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What if

Kanan was just a couple of seconds too late to land a blow, thus Vader succeeded in forcing Ezra’s lightsaber blade into his own neck.  

The loss of their youngest delinquent had hit the crew hard.

  • Hera remained stoic throughout.  She had a duty to carry out, as a Captain, to prioritize the well being of her crew, which meant she had to show strength and resolve at this difficult time.  This doesn’t mean Hera didn’t shed tears in private.  
  • Chopper stuck to his day-to-day job performing maintenance and repairs around the Ghost.  When there’s no work to be done, Chopper could be found recharging.  Some days he doesn’t even disengage from the power source despite being fully charged because there is no little loth-rat to prank on anymore. 
  • Garazeb found his bunker to be too quiet, dark and empty.  But this was everything he had wanted all along ever since that little annoying brat joined the crew.  Garazeb would still trade all of his tomorrows just to get his small roommate back.  The painting from the days he’d stolen a TIE with the little one remained. Every time he caught a glimpse of it, it tugged at his heart hard.  Eventually Garazeb had no choice but to cover it up with a blanket.
  • Sabine spent days working on a mural for her fallen comrade, a likeness to the best she could remember him.  As days turned into weeks, she found herself pouring in more and more hours, the less it resembled him.  Sabine became increasingly agitated and hydrated as she kept avoiding drinking for the sake of “one more detail…one more detail”.  Eventually Sabine lost all control and hastily spread over the mural with gray paint in a swift stroke.  She dropped all of her tools and walked into a corner before sliding down against it, burying her head between her knees.  She had no choice but to set herself free from him.
  • Kanan ended up exiling himself to his quarters to meditate with all of his spare time.  He was increasingly reluctant to get involved in any further missions as he found it difficult to come to terms with losing his only Padawan.  Every night, Kanan had nightmares of when he was being dragged up the ramp into the Imperial shuttle by his crew, while yelling out the name of his Padawan.  It was no use.  Ezra had already fallen, seconds, minutes, hours, days ago.  The gap in time between Kanan’s breathing and Ezra’s ceased kept growing.

They say time heal all wounds.  But some wounds leave deep scars.

  • Annabeth: *Meets Percy* *Goes missing* *Gets hit by Hera's stone* *Gets hit by cow* *Have to find MOA* *Gets stab in TLO* *Lost her boyfriend, and cries for like 24/7* *Meets her boyfriend and judo flips him* *falls to Tartarus* *Suddenly becomes blind in Tartarus* *Gets out from Tartarus and faces Gaea* *Finds out that Magnus is still alive*
  • Annabeth: Wow, what kind of beautiful memories to remember!

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Sabezra angst, Sabine watches Ezra while he's in a bacta tank.

It happened so fast they didn’t even see the grenade land by their feet.

Ezra jumped in front of Zeb and Sabine and used the force to throw the ticking sphere.

But it was too late.

“EZRA!” Sabine yells as his body is thrown backward. He hits the ground and doesn’t move, blood seeping out of his abdomen.

“Nonononono” Sabine whispers, begging. “Stay with me.”

Zeb quickly takes out the three remaining Stormtroopers as Sabine years off a bit of her shirt and presses hard against the wound. “Karabast, Hera we need evac immediately. Ezras hit.”

Hera takes three minutes to land. Kanan and Kallus run out and help move Ezra into the Ghost.

Ezra doesn’t regain consciousness.

They land on Yavin. Sabine is still holding his hand when they try to take him off the ship.

“You can’t come with. He’s going into surgery.”

“I’m coming with!”

“You have to let go.” Kanan says gently.

“No-” She wants to go with him. How can she leave him, he’s barely breathingz

“Let them help him, Sabine.”

She pulls away, storming into her room. Angry with herself, scared for Ezra, frustrated with it all. How could she have not seen the grenade.

“Stupid” she mutters.

Sabine paces the length of the room. Waiting.

Her head turns at the sound of the door. “Is he ok?”

Hera hands her a mug of something warm. Sabine couldn’t taste it anyway. “He’s in a bacta tank. The doctor doesn’t know yet. Too early to tell.”

Sabine sits down, tears in her eyes. “Ok.”

Hera sits next to her, putting her arm around he daughter, pulling her close. “I’m worried too.”

“You don’t get it…he jumped in front of it…for us.”

“It’s not your fault.”

The doctor, Hylla, leads them to a room.

Ezras face is concealed by the mask that’s breathing for him. He’s suspended in liquid. He looks peaceful, gently floating.

There are burns on his chest and legs. Probably why he had trouble breathing.

Sabine stays there for days, keeping a silent vigil. Waiting.

She doesn’t know why. The tank unsettles her. And taunts her. All she wants is to be able to touch him again. Hear him again.

Sabine files reports as the days pass, so at least she has something to do. No one questions her.

They all visit, but can’t bear to stay long. Zeb and Kal will talk with her for a while before their shift. Hera brings food. Kanan will mediate with her in the evening.

Still, when Sabine drifts off, she’ll wake to find a blanket covering her. It’s comforting to know that while sleeps, Ezra isn’t alone.

It takes exactly nine days for Hylla to declare Ezra stable, and able to move into a bed.

Then it’s easier. Sabine can keep his infirmary room clean, even though it’s just a curtain. She can hold his hand, help re position him and change bandages.

The worry doesn’t let up. He’s still not well.

It takes another week for Ezra to wake up.

“Hey Bine.”

“About time.”

“I wasn’t out long.”

“Over two weeks.

Sabine helps him sit up, careful not to damage his chest. "You scared us.”


She hugs him, “Just glad your back.”

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u were born when zeus cast his jizzbabies down from Olympus like a glorious lightningbolt, hitting Hera in the pussy so hard she was killed instantly. You were born from her ashes 69 days later


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Man, Ezra pulling a Depa would actually be cool. It'd show how far Ezra was willing to go to resist the dark side and control himself. It'd show Maul as somehow both dangerous but not invincible as well as give both him and the Ghost crew a reason to go at each othe. It'd give Kanan flashbacks of Depa and wondering why he couldn't wake Ezra also. We'd see how the crew operates w/o Ezra. Oh wait, what if Maul captured a comatose Ezra to figure out how to both wake and turn him (through rituals)?-

P2- On the flipside we could have Ezra undergoing some serious Force usage while in a Coma. On some level he’d be aware of what’s going on through visions/dreams and perhaps still communicate w/force people occasionally. His mind/spirit could also undergo it’s own journey as he connects to the Force. Sounds Trippy but I could see it as his own way of looking for knowledge by asking the Force itself or just having his own weird Mortis plot, Rebels style.

man, anon, you GET me

i feel like the Ezra dies and/or goes Dark is really cut and dry, y’know? and while the Skywalker lineage and everything in the movies is very black-and-white in terms of storytelling, i think that the interquels of TCW and SWR have always been much more a gray area, more complex in their storytelling, so i kinda disagree with Ezra having such a one-or-the-other end. if we had an entire season dedicated to explicit Dark Side-y foreshadowing (a la Anakin in TCW) i’d be more willing to buy it, tho.

(also, yes, I do want to see Kanan cry over his padawan’s comatose body, :D thank you for asking.)

i think that watching Ezra go so far to resist the Dark Side would be GREAT characterization. it’s already been noted how closely Kanan and Ezra echo Obi-Wan and Anakin, which is great for meta on the Jedi Order and how things went wrong/could’ve gone better with Anakin, but this isn’t an if-Anakin-went-good story. it’s Ezra’s story and i think that this resistance would be awesome to distinguish Ezra’s character from Anakin’s. if Anakin had reason to, he never would have worked so hard to resist the Dark Side - conversely, if he did have reason to resist the Dark Side, he would work harder than literally anybody else, ever. but that’s Anakin’s characterization - he’s willing to sacrifice personal morals, personal anything, for the people he loves. that’s…not necessarily a good thing. if Ezra were to stand strong by his honor and moral code even under severe stress or the threat of his family’s death, it would be a real distinction from Anakin and it would demonstrate real character growth in Ezra.

Maul’s already shown that he flees death like a wanted man, mostly to a ridiculous extent. as viewers, we know Maul’s past, we saw what he did to Mandalore, what happened with Savage Opress. he’s already a threat to us and Ezra would probably only see him as another Darth Vader - which is just as horrible, if not worse. for Maul to be taken down a notch by a fifteen year old kid would not only be AWESOME, but it would serve to enhance the greater narrative theme, which is that this is the end of the Dark Times, not the beginning. things are getting better, but they’re still bad, and they still have to fight their way out - so it’s horrible they have to face Maul and Ezra comes very, very close to the Dark Side, but in the end, he pulls away - back to the Light.

Kanan and the Ghost crew and Maul, at each others’ throats?! YES, i very much do want to see Hera punch Darth Maul in the face

but the Ghost crew without Ezra? Kanan without Ezra?! this is good stuff, my friend!

  • let’s first go for the situation, where Maul’s defeated(ish) and the crew gets away with Ezra
    • they stay as long as they can on Phoenix Home, where Ezra’s immersed in the bacta tank, but at the end of a couple of weeks when he’s moved to a bed and monitored, Ezra’s showing no sign of improvement they have to keep moving
      • (just imagine the angst:
      • Kanan desperately pacing in front of the bacta tank, trying to understand why he can’t wake Ezra up, why their bond has gone dormant, and pleading with the Force for answers
      • it doesn’t work, and in the end Kanan spends long, agonized, sleepless nights clutching Ezra’s hand, but if everyone ventures too close, he pretends he’s meditating. no one buys it.
      • Zeb having one-sided conversations with Ezra, playing one-sided card games, with unwavering belief that Ezra will pull through this
      • Chopper updates once an hour on all the new medical records, even though nothing’s changed, so he ends up trying to download as many volumes of Imperial files on Jedi lore and Sith that he can get away with
      • Sabine quietly sketching every memory of her and Ezra she can remember, even the ones that annoy her to the core and even the ones that still frighten her, just a little - ones of Ezra facing Vader or Maul, ones that Kanan can’t even look at - if only because she can’t paint or draw or envision him as anything other than alive
      • (she did one sketch of him, ashen-faced and still on his hospital bed. she burned it because she couldn’t stand looking at him.)
      • Hera appears quietly next to the bed, but she doesn’t linger. in Kanan’s darkest moments she lays a hand on his shoulder and wraps an arm around his shoulder, thinking to Ezra, when you wake up, you are in so much trouble, young man, because it’s all she can do try to keep the crew on their feet, much less active.)
    • Hera finally, after much delaying, finally broaches the subject with Kanan - they’ve got to pull their weight, she explains, not full missions, but just simple supply runs
    • Ahsoka’s looking at him knowingly the whole time and while Kanan’s never hated the Rebellion (or the Empire) more than at this point, he begrudgingly agrees
    • the supply run is botched and messy and the crew all silently agrees that they’ve never had a worse run in their entire lives
      • Sabine waited a little too long to open the door, because she forgot that Ezra wasn’t there to do it for her
      • Zeb left a crate behind because he forgot that Ezra wasn’t there to grab it, as well
      • Kanan gets grazed by a blaster bolt because he left his left flank open, expecting Ezra to be there
      • Hera automatically asks, “You got Specter Six, too?”
      • Kanan storms off to his cabin to meditate and doesn’t sleep a wink 
        • (he simultaneously both hates and is grateful for the fact that there’s no alcohol on the Ghost)
      • it’s an absolute mess, and missions are just horrible there on afterwards
      • on practical matters, they miss Ezra’s expertise in cracking locks and getting into little places - they end up being swindled by some idiot smuggler that they all know would never have happened if Ezra had been there
        • (Kanan gets into a brawl with the guy and his crew later that night in a cantina. Hera doesn’t stop him.)
      • on more personal level, everything’s just so quiet now. there’s no one cracking jokes on missions, no one arguing with Zeb, no one complaining to Hera about Chopper, no longer the hushed voices of Kanan and Ezra at dawn or even earlier for Jedi lessons
      • it’s horrible and everyone prefers being with the main Rebellion, with Ezra, even Kanan who absolutely despised being on Phoenix Home
      • i don’t actually know how Ezra wakes up with this one, but it’s probably just something stupid. like, the Ghost’s having their crew family meeting around Ezra’s bed, even though it’s been six months, when he just suddenly sighs in his sleep, rolls over, and wakes up, sleepily asking what time it is
        • someone faints. it’s definitely Chopper
        • Zeb and Hera suddenly can’t speak Basic anymore, they’re so excited, while Sabine goes white and is totally speechless
        • Ezra has less than a second before Kanan crushes him to his chest and is sobbing all over him
        • “Okay, okay,” Ezra says, struggling to fight his way out of Kanan’s arms, “who died?”
        • he really, really regrets his choice of words when Hera hits him upside the head
  • or the second situation - Maul’s gets comatose Ezra, or maybe just always had him; their rescue mission failed
    • just imagine who has to nervously suggest to Kanan that they have to give up, that they can’t anymore, that it’s just too much a drain on resources
    • (that the person definitely had their nose broken. Kanan stands over the guy’s crumpled form, breathing heavily, fists clenched, and Hera puts a gentle hand on his shoulder. Ahsoka’s wide-eyed in the corner, because she didn’t know the Kanan Jarrus with the hair-trigger temper and a maybe drinking problem. all she knew was the almost-Jedi that she looked at with a wistful smile, thinking, this man was the kind of the Jedi that I miss.)
    • shaking himself, a little bit surprised by his own violence, he turns to Ahsoka.
      • “One last attempt,” he says quietly, pleading. “Just me.”
      • The rest of the Ghost crew interrupts loudly, but he ignores them, locking eyes with Ahsoka.
      • “No,” she corrects, “just you and me.”
    • (this would be some awesome character development for Ahsoka and Kanan - 
      • like, Ahsoka. it’s her first time (that we know of) having to face a credible threat, not a Sith acolyte with that of the Inquisitors, but an actual Sith, with no one to back her up. there’s no Master Obi-Wan, the Sith-slayer, no Anakin, no Yoda - it’s just her, the most trained, the highest ranking Light Side-user in the known galaxy.
      • and for Kanan? it’s his first battle as fully-fledged Jedi Knight against a fully-blown Sith, all for the life and soul of his padawan, who Kanan can only pray is alive. instead of a Dark!Ezra, we get to see Kanan battle the Dark inside of him, a battle with higher stakes than his knighting ceremony. we get to watch him confront the very depths of all evils he’s known in his life - the Clone Wars, the Sith through Maul, his own helplessness against his master’s death through his padawan’s capture, his master’s coma through his padwan’s - everything.
      • this is honestly everything to Kanan, it’s his day of reckoning, it’s where everything has come full circle. the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, even in the Clone Wars
      • in many ways, Kanan knows deep down in his heart that how he deals with the Dark Side is how Ezra will deal with it, will learn from him. everything’s at stake for Kanan - Ezra’s at stake for Ezra.)
    • meanwhile Ezra? totally having a trippy, mind-bending experience
      • Maul’s trying every trick in the book to wake Ezra up, literally from cold water to shouting to using the Force to flat-out torture, but Ezra just. won’t wake up.
      • as he dreams, he first meets Depa Billaba, who smiles at him sadly and tells him how proud she is of him, how proud his master is of him, how proud she is of the both of them.
      • before Ezra can stammer out a question namely, who are you, he’s whisked away to come face-to-face with a laughing Caleb Dume
      • it’s weeks of seeing with excruciating clarity the slow slog of the Clone Wars - only with flickers of the Rebellion in between, but suddenly it changes 
      • he flip-flops between seeing Caleb Dume battle his way through the Clone Wars and Kanan Jarrus battle his way across Malachor, Ahsoka at his side
      • Malachor’s definitely like Mortis, and Kanan keeps passing all these Dark Side/Light Side tests by the skin of his teeth and Ezra keeps trying to shout out to him
      • sometimes he can see Kanan focus on him with deadly accuracy, but he always eventually looks away
      • and as Kanan finally faces Maul, Ezra’s trying to regain consciousness - in his dreams, he can see Kanan and Maul battle, Ahsoka there, too, he’s beginning to hear, as well, different noises and even smells and feelings (cold like steel and why does it feel like he’s bleeding?) struggle to the top
      • and as Ezra can hear the sound of lightsabers and the slam of the door opening, there’s a pause and he can feel Kanan’s eyes on him before it flickers away - it’s like a switch
      • Ezra opens his eyes to a blurry, badly lit chamber being illuminated only by the glow of lightsabers and the harsh lamp beating down on the durasteel table he’s strapped to
      • he’s in pain, he can barely think straight, let alone see straight but as there’s a fight rages, Ezra manages to summon his lightsaber
      • he snaps off one shot before Maul whips around, but it’s all that’s needed 
      • three lightsabers destroy Maul and he falls the ground in pieces, giving a full view of Ezra, mind half-addled with pain of half-healed wounds from torture he doesn’t even remember
      • “Hey,” he croaks, “Morning, Kanan.”
      • Kanan’s caught between sobbing and trying to restrain himself from slapping Ezra upside the head

this was probably a really crappy ending to Maul-capturing-Ezra, but wow, anon, thanks for talking, uwu. i’m glad you liked it! i’m sure whatever happens, we’ll all be equally crying over Kanan and his son padawan


So, I wrote the beginning of this post because I’m trash. I am 90% sure this is all I’m going to write on this, so… I just needed to get it off my chest. That said, if you want to use this in your fic (if you write one) that’s perfectly fine! (Just don’t forget to give me credit) So… on with the show! 

Kanan was standing in front of the open door with his lightsaber held out in front of him, ignited, and Ezra was beside him, like he always was. He was going to stay there, where he belonged, protecting his friends, his family. Until the Force jolted through Ezra’s body, ringing out a warning in his mind; Save them. And Ezra knew what to do. Feeling the Force gather around him, Ezra thrust out his hand, shoving Kanan away from the danger, away from the battle, and away from Ezra. It’s okay, the Force seemed to whisper as the door slid shut behind his team and Ezra drove his lightsaber through the controls behind them. They’re safe. And even though he could hear Kanan screaming his name through the door and the pounding of his fists, even though he could see the troopers gaining on him with their guns raised and aimed at him, even though the Inquisitor was advancing menacingly through the smoke, Ezra knew that everything would be okay. Because his family was safe, and that was all that mattered.

“Ezra!” Hera’s voice came strongly through the comm on Ezra’s hip. “Where are you? We have to go!”

“Then go!” Ezra responded, trying desperately to block the stun shots being fired at him.

“Not without you,” Kanan snapped.

“Just go!” Ezra yelled, feeling his hair ruffle as a bolt barely missed his head. He heard the Phantom’s engines fading and heard the explosions and shots all around him just before a blue ring hit his body and he felt nothing.


Kanan couldn’t believe what had happened. One moment he had been standing beside Ezra as the Inquisitor advanced and the next the world was a blur and he heard the tower door shut. Kanan scrambled to his feet, saw the closed door, and instantly knew what had happened. He threw himself at the door, slamming it with his fists as if that would help, screaming Ezra’s name over and over and over-

“Kanan, wha’s wrong?” Zeb had come up behind Kanan with Sabine close behind him and neither had realized yet what had happened but Kanan did and he needed to get that kriffing door open now because his Padawan needed him and Kanan wasn’t there-

Vaguely, Kanan felt Sabine grab his elbow and tug him up the tower beside her and the next thing he knew he was at the top, the Phantom hovering in front of them.

“Ezra! Where are you?” Hera was asking when Kanan jumped aboard numbly. The Phantom shuddered as it took another hit and Hera continued, “We have to go!”

“Then go!” Ezra’s voice snapped Kanan out of his daze and he grabbed his comm off of his belt.

“Not without you,” he almost growled, refusing to believe what was right in front of him.

“Just go!” Ezra responded before they heard the sound of a blaster firing before there was static. Kanan saw Hera’s hard face as she pulled the Phantom up, the tear tracing its way down her face and the way her hands gripped the yoke like it was the only thing keeping her alive; he saw Sabine’s shocked face when she took off her helmet and he saw Zeb’s ears flattened; he saw all these but he didn’t really see them because the only thing he could see was Ezra’s terrified yet determined face in his mind.

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You must turn the Blueberry into a Blackberry. Which top five characters would you have Ezra kill to push him over the edge?

This was fun to write….(Even though this would (hopefully) never happen). This was literally done in 10 min….

There will be death *cough* @hotsam1 *cough*​

1. Sabine

It was purely an accident. Sabine had Ezra set up the explosives.

He messed up. Cut the kriffing wrong wire.

Ezra jerked back from the bomb as it began to tick.

Sabine ran over, panicked. Ezra had never seen her so flustered.

The ticking sped up. Ezra looked like a cornered wild loth-cat, “You can fix this, right?” His blue eyes searched her’s.

Sabine looked up, worry written all over her face. Then there was a sort of acceptance.

What was she accepting?

Sabine grasped Ezra’s arm tightly, a sad smile on her face. But there was hope too.

“You can’t fix everything.”

With that, she shoved him hard out of the room, quickly closing the heavy blast proof door. Ezra was caught by surprise.

Sabine tried everything she could to delay the explosion. But she couldn’t stop the inevitable. She grasped a paint can, knowing she would leave the world doing what she loved.

Ezra heard the explosion. So did the Ghost crew. After that day, color was gone from Ezra’s world. It was all his fault…

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“You sure no thunderbolts are gonna come flying at me out of nowhere?” Sita asked Melinoe as they neared Olympus. “Or is the worst that can happen Zeus hitting on me and Hera flying into another mad rage? On second thought, that’s not a very comforting thought either.”


Quiet on a Monday

She is always quiet on a Monday.
Coffee fueled determination gets things done
Bleary eyed the caffeine hits her
A tick ticking flow of words 
paint the pictures from her head

Happy smiles the usual
knowing glances familiar stares
plastic pleasant repetitive 
black and sweetened swirl

Morning weighs the afternoon
succulents bloom from their rocky beds
insects march over spray painted tags
people and places born on the page 
to die there maybe, but not today.

Every week this is her office
bright and busy, a mumbled roar
an undercurrent of constant activity
Separate, but essential to the task.