You guys didn't freaking care.

When a black lives matter leader called white people subhuman, you guys didn’t care.

When black lives matter tears apart cities, disrupts rallies, and kills cops, you guys didn’t care.

When 4 black kids tortured a white disabled boy and authorities didn’t label it a hate crime at first, you guys didn’t care.

When muslims target and kill Christians all over the world, you guys don’t care.

When the shooting that put Steve Scalise in the hospital took place, you guys didn’t care.

When BLM called for the killing of cops and white people, you guys didn’t care.

When muslims commit an act of terrorism, you guys struggle to call it that for fear of being islamophobic.

Today, what happened in Virginia was a terrible thing and shouldn’t have happened and I hope everyone got punished accordingly.

But if the things I posted above don’t bother you just as much as this, then I don’t believe for a second you actually care. I believe that you just want to find reasons to hate trump supporters.