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Ressler: You’re about eighteen years old when this first murder takes place? Just kinda give me a rundown on that. This guy was a hitchhiker, right?

Dahmer: I had been having, for a couple of years before that, fantasies of meeting a really good-looking hitchhiker and [pauses] sexually enjoying him.

Ressler: Did that come from any book pr movie or anything like that?

Dahmer: It didn’t; it came from within.

Ressler: From within

- Excerpt from an interview between Jeffrey Dahmer and FBI profiler Robert Ressler

i was tired of all the ad-hominems that dominate online discourse, so….i packed up my bag, my thermos, and i set out hitchhiking across america, looking for someone who could give me a ride and, just maybe, an open-minded discussion about our age of consent laws

Looking for a travel buddy!

Seriously! Let’s go someplace. Gonna be travelling around the US come october, or maybe sooner if I can find someone to go with. Had plans to go to NY w/a friend but that didn’t work out so I’m still looking. If there’s:
anywhere you wanna go
anything you wanna do
want to go trekking through forests/parks/ people free places

Do lots of camping
Go wwoofing/helpx/workaway
Hangout w/friends in other states
shoot me a message.

I sort of like the idea that General Organa, General Solo and Lieutenant-Commander Skywalker emerged from the war without anything except chests full of medals, the Falcon, a baby, and about 700 credits between the three of them. 

I mean, we don’t know what their salary was with the Rebellion, but it probably wasn’t much—the Rebellion as a whole was pretty shit-poor, their tech was outdated astromechs and their x-wings consistently outflown by a jury-rigged piece of junk  historical artifact. The primary defense strategy for their bases seems to have been “don’t be found” and “running away very quickly once found.” They’re a militia more than a military, operating on what is obviously a very limited budget. Which means that they’re probably paying their pilots and soldiers next to nothing—they’re relying on genuine revolutionary feeling to flip people, not the benefits package.

And then after the war is over, the New Republic is happy to mint medals, but they’re not about to start handing out fortunes. Maybe some of the reclaimed Imperial wealth goes towards pensions for the Rebel soldiers, but the Republic needs most of that money for rebuilding. Whatever the trio earned during the war, that’s what they’re walking away with.

What about Alderaan? Well, Alderaan isn’t there anymore. Neither are its banks. And the Bank of the Empire dissolved the insurance policies without beneficiary, given that the policies as stated don’t cover “total obliteration by enormous laser.” (We regret to inform you that all transactions carried out under previous political regimes are final—) There’s no wealth of Alderaan for Leia to inherit.

So there’s just Lando, who probably has a portfolio like the pragmatic businessman who managed Cloud City for the past decade, and maybe can lend them a little money. Leia has friends in high places who don’t mind letting her stay at their summer home on Naboo or their suite on Chandrila. But favors once used up are gone forever, and the Senate hasn’t gotten around to deciding what salaries will be yet, so she’s taking care of a newborn on whatever credits Han can win through illegal ship racing and sabacc, waiting for Luke to comm from whatever freighter has agreed to take him on in exchange for labor—

….all this to say which is that as much as I love the idea of Leia being the consummate high-class politician in the wake of the war, she and Han and newborn Ben were probably all crowded into the Falcon eating protein packs over rice while Luke hitchhiked through the galaxy looking for Jedi artifacts.

ot5 roadtrip headcanons

(with parrishczerny)

  • noah asks to stop so he can pee 500 times. ronan’s ‘YOU CAN’T PEE YOU’RE DEAD’ gets increasingly more furious
  • gansey drives until he literally can’t drive anymore and blue finally convinces him to give ronan the keys. ronan has never felt closer to her
  • gansey and adam fall asleep together while ronan and blue continue to bond. duets may be involved.
  • gansey and adam are SO CAREFUL not to let ronan bring music, but while they’re sleeping noah pops his head up between the seats and says ‘hey, remember that tape? you know. the special tape. just for this trip.’ and everyone else wakes up pissed to the murder squash song blasting
  • ronan suggests they get a room at every single creepy motel they pass
  • they agree to the first one but after the cockroach incident they’re never listening to ronan again (blue can’t look gansey in the eye for houRS afterward without laughing. adam waits for the perfect moments to make jokes about it. gansey doesn’t sleep after noah says ‘goodnight, don’t let the cockroaches bite’)
  • everyone takes turns getting the snacks. gansey buys enough for fifteen people, all name brand. adam sticks to the cheap stuff. noah gets all candy. blue tries to sneak in something healthy. ronan comes back with two bags of energy drinks and nothing else.
  • blue wants to take pictures of everything
  • “Does it look like i’m holding it?” “you look like an idiot standing in the middle of a field.”
  • the car breaks down at least once and adam rolls up his sleeves to fix it. ronan has to walk it off. noah follows him, sadly muttering about ‘poor adam, he was sweating so much, getting so dirty’ the whole time
  • gansey says something stupid and blue gets out and starts walking, with him driving slowly beside her as she goes off on him, the others sinking low in their seats to avoid getting in her line of fire until noah gets out and walks with her and tells gansey they’ll meet them at the next rest stop
  • by the time they meet up blue is laughing with noah and gansey has an apology written up
  • ronan also suggests they pick up every murder-ey looking hitchhiker they pass
  • backseat cuddling. ronan in the middle. blue on one side. adam on the other. noah: “GANSEY. YOUR PHONE. GET THE PHONE. THE PHONEEEE”
  • (noah pretends to sleep sometimes just to get in on the backseat cuddlefests)
  • the car breaks down again and noah/ronan/adam walk to the nearest town while blue and gansey sit on the hood of the car holding hands and looking at the stars
  • “SHHHH BLUE IS SLEEPING” is uttered at least four different times.
The signs as 'Supernatural' creatures
  • Aries // Amazons — Amazons are female warriors known for their super strength, battle abilities and their ability to reproduce incredibly quickly. These powers were given to the Amazons by the goddess Harmonia after a long and devastating war. They are trained by their elders and are branded with a mark of their people on their inner wrist. An Amazon child grows to maturity within three days. At the end of this cycle there is a ritual where they are made to kill their fathers, remove their hands and feet and ingest some of their flesh.
  • Taurus // Crossroads Demon — Crossroads Demons exist to make deals with humans in exchange for their souls. Souls posses great power and these types of demons want to horde them to themselves. They're made up of red smoke but can possess humans while working, their eyes are a blood red and they can be summoned at a crossroads, hence the name. Unlike other demons these are less foot soldier and more businessman. They take a backseat on the fighting and rake in the goods. After providing their 'services' they give their victims an amount of time to enjoy the benefits before sending a hell hound to drag them to eternal damnation.
  • Gemini // Siren — Sirens are creatures mainly found in Greece that have the ability to shapeshift into whatever their victim desires or longs for such as a lover or a friend. They usually use their charm to make the victim fall in love with them and, while under their spell, commit violent and destructive acts, usually resulting in deaths. They have a gland in their mouth that produces Oxytocin, otherwise known as the 'love hormone', and transfer it into the mouth of the human. Once the substance is in the victim they will form an intense love for the Siren and do anything, no matter how horrific, for them.
  • Cancer // Woman in White — Many variations of this story exist but they all share these similarities. A young woman, blinded by rage or temporary insanity murders her children after being wronged or mistreated by the children's father. Once she dies she becomes a spirit, doomed to spend her afterlife crying out for her lost children. She often appears as a hitchhiker, looking for a way home but vanishes when the driver passes a grave yard or reaches her destination. She is also known to stumble across children in the night and on occasion, carries them off to the nether regions where she dwells.
  • Leo // Phoenix — A phoenix is a fiery and powerful creature that is so rare that people dismiss them as mythical. They can disguise themselves in the form of a human however still possess powers such as being able to incinerate a person to a pile of ashes with a single touch. A Phoenix is difficult to kill and immortal. They can heal themselves, regenerate and are invulnerable to most human methods of killing but despite this can still be slain if you know how. Upon death the Phoenix will spontaneously combust and even in death their ashes possess extreme powers.
  • Virgo // Reaper — Reapers are angels that serve death and are set with the task of delivering souls to their final destination. They are hard working and dedicated to their cause. Reapers will only kill on order from heaven however they are unable to force souls to go with them, instead they have to convince them. Reapers are sympathetic and caring with their victims and try to make the transition of death as easy as possible, however they don't cave or make allowances. When a persons time comes, they have to die.
  • Libra // Bloody Mary — There are many variations of this story too, but all center around a spirit that travels through mirrors. Bloody Mary has been thought to be a witch who killed her children, a mother who's unborn babies were murdered or even someone who died in a car crash or a former beauty queen slaughtered in front of a mirror. Bloody Mary can be summoned in numerous ways such as claiming to have killed her children or chanting her name in front of the bathroom mirror three or thirteen times. If successful she will appear and either tell the summoner their future... or scratch their eyes out for their trouble.
  • Scorpio // Four Horsemen of the Apocyalipse — The Four Horsemen represent War, Pestilence, Famine and Death. The Horsemen are powerful, immortal beings that act as instruments of chaos and destruction during the Apocalypse. They are incredibly powerful creatures that appear in human form and drive cars similar to the descriptions of their horses in lore. Although they come together to wreak havoc during the Apocalypse and are much stronger with the presence of Lucifer on earth, they have always been active throughout time and their origin and ages are unknown.
  • Sagittarius // Shōjō — A Shōjō is a Japanese ghost-like monster. It is invisible, much like a ghost, however it is alive and can also be seen by those who are drunk. It can be harnessed in a spell box to do the bidding of it's captor. It usually chooses to attack it's victim when they're inebriated so they can see it coming after stalking them slowly over time. The Shōjō are known for their fondness of alcohol and can be found 'haunting' breweries in Japan, particularly in ancient times.
  • Capricorn // Angels — Angels are powerful, almost robotic, celestial servants of God. They possess humans as a vessel to hide their true form which is overwhelmingly beautiful and dangerous. They do however need consent from their vessel to use them, unlike demons. They're loyal and rarely question their command without outside involvement. They stay faithful to their cause and deliver a righteous judgement to those who challenge heaven. They are by far one of the most powerful creatures in existence which can cause a problem when two of them decide its apocalypse time.
  • Aquarius // Djinn — A Djinn is a very rare and powerful type of cave dwelling creature that are often referred to as Genies that have the power to produce incredibly powerful hallucinations inside the minds of humans. They are humanoid in appearance with tattoos all over their body. The creature can kill with one touch or produce a poison that leaves the human in a coma while they feed on their blood. Unlike Genies, they don't grant wishes, but instead allow their victim to believe they're living their deepest desires while in a dream-like hallucinating state. The fantasies are incredibly vivid and the victim can almost never tell the difference between that and reality. They can be killed with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood.
  • Pisces // Banshee — A Banshee is a death omen that comes in the form of a woman. It is said that she is the disembodied soul of someone with a strong and powerful connection to a family, be that a positive connection or a negative one. If she loves those she calls upon, the wail is soothing and tender to comfort them that it is almost time to die. However, if she hates them it is a delighted demonic howling as she relishes in their impending death.

James was definitely miserable, because when he saw the hitchhiker he slowed the car, rolled down the window, and asked, “Need a ride?”

The hitchhiker looked at him calculatingly from behind rain-streaked glasses, his expression calm and flat. His anorak was filthy, the battered rucksack over his shoulders no better. At least his hair looked clean. As did the laptop bag at his hip.

“Yes, please, that would be lovely,” the hitchhiker replied.

And that was how James found himself talking to a solemn-faced young man who listened, actually listened. Not that James didn’t return the favor (the young man was Q, he was on a cross-country hike, he had a family that he loved and didn’t mind bragging about), but it was an amazing relief to have someone listen to James for once.

He’d just come back from a company party, which he hadn’t been allowed to enjoy because he was the boss’s security for the duration of said party. He’d been treated like a deaf, dumb rock, not a human being with ideas and a brain and a soldier’s sense telling him that something was wrong. He’d been subtly insulted, openly discussed, and eyed for consumption by numerous people. He was done with it all.

“I’m turning in my two weeks’ notice tomorrow,” James growled, hands tightening on the steering wheel as he peered through the windscreen, the glass lashed with rain. The wipers could barely keep up. “No more of this. I’m done.”

Q was silent for a moment. Then he asked casually, “What’s your boss’s email?”


“Your boss’s email. I’m… something of a hacker. And I like to get revenge on people.” Q’s eyes glittered behind his glasses as his face turned hard and sharp and somewhat gleeful. “I can ruin his life for you.”

James was miserable. So he gave Q his boss’s email address, and listened as Q listed all the pros and cons of ferrets as pets. There was something trustworthy about Q. Something secretive, but friendly. Or maybe James was being an idiot again.

At the next hotel, James dropped Q off. It was still raining. Before he got out, Q whipped out a pen and a tiny notepad, wrote down a number, and handed it to James.

“Text me when he’s ruined,” Q ordered, with a hint of smile.

James nodded. “Thank you,” he said, because there was nothing else he could say.

“You’re welcome. And thank you for the ride.” Q smiled fully now, and something in James’ chest relaxed. Before he could say anything else, Q had exited the vehicle and was walking up to the hotel. James waited until he was inside, then drove away.


The next day, an important business firm was hacked, and the personal information of its execs and CEOs was leaked to multiple news outlets. Not to mention evidence of shady dealings, corruption, and a plot from within to assassinate the leader of the ring. The leader happened to be James’ boss.

James texted Q, and they went out for a celebratory dinner.

“I’ll make sure the police leave you alone,” Q promised James. “I’m good at that, too.”

“How? Why? Were you already planning on hitting them? Am I just a chance meeting? Or did you plan our meeting, too?”

Q gave a secretive smile and sipped his drink. “Maybe I just like you. Ever think of that?”

James grinned. “Alright, keep your secrets. God knows everyone has a few.”

Q smiled wider.

Green River Mesa – Green River Canyon, Canyonlands National Park, Moab, UT, September 2007

People think they can dial up an adventure.

They buy a rucksack and go hitchhiking across Europe.

Big whoopee.

That’s no adventure. That’s avoiding your responsibilities and thinking how cool you are.

Read all the stories. No adventure starts out with somebody buying a rucksack and going in search of an adventure.

Adventures come out of nowhere and nail someone who has something else in mind.

Luke Skywalker says, “Not me. I got a life.”

Moses says, “Not me. Take Aaron.”

Adventure is the last thing on a hero’s mind.

Even Indiana Jones isn’t after adventure. He’s after treasure: “Fortune and glory, Kid. Fortune and glory.” Adventure tracks him down.

That’s the way it is with adventure. It looks you up, and says, “Let’s go.”

The people with the rucksacks hitchhiking across Europe looking for adventure, miss the adventure that is looking for them back home at the place they used to work.

Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada

CNN) -  As far as hitchhikers go, this one looks harmless enough. He or she – it’s hard to tell – is short and friendly, if a little fashion-challenged.

Get him talking, however, and he won’t shut up.

Meet hitchBOT, a talking, tweeting, bucket-bodied Canadian robot that’s hitchhiking west from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Victoria, British Columbia – a journey of nearly 4,000 miles. The robot employs artificial intelligence, speech recognition, social media and other tools to bum rides from motorists.

Deposited last Monday on Highway 102 outside Halifax, hitchBot by Friday had journeyed to just west of Toronto. Its travels are being documented on Twitter, on Instagram and on the robot’s website, which charts its progress on a map.

The gender-neutral robot was conceived by university researchers David Harris Smith and Frauke Zeller, who view its quest as part performance art, part social experiment.

As they see it, humans in popular science fiction are always wondering whether they can trust robots. Instead, they’d like to turn the question around:

Can robots trust human beings?

So far, the answer appears to be yes. Three young men gave hitchBOT a ride, bought it a stuffed animal and fed it a “meal” of metal screws and motor oil. A couple covered hitchBOT with a plastic cape to keep it safe from the rain. And people have been recharging hitchBOT along the way by plugging it into their cars’ cigarette lighters.

“People seem to be rather intrigued with hitchBOT, and take very good care (of it),” said Smith, a communications and multimedia professor at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and Zeller, a communications professor at Ryerson University in Toronto, in a statement e-mailed to CNN.

“We have even seen hitchBOT lying in a camping bed under a blanket, and sitting on a toilet,” they said, “so people certainly have fun with it.”

hitchBOT has a bucket for a torso, blue swimming-pool noodles for arms and legs and a smiling LED panel for a face, protected by a cake saver. It wears yellow gloves on its hands, and wellies – rubber boots – on its feet. Inside is a simple tablet PC and some components from Arduino, the open-source electronics platform. Together, all the parts cost about $1,000.

“We wanted to see what we can build on a shoestring budget … and with tools/components that one can get in any hardware store,” Smith and Zeller said.

Thanks to its computerized innards and speech software, hitchBOT can answer basic questions, make small talk and recite info from Wikipedia. It can also get pretty chatty, not always something you want in a road-trip companion.

“We knew that sometimes … hitchBOT won’t be able to properly understand what people are saying. For these cases, we came up with the solution to let hitchBOT simply chatter away,” its creators said. “We taught hitchBOT to say that sometimes it gets a bit carried away, and that its programmers could only write that many scripts, hoping for people to be patient.”

hitchBOT records its journey via GPS. It contains a camera and snaps random photos every half hour or so, which are moderated before being posted online to protect people’s privacy. It also can record conversations with people it meets – with their permission – as a sort of audio diary.

Humans who encounter hitchBOT are directed to its website, where instructions tell them how to handle the robot (tip: drop it off at rest stops or gas stations instead of alone on busy highways).

Smith and Zeller say the goal of their project is to examine the relationship between humans and “smart” technologies while seeing whether an anthropomorphic robot can engender good will, cooperation and even affection.

The two researchers are worried that someone might mistreat hitchBOT. But the journey’s success so far has allayed their fears a little.

“We have seen so much support on social media and through other channels that we are now more optimistic,” they said. “They (the robot’s drivers) all say that wherever they go with hitchBOT, they meet lots of people through it.

"Everybody stops, takes pictures, and wants to talk … so this is an interesting case of technology bringing humans closer to each other.”