I remember when I was little my dad hated me going in the basement and he knew I was deathly afraid of the pokemon hitmonlee so he ripped the hitmonlee page out of my pokedex book and pinned it to the corkboard at the bottom of the stairs and I didn’t go down there for three years I was so scared


Another batch of pokefusion, this time I add a bit more details to it.
-Onizard : The name keep telling me to make it demon like, so I think a dragon statue with 7 balls (of dragon of course) sounds good :D
-Golter : Originally i want it to be a Japanese Oni mask, but this group already had onizard on it, so I combine it with possessed with Leak Bali mask.
-Gentres: This one might be my favorite. Its been a while since I make scary illustration. And yes it still fells good.
-Porylee: I’m not gonna lie here, It looks silly and I can’t help to make it.

There’s a bunch other pokefusions that I want to make, but time will tell.