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when did you get into eruri? at which part of the manga or the anime did the realization of how gay they are for each other hit you?

in 2013 (in september, on labor day weekend because i can almost pinpoint the exact time i fucking sold my soul to the devil) when i watched the anime and got to that one ep where petra is telling eren about erwin recruiting levi and it got me thinking like HMMM that sounds Interesting b/c i was curious about the both of them, and a friend told me about acwnr which had been announced at that time and i looked into it some more and read exactly one (1) fic and i was fucking gone, man


Set Visit: Everything you need to know about Kong: Skull Island

When it comes to film, there are few cinematic wonders as big as King Kong. From the 1933 original to Peter Jackson’s iteration, King Kong has always been an event of epic proportions, and KONG: SKULL ISLAND will be no different.

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a relative newcomer in the world of feature film, having directed the 2013 Sundance hit THE KINGS OF SUMMER, along with a few other shorts. At first glance, this situation seems very similar to Colin Trevorrow taking on the reins of JURASSIC WORLD. After all, both directors proved themselves on a more intimate, character-driven story before taking on a big-budget franchise. Trevorrow’s effort proved to be a box-office success, despite bringing in mixed reviews from fans. Obviously I can’t speak for SKULL ISLAND’S financial outcome just yet, but in relation to Trevorrow’s directorial effort, I can tell you one thing about KONG: SKULL ISLAND; the end result couldn’t be more different.

First off, you’ll note that Skull Island is in the actual title of the film, and that’s because it has a HUGE role to play. In order for Jordan and Co. to capture something tangible to fill in for this mysterious island, production would be shooting in Hawaii, Australia and Vietnam. I was invited out to the former location in December of 2015 to see a few of the sets (and scenes being shot), check out the concept art and speak to some of the cast and crew.

For now, we’re going to go over some of the bullet points of SKULL ISLAND so you know what to expect come March of 2017!

  • KONG: SKULL ISLAND is not connected to any other King Kong movie.
  • The prologue is set during World War II, where a US and Japanese fighter planes crash on Skull Island.
  • The remainder of the film takes place in 1973 during the tail-end of the Vietnam war.
  • Unlike Gareth Edwards’ GODZILLA, we’ll see King Kong fairly early in the movie in all of his glory.
  • SKULL ISLAND’S Kong will be the largest yet, ranging from 80-100 feet.
  • Tom Hiddleston plays James Conrad, a former British SAS (Special Air Service) officer who’s brought in by Monarch (the shadowy organization from GODZILLA) to map out Skull Island.
  • Hiddleston has been attached to SKULL ISLAND for over a year and half, helping to develop the story and its characters.
  • Director Vogt-Roberts and Hiddleston talked about RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and JURASSIC PARK when discussing KONG.
  • Samuel L. Jackson plays Colonel Packard, leader of one of the most illustrious squadrons out of the war whose men he brings to Skull Island for “one last hurrah.”
  • Brie Larson plays Weaver, a photo-journalist who convinces her way onto this secret mission, believing that there’s something else going on due to the military support.
  • Brie Larson actually took pictures during filming with her period-appropriate camera.
  • John C. Reilly plays Marlowe, the WW2 pilot from the beginning who now lives on Skull Island with the natives.
  • Some of the other soldiers on the island are played by Toby Kebbell (WARCRAFT), Thomas Mann (ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL), as well as Corey Hawkins and Jason Mitchell of STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON fame.
  • John Goodman joins the team as a representative of Monarch.
  • The mission begins with our heroes dropping seismic survey instruments from helicopters. The shock waves disturb the peace, prompting the sheriff of the island, Kong, to rise up and retaliate. After the confrontation, everybody is stranded.
  • Conrad and Weaver lead one group to try and escape the island, while Packard leads another group in an effort to destroy Kong.
  • There is no damsel in distress or “love story” as with the other Kong films.
  • Skull Island will feature no dinosaurs, but new creatures that feel realistic and are “individual gods of their own domain.” Miyazaki and PRINCESS MONONOKE were big references regarding the creatures and the areas in which they live.
  • One such set piece involves our heroes moving through a bamboo forest, of which some are revealed to be giant spiders’ legs.
  • Kong will do battle with a giant squid-like creature at some point.
  • There is a larger threat on Skull Island that could rise up if Kong is not there to stop it.
  • As the film goes on, we’ll see a bit of what the daily life of Kong is like, and some of the humans will grow to understand how important he is to the ecosystem of Skull Island.

Now that you’re all caught up on the facts, check out our following two set visit reports below to read up on our interviews, get even more plot information and learn about what scenes we saw being filmed!

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So ik you answered that one ask about C not being over L and possibly vice versa, but I just finished BTL and now I'm curious to know how you think it all went down, like a kind of loose ended timeline starting on TXF all the way up to C leaving. Bc there was so much drama but we always ended up w indirects and romantic gazes no matter what so yeah thoughts?

Whoo…I don’t think I can even answer that question because my thoughts on it always change. So imma timeline it.

2012: I have no idea what happened here but I think at this point they were just kind being kids. Camila was definitely flirty with Lauren whether she was aware of it or not. I reckon more happened in that elevator than they’re letting on 😏😉 oh and in the bathrooms. Things were pretty innocent here, but that’s because no one was there to fuck things up and intervene.

2013: Camren hit that weird period, ya know the one where you know you have a crush on someone so start acting weird around them? Yeah, I think that was what happened here. Stares, touching, compliments blah blah blah. Oh and Lauren had a boyfriend, yes a boyfriend! So no camren.

2014: At the start of 2014 I think Lauren’s denial of her feelings for Camila kicked in and things got complicated and tense. Then management came in and made things worse by getting them to shut down Camren. Obviously ignoring feelings that strong doesn’t work, so they became close again, but this time more discreet. No social media. I think things were going good- they were friends again, but then the Austin tour started and bam 💥 CamAustin started up. Lauren couldn’t give Camila what she wanted, so Camila moved onto Austin and I think she developed a sort of infatuation with him. Austin was safe, safer than Lauren at least. So, Lauren forced feelings for Brad and distracted herself with him.

(This going to sound crazy, but I think Camila and Lauren were together during this time as well, but it was secret and they didn’t label it. They weren’t exclusive with the boys, so I didn’t count as cheating.)

Then mgmt exploited the fuck out of CamAustin for a while with a love triangle. One thing I don’t get is why Dorito boy was talking to Becky who when he was supposedly with Camila? Smells like a PR stunt tbh. Then their was The 1975 concert where Camren allegedly kissed and the whole Brauren thing where they were seen kissing but he knew Lauren liked a girl (Camila) so it wasn’t that big of a deal, until The Vamps insulted her and Camila came to her rescue 😏 #LaurenisOurPrincess 😏 and things were good for a while. Camren was rising!!!

2015: I think Camren were still together at the start but things were getting tense and falling apart and so they broke up before the summer. Lauren started hooking up with Lucy and the went on that summer roadtrip and dated on and off through 2016. I legit think Laucy was an agreed arrangement of them hooking up whenever Lauren was home, because a relationship on the road is hard.

2016/17: Laucy continued but broke up whatever it was and Camren was ago again, but then Camila’s mental health was suffering a lot and so she wanted to leave the group or whatever but wasn’t sure, either way I think Camren was on again from the VMAs and snaps of them kissing/spooning. Then Camila left and they went on a break and the Laucy shit started, Pissing Camila off. Laucy broke up cause L wanted Camila back. Camila rejected her for the sake of her sanity even though she still loves her and Lauren is bury her feelings in other people and things.

This shit was longer than I intended. 😬😬 Honestly, there is no simple answer for Camren 😂and I just let my delusions run wild, so thanks for that, I’m logging out before people decide to come for me.

I got some stuff to explain. (and why I haven’t been posting)

It’s been 5 years. 

In early 2012, I began this blog. 

14 year old me was insecure, introverted and naive as hell, and this blog, this site, and the people of Tumblr helped shape and encourage me. I am so thankful. 

At my best blogging time (around 2013), I hit 27,000 followers and don’t think I ever thanked you guys for the amount of support and happiness I felt during that time. So thank you - truly truly thank you. (there are so many things i wish i could thank you guys for but I don’t wanna make this post anymore tedious then it already probably will be)

It was around this time, in 2013 where I had set up my sex and advice page, and I quickly began to realise that the sex education system is not providing young people with the correct information or even the correct idea of what sex is AT ALL. It was at this point where I started to consider turning my blog into a advice only page. I didn’t go through with the change and kept my blog dedicated to Fall Out Boy, as well as keeping the sex advice section of my blog. 

So… I’m turning twenty in a month, and it’s about time I explained some things.

My life has changed so much in the last 5 years. I’m now a working musician living in a new city, basically trying to ‘make it’. My blog became second priority when my music business started in 2014. I tried to maintain the posts etc. but on top of work, and music and exams - I just couldn’t anymore, so I just left it. 

My music taste has also dramatically changed. I’m not longer the number one Fall Out Boy fan I once was. I went to see them live in October 2015, and after that I kinda felt like my teenage lifetime goal had been achieved. At this point I had been drifting from pop punk and was getting into old music. Currently? I’m a 70′s enthusiast and barely listening to FOB anymore - only on drunken nights when i want to feel 15 again. I guess I just grew up and out.

My blog has been sitting here like an abandoned car for the last year or so. I often want to drive it, but it doesn’t suit me anymore. I miss it though, and I think it needs some upgrades. 

So i’m finally doing it guys. An advice blog. On sex, parents, life, school, stress. ANYTHING. Helping people is what I truly love to do, and it’s always been a regret of mine to let that part of my blog go. 

In the next few days my blog will be changing, but out of nostalgia, I will always be patrick-hump <3 

Thank you again to all of you. You change me for the better and I hope i can return the favour somehow. 

Hit me up guys :) 

- Weeza ~


Conceived following a meeting between Patton and guitarist Duane Denison, Tomahawk is probably the closest thing resembling a straight-up rock band in Patton’s canon.

And that says a lot, seeing as Tomahawk’s third LP, Anonymous, was largely based on Indigenous Native American song-structures. And that’s just Tomahawk. They evolved from a sludgy, dirty beast on their self-titled 2001 debut to a fully-fledged, pop-laden Nick Cave mutant hit machine with 2013’s Oddfellows, their fourth and, as of present, latest outing, also introducing Patton’s long time collaborator Trevor Dunn into the band.

In 2013, Tomahawk rocked up to Reading and Leeds festivals and played an incredible version of Captain Midnight. It was glorious. We want to see it again.

is it just me or do a lot of eurovision song titles also sound like they could be titles for really cheesy fanfiction like 

  • take me to your heaven
  • running scared 
  • only teardrops
  • eyes that never lie 
  • calm after the storm 

there were especially a lot this year:

  • goodbye to yesterday 
  • a monster like me 
  • one last breath 
  • hope never dies 
  • autumn leaves 
  • playing with numbers 
  • it goes on
History of AmazingPhil and friends

This is a timeline of the career of AmazingPhil and his YouTube colleagues. I spent about 6 hours doing research and checking the validity, so it should be pretty accurate, including the dates. Most of the information on here is first hand (from the Youtuber them self). However, some information is second or third hand, so it may not be completely reliable, especially when it comes to relationships. Anyway, here it is:

???? - Phil starts a blog/service on MySpace where he offers advice on photo editing and talks about his life.

27th March 2006 - Phil wins a black and white disposable camera in a box of cornflakes, and makes his first video on his new Youtube channel AmazingPhil. He mentions his blog, and talks about the things he has been doing recently, such as going on holiday to California. After this he continues making small videos and skits with his university friends.

21st August 2006 - Chris Kendall joins YouTube under the name of Crabstickz

August 2007 - Stephen Byrne starts making comedy videos on YouTube under the name of 3sixty5days.

5th October 2007 - PJ Liguori joins YouTube under the name of KickThePJ

14th June 2008 - Charlie Casey joins youtube as CharlieSkies.

15th September 2008 - the series ‘ApartmentRED’ begins on Youtube and TV with a friend of Phil’s, Stephen, playing himself. Stephen appears in some of Phil’s videos and the two are rumoured to have been dating around that time, although it is quite unlikely that this is true.

16th January 2009 - Phil creates a collaborative Youtube channel with Charlie Casey (aka CharlieSkies) called Pabloislove. They form a close bond and although it was never confirmed by Phil, Charlie claims that they dated.

10th March 2009 - Pabloislove is discontinued and the only means by which Charlie and Phil openly communicate is via Twitter. It was supposedly due to an unexplained argument between the two, so it is probably safe to assume that they broke up at this point.

15th April 2009 - Musician, actor and artist PJ Liguori (aka KickThePJ) appears on the ApartmentRED. Phil meets PJ through Stephen and they become friends. PJ’s friend, Chris Kendall (aka CrabStickz) also befriends Phil.

June 2009 - Stephen Byrne and Charlie Casey start dating. Charlie posts about getting together with Stephen on Twitter. Sources close to both Stephen and Charlie say that the relationship was abusive, with Charlie often hurting Stephen. He ignored him, manipulated, and insulted him, leading to arguments, which lead to violence from Charlie.

June 2009 - Phil notices his devoted fan, Dan Howell. They discover they have a lot in common and become internet friends.

16th October 2009 - Dan creates a new Youtube channel named Danisnotonfire

24th October 2009 - Phil meets up with Dan in Manchester whilst his parents are away and Dan stays for the weekend with Phil.

25th October 2009 - Dan and Phil upload their first video together called 'Phil Is Not on Fire’ .

5th November 2009 - The producers of ApartmentRED take notice of Phil’s growing channel and with the help of Stephen, they let Phil join the cast of the show.

February 2010 - Stephen becomes the main presenter for the TV show TwoTube.

July 2010 - Stephen leaves ApartmentRED.

September 2010 - Stephen joins the presenting team for the TV show The Rumour Room.

7th May 2011 - ApartmentRED is discontinued.

September 2011 - Stephen starts presenting a show called Juice.

17th October 2011 - Dan and Phil create a channel with My Damn Channel called the SuperAmazingProject.

January 2013 - Dan and Phil get a show on Radio 1.

January 2013 - Stephen joins the presenting team of The Voice of Ireland.

16th February 2013 - Dan hits 1 million subscribers.

June 2013 - Charlie punches Stephen in the face, breaking his nose. They break up. Some sources say that this was triggered by Stephen cheating on Charlie, others disagree, saying that it was just part of the abuse that was commonly involved in the relationship.

June 2013 - Charlie starts sending abusive tweets to Dan, even though they have been good friends up to this point.

6th July 2013 - Phil hits 1 million subscribers.

24th October 2013 - Crabstickz leaves YouTube.

24th May 2014 - Crabstickz makes a comeback on YouTube.

21st August 2014 - CharlieSkies uploads a video to his channel, but hasn’t posted since then.

29th August 2014 - Phil hits 2 million subscribers.

11th September 2014 - the Dan and Phil show on Radio 1 is discontinued and replaced with the Internet Takeover.

12th September 2014 - Dan and Phil create a gaming channel: DanandPhilGAMES.

1st October 2014 - Dan and Phil officially leave the Super Amazing Project.

7th February 2015 - Dan hits 4 million subscribers.

This is the timeline up to now, 2015. If there are any mistakes that you spot, please let me know and I will alter them. Thanks.

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Does Justin go to church and is all religious, and hangs out with religious friends because of hailey?

No he was always religious. He just became more after he hit rock bottom in 2013-2014.