They should slow down the car, but then again, Max was sure it was called a high speed chase for a reason.

“Max jump.”

“But Davi-”

“Max jump now!”

The redhead screamed, pushing Max out the car door as he swung the car past a field of green and yellow grass.

The child screamed, reaching for David. He snagged the scarf around his neck but the only thing that succeeded in doing was ripping it away as he fell. He rolled, the world spinning and mild pain shooting up his side as he hit the ground.

He was dizzy by the time he’d stopped rolling and his ears were ringing. He was wheezing, eyes closed as he tried to ignore the pain and sit up.

Where was David?

Where was Daniel?

David had been driving away from Daniel and he.. He attacked them.

And now he’s alone.

The distinct sound of tires screeching and metal grinding was still vividly loud even at the distance he was at.

And then Max heard it.

A gunshot.


“Oh God no..”




This probably doesn’t go with the au at all but just a little idea I got. Hitman au by @gutzix

Thanks fror tagging me, dear. <3 @kayejwrotes

1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?
Ok. So I’m not mainly a writer, but I do have a work in progress, hahaha. 

So, it’s an Iwaoi fic (of course) and it’s a Hitman AU and it’s very graphic and I’m sorry for everything. 

Since we’re already at it, I’m in dying need of a Beta-Reader, so if you are interested, hit me up. Please. 

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
I don’t write anything else, besides a few poems sometimes. 

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks?
Paper. Just the feeling of pages on your fingers and the smell of a new book. I’d rather pay more for a paper book than read an ebook. 

4) When did you start writing?
Mhh. In 2011, something like that? But nothing anime related. But still fanfiction, lol.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?
Well, I upload it, so yeah. And I always scream @kayejwrotes when I got a new idea for, for example, my Hitman AU. 

6) Where is your favourite place to write?
At home in the kitchen (so it’s not that far to chocolate, haha. I get frustrated easily) on the table or on my couch. Which is also the kitchen since my living room and kitchen aren’t separated. 

7) Favourite childhood book?
Tbh. I hated books as a kid and no one ever read to be, haha. So, none. 

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
For fun, of course. I just like to share my thoughts. But I don’t write something for the sheer cause of uploading. 

9) Pen and paper or computer?
Computer, but I take notes on paper (currently on a napkin cause I didn’t have anything else in reach to write on) like the storyline or characteristigs I want to get into the story. But yeah, computer. I love the feeling and sound of a keyboard, haha. 

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
Nah. Just doing my own thing~. 

11) What inspires you to write?
Literally everything. But mostly music. I also can’t write without music. But also games and other fanfictions/books. Life in general. 

So, I’m tagging @negare-boshi @nyciel @evenifidie and I honestly don’t know more. Everyone should feel tagged, lol. 

Emissary of Sin Chapter 1

Pairing: Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane

Summary: The Clave’s top protection agent, Alec Lightwood, is called upon to guard the life of his mortal enemy, one of the world’s most notorious hit men, Magnus Bane.

Read it HERE on Ao3

Hunter Part One

Description: Assassins!AU; Private clients, high-profile targets, big payouts, underground layers - all part of the job when you’re a hitman in Kim Taehyung’s empire.

Genre: Action and smut (18+)

Word Count: 7.5k

Warnings: Jungkook’s POV, no reader insert, violence, character deaths, derogatory language, MAJOR BDSM themes (bloodplay, cumplay, knifeplay, breathplay), mentions of necrophilia. 


A/N: Here it is! Please understand, again, that this is not going to be a lighthearted fic. This will be intense, with dark themes, and will include death. To a large degree. I’ve planned a whole AU around this, so please do not ask me to insert something you want or complain that so-so isn’t how you would do things. I do hope you enjoy it. :) If it’s not your cup of tea, ah well.

Thanks to @ellieljade for inspiration, beta-ing, and making my lovely banner. :)

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anonymous asked:

Hitman AU ideas?

  • “Oh crap! I made a mistake! You’re the wrong person! Oh man, my guy, I am so sorry let me just crawl back out this window and let’s forget that this ever happened.” AU
  • Character A has heard of some pretty bizarre ways to make cash fast, but being a hit man wasn’t something that Character A had ever considered. After accidentally killing somebody, Character A finds a wad of cash on their kitchen table with a note that reads: “Good work. More information coming soon.”
  • “It’s nothing personal. You’ve obviously done something bad enough to get killed, so I’m just here to carry out the will of the universe.” AU
  • Character A is a hit man that works for a large, corrupt company. Whenever any other businesses start to encroach on the business’ turf, Character A is paid to take them out. Character B is the heir to an up-and-coming rival company.
  • In order to carry on their business, Character A has decided to bring on Character B as an extra pair of eyes. While staking out a target one night ,Character B taps Character A’s shoulder and quietly lets them know that the two of them are being watched by another person.
  • “Shh! Listen, you don’t deserve to die, but I’m the third hit man that’s been hired to take you out and we need to make you disappear. We need to fake your death.” AU
  • Character A is a hit man that has planned on getting close to Character B, their latest target, by inviting Character B out onto a date. While out on this date though, Character A is actually really impressed by Character B and isn’t sure if they’re okay with going through with the job.

i blame @ssaravinter and everyone is cool with that. slightly nsfw

my first mchanzo collab thing with the other people from the zine

“Fancy meeting you here.”

The words were roughly pressed into his ear, with a hot breath that made Hanzo’s blood run cold and the scratch of stubble against his skin that told him just how close Deadlock was. Unnervingly close, in fact, with one gloved hand gripping tightly at his hair, pulling his head back to bare his throat. The prick of a perfectly sharpened knife against his throat was unmistakable, the blade steady and just barely cutting into him.

Just a warning, for now.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any assassin AU's?

Assassin/Spy AU

From Russia, With Thinly Veiled Hate by diogcnes, Mature, 1.2k (WIP)
“The name’s Nikiforov, Viktor Nikiforov.”
“Jesus, Viktor. Do you have to say that to every mark we meet?” James Bond AU! I can’t wait for more!!!

our doubts are traitors by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 15k (WIP)
The powered assassins AU in which betrayal comes first, forgiveness second, and love was always somewhere in the equation. SO good!

Eros & The Playboy by Gayson, Mature, 9.6k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki’s alter ego was nothing like him. Eros was flexible, silent, confident, seductive, a master thief. Nobody would suspect him to be the allusive charming criminal. Not a single soul. Viktor Nikiforov was the best spy in the agency. He was a charming fellow- a playboy at heart. One of the top Agents in the CIA, he was riding on his high of life. SO GOOD SO FAR WOW!

you’ve heard this one before by AXSY, Teen, 13k (WIP)
In which Victor Nikiforov is a Man for Hire. Urban legends say that, for the right price (and sometimes just for kicks), he can single handedly pull off any job in the world. Beautiful, invincible and filthy rich. Enter Katsuki Yuuri and it all goes to shit. Hitman/Mafia AU!

Figure Skater Time - Assassination on Ice by Kagami_Sorako, Mature, 67k
When Victor breaks Yuuri’s heart he couldn’t stand up. Broken and without an idea what to do he stumbles over his old equippment from his most interesting school year. His final year at Kunugigaoka junior high school in the assassination classroom with the worlds best teacher and strongest target. This is really good!

black cat, white cat by Authoress, Mature, 11k (WIP)
In which Yuuri punches, shoots at, seduces, dances on, and in other words, falls in love with Viktor, and Viktor with him. LOVE!!

Assassin’s Tango by MEIXIU, Explicit, 29k (WIP)
They are the world’s most greatest assassins. Their identities are a secret, even from each other. One day, however, they discover that they have been assigned to kill one another and their reality comes crashing down on them both. Great fic!

these kinda wounds they last and they last by Syster, Teen, 29k
When agents of the different super secret services around the world starts going rogue, Viktor Nikiforov is tasked with finding out what’s going on. Japan, shamed by being the latest to have an agent turn traitor, sends their best, the son of legendary super spy Hiroko Katsuki, to help out. Highly recommend!

Spies on Ice: The Cold War by nuclearchinchilla, Mature, 7.1k (WIP)
“To prepare you for a honeypot operation, you must now practice seducing sensitive information out of me. If you do succeed, I would consider that very impressive.”/ “Mr Nikiforov, should you be unable to recall, you took one look at this man and defected with him, ziplining right over the Berlin wall with your dick out. I don’t think you’re qualified to make that statement.”/ “He did not have his dick out!” Thumbs up!

Love and Work by burnt_oranges, Not Rated, 6.5k
“Let me get this straight,” Victor said slowly. “You were a secret agent for the Japanese government.”
“An intelligence agent,” Yuuri corrected and then when Victor’s eyebrows started rising dangerously, he said, quickly, “But yes, that’s right.”
Victor stared at him. “But you cry at dog commercials.”
“Are the two things mutually exclusive?” Yuuri said weakly. LOVE!

Marco: Are you the guy I have to kill, and bring the head back to my lovers?

Law: Har har, very funny. How much did Ace and Sabo pay you to say that?

Marco: They threaten to take cuddling away. I’m sorry Law but I have to kill you. For the name of Cuddling and Luffy- but mostly cuddling.I wish there was another way.

Law: No man I understand. You can’t live a life without cuddling. No hard feelings and in that note- *Runs* YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!


1 | Save Me

word count: 

series warnings: violence, gore, probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, this chapter has mention of non-con

Originally posted by annabartollo

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Another gloomy day, another substitute teacher. You looked up at the elderly man who stood at the front of the classroom, he was wearing brown slacks and a messily ironed green plaid shirt, no wedding ring, no signs of any life beyond being a substitute teacher at the university. Pity dawned on you when you noticed his face burning with embarrassment when the wave of realisation that he had no idea what he was doing washed over him. Not being able to watch the old man struggle any longer you raised your hand, to the surprise of everybody in the room, 

“Yes Y/N?" 

"Sir would you like me to help? I still have some of Mr Lee’s lesson plans in my bag I could-" 

"That won’t be necessary Y/N. I’m perfectly capable of doing things myself.” The man scolded before he turned around to write some equations on the board, he was much harsher than you anticipated. 

Exhaling deeply you slouched back into your chair, you missed your old professor, Mr Lee. He was a much nicer man. Though he was younger than most professors, he was always very friendly, smart and helpful, everything a professor should be. And being a high achiever in his class didn’t go unnoticed, once a week he would let you teach your group, and with you being president of the student union it meant that nobody could argue with his decision either. Other students had their theories, that you and he were secretly hooking up on late night study sessions, either that or the only reason he was so nice to you was because his younger brother was your flat mate. However none of the rumours were true, except from you living with his brother who was also a student. But that all changed two weeks ago, nobody knows exactly what happened but Mr Lee just vanished out of nowhere, completely disappeared off the face of the Earth. Of course there were varying theories, but nobody saw anything, nobody heard anything, nobody knew anything. And so your fate of having to face substitute teacher after substitute teacher day after day was sealed. 

“She’s feisty today.” The orange haired boy sat next to you muttered, loud enough for you to hear, 

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anonymous asked:

Shance au where Lance is a hitman and he's given a hit on garrison poster boy Takashi Shirogane


ok oko ko k o KAY. lance is still a sniper because you can pry that from my dead cold hands. imagine he has the shot lined up but something blows his cover and shiro sees him and instead of running shiro starts to run over to where lance is to apprehend him and lance knows hes a great shot but this guy can probably deadlift him, his gear, and his car in one hand ok so he books it 

and imagine shiro catching up and the hand to hand that comes from that. shiro getting in pretty good hits but lance is an assassin; he knows how to fight unfair and how to use his leaner frame to his advantage by being slippery and using shiro’s weight against him. also imagine lance has a concoction that knocks people out and him using it on shiro after telling him it’s nothing personal and winking at him 

and shiro wakes up in the hospital sore and REALLY FUCKIN PISSED. hes assigned a security detail and he knows the hitman isnt gonna be coming after him for a while because hes hurt too and because security is gonna be the tightest at the start so in the meantime he does research. he remembers the armour and mask he wore and he remembers that the sniper was custom made and extremely high end. he also finds out that the thing in his system was unique, too, so he gets his own friends (matt and keith) to help him investigate it further to find out where, at least, this person might be located so he can find him first. in the meantime, matt makes him special bulletproof vests and keith tails him wherever he goes lmao (”keith he’s not gonna attack me in the urinal” “YOU DONT. KNOW THAT”) 

this is an important question tho: did lance have a special connection to shiro? maybe not having met him before but maybe he looked up to him at one point or another and was actually upset to find out that he had to kill him. 

(hey also it would be cool if the trio were all in it together. like hunk is the engineer, pidge is the tech specialist all while matt is oblivious to it all. only lance is the only one who’s actually killed) 

One Shot, One kill pt.1

He was stuck in the middle of the city. It was as simple as that. Now he was standing by himself in the busy terminal of the underground subway. “Of course.” He sighed, shrugging his backpack back up his shoulders, “what am I supposed to do now? I left my wallet at the apartment.”
He stood in front of the gates as people rushed past him. One of them knocking into his shoulder and throwing his backpack to the ground, spewing the contents across the floor. “Seriously buddy?!” He yelled out, before dropping to his knees to gather his stuff in his arms.
“Whoa, you okay there?” Someone asked softly, ducking down to help him.
“Yeah, fine.” Lance replied, zipping his bag back up, “someone bumped into me is all.”
He gave him a small smile. “Thank you.”
“It’s no problem.” He replied with a wide smile.
He shuffled on his feet a moment, “Um, do you actually mind if I ask you a question?” He asked, pulling out a map of the city, “i’m trying to get here. How am I supposed to get there?”
“Sure,” Lance replied, taking the map in his hand, “You take the B line from here and it should take you straight to where you want to go.”
“I’m new to the city so I exactly no idea what you’re saying to me.” He laughed nervously.
“I can just take you there. I’m heading that direction anyways.” Lance added, folding the map back up for him.
“Really.” He asked hopefully, “you don’t mind?”
“Nah, not at all!” Lance replied, reaching into his pocket for his wallet; but stopped remembering where it was, “Shit. I forgot that I left my wallet in my apartment.”
“Well, I can get you a ticket.” The man said, “I don’t mind.”
“You don’t have to do that.” Lance argued.
“You’re taking the time to help me out, so I can at least help you with this.” He replied, already walking towards the ticket booth. 
After purchasing his ticket he handed it to him. “My names Hunk by the way.” He said with a smile.
“Well, it’s nice to meet you.” He stuck out his hand.
They gave each other a firm handshake and headed past the gates and to the platform. “So, you said you were new to the city?” Lance asked as they waited for their train to arrive.
“Yep! I opened a new business down here,” Hunk replied, leaning back on the bench they sat down on. “It was pretty success in my home town, so I’m hoping it’ll be even more successful in the city.”
“What kind of business is it?” Lance inquired.
“Bakery.” Hunk replied, with a smile.
“Awww,” Lance cooed, “that’s so cute.”
A blush crept across Hunks face. “Really?” He asked.
“Bakeries are always cute.” Lance laughed.
The tracks in front of them started rumbling as the train finally pulled up to the platform. “You ready to go?” He asked, turning to Hunk.
He nodded and followed him into the car.
It turned out they weren’t that far from their destination and were off the train within 15 minutes. “And we’ve arrived at your destination!” Lance said cheerfully, stopping in front of a newly painted storefront.
“Thank you so much for your help.” Hunk said with a smile.
“Can I see your cell phone Hunk?” Lance asked, before they parted ways.
“Uh, sure.” Hunk shrugged, handing over his phone.
He quickly punched in his information and handed it back to him. “There send me a text sometime tomorrow.” He said.
“Why?” Hunk asked, a confused look on his face.
“You’ll see.” He replied, with a smirk, “see you tomorrow Hunk.”
They waved goodbye to each other as Lance crossed the street and Hunk went into his shop to finish setting up. Lance continued down the road until he reached his apartment building. Once inside he reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, text message notifications lighting up the screen. “Geez, give me a break.” He sighed.
He threw his backpack down on the couch and eased his jacket off his shoulders.
Boss: Blue, you have a new job incoming tonight.
That piqued his interest, usually he didn’t have a new job so soon after the last; which had only been a few day prior.
Blue: I’ll bite. What information do you have on it?
He walked into the kitchen, opening in the fridge and pulling out leftover lasagna. He popped it in the microwave, and waited for his boss to reply.
Boss: It’s a big paycheque, I know that much. Corporate sleezebag. The usual. Once I get the rest of the information I’ll let you know, be ready to move when I have the coordinates.
Blue: Got it.
He let out a heavy sigh as he walked into his room to change into his uniform. Black garments head to toe. He reached under his bed and grabbed his gun case, unlocking it and pulling out his prized sniper rifle. He had this rifle brought to him all the way from Canada, the C14 Timberwolf sniper rifle. He brought it out to his living room and sat on the couch, taking apart and laying out each piece of the rifle in front of him. He turned his music on and hummed along as he took a rag and begun wiping down every part of the rifle.
He was half way through when his phone buzzed.
Boss: Get ready to move.
He sighed but quickly reassembled, and stepped towards the door.
Boss: Set up shop across from the Luxington hotel.
“Ugh,” Lance scowled, “it’s going to be one of those jobs.”
“I wonder who this guy pissed off to get me involved.” He thought, loading up his equipment into his car, “I’m one of the most expensive to get a hit from.”
He pulled out of the parking garage and headed towards downtown. “Judging by the fact that I’m getting him at a hotel it was his wife or lover or something like that.”
He pulled up to the curb, and pulled out his phone.
Blue: Just arriving is everything good to go?
Boss: Tech’s already monitoring camera’s. Hold your position for a second.
Boss: Yes. Tech is good to go. The camera’s are blind and you and the car are covered for you to go in to position.
Blue: Copy that. Heading in.
He grabbed his case from the backseat and headed to the side of the apartment building, scaling the fire escape up to the roof. He checked the lock to the roof door, and pulled the ladder up the fire escape to him so they had no access.
Blue: All entrances are blocked for now, we’re good to go. Going into position now.
He dropped to his knees and positioned his muzzle over the edge of the building at the designated room, he could see the light from the bathroom one and the shadow of someone. “It seems like he’s there alone right now.” He thought, “probably not for long though.”
Boss: Remember Blue. One shot, one kill.
He smirked, “you think too lowly of me.”
Blue: Of course.

Lucky Clover

Genre: Mafia!Exo, Hitman!AU
Length: 5.2k
Warnings: Language, abducting, blood (M)
When a hitwoman get’s caught in a sticky situation, does the mafia get the blame?

You smoothed out the satin dress around you again and looked around the room with a small smile. You walked over to the man in conversation in front of you. He was a lot taller than you, even when wearing heels, his dark hair was nicely slicked back for an elegant feel. You smiled to yourself as you hooked your arm into his. He cleaned up nice, that’s for sure. But you wouldn’t let it distract you.

“Mr Anderson, I see you have brought company.”

An older man nodded at you and you gave him a dazzling smile.

“Mr Kim, my wife. Darling, this is Mr Kim.”

Your husband held out a hand and gestured it over to the older man.

“Pleasure to meet you, sir. I must say, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

He shook your hand nicely and chuckled at you.

“Ah well… not all rumors are to be trusted.”

“Of course, sir. All good things from this end.”

He gave you a soft smile as he went back to talking to your husband. You scanned the crowd once more. You let them look around casually, not lingering on one person in particular for too long. You glanced to the left of the room and let your eyes run over his figure once more. Your target. A young interviewer, Jung Hoseok, tall and a happy smile at all times. Why he bothered people, you didn’t really care. You were never the one to put your nose in things that didn’t concern you and never asked any questions. Which is why you were good at what you did.

Your eyes moved back to the man next to you. Your ‘husband’ was known in this world, so it made him more approachable. You had seen your target interact with a lot of the people here and you knew it was only a matter of time before he would come to talk to your ‘husband’ as well. The young man was so easy to read, like an open book. Early twenties, ambitious and kind hearted but awfully dependent on the people around him.

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00 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse


Originally posted by narika-a

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Genre: Hitman!au, Hitman Jungkook, Smut
Pairing: Reader/Jungkook
Length: 5,936
Summary: Jeon Jungkook had once been one of Kim Namjoon’s henchmen, but unexpectedly stops reporting back to his boss one mysterious day. Some say that he had betrayed Namjoon, others say that perhaps he had failed his last mission. Regardless of the rumors, you are given the task to hunt down Jungkook, a task that proves to be harder than you had first believed.
A/N: Probably going to add some stuff in later, but for now…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Finale

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