hitchiking ghosts

Inktober Day 9: The next morning I went to the cemetery.  I wanted to see Jim’s grave.  Lying across the grave was my sweater.  The End. -Alvin Schwartz


Kitchiking Ghosts
at the House of Mouse


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collincallahan-deactivated20121  asked:

How did Ezra, Phineas, and Gus come to reside in the Mansion?

A most complicated answer is needed for this quizzical quandry. You see, upon receiving your query, I sought out each soul individually and asked him how he came to be here and the circumstances of his unfortunate demise.

Phineas was first. He told me that on a bet, he sampled a fellow grifter’s health tonic and promptly keeled over and hitchhiked here with the others, having met them near his burial plot.

Ezra swears he was murdered by a dentist who wired his jaw into a permanent grin after he was caught conversing with the man’s pretty daughter. He said he heard about the parties here, and hitchhiked over, only to later met his friends after one of our swinging wakes.

Gus… just sort of gesticulated a lot and made animal like noises, though I think I caught something about a Canadian garter snake stampede.

When I gathered them all together and posed the same question, they told me they’d all broken out of jail, where they’d been doing time for stealing raisin bran muffis from a local bakery. They hopped onto a driverless carriage strapped to a horse who’d had too many fermented apples and promptly crashed into an abandoned textile factory, which bizarrely burst into flame, killing the trio and sobering up the animal who made it out okay and swore never to touch an expired apple again. During one of Leota’s séances, they rode the sympathetic vibrations back here and made a home out of the spacey crypt on the graveyard’s west end.

I think they’re yanking my noose.

Or they’re so caught up in their own pranks they can’t separate fact from fiction any more.

Noted Haunted Mansion historian Jon “Bean” Hastings has chronicled his account of our darling delinquints in the Haunted Mansion graphic, (but not *too* graphic. The little ones are reading.) novels and comic books.