“I just want to say a big thanks to the national parks, not only for giving us this opportunity to make all of this great art, but for existing! It’s such a good thing. I’m proud…it makes me proud as someone from this country that these national parks exist, so thank you.”

Learn more about @hitrecord‘s collaboration with Find Your Park, and check out the amazing art inspired by our national parks available for purchase here.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I (Ben Schwartz) asked the HitRecord community to anonymously submit their secrets so we could use them as motivation to create sketches for the HitRecord TV show. Here is one of the sketches that aired on TV. The voice over is me reading the actual submitted secret. We got a lot of secrets similar to this one and I wanted to make sure people who may feel a similar way and not have caught it on TV had the chance to check it out. Enjoy.

Written by Joe and Ben. Directed by Joe. Voice Over written by Anonymous.