SHINee World V in LA fancams :’) 

0:18 - Opening stage (hitchhiking)
0:52 - Why So Serious?
1:02 - Juliette
2:36 - SHINee talking part 1
5:51 - Replay
7:03 - Hello
7:38 - Feel Good
8:32 - Sherlock
9:08 - Goodbye (Taemin dance solo)
10:10 - Ring Ding Dong
10:28 - Lucifer
10:59 - SHINee talking part 2
17:55 - View
18:35 - Ready or Not
19:01 - Everybody
19:21 - Dream Girl
19:45 - SHINee talking part 3
(Shaky cam stabilizes after Feel Good - sorry got caught up in feels LOL)

I only took videos of small parts of a few of the songs they performed. The quality sucks and some parts are out of focus/shaky, but it was truly an incredible experience to see SHINee live at a SWC. So glad I was able to be a part of the pearl aqua ocean <3 


170324 Shinee @ Shinee world in dallas : Hitchhiking

cr: shiningdorks


Canada sent a friendly robot to America. Americans destroyed it.

This is why we can’t have nice things.  On Saturday, vandals in Philadelphia destroyed a hitchhiking robot from Canada named HitchBot, two weeks into its U.S. trip. Designed as a social experiment, HitchBot could talk to humans and upload photos to social media. If you found it, HitchBot would tell you where it wanted to go and ask for a ride. Worry not though, HitchBot may get a happy ending.


Hitchhiking ~ SHINee World V in Dallas 170324

Last summer, a group of Canadian roboticists set an outlandish invention loose on the streets of the United States. They called it hitchbot, not because it was a heavy-smoking contrarian with a taste for Johnnie Walker Black—the universe is not that generous—but because it was programmed to hitchhike. Clad in rain boots, with a goofy, pixellated smile on its “face” screen, hitchbot was meant to travel from Salem, Massachusetts, to San Francisco, by means of an outstretched thumb and a supposedly endearing voice-prompt personality. Previous journeys, across Canada and around Europe, had been encouraging: the robot always reached its destination. For two weeks, hitchbot toured the Northeast, saying inviting things such as “Would you like to have a conversation? … I have an interest in the humanities.” Then it disappeared. On August 1st, it was found next to a brick wall in Philadelphia, beat up and decapitated. Its arms had been torn off.
—  The New Yorker

170326 Minho @ Shinee World in LA :  Hitchhiking