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First impression: Hitler junior.

Impression now: Tbh my impression of him hasn’t really changed much since the first time I watched the show. I still see him as the problematic fat kid that we all know and love.

Favorite moment: When he acts like that one kitten from Loony Toons and then does that one scene from Totoro to get Cuthulu to destroy the world for him. Also there’s this one scene from Le Petit Tourette where he looks at Kyle and when he does there’s this really cartoony sound effect and for some reason it just cracks me up everytime.

Idea for a story: I think just a quick and comedic drabble of him and the rest of the main four would be fun to write lol.

Unpopular opinion: He isn’t incapable of loving other people.

Favorite relationship: I thought him and Heidi were a really cute couple but at the same time I didn’t like how his personality completely changed because of their relationship. I guess my OTP for him would have to be Kyman. I like Style a lil bit more though lol.

Favorite headcanon: He actually really likes “chick flicks” and movies targeted at women/girls. Like he will always deny it but then he’ll watch something like Legally Blond and be like “YAAASSSSS Elle fuck that bitch up!!!”

I was inspired by this post to google ‘Bible fanfiction’
it might be the one of the best or the worst experiences of my life so far because I found this:


this is so wrong…

#1 Crush

Pairing: Colin Firth/Taron Egerton, mentions of Harry Hart/Eggsy Unwin

Rating: Explicit

Words: 3,689

Additional tags: light D/s, dirty talk, blow jobs, fingering, anal sex, come play, PWP, jealousy

Colin is jealous because he’s not the only older man Taron has an amazing chemistry with, so he has to make sure that Taron knows who he really belongs to.

Thanks to @trekkiepirate and @weepingengel for listening to my thoughts, providing me with a little bit of extra info and just being overall lovely ♥

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A Momento of Hitler’s Visit to Rome

May 3rd - 9th 1938

aka ’ Hitler and the King of Italy’

Since Mussolini had honored Hitler by visiting Germany in September 1937, the Fuehrer decided to return the favor by visiting with his good friend in Rome on May 3, 1938.

  During his visit to Germany, Mussolini honored Hitler by declaring him “A Corporal of Honor of the Fascist Militia” (Mussolini was  the “First Corporal of Honor”). Oddly enough, both dictators were both corporals in the First World War.

During his visit to Italy, Hitler wore the insignia of this distinction on his left shoulder and a Fascist Militia dagger at his side. 


Commemorative coin struck to honor Hitlers visit to Italy


Hitler with Hess and von Ribbentrop

PHOTOS  3,4, and 5

Hitler appears to be ignoring the King in this photograph taken during a break in the parade on the “Via del Trionfo.”

Hitler is clearly wearing the shoulder insignia of a “Corporal of Honor” and the Fascist Militia dagger for high officers and “Corporals of Honor.”

A joke was being told literally behind the kings back and film footage of it shows it being shared by Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler and others. (all things considered, it might actually have been about the king)


Hitler shaking hands with his good friend Mussolini


A certificate regarding Hitlers Fascist corporal of honor chevron badge


A fascist dagger similar to Hitler’s honorary dagger 

Although Mussolini was Head of Government, King Victor Emmanuel III, the Head of State would, be Hitler’s official host. Hitler was surprised, and perhaps a bit chagrined, as he thought he would be visiting his friend Mussolini.

 Hitler arrived in Rome with four trains bearing his entourage, which included Hess, Himmler, Goebbels, Ribbentrop, Keitel, Frank, Sepp Dietrich, Admiral Raeder and, in an unprecedented happenstance, Eva Braun, who wanted to go shopping in Rome. Of course, no one knew her true status as Hitler’s lover. Most thought that she was just another of his secretaries.

 The King and Mussolini met Hitler, and much to German leaders’s disgust, they rode through the streets of Rome, in an open carriage with top-hatted footmen. Hitler asked if the House of Savoy had ever heard of the automobile.

Hitler’s discomfort did not end with the carriage ride. He was lodged in Prince Umberto’s private apartment in the Quirinal Palace, the official residence of the King, which Hitler described as “a dirty old museum, smelling like the catacombs.”

The King disliked Germans and abhorred Hitler, calling him “a physiological degenerate.”

 Hitler, in turn, detested the King, saying that he was “an acid and untrustworthy little man.” Hitler urged Mussolini to abolish the monarchy, saying that the court and the King were anti-fascist. Even if he had wanted to, Mussolini could not, as the army was Royalist and had sworn personal loyalty to the King just as the Germany Army had to Hitler.

 During his visit, Hitler was conducted through the Colosseum and shown various ruins from the Roman Empire, in the heart of Rome. He laid an obligatory wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier killed in the First World War and was greeted by a huge crowd of Italians in the Piazza Venetia, where he and Mussolini addressed the crowd from a balcony.

 Mussolini later took Hitler to Naples where two watched a naval review from the battleship Conte di Cavour (which was later sunk on November 11, 1940). The review included all of the Italian Royal Navy’s submarines (more than  100) doing a nautical ballet, rising and sinking like a school of porpoises. Hitler was quite impressed with the Royal Navy ships and thought that they would be very useful in any future war.

Hitler was not so impressed, however, by the Royal Army’s parade down the Via del Trionfo (Street of Triumphs), or the military exercises at Centrocelle  that included  many obsolete cannon WWI artillery pieces and little, two-man tankettes. After the military review, his hosts took him to Florence where he admired ancient marble statues and architectural structures.

 Hitler left Florence on May 9, after six days in Italy, no doubt vastly relieved that he did not have to return to Rome and the King. Reportedly, he actually enjoyed his visit once he had escaped from the King and was able to spend time with Mussolini.

As the two dictators bade each other good-by, Hitler declared, with tears in his eyes, “Henceforth, no force will be able to separate us!”

After his trip, Hitler never wore the fascist corporal insignia nor dagger again and swore that he would never again visit Rome although his veneration of Mussolini remained intact.

What’s hilarious about this one is that Hitler still looks ominous. From that children’s snow sled he is going to conquer the world! Also, think of how different your impression of Hitler would be if he had worn that hat all the time. This looks like a particularly stupid Photoshop, but there are other pics of this from other angles and they’re all equally silly (they’re apparently scanned from a 1955 book by Hitler’s personal photographer).

14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People

Women's Rights in Nazi Germany

How were women treated in Nazi Germany?

  • When Hitler came to power, women were forbidden from holding most jobs. At first, Hitler cracked down on this law, having women kicked from jobs all across his nation. Then, in 1937, the Nazi government passed the “Year of Duty” law, which allowed women to not only return to the second-class desk jobs they had before, but encouraged them to seek employment in previously male-dominated fields such as factories and agriculture. As the name suggests, the Year of Duty Law was only supposed to last until 1938. However, Hitler was so impressed with the female workforce that, even after the Year of Duty Law expired, no effort was made to remove women from the workforce.
  • The Nazi Government needed women to give birth as much as possible, in order to replace the populations they were removing. Recognizing that raising children was a difficult task for any woman (and her husband), they introduced many programs to help families - including one of the first financial aide programs for parents.
  • Women weren’t expected to wear makeup, and were allowed to wear trousers (Although they didn’t have to)
  • Women were not required to marry.
  • Women having children out of wedlock was acceptable, as long as they were aware who the father was (and thus could prove the children were acceptable under the Nuremberg Laws)
  • Although it was never enacted, a law was drafted that, when Hitler died or retired, women would be allowed to vote in any elections for the head of Germany.
  • Nazi Germany was one of the first countries to pass laws against abusing women. A woman who was beaten by her husband was allowed to return to her parents household to recover, and the abuser would have to pay for her medical bills.

EDIT: Upon request, I give you the citations for this infopost.