you want,” you texted back, biting your lip at the honesty. It was true. James could blow up your phone for all you cared. To him it would probably seem flirty but it was just the truth. “Goodnight, James.

Hackers Get Hacked: Elliot x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you maybe do an Elliot/Reader fic where the reader’s like the child of the owner of Ecorp and she went with the ecorp team to allsafe, you know during the scene in the first ep… And Elliot kinda found her interesting and he hacks her but he doesn’t know that she’s as techy as he was and he/she found out so she kinda leaves him little clues like changing her password into something like ‘stophackingme’ or something and they just kinda became friends with eachs other thru that…

Word count: 1, 305

You sighed as you followed your dad into the building. He opened the glass door and walked into, what seemed like an office, but with several cubicles placed next to each other. You let your eyes roam over all the cubicles, often letting your eyes linger at an particular person. You asked your dad if you could join him at work for a few days, so you could get some work experience. He was less excited than you thought, but he let you shadow him for two days. You didn’t expect to make a trip to his cyber security company, and also join him for a meeting there.

Keep reading

Summary of Chanyeol's V Live+ Broadcast

- took us to living room
- has two big glass cases full of his favorite manga figures
- had Beatburger’s MQ there to help him
- his studio isn’t a big room but he as all instruments there
- “I have this chair which has been covered in sweat and tears”
-has some legos, an iron man figure and one piece pirate flag as decoration
- has a song about a guy who is good with girls
- song is called “Curious” and only showed us the first verse
- pcy happily jamming to his songs
- next song he showed was called “How about it?”
- has song called “Cheer Up”
- mentioned about a group promoting a song with that title even though he wrote it before they debut (someone is salty)
-used toy pig nosie in a song for fun
-actually sounds pretty dope
- the song is called “Pig Oink Oink”
- thinks he needs to work hard in the group before he can go solo
- has a somg that reperesnts the happiness he felt in Fiji when they had free time
-has made a song because he couldn’t sleep
- “this is like a late night radio show where you can fall alseep while listening”
- pcy and mq are going to make a song while exo-l make lyrics
- apparently he’s planning on making this broadcast 4 hours long (no I gotta sleep boy)
-MQ is talking while pcy works on drum beat
- suggested lyric from comments “my savoir who came to ruin my life” (true though)
- actually coming out nice after like 10min of messing around with beats
-“chicken chicken, spicy chicken”
-so far there best idea is to make the song about chicken
- he’s added some piano and keyboard
- and its sounding realy nice too
- pcy: “Oh shit” *immediately covers mouth*
- tries to record more keyboard
- messes up and laughs
- trys again and he messed up and hits keyboard with his face
- “I’m losing it”
- most of the lyrics they have been coming up with are food related
- someone please give them food
- “large kimchi bun”
- Baekhyun doesn’t like cucumber
-pcy fell to the floor making him the 4th member today who was on his way to a mental breakdown
- have given up and are considering making this a food song
- pcy planning on showing song in the upcoming showcase
- decided they’re going to make a love song
- finally got a good lyric from the comments
- now we’re getting somewhere!
-oh no the song is starting to sound sad
- pcy: “I think I’m going to cry’
- pcy just dabbed
- the song is done after an hour
-song title: Moon
-they’ll finish the song and post it on SoundCloud
-pcy’s turn to do exoticons
- has no idea what to do
- yelled sweet potato
- is looking forward to Baekhyun’s broadcast
- ending broadcast but will stay in studio to finish song
- ended show by playing his song "Good Night”

In Conclusion:

SM what are y'all doing this boy is talented, don’t ignore his song writing.

Opinion? (BTS; Yoongi)

Wandering the halls of Big Hit’s floor, I read all the signs. I’m struggling to find the one I want. Luckily for me, Jimin is walking back to the practice room.


I sigh in relief when I see him. “Where’s Yoongi?”

“Hyung?” Jimin pauses for a moment. “Probably in the studio. Did you come to see him?”

I nod and Jimin immediately starts through the winding maze. I explain to him why I’m visiting. “We were supposed to go out for dinner, but he didn’t show.”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “You know hyung. When an album is coming, he starts getting stressed.”

“Which means he’s not eating. I wouldn’t bother him with dinner, but I know he won’t eat unless I’m with him.”

We slow in front of a frosted glass door. “He should be in here.” He knocks twice before opening it. When I recognize Yoongi’s red snapback he left my place with this morning, I bow to Jimin in thanks. I close the door behind me.

For a moment, I just study him.

Yoongi sighs and leans back in his chair, lacing his fingers behind his head. He grumbles, as if he’s frustrated with something. I watch him run his hands over his face before hitting a key on his keyboard.

There’s movement on the screen and I recognize some of the stuff there. Quietly, I walk up behind him.

“Yah, Joon,” Yoongi says, “I—” He turns and stops when we lock eyes. Yoongi blinks a few times. “Jagi?”

I chuckle. He’s been sitting in here too long. I peck him on the lips, just to prove I’m real. “It’s me.”

“What are you doing here?” He moves his headphones to his neck, rubbing his eyes.

There’s a couch in the studio, so I take a seat. “Well, since you stood me up tonight, I thought I would come see what you were doing and if I could tear you away for a meal.”

Realization dawns on his face. “Oh shit. Was that tonight?”

“Yeah, because my class ended early and I didn’t have to work.”

“Oh my god, jagi, I’m so sorry. It slipped my mind.”

Smiling at him, I say, “I know. So are you able to get away or am I eating alone tonight?”

Yoongi looks from my face to the screen. “Well, actually…”

I tilt my head.

He waves me over and I get up. His hands go to my waist and he pulls me down into his lap. I look back at him. “What are you—?”

Before I can finish my sentence, he’s placed his headphones around my ears. “Tell me what you think of this.”

There’s no time for me to reply before a piano melody is playing. My concentration switches to the music and then Taehyung’s voice comes in. His low bass hits me hard and melds into Jungkook’s smooth singing.

A few times, I tilt my head at a progression or the way the drums sound in the background. I don’t say anything though.

“It’s really good,” I insist when the song ends. I move the headphone off my left ear so I can hear him.

“Is it? Nothing you thought was weird? Or didn’t flow right?”

“You’re asking my opinion?”

“I’ve listened to it way too many times to even have an opinion on it anymore. I need to have this song done by Friday and there’s not going to be any time for Namjoon to get in here to look at it. It sounds off to me.”

This is such a strange request from Yoongi. Music is so personal to him and he’s such an artist that I’m not allowed to hear anything unless he’s 100% okay with it.

“We’ll go to dinner right after this,” he promises.

Turning to the screen, I reach for the mouse. I scroll through the beats, melody and vocals and stop somewhere by what I think is the first pre-chorus. The music plays. I overshot it a little, so it takes a moment for it to get to the part I was thinking about. When I hear the trill that sounds out of place, I pause it. I point at the screen.

“This. I don’t like it.”

Yoongi swivels us so that we’re facing the screen together. He leans forward and around me, and begins looking for something on his desk. He reaches for a pair of earphones then unplugs the headphones. He passes me one earpiece, the other goes in his own ear.

“Okay, what part?”

On the screen, I show him where to go and then he hits play. We listen to it and I tell him what I don’t like about it.

“Mm, I see. So, something like this?” He rolls us towards a mini piano and plays a different trill for me. I shake my head. He moves it up an octave and tries again.

“Not quite.”

Yoongi bites his bottom lip. I hit all the notes on the keyboard before finding the one that I like.

“This one?” I enquire.

Yoongi hits the key twice before coming up with a trill.

I nod. “That.”

We spend the next hour and a half working through the song together. He takes all of my suggestions into consideration. We have to compromise on some parts, but in the end, he’s happy with the product.

I lean my head back on his shoulder as the song echoes through the speakers.

“I’m really hungry,” I murmur.

Yoongi pecks the base of my jaw. “Me too.”

“Can we eat now?”

“Jagi, I have three other songs I want you to listen to.”

“Min Yoongi, I’m starving.”


“I’ll come back with you. I’ll stay the entire night if you want. Can we please just eat? Or order something at least. I don’t know how you do this without eating.”

There’s a knock on the door and Yoongi pushes me off his lap to answer it. Standing on the other side is Jungkook.

“Did you guys order take out, noona?” he enquires.

I glance back at Yoongi. “Did we?”

“I did.”

“What is it?” I ask Jungkook.

Jungkook passes me the receipt and I grin at the McDonald’s logo. “Thanks Kook-ah.”

“Hyung, Jimin hyung and I are heading back to the dorm now. Are you guys staying here?”

“Is everyone else gone?”


“We’re gonna hang out a while longer.”

“Manager hyung says you guys can’t have sex here.”

“He so did not say that,” I hiss in horror.

Jungkook chuckles. “He might’ve.”

“Stop harassing my girlfriend, Jungkook!” Yoongi calls. “We have to finish these songs.”

I snatch the bag out of Jungkook’s hands and close the door in his laughing face. When I sit down on the couch, Yoongi looks to me.

“Yah, come here, I need you to help me.”

“After we eat, hmm?”

“You’re not upset that Jungkook said that stuff, are you?”

I roll my eyes as I set out the food on the small table. “I’ve dated you for two years now. You don’t think I’m used to Kookie’s antics by now? Your manager would never say something like that about me.”

Yoongi slides his chair over after pressing play on the song we just went through. “Ah true, he does like you.”

“Yeah, yeah. Now eat up. If we’re gonna be here all night, I expect us to eat at least every three hours.”

“Yes ma’am.” He leans across the table to kiss my cheek. “Thanks for taking care of me.”

“Stop being cheesy and eat.”

He rolls his eyes, but I can see him blushing. Neither of us said it, but that song he asked for help with, I knew it was about us.

I would love to sit in the studio with this guy and just see him at work.