Art by @majdart


Salem: the Queen and Goddess of Grimm

Cinder Fall: the Queen’s Fall Maiden and head of Security

Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black: Fall Maiden’s Enforcers

Roman Torchwick and Neopolitan: Hitman and Hitgirl

Hazel Rainart: Enforcer

Tyrian Callows: Drug producer and Hitman

Dr. Arthur Watts: Enforcer, smuggler and human trafficker


The Murder Club - now in color!

Chasing Her

AKA: HitGirl AU

Summary: Rose City: A city ruled by the Rose family and Ruby next in line for the throne. That was before the Schnee family attacked and killed the monarchs of the throne, leading Ruby to run from the life she knew. She is chased by not only the one who murdered her family but also her best friend, Weiss Schnee.

Main Couple(s): White Rose (Ruby x Weiss), Bumbleby (Blake x Yang)

Status: **Completed**

(image by kinzaibatsu91)

Chapter List:
[Chapter 0]
[Chapter 1: Where Are You?]
[Chapter 2: Alone]
[Chapter 3: The Queen]  
[Chapter 4: Rose City, Part 1]
[Chapter 5: Rose City, Part 2]
[Chapter 6: Rose City, Part 3]
[Chapter 7: I’ll Always Be Here For You]
[Chapter 7.5: The New Assassin]
[Chapter 8: She Must Not Know]
[Chapter 9: Weiss’ Resolve]
[Chapter 10: Long Live the King, Part 1] (**WARNING: Abuse. Torture. Blood.**)
[Chapter 11: Long Live the King, Part 2
[Chapter 12: Long Live the King, Part 3]
[Chapter 13: Long Live the King, Part 4]
[Epilogue: Chasing Her]

Sparda Brothers and Assassin Chick


“That’s what I thought.” Luna says, smirking as she ate. “Which reminds me, when we get there, we’ll have to change into something less attention grabbing. I have an idea on what it may be but I think it’s better than being in the heat with those jackets on.” She explains, taking her phone out to check the directions of where her friend lived.

  • Robert: So... Have you thought a little more about what you might want for your birthday?
  • Isabelle: Can I get a puppy?
  • Robert: You wanna get a dog?
  • Isabelle: Yeah, a cuddly fluffy one, and a Bratz movie-star make over Sasha!
  • Robert:
  • Isabelle: I'm just fucking with you, Daddy! Look, I'd love a Benchmade model 42 butterfly knife.
  • Robert: Oh, child... You always knock me for a loop!


Boy oh boy I can’t wait for the Murder Club fighting game you guys!!! it’s going to be ridiculously complicated and impossible to get good at.

I’m gonna main Marshall, ofc!