hitler with childrens

Every child is born good. No child is born as Ronald Reagan, or Adolf Hitler, or Joseph Stalin—but what happens? These people have tried… Adolf Hitler first wanted to be a painter. No school of painting accepted him, because he was not a great painter. But my understanding is, if he wanted to be a painter… he may have been amateurish in the beginning. If the chance was given he may not have become a genius, a Picasso, but he would have become at least a good painter—and the Second World War would have been avoided, six million people would not have been killed. When rejected from the schools of painting he started thinking of becoming an architect, and was again refused.

It seems we accept only flowers, not seeds. Our insight is so shallow that we cannot see the flower in the seed—and every educational system is criminal in this sense. They want you to come as a flower, fully grown, fragrant; then you will be accepted. But why should a flower come to you? It is the seed who is tortured inside, wants to grow, have green foliage, wants to dance in the sun, wants to grow flowers—just give him the opportunity. And don’t ask that every flower has to be a roseflower. What about the marigold? There is no way for the marigold to be a rose, it can only be a marigold. A right educational system—an educational system which is wise—will not impose standards on people but rather find ways how a certain person can grow into his own potentiality.

If Adolf Hitler wanted to be an architect, what was wrong in it? At the most he may not have created great Taj Mahals, but I don’t think that he would have not have been able to make your apartments, high-rise buildings… they don’t need much intelligence. Absolutely idiotic constructors are making all kinds of things—they have made humanity live in boxes. What harm could Adolf Hitler have done? But rejected from there, this continuous rejection… And all Adolf Hitler’s efforts were for creativity. He wanted to be a painter or an architect; both are creative dimensions. He may not have gone very far, but what was wrong? Everybody does not want to create a Taj Mahal, and everybody cannot afford a Taj Mahal. There are people who need mediocre architects, because they can only afford mediocre architects and their mediocre designs. But continuous rejection from everywhere was like a wound—and it was these wounds that turned him into a politician.

The profession of the politician is the only profession where no qualification is needed. It is strange: they have all the power, power over millions of peoples’ life and death—but no qualification is needed. But if you want to be a painter, qualifications are needed; if you want to be an architect, talents are needed. But if you want to become an Adolf Hitler, no qualification is needed.

And he took… In my view, the Second World War was nothing but a revenge against the humanity that had rejected the man, humiliated the man, his creativity, his longing to make something beautiful. The Second World War was a revenge with vengeance.

If you don’t allow creativity, it is bound to become destructiveness. If you don’t love, you are bound to hate. If you don’t allow your good to grow, you are bound to fall into the darkness of evil.

—  Osho